Sunday, May 31, 2015

Assistance Package 113, 114, 115, 116 & 117

The one hundred and thirteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I knew I had a disease called Ass Burger's syndrome at the time, but I didn't realize I was a retard until after I saw that movie (I am Sam).
Having Asperger's Syndrome does not make you a retard.

# This was further confirmed when a black occupational therapist named Crystal Brown left a message on my machine saying that I was a retard.
This is no proof of this.

# After taking my rectal temperature, she performed a spinal tap, of which the results proved conclusively that I was a retard.
This is ridiculous enough to call a blatant lie.

# She recommended that I be sent to a residential home in San Pablo Bay, but my parents declined saying it would be too restrictive.
There is no proof that such a recommendation was made.

The one hundred and fourteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I love you too Lili. <merge> Lili is you. Please come back to me. :'( <merge> It is you. <merge> I love you too Liliana Valladolid.
This is stalking behavior and reveals a severely disturbed mind.

# You contacted my mom via Facebook? How could you? <merge> I told you not to talk to my mom.
This is actually believable, in that Lili likely asked Oliver's mother to pull him off Facebook. She did the right thing. This is a social error of major proportions by Oliver.

# I just did it for the hell of it, cause I like memorizing things.
Memorization is one of the positives of being Autistic. A cure would destroy this positive.

The one hundred and fifteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Recently, Catatab Tabimount did a post on her blog that was so utterly absurd that it made me wonder if she'd even read the very article that she linked to.
The entry that Oliver put shows that he doesn't even understand selective mutism.

# Basically, Catatab Tabimount used her usual neurodiverse bullshit, but to an amazingly stupid degree.
As the entry referred to is no longer available it is impossible to tell if this is true or not, but it's likely that it's not.

# She completely ignores that the DSM considers selective mutism to be a mental disorder
There is no proof of this.

# She also makes two ridiculous speculations: one that the child experienced a trauma (way to blame the parents a la Bruno Bettelheim) and suggests that the child may be an "undiagnosed Aspie."
This is not ridiculous. It's truly a possibility.

# That is particularly absurd, as people with Asperger's syndrome never have a speech delay at all.
This demonstrates that Oliver does not understand what selective mutism is.

# She is confusing it with autism, as if the two diseases are one and the same.
Autism is not a disease. This is worth repeating.

# This is what neurodiversity wants you to think, as they have successfully lobbied the APA to change the DSM beginning in 2013.
There is no proof of any lobbying from outside the medical profession and insurance agencies.

# Of course that's bullshit (like everything they say), as two related diseases are not automatically the same.
They can be if they are related directly.

# The actual article seemed quite neurodiverse, but of course Catatab Tabimount didn't know that because she didn't even read it. If she had, maybe she could've seen that selective mutism is an actual disease.
Again, this shows that Oliver doesn't understand selective mutism. It is a psychological disorder, not a disease.

The one hundred and sixteenth entry is only the ninth entry to contain no lies or errors

The one hundred and seventeenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# If you are a person living with autism, you know perhaps better than I do what a living Hell that is
Your life is not a living hell because of autism, Oliver.

# Any true person would see through Neurodiversity's bullshit, and realize that not a single member of that organization has autism.
Neurodiversity is not an organization.

# Those people have been paid off by Big Pharma to spread "civil rights" propaganda to cover up the fact that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines.
It isn't. This has been firmly established as fact.

# They will spread lies that Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson all had autism, whereas in fact Jonathan Mitchell has singlehandedly refuted that notion.
There is no proof that he has refuted anything.

# The mainstream media is so liberal that it censors the truth about autism
It reveals lies if it tells the truth. Oliver's version of autism is a lie.

# I think we need to declare martial law in this country, throw all the NDs in jail, and waterboard them until they cough up the truth.
This is a reflection of a violent nature by Oliver. This is developing to a dangerous level.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Assistance Package 108, 109, 110, 111 & 112

The one hundred and eighth entry is only the seventh entry to contain no lies or errors

The one hundred and ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Previously, I had posted that Phil Gluyas did not have Asperger's syndrome. I believed this to be true because I saw court testimony from him in which he testified that he had a different diagnosis.
There is no such testimony upon investigation.

# My belief was reinforced because he told me he would email me a copy of his Asperger's diagnosis, but never did, claiming my email address had changed when I knew it hadn't.
There is no proof of any of this.

# Despite my belief, I want to make this clear: I do not personally know what diagnosis or diagnoses Phil Gluyas has received in the past or present.
Therefore, you must take him at face value and accept that he has the condition.

# I am not a doctor or psychologist, and even if I were, I have never examined Phil.
Again, this shows that you have to accept his word.

# My personal opinion is just that: the opinion if a non-expert
To which people are entitled not to pay attention to.

# As any reader of the comments of this blog knows, Phil has asked me to take down my previous post and to apologize for my previously expressed opinion and had threatened legal action if I do not do so.
According to court documents that I saw, you stated it as fact and not opinion.

# By this post, I am saying I have no proof one way or the other as to Phil's diagnosis.
Therefore, yet again, you have to accept him at his word.

# Phil knows what diagnosis he has received, and I don't know why he cares what my opinion is.
Given that legal action was taken, and the fact that you expressed a supposed fact, there is plenty of reason to care.

