Sunday, December 28, 2014

Assistance Package 29 & 30

The twenty ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# it was apparrently her parents not taking proper care of their child despite knowing she was gravely disabled and on drugs
Upon investigation, the girl was not gravely disabled and there is no proof that she was on drugs.

# Make sure your doors are locked at all times and make sure your child is never out of the house unsupervised
This is a misguided recommendation inferring that Autistic children should be held at home like prisoners.

# However, this chic in Florida was never told so by her parents and they didn't adequately protect her, so it's they're own damn fault
Upon investigation this is patently false.

# I bet they just faked the abduction story to cover their asses from charges of child negligence
Upon investigation there was no child neglect.

The thirtieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I have better shit to do than this blog
And yet it remains open and active. If this was true the blog would have been deleted.

# If she wants to go to a sensory-friendly concert, I'd recommend Angelique Kidjo
Sensory-friendly concerts rely on the venue, not the performer.

# I can't go to college (despite what Phil says)
As previously indicated this is not true.

# It's a damn shame that somebody is so autistic that they can't enjoy life, and that is why a cure is necessary
Enjoyment of life is down to attitude, and a change can bring about the required enjoyment.

# Belinda, all Phil does is go to professional wrestling matches, which isn't even a sport.
Upon investigation, the person concerned has wider interests than professional wrestling.

# I did well in History
Given other statements on this blog this claim is at best questionable.

# I used to sleep in class too but I still managed to do good.
Upon examination, this is not possible.

# I care about everyone I meet, even online.
Given other statements on this blog, this claim can be confirmed as untrue.

# Of course success is all relative, and my idea of success is getting laid.
To place such a high level of importance on sexual activity demonstrates poor awareness of the world around him.

# Of course, sometimes you have to compromise to succeed in life.
For Autistics there can be no compromise.

# I've lied to people but it's never been that bad.
Any lying can be and is "as bad".

# I just figure if they can't read it they can go fuck themselves.
This is a perfect demonstration of the poor attitude Oliver possesses.

# I forget about the past and think about the future, which hopefully will be free of autism.
It will not be.

# I will always remember this blog and the joy it brought me.
Given the arguments that have taken place on this blog this is very hard to believe.

# I figure that if I'm autistic then I must be mercury-poisoned.
Upon investigation, the two conditions are not related in any way.

# I read a very heart-wrenching story last night about a lady who chelated her Aspergian son and it worked miracles.
According to current scientific literature, this is impossible.

# I've certainly come a long way through the years where I can pretty much pass as normal on the street, but I want to get laid and that is why I want a cure.

There is no cure, and "getting laid" needs to be earned.

# My biological clock is ticking and time is running out.
This is patently false and another reflection on Oliver's attitude.

# I try not to let my obsession show to a prospective sex partner but that hasn't worked so far.
Upon examination, this would be the fact that females would be able to see his desperation to have sexual relations above all else and switch off.

# I try not to give off any vibes and if people can sense something I just lie to them.
When it comes to sexual relations, lying to females does not work.

# I don't think I really seem all that autistic in public
Upon examination, this is hard to believe.

# I think I pass as normal at best
The attitude demonstrated on this blog speaks volumes otherwise.

# John Best says that Phil's a mental case and I'd tend to believe him over anyone else.
It is well known throughout the online Autistic community that John Best is not to be listened to on any subject.

# There's no way an Australian court ruling can affect an American citizen like me.
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# It's all a matter of jurisdiction. I court has authority in one place but not another.
Upon investigation, a court can register an order from another court and recognize it.

This assistance shall continue.

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