Thursday, February 26, 2015

Assistance Package 66 & 67

The sixty-sixth entry is only the third entry to contain no lies or errors

The sixty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# Not only does this make him a fag, but it also makes him a pedophile
Pedophiles are not always gay. There are male pedophiles who pursue little girls.

# ...and proves he lied about being autistic just so he could sexually molest little boys.
It proves nothing of the sort.

# This essentially proves what we knew all along about neurodiversity; that they are a bunch of pedophiles
This is an inflammatory comment, and it is noted that he upset a lot of people with this.

# They believe that being autistic should be an excuse to get away with murder
No such excuse was given.

# They are admittedly modeled after the gay rights movement, and consider throwing pedophiles in jail to be discriminatory against homosexuality.
There is no proof of this view.

# We need to teach people that autism needs to be cured, is not simply a "different way of being," and that it is not a "human rights violation" to cure it but rather a moral and legal duty, on all of our part.
This, again, is demonstrably incorrect.

# We cannot have any more autistic people in this world if they all turn into pedophiles and then try to use their autism as an excuse.
Again, no such excuse was given.

# Anyone who subscribes to that ludicrous philosophy needs to know that autism needs to be cured for the betterment of society.
There is no evidence that it will improve society.

# I believe that real autistic people will accept that this is true and that their disease needs to be cured, and I am relieved to know that there are many of them out there.
Upon investigation, the vast majority of Autistics do not want to be cured.

# It seems as if neurodiversity would want him to get away with this heinous act simply because he is autistic.
Yet again, there is not proof of this.

# They're doing it with Zakh Price and now they're doing it with Nick Dubin.
The two situations are not comparable.

# The fact that this guy is a member of neurodiversity helps their cause even more.
It doesn't help either way.

# They just want to advance their sociopathic political agenda to make sure that autistic people suffer and end up in a mental institution, rather than being cured and leading productive, fulfilling lives.
It is possible to lead a productive, fulfilling life without a cure.

# Andrew, we all know that autism needs to be cured. That is currently the most hotly debated issue regarding autism.
This is false. The most hotly debated issues is over vaccines causing Autism.

# I have just exposed neurodiversity for the sham it is, and you refuse to acknowledge that.
He did no such thing.

# I exposed neurodiversity as a bunch of pedophiles who recruit autistic children just to sexually molest them
Again with the inflammatory comment.

# I will, however, become rich and famous as a result of this expose.
This is a preposterous notion.

# I will be singlehandedly known as the man who brought down neurodiversity, and I will be revered as a national hero for all mankind.
On the contrary, Oliver would be known as a maniac.

# And yes, I am strait and narrow, so that represents me even more
Me doth think he protests too much.

# I don't need to proofread my work, because it is all true.
"Proofread" is two words, hence the need to proof read.

# In Jonathan's case, I am absolutely positive that autism is the only reason why he is still a virgin at age 55.
There is apparently evidence to the contrary.

# I personally just want to advocate publically for a cure, on behalf of all autistic people whose voices have been silenced and censored by neurodiversity.
There is no proof that he represents anyone other than himself.

# Well, I guess in order for my true self to come out, I have to cure my autism first, because it is hindering my progress.
His true self is coming out with this blog.

# He finally came to the realization that Amanda Baggs is a fraud.
Upon investigation, Amanda Baggs is not a fraud.

# I completely agree with your definition of neurodiversity, and sometimes respecting people involves curing them so that they could reach their full potential.
They can reach their full potential without a cure.

# People as high-functioning as Ari Ne'eman have no right to speak for the entire autistic spectrum, as the issues can be very different.
The issues can also be very similar.

# That is why ASAN is pushing the new DSM to merge Asperger's and autism into one diagnosis, only to further their sociopathic agenda.
There is nothing sociopathic about that.

# 100,000 pounds would be only about 50,000 dollars
At the time, 100,000 pounds was worth 160,000 dollars.

# I may not need a cure as badly as some autistic people, but I need one nonetheless, and I believe that should be respected.
If Oliver wants respect he should change his tactics.

# My case worker at the Regional Center said that if I were to be diagnosed today I wouldn't be autistic
Upon examination this is not the case.

# It's best you just ditch neurodiversity altogehter and become pro-cure.
It's best if you stop telling people how to think, Oliver.

# Your friend has admitted to being a pedophile, so don't give me that bullshit.
There was no such actual admission.

# I do have Google, and I'm not the insane one here.
There is much proof on this blog of Oliver's insanity.

# I just completely blew the whistle on your movement and you don't have a leg to stand on.
No whistle was blown.

# They taught me great at VGW, and I wouldn't be who I am today without that school.
So we should blame VGW for Oliver being a maniac?

# The reason that I don't know jack shit about video games is that I've always resosted being an Aspergian stereotype, and that involves playing video games.
Playing video games is common amongst non Autistics.

# In order to resist the stereotype, I've shied away from video games my entire life, because it makes me more normal.
It does the opposite as a matter of fact.

# There are absolutely no noble reasons why someone would download child porn.
The police download it as part of their investigations. That's not noble?

# I'll bet Nick Dubin sexually molested you and you're unaware of it
There is no proof of this.

# A lying prick isn't someone who makes false accusations, a lying prick is someone who spreads rumors.
Rumors aren't always lies so this definition is not correct.