# But apparently he does, so I apologize for posting that he does not have Asperger's syndrome.
It would seem that this was not enough as the decision of January 27, 2015 demonstrates.

The one hundred and tenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I can't help but compare this (bumblebees flying when they shouldn't be able to) to vaccines and autism.
You can, because the comparison is not valid.

# Many M.D. "scientists" claim to have proven that vaccines don't cause autism. However, when warrior mothers see their children regress, they know that vaccines cause autism.
Scientists are trained to know. Mothers who have no qualifications are not.

# It is not an opinion, it is a fact.
It's opinion because it is based in fiction and lack of understanding.

# The bottom line is that autism is a form of mercury poisoning, and it can be cured.
It isn't and it can't.

# That's excellent news, Jake (Poul Thorsen being arrested). It looks as if justice is finally being served.
It isn't. The arrest made no difference to anything

The one hundred and eleventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# Neurodiversity claims to be a "civil rights" organization, which is completely ironic because they are anything but.
That is not the definition of neurodiversity.

# They are racist and anti-Semitic.
This is a demonstrable lie.

# Comparing a pro-cure autist to a Jew in the Nazis or a black person in the KKK is completely out of line.
No it's not, it's perfectly valid.

# It trivializes the hardships that black people and Jews faced, and is utterly offensive.
And those with autism don't face hardships as well??

# When the PETA made similar comments, black people and Jews rightfully put them in their place, and they were forced to apologize.
There is no comparison between the two.

# I guess the fact that they haven't yet called on neurodiversity can only be a good thing, as it means that neurodiversity isn't taken seriously, as well they shouldn't be.
The correct definition is being taken seriously, and so are those who make the statements because they are right.

The one hundred and twelfth entry is only the eighth entry to contain no lies or errors

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Assistance Package 105, 106 & 107

The one hundred and fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# We killed him (Bin Laden). We won the war
We have not won the war.

The one hundred and sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am still a virgin at 19. In this day and age, that is virtually unacceptable.
It is not unacceptable, in fact in some ways it's attractive to females.

# Contrary to popular belief, it is not society's hatred of me that causes my virginity. It is caused directly by my autism itself
No it's neither of them. It's caused by you, Oliver, and your attitude.

# If I could lose my virginity without a cure, that'd be great. But I can't, so I need chelation.
You can and you don't need chelation.

# Right before I graduated high school, I had intended to go to college. However, once I realized what a loser I was, I realized it wasn't possible because I could never get laid.
The reasoning being used to the conclusions reached are delusional and out of touch.

# I considered killing myself, but I just decided to wither away instead.
Neither choice is valid.

# I ain't worth nothing, because I will never get laid.
That first part is why you will never get laid. You have no confidence in yourself.

# BTW, it's every human's right to get laid, as per the UN.
This is a preposterous statement.

# Nobody can take away that right, but they can skirmish around it if somebody's autistic.
It's not a right. It's a privilege that needs to be earned and can not be "skirmished" around (what terrible grammar!)

# Poor me. I am so autistic that nobody will fuck me. That is really sad, so I need a cure.
No one will take you to bed because no one wants to, and that has nothing to do with being autistic.

# If I do get laid without a cure, that also will make me no longer autistic, and I will shut down this blog.
The fact that this blog is still around as of this upload shows that he has not got laid.

# I'm an autistic loser.
You're a loser, full stop, because you let yourself be one.

# The words "get laid" are never used, but the right to procreation is considered the most fundamental of them all.
Again, it is a privilege and not a right.

# Of course, that does not permit us to rape anyone, but it does prevent us from forced sterilization.
No it doesn't. Forced sterilization has permissions in certain circumstances.

# What this right is meant to entail is that basically we can do whatever we want in the bedroom without the government spying on us or preventing us from doing so.
This is an entirely different part of one's rights.

# They also cannot sterilize us.
They can, in certain circumstances.

# But it does guarantee our right to privacy as well as the right to have sex and procreate without interference from the government.
Again, Oliver, you misunderstand the process of those rights.

# If your depression in fact succeeded your "experience," I actually believe that is the better order.
This is an idiotic statement that makes no sense.

# While I obviously disagree with you about changing society (I believe we should change)
Autistics are unable to change, so there is no choice - society has to change.

# I can say that right now things are really looking up for me.
There is no proof of this.

The one hundred and seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# If that (South Korea's autism numbers) isn't even more reason why autism needs to be cured, I frankly don't know what is.
No it's not.

# I left a comment there expressing my opinion in direct relation to the subject. What subsequently ensued was sheer craziness.
Expressing your opinion, Oliver, at present will always lead to trouble for you.

# Amtrak Raildude is a guy with a bizarre fetish for trains, which makes me think of Darius McCollum
The majority of autistics have an interest of some sort in trains.

# To his immense credit, however, Amtrak Raildude spoke out in support of therapy and early intervention, which is very rare for an ND
No it's not, it's quite common amongst those who do not support a cure.

# They usually oppose helping autistic people at all whatsoever.
There is no proof of that.

# I have no idea why anyone would think I was trolling, but they did apparently.
It's because they know you are a liar and refuse to see that you are.

# They left one that said "SCAXliner" over and over, which I assume came from Amtrak Raildude as no one else in the world would have a clue what that even is.
It could have come from any autistics with an interest in trains.

