Thursday, December 18, 2014

Assistance Package 21

The twenty first entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, it appears that John's idiotic ex-wife Karen is trying to steal Sam away from him.
Upon investigation this never occurred.

# I hope the DAN doctor in LA that I find to chelate me won't be that rude and I still have hope.
It is unclear if Oliver has ever visited a DAN doctor.

# John needs his son as he knows what is best for him
Upon previous investigation, there is ample proof that John does not know what is best for his son.

# John Best is a man who does nothing but good for his autistic son Sam.
As previously stated, this claim is highly suspicious.

# Curing autism is getting rid of the horrific disease that has impeded my life and yours.
It is established medical fact that Autism is not a disease.

# I read your blog and you seem pretty insane.
Upon examination it is clear that Oliver does not understand the definition of insane.

# Curing autism is good, not bad.
It has been established already that a cure does not exist.

# You seem to believe that a cure will be an abortion which it will not and if it would I'd be the first to oppose it.
The assertion of abortion is realistic and should not be ignored.

# You also say that autism is genetic when all signs point to mercury.
All signs point to Autism being genetic. The signs pointing to mercury are false.

# Worst of all, you believe the fallacy of Amanda Baggs, who it doesn't take a genius to know is lying.
Upon investigation, Amanda is not lying.

# I was really just defending John as chelation has clearly worked on his son and his wife is taking that away from him.
There is no proof that chelation worked on John Best's son to the extent claimed.

# While I have never biomedically treated myself, I hope it will rid me of my autism
Simply, it will not.

# John Best is actually a CPA
Upon investigation, this has been found to be false.

# At my ripe old age of 17 (soon to be 18, yikes!), I am way past my prime and it is far too late to lose my virginity.
Many males have retained their virginity later than this and have not been adversely affected in their life.

# I wish I'd done it back when I was 14 like everyone else in this world.
This is a clear error in stereotype from an unknown source.

# I'm well aware of the possible "consequences," especially since I am staunchly pro-life.
It is questionable at best that Oliver is fully aware of anything.

# John Best does not lie, and his Blogger profile says that he is a CPA.
Blogger profiles are easily faked.

# Nobody loses their virginity between 25 and 30, they lose it between 13 and 15. I am way too old to lose my virginity.
This is completely false.

# It is not illegal to have sex as a minor unless you fuck an adult, and only they would get in trouble.
This is misleading and inaccurate as minors can get into trouble themselves.

# Nobody loses their virginity in their late 20's.
This is false.

# I'm horribly allergic to the bullshit you just spewed out of your mouth. You cannot get arrested for having sex under the age of 16. That is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court has said so.
There is no proof of this outrageous claim.

This assistance shall continue.

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