# I have never intentionally spread a false rumor about anyone, therefore, I am not a lying prick.
Not withstanding the previous error in definition, plenty of false rumors have been spread on Oliver's blog.

# You did defame me, because you called me homosexual, and I hate gay people.
It is not defamation to tell the truth if someone believes it to be true.

# Also, chelation isn't a "magic bottle"; it is a cure for autism.
That is the same thing.

# Andrew, it matters not what you say, but what you mean.
This statement is contradictory.

# I don't see why I would be laughed out of the courtroom because nothing on this blog could be used as evidence against me.
It has recently been proven that this is a false statement.

# Under the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, a judge cannot take one's computer away without reasonable cause.
The removal of Oliver's computer would have reasonable cause.

# I know what the real world is like, and it is not accepting of autism. That is why I want a cure.
It is far more honorable to seek to make autism acceptable.

# I'm gonna get chelation next week, as soon as the World Series is over.
There is no evidence that he did this.

# I'm not on the verge of a complete breakdown (I've got everything under control)
There is much evidence consequent to this comment that proves this wrong.

# I do need to get my life together, and get out of the blogosphere and into the real world.
And yet this blog is still online.

# I find neurodiversity to be a corrupt organization with bad morals, so I will do whatever I can to derail them.
Neurodiversity is not an organization.

# I'm fully aware that it could backfire toward me (as it already has to an extent), but I feel it is a risk worth taking.
It is not a risk worth taking at all.

# He's a heterosexual man who is married to Karen and has 3 children, including Sam who is severely autistic.
Upon investigation he has two children, not three.

# Also, I'm much better at thinking outside the box than they are, so I usually report things that others don't see.
This is an Autistic trait.

# I don't take LSD, just Risperdal and Buspar.
There are anti-psychotic drugs, which tell a very serious story.

# If I really wanted to know, I'd use Wicked Pedia and not Google.
If you really wanted to know, you would ask the experts in the field.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Assistance Package 65

The sixty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'd do that too (have sex), if I wasn't autistic.
This is not a hold back.

# Instead of advertising chelation so autistic people can actually get laid, they (Age of Autism) just brag about how normal they are, which is disgusting.
There has been no bragging and chelation will do nothing to help an Autistic "get laid".

# Autistic people can't have sex
Yes they can.

# They should instead focus on turning us autistic people into normal people so we can have sex
What defines a normal person?

# I'm not gonna retract that statement because it's true for the vast majority of autistic people.
It is not true.

# I wish I could've done a 3way like you, but I can't cause I'm autistic.
You can.

# I know you have a beef with Phil, but pretty much everyone does.
Upon investigation, the number of people that have a beef with Phil is low.

# Andrew, autistic people do not have the necessary skills to get laid because they are socially inept.
This is not the issue.

# Aspergian people cannot learn good social skills cause they are diseased, and thus need to be cured.
They can learn some basic skills to get by.

# There may be a few isolated success stories (such as yours), but those are few and far between.
Upon investigation, this is not the case.

# Each person is different, and there is only so much he or she can accomplish.
There is no limit to what any individual can accomplish within themselves.

# We are all entitled to basic respect as humans, but only to a certain extent.
The words after the comment should be deleted for accuracy.

# Also, I don't want to committ any social faux pas.
Everyone, Autistic or not, commits social errors.

# I believe I have a right to that, but that it is impossible without a cure.
It is not impossible without a cure.

# I believe Jonathan is now too old to get anything meaningful done.
This is completely false.

# I definitely think if I fuck up, I should fix it, and not just pretend nothing happened or ignore it.
There is much evidence on Oliver's blog of pretending nothing happened and ignorance.

# It just seems that ND people feel they are entitled to do whatever the Hell they want, and I don't like that.
Everyone can do what they want, including Oliver.

# I am not Jonathan, but I care about him and his kind because I care about other people.
It is clear from this blog's content that this is a lie.

# My motives are to bring awareness to autism and the fact that it needs to be cured. Nothing could be more noble than that.
Lying is anything but noble.

# I'd appreciate it if you'd spell "noble" correctly. There's only one n.
There is such a thing as a typo.

# Also, it is very noble of me to stand up for a worthy cause.
I have not yet seen a noble cause that Oliver has stood up for.

# Autism is not a civil rights issue, it is a disease and must be cured accordingly.
As previously stated, Autism is a civil rights issue and it is not a disease.

# Or like Catatab Tabimount and her bizarre fascination with numbers, because numbers are supposedly her language.
Fascination with numbers are in fact are a very strong positive to an individual.

# Then don't just randomly say it if it means nothing. Although, that was kinda the case with laundry informed too, but that's beside the point.
It's not beside the point at all as it proves this statement to be contradictory.

# Christine O'Donnell used to be a wicked witch back when she was in high school
This is demonstrably false.

# Ointment is neither funny nor random nor unique; it is completely random and socially inappropriate.
This again is contradictory.

# He specifically told me that there were no special effects and his dick really is that big.
There is no proof this conversation took place.

# Also, he gave me his phone number which, if you'd like to call him, is <snip>
You never ever publish a person's phone number.

# A Freudian slip is when you say what you think without intending to say it
No it's saying something with a multiple meaning without recognizing the alternative meaning.

# I am completely honest and I don't lie
As previously stated this is demonstrably incorrect.

# The label on the chelation bottle that says, "You'll get laid within a week or your money back!"
This is also a lie.

# I don't think a Big Pharmacist would want his or her photo published on my blog.
There is no such thing as a "Big Pharmacist".