# Those (emails), I believe, were from Catatab Tabimount, as that word is a favorite of hers.
There is no proof of this.

# Phil Gluyas: If you are reading this, that should be a huge clue that I never changed my email address. Where are the papers?
Again, Oliver, you have no right to another person's private medical information.

# Another email said, "Bam, I troll you," which was also from Catatab Tabimount.
There is no proof of this either.

# I believe so because he called himself a conductor, which I assume is that of a train and not of an orchestra.
Conductors also are used on buses and other public transport.

# I'm well aware that Amtrak Raildude left his comment on my Osama bin Laden post, although he did it under a pseudonym.
There is also no proof of this.

# I don't know anyone other than Catatab Tabimount who likes to say "DESU DESU DESU" over and over and over.
There could be a number of people, Oliver. You don't know for sure.

# It was obviously a false email address that sent it, but it was Catatab Tabimount nonetheless.
That is false reasoning without evidence.

# If you choose not to send me your diagnostic papers, I will take that as proof that you do not have Asperger's syndrome.
Oliver, you persistently demand respect for your word, and yet you refuse to give it to others.

# I can't check IP addresses for emails; only for this blog.
This is proof that Oliver can not possibly know who sent the emails

# Does 4Chan have anything to do with Christian Weston Chandler?
Yes. Chris-Chan is a known person in the porn viewing area, and 4Chan is a prominent part of the more lurid part of that.

# Andrew Ackner: What does porn have anything to do with this?
4Chan is porn as I just explained.

# Andrew Ackner: The Cyberman is not gay.
There is no proof of this either way.

# You need to send your paperwork to the one (email address) linked to via my profile.
No he doesn't because as I said, you have no right to that private information.

# I will not give you the Cyberman's IP address as that is his personal information.
And yet you demand Phil's. Wanton hypocrisy.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Assistance Package 104c

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and fourth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# A doctor is anyone who works in the medical field. You don't need an MD to be one.
This is a misrepresentative statement and socially incorrect.

# You were forced to take the legal settlement with the post office to avoid getting in even bigger trouble.
There is no proof of this.

# I am not xenophobic.
There is ample evidence that you are, Oliver.

# The legal advice was that if you were to pursue the case, you would lose badly.
There is no proof of that.

# How could the system be different?
Simple. It's a different country with different laws.

# If I sue you, you will lose. You wouldn't like that very much, would you?
Why don't you sue him, Oliver?

# The best way for me to cope in this world would be to cure myself.
That would be suicide so it is not the best way.

# You will not defeat John Best
He did.

# John Best will win the 2012 presidential election.
He didn't.

# The definition of neurodiversity that you gave is inherently false.
It's not.

# I never said that everyone's brain should be exactly the same. That would be Communism.
You believe it nevertheless, Oliver, because you don't believe in neurodiversity.

# I am just for curing disease, and autism is a disease like cancer and AIDS.
Autism is not a disease.

# A town of 2,000 would be considered incredibly small.
No, a town of 100 would be considered incredibly small.

# It takes no more than half a second to call balls and strikes.
I've seen Major League Baseball home plate umpires take longer than that.

# In many ways, umpiring cricket is easier than baseball because it is much slower paced.
This is not true upon examination.

# Also, players in cricket are known to help the umpire out, which is pretty much unheard of in any other sport.
There is no proof of this preposterous statement.

# You do not need an academic doctorate to be a medical doctor. You just need to be employed in a hospital.
This is rubbish.

# I never shut down my email address, and you completely misinterpreted what my father said.
There is no proof of this either way.

# The best way for me to cope would be to cure myself.
That's suicide.

# All John Best needs to do is win the popular vote in enough states to receive at least 270 electoral votes.
He never did.

# I embrace brain difference
You don't embrace neurodiversity, Oliver, so this is a lie.

# I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
There it is yet again - the note of perjury.

# I can insult children all I want.
No you can't.

# You are right about me not being autistic. I was diagnosed as a child but it no longer applies now.
If you were diagnosed as a child you are autistic now and forever.

# The only thing about me that's still autistic is my virginity.
There is nothing autistic about that.

# Also, cricket balls bounce up in the air before they are hit, which slows them down significantly.
No it doesn't - in fact sometimes the ball can speed up on the bounce.

# Also, their arm movement is severely restricted.
There is no proof of this.

# Also, balls and strikes are determined by a pitch's location, not its speed, which is very easy to assess.
Speed is a factor because you have a split second to make a call. Speed causes that.

# At VGW, I only hyperventilated for attention.
It was the wrong thing to do.

# I read online last night the lawsuit you filed against the defense department for firing you. It said that you committed gross misconduct at the post office in 1990, which resulted in your firing.
There is no proof of this.

# The defense department fired you for being a severely deranged mental case, as well they should've.
There is no proof of this either.

# I'll bet you actually like the government's decision
There is also no proof of this.

# Anyone who sues a train company for not letting them sleep on the floor would be laughed out of the courtroom.
Another statement with no proof.

# So why don't you just email me your diagnostic papers so I can point out how fake and Ludacris they are.
You have no right to ask for private information, Oliver. No right.

