Monday, December 1, 2014

Assistance Package 6

The sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

#I know Matt Kemp as a man who is curing autism.
There is no evidence of this.

#Matt Kemp's 15-year-old brother is autistic, and he wants something done about it.
Upon investigation, it is not clear what Matt Kemp wants done, if anything.

#Most doctors are quacks who are funded by pharmaceutical companies and will defend vaccines to their wits end.
Most doctors are responsible medical men and women who live by the Hippocratic Oath. Vaccines do no harm so they should be supported and are.

#I have to disagree on the medical aspect, as doctors only have pharmaceutical interests in mind
As previously noted this is fundamentally inaccurate.

#Foresam has done nothing but improve my self esteem.
There is no evidence of this.

#Foresam is not an insane jerk, and there is a cure; it's called chelation.
Chelation has been established to not be a cure for Autism.

#I knew Lexi at Therapy West about ten years ago. So did Aspie Al.
There is no evidence that this is true or not.

#Andrew Wakefield is a good doctor, as he exposed the MMR fraud. As are David and Mark Geier, because they successfully treat autistic children.
No doctor is a good doctor if they are struck off medical practice as has happened to all parties here. No child has been successfully treated by David or Mark Geier.

#My parents are also bad, because they refuse to admit that I am vaccine-injured and by their own admission are not warriors.
Oliver's parents would be in a far better position to know if a vaccine injury possibly occurred or not.

This assistance shall continue.

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