# Also, since they work for Big Pharma, it might result in a lawsuit for defamation since I used their photo on an anti-Big Pharma blog.
It is more likely the accusation of the pharmacist being in Big Pharma's employ would result in a lawsuit.

# I don't know how to make labels since I don't have a sticker printer.
You don't need a sticky printer to make labels.

# The children will most likely be raised in Meghan's Christian faith as opposed to Jonathan's Jewish one, because children are usually raised in their mother's religion
There is no proof of the truth of this.

# I also received a bris from a rabbi with a beard when I was 8 days old, and I'm 2 inches shorter as a result.
That is impossible. A quarter of an inch, at the most.

# Yes, Andrew, I'm Jewish, both religiously and ethnically.
There is no proof of this.

# He grew up in Africa with the Peace Corps which is the antithesis of the rich Jewish mentality.
There is no proof of this either.

# 80-year-old men are strait. They just need some Viagra to help them out.
There are many 80 year old gay men, and women.

# Now you are making fun of Jonathan's Jewish appearance, which I view as anti-Semitic.
A Jew's appearance has nothing to do with antisemitism.

# I don't regret calling STFU a nigger at all because frankly, that dumbfuck deserved it.
There is no excuse for using that offensive and racist term.

# You can easily tell if someone is Jewish or not just by looking at them.
This is patently false.

# Jonathan is actually suing me for defamation based on said comment; not because I said he was Jewish, but because I falsely implied that he wanted to have sex with an 18-year-old girl named Meghan, who actually exists.
No such lawsuit ever existed upon investigation.

# The trial date has already been set for August 26 of last year, barring a last minute settlement from either side.
It is a criminal code violation according to another blog to lie about legal proceedings.

# Clay, you can very easily tell if a person is Jewish, just like you can tell if they're Italian or Lebanese.
This is again patently false.

# I'm only half-Jewish, because my mom is Jewish and my dad is a WASP.
This contradicts the earlier claim that he is a Jew.

# Sometimes, people change their race. Michael Jackson was born a poor, black boy and died a rich, white woman.
Michael Jackson was always black and always a man. His skin appearance was cosmetic only to hide a serious skin condition.

# You're definitely invited to the trial. It's at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Downtown
There is no Superior Court in Downtown LA. The closest is the Metropolitan Court House in University Park.

# First of all, I never said all Jewish people look Jewish.
You most certainly did. See above.

# You are putting words in my mouth. Please do not do that.
You said "You can easily tell if someone is Jewish or not just by looking at them."

# Who are you gonna jack off to next, Margaret Hamilton? She's also a wicked witch.
Neither Christine O'Donnell nor Margaret Hamilton were ever real life witches.

# I would guestimate that about 5-10% of self-identified Jews wouldn't look like it.
This is again patently false.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Assistance Package 64b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the sixty-fourth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# People will see that autism needs to be cured, and you will end up getting the short end of the deal.
People at present see that Autism is caused by other than genetic factors. They seek prevention, not cure.

# You NDs are preventing a cure which is desperately needed.
It is not desperately needed.

# We need to delve all our research dollars into a cure because if one doesn't exist now, redirecting the funds won't help it at all.
And meanwhile suffering will increase, and lives destroyed. This is the higher priority.

# We don't have a cure for cancer or AIDS, and yet we keep looking and don't call them "civil rights issues."
That's because cancer and AIDS are diseases. Autism is not.

# It's widely known that mercury causes autism, but that doesn't make us "anti-vaccine," we're just anti-mercury
The mercury opposition derives from thimerosal, which is associated with vaccines.

# ALA says right on the bottle "proven cure for autism," and "you'll get laid within a week or your money back,"
This is a false statement.

# ALA is made by Big Pharma, by the way.
ALA is made by the alternative medicine providers, not Big Pharma.

# Only acute mercury poisoning is worse than autism, and autism is a form of mercury poisoning.
There are many things worse than Autism.

# I just feel oral chelation is the way to go and is a quick fix.
It's not.

# I mean, he (Kent Adams) accosted Jerry Seinfeld in New York City which led John Best to call him a "whackadoodle,"
There is no proof that the person who confronted Seinfeld was Kent Adams.

# However, we all know that Jenny McCarthy's son Evan used to be autistic, but Miss Jenny chelated it away so he's normal now.
Upon investigation, Evan was never Autistic.

# Andrew, my parents do approve of me being chelated if it would cure my autism
There is no proof of this.

# No, Andrew, Phil has no authority at all.
It would appear from his legal success that he does have some authority.

# A normal person would view me as sane and with reasonable opinions, while they would view Phil as a severely deranged mental case.
I am of the view that this would be the other way around.

# Jake Crosby is a very credible source, as am I, and we agree on nearly everything.
Neither of you are credible sources.

# Andrew, I am 100% honest in this blog, and I don't sugarcoat anything.
As previously observed, there are a lot of lies on this blog.

# I am not trying to speak for anyone but myself.
Throughout this blog, Oliver has tried to speak for others.

# I am constantly attacked for my pro-cure views as a "neurobigot," but given no legitimate reason why.
Upon examination the reasons have already been given by others. Oliver has chosen to ignore these reasons.