# You can't verify it because it isn't true.
You have never verified anything, Oliver, so you can't talk.

# I can't adjust to being autistic or else I'd be a virgin for life.
You can and you have to for the sake of your sanity.

# God did not make me autistic. Big Pharma made me autistic.
Big Pharma had nothing to do with it.

# I know the truth. End of story.
You don't, Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Assistance Package 104b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and fourth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I'm not hopeless, I'm not a damn fool, and I've learned a lot about curing autism.
There is no cure, Oliver, so you are a fool and indeed you are hopeless.

# Phil can spread whatever lies about me that he wants to, but the truth is that I have a legitimate high school diploma from University High School, and Phil has none whatsoever.
You do not have a legitimate high school diploma, Oliver.

# I will work for six years, brutalize my boss, get fired, and have to be on the dole as a result.
That would not get you the dole. It would get you a jail term.

# I may just count on some dumbfuck not showing up for a lawsuit, and I may waste the government's time filing frivolous lawsuits and bankrupt myself as a result.
This is a very bad idea and should be shelved immediately.

# If all goes according to plan, I will lose my virginity in the coming week.
This is hard to believe.

# Not only will I get back to you, but I will close this blog as I will no longer be autistic.
As we know the blog is still open, so he is still a virgin.

# It's illegal to gain a diploma under false pretenses, and the solid evidence is in the diploma itself.
That's not solid evidence at all, Oliver.

# Every country gives out high school diplomas, but you don't have one because you dropped out during your junior year.
Upon investigation, Australia does not have high school diplomas.

# I can definitely be helped in a possible manner all thanks to John Best.
You can't.

# Phil, if the people are under 18, they're children.
Only in the legal sense, not in the social sense.

# Plus, nobody plays Australian rules football in this country.
This is a false statement.

# Working for six years is not good if it results in you brutalizing your boss and getting fired, and subsequently going on the dole.
It's better than what you've done, Oliver, ignoring the defamatory statement of course.

# You have filed several frivolous lawsuits. For example, you sued the train company for not letting you sleep on the floor, and you lost badly which resulted in you going bankrupt.
There is no proof of this.

# Colleges and universities don't give out diplomas. They give out degrees. High schools give out diplomas.
Upon investigation, Australian universities offer diplomas.

# Anyone who graduates high school automatically gets a diploma, whether it's in Australia or the USA.
This is not true.

# I earned mine legitimately, and it is more than just a piece of paper.
It was not earned legitimately.

# It is impossible for an autistic person to lose his virginity.
This is a demonstrably false statement.

# Killing me would not be a cure. That would be murder, and that's very illegal.
If you want a cure, it's the only way.

# Andrew, John Best loves to smoke weed. I'm sure he's used the gravity bong before.
There is no proof of this statement.

# I still believe that the reason why I remain a virgin at 19 is because of my autism.
You are wrong, Oliver.

# 17-year-olds are children under the law. I have two trophies for each year that I played high school basketball.
There is no proof of the second part.

# By nobody I meant very few people.
Two totally different things.

# Once I get hired as an EKG doctor, I will work for 20 years. Working for six years doesn't mean shit if it ended the way it did for you.
You haven't worked for five minutes yet, Oliver.

# The settlement you took with the defense department was simply to avoid them taking any kind of legal action against you.
There is no proof of this.

# Your "disability support pension" is funded by taxpayers' dollars, and thus is the dole.
Upon investigation, in Australia this is not the case.

# A true pension would come from working for a private organization for years, and would have to be earned.
Again upon investigation, in Australia this is not the case.

# The reason the train company case never made it to court was because it got tossed out for being frivolous.
There is no proof of this.

# Neither you nor Andrew is autistic.
This is a false statement.

# I earned my high school diploma legitimately. You saying otherwise is defamation.
Why don't you sue them if you are so sure of this, Oliver?

# ALA has cured Sam Best of his autism, and it could cure me too.
It has not cured Sam Best, and it has not cured anyone else.

# You don't know jackshit compared to me. I hate gay people, and I embrace other cultures.
Oliver, you know nothing of value.

# I will not consider the verdict to be legitimate and will stand by the fact that you brutalized your boss in 1990.
This can get you into some very serious trouble, Oliver.

# Neurodiversity has absolutely nothing to do with the way peoples' brains work.
It has everything to do with it.

# Yes, Phil, I would definitely call 2,000 people very few, as that is less than 10% of LA's population alone.
10% of LA's population is 1.2 million so this is a preposterous statement.

# I have very quick reflexes.
You are autistic, Oliver, as shown in Autism Heroes. Therefore this is a lie.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Assistance Package 104a

The one hundred and fourth entry continued the lies and errors. This entry needs to be divided into three parts.

# The perpetrators are still at large (and have probably fled to Mexico where they can't be extradited)
They can be extradited if they are found.

# I do not believe we should refer to the attackers as Dodger fans, because that is not what they were.
Like it or not, they were.

# They were Mexican thugs who happened to hang out in Chavez Ravine.
There is no proof of this.

# No real Dodger fan would commit such a heinous and violent act.
This is a presumptive statement. Every sporting team has it's malcontents.

# I believe a similar comparison can be made with autism.
No it can't.

# Some people have accused me of being a murderer simply because I support a cure for autism. By doing so, I support taking autistic people (myself included) and making them better.
No you don't because a cure will not make them better.