# I respect your views as I would not force a cure on you.
If a cure was found, society would not give anyone a choice.

# I also believe it key to include some anecdotal, everyday stuff to show that I am a human being and that autism doesn't rule my life.
It's quite clear that Oliver allows Autism to rule without realizing it.

# I am a legitimate source, Andrew.
No Oliver is not.

# If you thought I'd fall for a sockpuppet like that, you are very, very wrong.
There is no proof of this.

# Autism, cancer, and AIDS are all diseases.
No they are not.

# You aren't fooling me, Phil, and you're only making an even bigger fool of yourself.
Again as above, there is no proof of this.

# And I never lied about the Nit Picker. It was you as a sockpuppet. It had the exact same IP address, so you don't have a leg to stand on there.
Yes he does, because it was a university computer which more than one person has access to.

# I will not apologize. I am not dangerous and you are acting as if you speak for all autistic people.
Oliver, you don't speak for anyone but yourself as you don't understand anything outside of that box.

# I am not opposed by the autistic community.
Upon investigation, yes he is.

# My blog is not a hate blog
Yes it is.

# Nobody is silencing me, and you are trying to impersonate some government official.
There is no proof of the impersonation.

# You did the same thing with Joeker.
This accusation has no support.

# John Best already defeated you as it was widely reported in the mass media.
Upon investigation, John Best did not defeat anyone.

# Well, during the afternoon I went to VGW to help out with basketball practice
I doubt this, as I would have thought Oliver would not be welcome back to VGW.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Assistance Package 64a

The sixty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# It's also kind of ironic that these normal people were practicing bad social skills when I as an autistic person was behaving perfectly fine.
This is the wrong way around when it comes down to it, and this is a bad error as a result.

# How's VGW these days? It must be pretty bland without me around to liven things up.
This admission of troublemaking as previously observed is not something to be proud of.

# Why do you say this blog would be an "elaborate and satirical prank"?
Because many of the statements made so out there it can not be serious.

# That's why I much preferred VGW to a normal school, because I was at the top of the social ladder and there were other students who had behavioral problems and it made me feel better than them.
That is a bad thing because a whole life is lived at both ends, and where being at the top of the social ladder is earned.

# When I went to a normal school for my senior year, I felt like I was so inferior that it was my duty to cater to the normal students
This is another error. When one feels inferior you work your way up.

# I still felt inferior in the way that mattered: the social sense.
The social sense is not the entire lifespan of anyone.

# Whenever any one of them asked me for academic help, I felt as if it was my God-given duty to help them
Oliver, you were set up. This was a social error. You should done your own thing, because that help permitted them to feel superior to you. You should have denied that option.

# I could at least share some of the knowledge I had and make them even more superior to me, as I had been commanded to do so.
No one commands anyone to be inferior.

# I don't feel it's me who's done the judging; I feel it is society.
Then why don't you do something about that?

# I accept that society doesn't accept me, and I feel the only way out of that is a cure.
This acceptance is unacceptable, because it forms part of Oliver's issues.

# I think the research should be directed toward a cure instead of changing society's attitude, because that ain't gonna happen.
It has to happen, for the good of humanity's acceptance of difference. It's happening with gender. It's happening with skin color. It's happening with gender preference. It's trying to happen with religion. It needs to happen with Autism.

# I'm definitely for a change in social policy, but I'm not anti-cure like ND.
This is a contradictory statement.

# He personally attacked Jake Crosby due to a mere disagreement.
There is no proof of this.

# While it is a difference, it is also most certainly a disability, and by definition it needs to be cured.
By definition, difference does not need to be cured. Disability is a social construct and nothing more.

# We are not a "minority group seeking civil rights," we are a diseased people who is desperately seeking a cure, and we won't take no for an answer.
You will take no for an answer, Oliver, because you have no alternative if you wish a decent life.

# Let's also keep in mind that Roger Kulp is very low-functioning
There is no proof of this.

# And if you consider Phil a good advocate, then you have a long way to go.
Upon investigation, Phil has had some success as an advocate.

# Kevin Leitch just completely bashed Jake Crosby, treated him like shit
There is no proof of this either.

# Autism is definitely a disease.
It is definitely not a disease.

# The very definition of a disease is something that causes both pain and suffering, and autism causes both.
A disease is viral or bacterial, and Autism is neither.

# Etymologically "dis" means "not" and "ease" means "happy." If it makes us unhappy, it is by definition a disease.
This is an incorrect interpretation.

# Gay people are making a conscious choice to disobey the laws of the Lord, and they will pay for it.
This is demonstrably incorrect.

# Down's syndrome can be cured via an abortion, as our society is so pro-choice these days anyway.
Abortion is not a cure.

# It's fine to accept black people, and even making women equal to men is OK (albeit unBiblical)
There is nothing in the Bible that opposes this assertion.

# Neurodiversity is not a disease for me because it doesn't affect me.
You are neurodiverse, Oliver. Every human being is neurodiverse.

# His next step is to acknowledge that autism needs to be cured.
No one will make this step unless they don't understand Autism.

# All members of neurodiversity need to accept that autism needs to be cured and stop dissing us curebies.
This is incorrect.

# Abortion is a cure, albeit not one that I agree with.
This is a contradictory statement.

# I think all cure efforts should be directed toward living people in order to improve their lives, not take them away.
A cure will take a person's life away.