# Taking someone's life isn't curing them.
There is no cure, so in fact it is in it's own way.

# Karen McCarron was not a true curebie, as none of them would murder anyone.
Yes they would if they find out that there isn't a cure.

# Us real curebies are embarrassed to be associated with such a fool, and have publicly disowned her.
You can't do that when you hold views that are consistent with murder.

# Phil Gluyas has also told me that I am not pro-life, when in fact I oppose abortion 100% of the time.
If you oppose abortion you would oppose a cure for autism.

# Then again, Phil Gluyas thinks it's perfectly OK to brutalize your boss and then sue someone for defamation of character when they simply state the truth, so it's no wonder he can't be logical.
It has been proven in a court of law that this claim is false and defamatory.

# Sorry, Phil, but it's perfectly legal to view someone's website via a proxy
Not when you've been banned from it.

# Too bad Phil can't just grow up and get some real-world logic.
Oliver's lack of real world logic makes this comment hypocritical.

# A Dodger fan does not automatically beat Giant fans to death, and a curebie doesn't automatically murder people. Always think before you generalize.
A curebie support murdering autistics so the two do not compare.

# On a personal note, I finished my EKG training today. I got my certificate last week and I took my final exam today.
There is no proof of this.

# I still need to wait 3 weeks before I can take the national certification exam.
There is also no proof of this.

# The training was hard, but I persevered despite my autism, not because of it.
Perserverance is an autistic trait.

# Also, you're completely right about Phil Gluyas. He's a severely deranged mental case.
It has been proven before a court of law that he isn't.

# Phil Gluyas: Do you realize that you're basically proving me right?
This is a deluded comment.

# Your refusal to listen and learn the truth is showing what a severely deranged mental case you really are.
No, Oliver, you are the one refusing to listen and learn the truth.

# It's perfectly legal to view someone else's website.
As already stated, not when you've been banned from it.

# The reason why you've now banned 95% of the world is because you realized there was nothing you could do about it.
There is no proof of this.

# Not a single curebie supports Karen McCarron or considers her a hero.
She is considered a victim, which is just as heinous.

# What've you done since you got fired from the defense department for brutalizing your boss?
This has been proven to be a defamatory statement.

# I am pro-life for all humans (disabled or not) even in the case of rape or incest.
You oppose life for autistics by demanding a cure.

# Once I take the ASPT exam in May I'll start looking for a job as an EKG doctor.
This has never happened.

# I'm fully aware that I shouldn't act autistic on the job, as it could jeopardize my chances of being hired.
This is a poorly written statement. How can you be autistic on the job when you haven't got the job yet?

# I think as a true blue Dodger fan for the better part of a decade, I have the right to publicly disown people who claim to identify with my type.
One person does not make any difference to this.

# After all, I'm one of the few old school Dodger fans left.
There is no proof of this.

# I'm one of very few white people who's willing to make the trek from the Westside to Chavez Ravine, even by bus.
There is no proof of this either.

# I let them comment because they both make fools of themselves and frankly it's fun to watch.
In fact they are making you look like a fool and a liar as well, Oliver.

# If they started personally insulting me I'd ban them in an instant.
Personal insults have been allowed before this, and since.

# My parents would never kick me out, and I do deserve to be helped, just not by you or Phil or any other member of the whack pack like Tex or Scratcher.
If they knew how you were behaving, Oliver, they would consider it if you don't pull your head in.

# I definitely believe (and you seem to believe too) that ignorance is the best tool, which is why I'm ignoring the Truthmeister and all of his dumbfuck buddies.
This is a bad idea because all advice given is truthful as far as I can tell.

# Phil, however, feels it necessary to fight back. Well, let's see where Phil's gone in life. Oh, wait. He's gone nowhere!
A perusal of Phil's website says that this statement is not correct.

# He doesn't even have a high school diploma for crying out loud.
So? Neither did George W Bush.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Assistance Package 102 & 103

The one hundred and second entry continued the lies and errors;

# This episode really hit home with me, because I was in a very similar situation when I was 17, having to decide whether to continue at VGW and graduate with a diploma or transfer to a normal school for my senior year. I ultimately chose the latter, and it proved to be the worst decision of my life.
No, Oliver, the worst decision of your life was deciding to pursue a cure.

# While I did fine academically and behaviorally at Uni (in fact better than I had at VGW), the social anxiety ultimately became too much for me to handle and I had to leave after the first semester, although I did get my diploma a semester early which was a plus.
It is not possible to get a proper full diploma in less than a full school year. If you had social anxiety, then your behavior could not be "fine".

# I allowed room for both opinions, while at the same time offering my personal experience and explaining that there are two sides to every coin.
You don't allow room for anything out side of your own side, Oliver.

# I had thought about possibly doing a single post on the new blog <snip> rather than rebutting every single post as I'd done in the past, but now I may not even do that.
If you feel the posts are not true, you should rebut all of them.

# You are correct that the best way to fight is to not react, as when I react I am giving them what they want.
Not if you back up what you say, which is something you've never done. The best way is to react with proof.

# Pretty much every word of it is bullshit, so it's not even worth responding to and is better just to laugh off.
Bad idea.

The one hundred and third entry continued the lies and errors;

# In May, I must take the state licensing exam and receive at least 82% to be officially certified as an EKG doctor.
There is no proof that this exam took place or that he passed.

# I am the only autistic person in the class (as well as the youngest), and nobody else knows that I am autistic.
That is a bad thing.

# My autism has held me back in life, and if I do succeed it will be despite my autism, not because of it.
No it will be because of your autism. It hasn't held you back. You held yourself back with no help from autism.

# Those who have succeeded better than me should feel blessed, not take personal offense and accuse me of "misrepresenting" autism.
Personal offense is taken because you can succeed like others have, and you refuse to.

# I speak from on honest perspective, and I speak for no one but myself.
No you attempt to speak for all autistics and you can't because your views are not consistent with reality.

# I certainly do not mean any offense, and thus none should be taken.
It is clear that you do mean to offend, because you hate autism by your own admission.

# It's not easy for me to move forward in life, but I am doing it, albeit slowly.
There is no evidence of any forward movement.

# I also think I shouldn't give Asperger's undue credit.
You should give it credit where it deserves it.

# I also think it's best that I ignore the hatemongers and keep to my own mind. It's been hard, but I'm doing it pretty well now.
No you're not, as future postings go to prove. If you kept to your own mind, you would be closing your blog - for good.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Assistance Package 99, 100 & 101

The ninety-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Everything he says is a lie, and I do not need to prove otherwise.
You do need to prove otherwise.

# He is trying to discredit me and is failing, badly.
He is in fact succeeding because you refuse to prove him wrong.

# This blog will be back on the airwaves some time tomorrow, and from now on nothing but the truth will be told on this blog.
It can be demonstrated that the lies continued.

# I cannot deal with these dumbfucks whom accuse me of lying, so they are now permabanned from commenting here.
You have to deal with those who challenge you to deal in facts.

# Therefore, you will not burn in Hell because of sexual orientation, because the Bible says that only gay people should burn in Hell under Leviticus 18:22.
It doesn't say that at all.

# Therefore, if you have scoliosis you're not straight, but as long as you're strait and like girls you'll freeze in Heaven.
This is grammatical lunacy.

# It's pretty hard to be Independent in politics. You pretty much have to be Democrat or Republican.
Jesse Ventura and Bill Walker prove you wrong, Oliver.

# I don't jerk off, cause doing so would be a sin to God.
Any male who claims this is lying.

# However, nobody (either male or female) uses lotion when they jerk off. Lubricant/Vaseline/KY is NOT the same as lotion.
It is the same.

# Unfortunately, you do kinda have to pick a party to run for office, and people are too stupid to vote for anyone else.
You don't have to pick a party as America is a democracy.

# That has been addressed recently by none other than John Best in his most recent YouTube video.
John Best addresses nothing in any of his videos.

# I've seen John Best's Blogger profile, and he no longer lists Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books.
Upon investigation, his attitudes derive from this book.

# He said he did so originally just to piss Phil off.
This is a false statement.

# I don't believe John Best is anti-Semitic despite his being Catholic, although he has made inappropriate comments about Ari Ne'eman's religion when that isn't the reason we should be hating him.
His accusations against the Rothschild family say otherwise.

# While John Best is running for President, that is not the same as conquering a nation and ridding it of its Jews.
Upon investigation, there would be a "takeover" which is similar to this.

# John Best knows full well that the USA is not a dictatorship, and he intends to restore democracy.
He doesn't.

# Curing autism is like fixing disease, and that is what John Best is doing for his son Sam.
He isn't and that first statement is utterly false.

# Killing Jews simply because of their religious beliefs would clearly violate the 1st Amendment, and John Best will use that as an argument during Phil's lawsuit against him.
The two points don't even relate to each other.

# However, should he miraculously win, the court would have no jurisdiction over you and there ain't a thing Phil can do about it.
Actually he can if he can register the decision in the United States.

The one hundredth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I ran into Alex Plank today while I was at Venice Beach with my male therapist.
Upon investigation, Alex Plank was not in Los Angeles at the time of this comment.

# I wanted to cuss him out, but my male therapist said that if I did that I'd be arrested for disturbing the peace.
That is total bushwah! Change therapists!

# He was dumped by his longtime girlfriend Katie Miller, and apparently is high on weed all the time and drinks so much beer that he upchucks all over his friends.
There is no proof of any of this.

# Recent controversy arose when he sold his website to Autism Speaks in 2010, which is an organization that he had previously denounced.
There is no proof of this either.

# Venice Beach is a pretty funky place. I didn't get laid there, although Clay Adams suggested that I do that.
You don't just go to a place and "get laid" just like that, Oliver. You have to earn it.

# Regardless, the place is full of normal people, and I did a very good job of not asking autistic.
I presume this should read "appear" autistic. I don't this is true.

# When I was on the bus home, I ran into Meghan, who was driving in her car.
That is literally impossible unless the car and the bus crashed into each other.

# I don't have a weed card so I can't smoke "medical" weed
You don't smoke "medical" weed as that is not how you use it.

The one hundred and first entry continued the lies and errors;

# The Informer does so I feel it's best I make amends with him because he is a nice guy and is well intended
Upon investigation, the Informer is far from well intended.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Assistance Package 98

The ninety-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Early this morning (16 February 2011), I took the bus to Santa Monica (a suburb of Los Angeles which is also my city of birth) to pick up garbage on the beach with the LA Dodgers.
Upon investigation this never happened.