# I got straight As my first quarter there (Uni HS).
Frankly I find this hard to believe.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Assistance Package 62 & 63

The sixty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# If a guy gives out his number to an entire audience at a concert, I'd say it's OK for one guy like me to post it on his blog.
No it is most certainly not, and further I would suggest that the number was not correct.

# It is NOT illegal for a person to know what is being said about him.
It is illegal to access such information if it is not available for public consumption.

The sixty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# First of all, this "Asspie Hater" guy doesn't know what he's talking about
You do know what he was talking about, Oliver because it was you.

# I don't really get what his supposed message is, since he attacks both curebies and NDs.
You explain it to us.

# He apparently knows Joeker, so hopefully Joeker will give me his address so I can sue him for impersonating me.
This - with the previous information in mind - is a false statement.

# He has also impersonated Phil, Joeker, and me, which could put him up for a lawsuit.
It didn't, because Oliver hid himself as responsible well - until the truth was revealed.

# I believe there is room for a difference of opinion among autistic people and everyone's views should be accommodated.
Not the desire for a cure.

# I definitely believe that a cure should be a matter of choice
If it was found there would be no choice, such is the fear society holds for Autism.

# I definitely believe in acceptance and understanding, but people who want a cure should have the right to one.
This is a contradictory statement.

# If it sets off a chain reaction, I see no harm in that because people wouldn't be trying to find good when there is really so little.
There is good in all human beings. Oliver, by this statement, opposes that view.

# I understand you have a different opinion, and I respect that
Throughout this blog Oliver shows that this statement is false.

# I really don't see anything beneficial about having Asperger's syndrome.
This would be because Oliver doesn't fully understand the condition.

# I don't really see myself as a pessimist, just a realist.
A realist would seek to accepted. Oliver is not a realist.

# People definitely shouldn't view autism as a death sentence
Oliver does.

# They should be somewhere in between, but some autistic people can't reach their full potential without a cure.
All Autistics can reach their full potential.

# I hope they anesthesized you during the procedure, cause it'd hurt like Hell if they didn't.
This is an unbelievably stupid remark.

# I've never had any surgery, but I do plan to get a vasectomy once I start doing it regularly.
This contradicts Oliver's previous imputed belief that Autism is not genetic.

# I know a lot of facts as well (almost an infinite amount)
We are yet to see many facts on this blog.

# I still see nothing wrong with it, but I also don't take the "civil rights" perspective on autism.
This is a very good reason why Oliver gets abused and mocked.

# They shouldn't take any money away from helping autistics live better lives
Oliver's current attitude contradicts this claim.

# I also doubt that an abortion will be invented for autistic fetuses
If a cure is found it will create this very scenario.

# Many normal people do find Aspergians repulsive, so they avoid us anyway.
Then surely they should be educated?

# Based on Jonathan's life experiences as parlayed through his fictional stories I would believe that it is true.
The life experiences of one person should not guide another exclusively.

# I don't think anyone who knows Jonathan personally would think that way of him. He is a great man with a great idea.
Upon examination, Jonathan is not a great man.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Assistance Package 61

The sixty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# I had no idea that neurodiversity would do everything they possibly could to make my life a living Hell.
Upon examination, Oliver has brought this on himself.

# I thought I would progress, not regress after starting this blog
Promoting Autism as a bad thing was the error that caused that.

# I want to focus much less on this blog and more on my life
This did not happen.

# Phil continues to berate me on his hidden blog
There is no proof of this.

# It's not worth responding to all of it, but keep in mind that if Phi says it, it's incorrect.
Upon examination this person appears to be correct more often than Oliver is.

# My life sucks for 1 reason: I am still a virgin at 18 due to my severe autism.
This is incorrect.

# If I get fucked, this blog will go bye-bye and all will be in peace. Otherwise, I'll just regress further and further.
Consequent to this entry, Oliver did get laid and the blog still exists today.

# I just hate being mercilessly attacked by neurodiversity.
Perhaps if you stopped attacking it things may calm down.

# I'd even thought about genuinely switching sides at one point
Why didn't you?

# This is the real me, not the Asspie Hater.
As stated on the Criminal Canby blog, Asspie Hater and Oliver were one in the same.

# There is no reason not to believe me here.
Upon examination there is every reason.

# Yes, I do know Nathan Canby Esq. very well, but I don't see him every day. It's more like 2 or 3 times a week since he lives elsewhere
Upon investigation this is not true.

# He is an Autism Hero with a beard, and yes, he agrees with everything on this blog except for the Republican rantings.
Upon investigation there is no proof of this.

# He also finds it annoying that Phil sends him all these random emails trying to get me off the Internet
There is no proof that this is true.

# All heroes have beards, and I wrote an essay about that at VGW.
This is a sexist remark because there have been many female heroes.

# There is no stalker, as that is just the Asspie Hater.
As previously mentioned, Oliver was Asspie hater.

# Just keep in mind, Andrew, that I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person, even on this blog.
This is demonstrably false.

# The Asspie Hater is a deranged lunatic who is dangerous, and nobody has impersonated me like that before.
No one impersonated Oliver as he was playing the role of Asspie Hater as mentioned.

# But I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person. Just ask anyone at VGW.
Given the previous commentary about his behavior at VGW I doubt the veracity of this comment.

# I used to randomly say that I was strait unprovoked which made people think I was gay for whatever reason.
Yes. This error derives from the saying "Me doth thinks he protests too much".