# Also there was radio broadcaster Charley Steiner, whom I believe is Jewish
There is no evidence to support this statement.

# I did perfectly well around normal people, and I did not flip out.
You never went, Oliver.

# I don't think anyone even knew that I was autistic.
Again, that's because you weren't there.

# They also took a group photo, so I am in that and I may be seen On Demand as well.
There was no such photo.

# If you defame me one more time, you will be sued in a court of law.
There was no defamation.

# The whole ND/pro-cure debate really isn't about American society. It's more just about fitting in.
That's the same thing.

# I would rather fit in than stand out in a bad way. I feel that is my choice, and others are infringing upon it.
Fitting in is a manner of prevention of standing out in a good way.

# My desire to lose my virginity is completely within me. I feel no sense of pressure from anyone else.
And yet you persist in mentioning it and everyone is pressuring you as a result.

# Not being autistic doesn't mean that you have to completely change your ways. You only change to the extent that you fit in.
This is untrue.

# I'm gonna sue you for defamation of character because you called me gay.
There is much anecdotal evidence on Oliver's blog that he may well be gay.

# If you give me your real name and home address, I will sue you.
This is a socially incorrect question.

# My sexual orientation can be whatever I want it to be. If I want it to be strait, then God damn it, it can be strait.
But if you are gay, you can't change that.

# Excuse me, I have a diploma with honors, so you can shove it up your ass.
Previous investigations show that this is untrue.

# My school appreciated me very much, and did not want to get rid of me.
Given Oliver's self confessed conduct this is hard to believe.

# Giving someone a diploma to get rid of them would be illegal.
No it wouldn't because it would be hard to prove.

# The special ed students who do not fulfill the diploma requirements get a certificate of completion, but I fulfilled all the requirements so I got a diploma.
It's clear from Oliver's behavior that he could not have fulfilled all the requirements.

# Both schools held me in very high regard.
That's very hard to believe.

# When I mentioned having been a troublemaker, it was mostly a joke because I used to wreak havoc.
Wreaking havoc is a bad thing.

# I was actually one of the more popular and well-known students at VGW before I left.
This is also hard to believe.

# You are acting as if I was a universally hated figure, which couldn't be further from the truth.
Given the conduct that has been described, there is no other explanation.

# All of the havoc I wreaked at VGW was in good fun and I was never in any serious trouble. Both schools wanted me to stay.
Again, this is hard to believe.

# Village Glen West did everything they could to keep me from leaving after my junior year
There is no proof of this.

# University High School wanted me to stay for another semester after I got my diploma.
There is also no proof of this.

# I had no behavioral issues at Uni whatsoever.
This is a lie, Oliver, because you have admitted to not coping at University High School. That is a behavioral issue.

# I earned one, despite being a special ed student.
This is a lie.

# I left Uni because I graduated. Everyone leaves when they graduate.
You didn't really graduate.

# VGW is most definitely a high school.
It's not. It's a special school.

# I didn't need to go to Uni High. I chose to go there because I wanted the experience of having been in a normal school.
That's hard to believe as well.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Assistance Package 96 & 97

The ninety-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, this is the 100th post I've done here on AIB since I started last March.
I note that there must have been some postings deleted for some reason. This is nevertheless nothing to be proud of.

# My goal is to do at least 100 more posts (barring an absolute miracle, which right now I just don't see happening), before I close this blog down for good.
Given that the present number at the time of upload is 160 this goal is unrealistic.

# In the past, I'd seen visitors from UK on my StatCounter, so now I know what that was all about.
This is an assumption only.

# This proves that I am getting genuine and legitimate recognition, and that people take me seriously.
It proves no such thing.

# First, Long Beach State cites me in a paper
As already noted this never happened.

# Badly Drawn Boy walked off the stage simply because I was autistic.
This is an absolute lie.

# I'll only close down this blog if I get laid.
This has proven to be a lie due to future events between this remark and today.

# The fact that she (Bev Harp) contacted me at all means she is giving me equal weight.
No it doesn't mean that.

# I am not a traitor, and I'm not a killer of human difference.
By opposing neurodiversity you are trying to kill human difference.

# Autism is a disease, and I want it cured. It's no difference from cancer and AIDS.
It is not a disease and carries plenty of difference from cancer and AIDS.

# A disease and a disorder are the same thing.
They aren't, and that is medical fact.

The ninety-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# I was clearly written in his hand, and had his signature scribbled on the bottom along with some stamp that may very well have been fake.
Given that Oliver didn't identify the stamp it is not possible to say if it was fake or not.

# He complained about how I (legally) view his website, and tried to state that the US Constitution didn't apply to me.
I don't see how the two claims connect, so I would suggest that this is a misinterpretation.

# He even tried to say that I should stay off of his websites that aren't IP blocked, and that I shouldn't even mention his name at all.
This is a reasonable demand given the history that I have seen on this blog.

# Unfortunately for him, that violates my right to free speech, so he loses there as well.
There are legal restrictions to free speech although whether or not this is the case here is unknown.

# He also made his usual bizarre statements, such as that I am an "abuser of autistic civil rights" and that I "threaten him and his family," neither of which are true.
I don't know about the second, but the first is certainly true.