# Now Phil's gonna sue me for viewing his website via proxy.
There is no proof of this.

# I just want Phil and all his little buddies off the Internet so they don't terrorize autistic people
There is no proof of any terrorism by this group of people.

# And once a cop drew his gun to Jonathan at Barney's Beanery because he believed him to be homosexual
There is no proof of this either.

# I believe I have the right not to submit my DNA to the government if I so choose, under the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Once you have died that right ceases to exist.

# But she'd probably be my only hope, since no normal person would want to fuck me.
How does Oliver know this before he even tries?

# Speaking of Queen, did you know that Freddie Mercury was gay? That's why he died of AIDS when he was just 45 years old. That's what you get for disobeying God's word.
No it's what happens when one doesn't protect yourself from disease.

# I do go to a lot of modern indie rock concerts as well
There is no proof of this either and it is hard to believe anyway.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Assistance Package 57, 58, 59 & 60

The fifty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# For Jews, it is now the year 5771, which supposedly dates back to when the world was created.
Upon investigation there is no proof of such a claim in the Jewish faith. The world is of course much older.

# My mom wants me to go to the Laugh Factory, but I don't see a point in worshiping at a comedy club.
I don't think that was the point of the suggestion. This is a typical Autistic response that needed correction.

# I never said Jesus was my savior, only the Bible said that.
In Assistance Package 8 Oliver said "I was saved by Jesus on June 29, 1999." so this is a lie.

# And he also thinks it's OK to break the law and hide all his self-imcriminating evidence from me.
This is not breaking the law unless Oliver has an active legal action that requires access, and upon investigation there is none.

The fifty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, apparently Phil thinks it's OK to break our settlement and blog about me again
Upon investigation, Oliver broke the agreement well before this.

# This will be the first and last time that I blog about this issue, because frankly there's better shit in this world.
It wasn't the last time as consequent entries prove.

The fifty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# He sings this song because he loves autistic people, and cares so much about them.
Bruce Springsteen never wrote Wrecking Ball for Autism and there is no evidence that he holds a "wrecking" view of Autism.

# That is why he performed for Autism Speaks and turns the lites on for Born to Run.
It has previously been established that this is not the case.

# It is only fitting that he sing a song about blowing up the Spectrum, because that's what all autistic people wanna do.
It is clear upon investigation that many Autistics do not want to do this.

The sixtieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, the Asspie Hater has now done the unthinkable and done an actual post (not just a comment) under my real name.
It has been established on another blog that "Asspie Hater" was in fact Oliver himself.

# If you feel like suing him, his name is Josh Peterson and he lives in the Seattle area.
As the previous comment establishes, this is completely false and libel against the person concerned.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Assistance Package 56b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the fifty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# This (the DSM-5 diagnosis merger of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome) must be stopped, as autistic people need to be cured, as do I.
It is fact that it was not stopped.

# That is not complaining, that is fact.
It is not fact.

# John Best has been known to speak the truth, and in this case he has actual court documents to back himself up.
Upon investigation there are no such court documents that support him. There are however court documents that oppose him.

# You mentioned slapping your boss, which is still assault and battery even if it does not result in serious injury.
Upon investigation, the person's boss was not slapped or assaulted in any other way.

# Joeker seems more trustworthy than you, so I'll tend to believe him on this issue.
It is unclear if Joeker is trustworthy or not.

# VGW is what gave me social awareness, and I thank it greatly for that.
As this blog demonstrates, Oliver does not have social awareness.

# I am more educated than you, Phil, as I have a high school diploma, so you should be the last person to question my education.
A high school diploma does not provide life experience, which Phil has as he is much older than Oliver.

# How could there not be a high school diploma? When you graduate high school, there has to be something you receive stating that you graduated.
Upon investigation, in Australia there is no graduation ceremony of any sort. As far as documents are concerned there are none. There is a designation called a VCE which appears to be the closest to a US high school diploma, but this is not provided in paper form.

# That would be the equivalent of a diploma. Otherwise, there would be no point in going to high school.
High school is about education, not diplomas.

# A safe haven and a sheltered environment are not the same thing.
In the education system they are.

# Professional wrestling is not a sport and is not considered something to be proud of, so that doesn't count either.
At the elite level, professional wrestling is very well paid.

# Also, it is illegal to hide potentially self-incriminating information, so your website could be subpoenaed/seized and you hiding it would be contempt of court.
Upon investigation, for a website to be in contempt, a cause of action would need to be established. At present there is no cause of action so the hiding of "self-incriminating information" is legal.

# I do have a sense of humor, but it's never funny to insult someone like you do to Jonathan.
It has been demonstrated that Oliver does not have a sense of humor

# I won't even be gay because of Leviticus 18:22.
A Bible scripture is incapable of dictating if a person is gay or not.

# Jonathan Mitchell, Jake Crosby, and I all have the right to demand a cure if we so choose.
It has been established that this is a waste of time and energy.

# What you NDs seem not to realize is that you are the agressors.
Calling for a cure is seen as aggressive.

# You deep down inside all know that there is a cure, and you don't want us to cure ourselves cause it makes you look bad.
No one knows that there is a cure, because there isn't one.

# Clay, Jonathan Mitchell lives independently from his mother and has since 1984.
There is no evidence to support this assertion.

# Heating is not necessary here in LA, because we have perfect weather.
I rather think that the recent cold snap would made that observation outdated.

# The Dodgers have not had a rainouts at home since 2000.
This is a social error stating the obvious without a good reason.

# While he does not work now, he did for nearly 3 decades so I'm sure he has enough for the basic utilities.
There is no evidence of this.

# I don't want my parents to support me my entire life.
It may be that Oliver might not have a say in that.

# I don't need an expensive condo like Jonathan; just a $500/month studio apartment would do for me.
Only those with criminal tendencies would inhabit those apartments.

# Especially with the increased popularity of Autism: The Musical of which I personally know two of the cast members
Upon investigation, no one knows Oliver from that cast.

# Also, only bottom faggots can get AIDS; nobody else.
This is demonstrably false.

# I hear all the time about autistics and Aspergians being arrested for sexual harassment/stalking simply because of bad social skills.
"All the time" is an offensive generalization that has no basis in fact.

# I think I know which line not to cross, but my social anxiety prevents me from perhaps going borderline, out of my comfort zone.
It is clear that Oliver does not know the line not to cross.

# On second thought, if I was a virgin (and told her so), then there'd be no STD risk on her part.
There would be if Oliver had not looked after himself in other ways.

# Tattoos are not art, and they are masculine because you have to get stabbed with needles.
This is a sexist remark because many females also have tattoos.

# The only thing I'm ever gonna smoke is Marlboro, again because of the masculinity factor.
This is another demonstration of the lack of social awareness.

# I also don't disrespect intellectualism as my IQ is 146 self-tested, and 131 online-tested.
He actually does disrespect it, because he doesn't use this intellect in the practical sense.

# Most of what I do for masculinity purposes isn't because of peer pressure, it's just how I feel more comfortable, and it's more to prove to myself that I'm masculine and strait, even though I know that in reality I need no proof and I am what I am.
It has to be peer pressure, unless Oliver is fighting the typical feelings of a gay person and is trying desperately to suppress. I express no opinion on which it is of the two.

# Everyone at VGW used to call me gay and a faggot and feminine so I feel I have to prove them wrong, even if I know I'm right.
The correct reaction to this would be to ask why they think he is that way, not to try to prove them wrong.

# Clay Adams: I'm smarter than you, so no I am not stupid.
The statement "I'm smarter than you" is stupid.

# Liver and chopped liver are the same god-damned thing, so don't fucking try to lecture me on that one.
Can one consume a whole liver in one gulp? No, so they are not the same thing.

# Explain that to me, Mr. Section 8 Discharge.
This is defamation.

# Also, vaccines do cause autism, and you know it!
No one knows it.

# Autism Speaks is a joke, and has officially converted to neurodiversity with it's purchase of
Wrong Planet is owned by Alex Plank, not Autism Speaks.

# I don't need to act strait because I am strait and therefore have nothing to hide.
This is contradictory, because he constantly tries to act straight.

# I don't know how that phrase got deleted, but it sure as Hell wasn't me. If you accuse me of such, you will be sued for defamation.
This is not defamation.

# And everyone knows the only way to get AIDS is to get assfucked.
I think I have said this before - it can also be transmitted through blood transfusions and the exchange other body fluids such as semen and saliva.

# Women cannot get AIDS unless they fuck a gay guy <snip> it's impossible for a strait guy to get AIDS.
This is demonstrably incorrect, as straight couples are also known to engage in sexual intercourse in the ass.

# I act how I act, which is strait. I don't act metro or gay, because that is not me.
I am not convinced that Oliver knows what acting straight actually means.

# And yes, hot girls always tell the truth.
This is a major social error - hot girls are in fact the biggest liars on average.

# Andrew, I am not stupid. No hot girl has ever lied to me, ever.
He can not be certain of this as he has no social awareness.

# As Confuscious said, "Do unto others as you wish to have done unto you.".
I would hope that Oliver does not have anyone take this up, because he would be in some serious danger.

# But the bottom line is, I'd even fuck a diseased girl.
This would be an extremely stupid thing to do

# That's right, Andrew. I won and you lost. It's not even funny how badly I defeated you.
There is no evidence that Oliver defeated Andrew.

# I am your warlord, Andrew.
Only a delusional person would make such a ridiculous statement.

# Now that I'm not at VGW anymore, I have to get attention another way, and that is via this blog.
The sort of attention this blog provides only leads in one direction - to a miserable life.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Assistance Package 56a

The fifty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# When I was 12 and 13 years old and attending VGW, this was a routine I would engage in quite frequently. I would begin hyperventilating (fake, of course), and tell my teacher, Mr. Rubenstein, that I needed an EKG.
This would only have happened no more than maybe three or four times at the most. But upon investigation it only happened once.

# Then, after he'd refuse, I'd run down to the nurse's office, knock on her door, and say "Nurse, I'm hyperventilating. I need an EKG."
Upon investigation, the school concerned would not have let him out of the classroom so this is also not true.

# She'd respond by saying, in her Guyanian accent: "You don't need an EKG when you hyperventilate. You just need a paper bag," and would proceed to slam the door in my face.
As per the previous comment, this never occurred.

# Then, after returning to my classroom, I would pass out due to lack of an EKG, and demand CPR.
One can not ask for CPR after passing out, so this also did not occur.

# I would only accept CPR from Meghan, the hottest girl at VGW of whom I later got to touch her on her boobs.
It has already been established that this is a lie.

# After the lack of CPR, I would die, only to miraculously wake up and be fine two seconds later.
Pretending to die is quite possible, but extremely dangerous as it would create a Cry Wolf situation that would mitigate against correct action upon a genuine incident.

# I even had made up this whole backup story about why I needed an EKG when I hyperventilate.
It is noted that Oliver did not tell the story, as it would have been revealed as fake easily enought.

# Anyway, while I am aware this is autistic behavior (i.e. not normal), I believe it is more than just dramatic play, which autistic people tend to engage in.
It is not Autistic behaviour as Autistics prefer solitude and do not as a general rule attention seek, unless they have another disorder co-morbid with Autism.

# I believe it has some kind of sexual derivation, perhaps even a fetishistic one. And it's tied primarily to EKGs.
This is a lie.

# When I was 11 years old, I had an experience at the EKG doctor's office that led me to get a sexual fetish for EKGs.
At 11 years old puberty has for the most part not arrived so this is impossible.

# It wasn't until I was 14 that I decided that I wanted to have sex with another person, but by then my EKG fetish was too far gone.
As previously established this is a lie.

# I believe that's to an extent what alienated me from getting laid, and I'm 18 years old and not getting any younger, was deriving sexual pleasure from something as offbeat as an EKG.
I see this as simply an excuse to gain attention and deflect from other more serious issues.

# She doesn't realize that society is actually moving away from the feminist movement.
This is not true at all.

# As for having autism, that is my biggest detriment.
It has been already established that Autism is the least of Oliver's problems.

# While it may be easy for a normal person to get laid, it's incredibly hard for an autistic person like me.
It is not easy for a normal person to get laid. We have to earn as much as anyone does.

# I just don't see too many positive aspects to me, since I am autistic.
Autism is not a negatove aspect.

# I don't think you realize how autistic I really am.
This is an excuse again designed to deflect from Oliver's real problems.

# I was in a special school for seven years, and to my knowledge you weren't, so that means I'm more autistic than you.
This is a offensive generalisation and a very childish one.

# I can't take the initiative due to my social anxiety
This is a problem that cn be resolved and without doing anything about Autism.

# I may be somewhat good at that, since my brain is wired female more than it is male.
There is no proof of this absurd statement.

# An EKG is a completely non-invasive procedure, so you really don't feel anything.
Which proves that a fetish related to EKG's is impossible.

# It's more the circumstances than the actual feeling, as an ordinary fetish would be
Oliver does not understand from a practical stand point what a fetish is.

# Nobody's fetish affects their daily life unless they're a pedophile or have other serious mental problems.
This is not true. Fetishs indeed affect one's daily life.

# And for the record, he didn't impersonate you; he only used your picture.
Use of a picture in certain circumstances is an impersonation. There is no information if those circumstances applied here.

# How do I not understand sensory sensitivity? I'm sure I have the self-awareness to know when I feel something sensory related.
There is no proof either way of this claim.

# That (a fetish) is a pathology, and those people are really fucked up.
Fetishs are harmless - unless they involve illegal activity. Most do not.

# VGW is not sheltered, Phil.
The special school named here is well know as a sheltered environment.

# I do not have a bad attitude towards virginity. I accept it as part of autism
It is not a part of Autism, therefore Oliver has a bad attitude towards it.

# I hope Joeker wins his lawsuit against you
No such lawsuit has ever existed upon investigation.

# Unless you are speaking of the M Night Shyamalan movie, there is no sixth sense.
The sixth sense is otherwise known as instinct.

# If something isn't pathological, Phil, then by definition in cannot affect one's daily life.
Whilst this is true, fetishs are pathological.

# It (VGW) is merely a safe haven, an accepting environment for autistic children.
Which in education makes it a sheltered environment.

# VGW is what gave me my sense of awareness for the real world, and I thank it tremendously for that.
It is quite clear on this blog that Oliver has limited awareness for the real world, so this is a lie.

# In the real world they don't block other people's IP addresses to shut them out.
This is false. Many people have been known to do this.

# It causes a lack of social awareness, which in turn causes virginity.
This generalised statement is not true and quite naive.

# If I'm not desperate now, I'll be a virgin for all eternity. <snip> I actually think I'm not desperate enough, because I'm all talk and little action.
Desperation is a turn off for girls, and should be avoided at all costs.

# An attraction to fat girls isn't devious, but it is deviant. It is rather bizarre, and some would consider it a fetish.
Devious and deviant in the sexual sense is the same thing, and it is far from bizarre.

# I don't really have a woe is me attitude, I just want answers and justice.
That is a "woe is me" attitude so this remark is contradictory.

# I happen to know that autism needs to be cured
It's doesn't.

# In the real world, neurodiversity doesn't exist
In the real world, neurodiversity is the base of all human beings.

# No, Andrew, Phil has not functioned in society.
Upon investigation, this is not true - unless it can be proven that evidence that exists about him is false.

# I do not whine and bitch and moan and complain, you do.
This entire blog is a litany of whining, bitching, moaning and complaining.

# I also recognize that I cannot change how normal people think, which is why I demand a cure.
You can change them.

# I do not want to be autistic, and I should not be forced to live as one.
You have no choice.

# I just suck it up and act normal.
This is a dangerous action and should cease immediately.

# I do, however, demand a cure. Not from society, but from the medical establishment, as one would for cancer and AIDS.
Cancer and AIDS are diseases. Autism is not.

This assistance shall continue.