# Seeing the rantings of a lunatic about oneself is not stalking, and is not jeopardizing to anyone's mental health.
But attacking said statements in a damaging manner can jeopardize a person's mental health.

# He even cited some random statute, but it doesn't take a genius to know that his argument would never stand in court.
Without knowing what the statute was it is impossible to judge, but chances are it was accurate.

# He also threatened to press charges, but I am in another country and cannot be extradited.
Yes you can, if you violate that country's law.

# I will continue to view Phil's website (via a proxy) and there ain't a thing he can do about it.
Actually he can. There are software options available that block proxies.

# He also needs to know not to whine and cry when things don't go his way.
This is hypocritical as Oliver has whined and cried a lot on his blog.

# You are comparing apples to oranges. A website is not property. It is a piece of cyberspace and is in the public domain.
Cyberspace is property when it is paid for.

# Phil also needs to realize that what he says about me is not OK, even if I supposedly can't see it.
You are yet to prove this, Oliver.

# In fact, were I to sue him in court I could subpoena that information from him and make him reveal it.
Not unless you can show that the information is relevant to that case, and if you can't see it you have no way of knowing that.

# Basically, a website is not private property.
It can be.

# Intellectual property has nothing to do with who can view what.
It does when said viewing causes publication when not permitted.

# My mother is that kind of lawyer. Whether or not the server is American or Australian is irrelevant.
A server argument has nothing to do with copyright, but it has plenty to do with other factors mentioned.

# The Hague is in the Netherlands, dumbfuck. Each country has its own individual sovereign laws.
The Hague Convention is not a place or conference.

# No convention held there would have any bearing on the United States of America.
The Hague Convention does.

# The bottom line is, the only laws that apply to me are American laws.
And the laws of the country that you communicate with online.

# That big convention in the Netherlands was held shortly after World War II, and it's where they founded the UN.
"Convention" is also a treaty or supplement to such, or a generally accepted principle, method or behavior.

# Extraditions are only for when people flee their own country to avoid being prosecuted.
And for those who break the law in another country.

# I will not look it up because you are lying.
This is a childish attitude to take.

# I will not read it because you are wrong.
See what I just said.

# My self-test was very accurate, and my IQ is 146.
As previously stated, self tests are not accurate.

# I am not a danger to myself and I do not misrepresent autism.
There is no doubt you are a danger to yourself, Oliver. You do misrepresent autism.

# The Rothschilds control the entire global economy.
They don't, as previously noted.

# The mercury in vaccines is lethal enough to cause autism but not death.
Lethal equal death, so this is a messy statement. There is no mercury in vaccines anyway.

# Thimerosal in vaccines is mercury and is toxic.
It is ethyl mercury and is not toxic.

# The chelation on me would simply rid me of heavy metals and would not harm my kidneys whatsoever.
It would if you don't have excess heavy metals.

# I am referring to the original DSM published in 1952. If you are mildly mentally retarded, you are a moron.
The original DSM means nothing today.

# If mercury is poisonous, I don't see how it can be of any benefit to the kidneys
There are many heavy metals that exist naturally in the body and urinating via the kidneys is part of the disposal process.

# Phil was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder (not autism) during the court case in which he brutalized his boss.
There is no proof of this.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Assistance Package 95b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the ninety-fifth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Aftershave is feminine. Men should not use it. They should just deal with razor burn. Sunscreen is not masculine either. Men should deal with sunburn.
Sunburn leads to skin cancer. Prevention is better than cure. Aftershave is not for razor burn.

# Sunburn does not kill, it just hurts. I'll live.
As stated above, sunburn leads to skin cancer which kills.

# I never reject comments.
This is demonstrably false.

# This blog does not cause me distress and is not killing me.
This is another deluded statement.

# Skin cancer does not kill. It has a 97% survival rate.
It kills if not treated early and properly.

# This blog is not a waste of webspace.
At that point in time it most certainly was.

# I am not an idiot and neither is George W Bush.
Former President Bush has quite a lot to answer for.

# I speak valuable words on this blog. Therefore, it is not a waste of webspace.
I have not seen anything of value yet while looking at this blog.

# Yes you do. The definition of a moron is a man with an IQ between 50 and 70, or a mild retard.
That is not the definition of a moron.

# I am barely ever on this blog.
That is a flagrant lie.

# I am not whining.
At this point in time the whining was constant.

# I can survive without lotion.
Actually you can't.

# I do answer him properly.
I didn't see a single proper answer during this period.

# I do not whine and I am unpredictable.
My own control over him at the time as explained in the very first entry on this blog is proof of his predictability.

# You can still have a life if you are a virgin and not an athlete or student.
This statement contradicts previous claims over virginity.

# My blog is full of intellect, not idiocy.
It is plain that there is no intellect expressed on his blog.

# If you were real, you would know that my father also wants me to be cured of my autism, and that he also believes autism to be a horrendous disease.
Autism Heroes clearly states otherwise.

# I never failed a single class in high school, and I already got my diploma.
There is no proof of this.

# I have no idea about my Vitamin D levels. I almost never go out in the sun, and when I do I almost never get burned.
This indicates his Vitamin D levels are likely dangerously low.

# Both of my parents believe that autism can be cured via chelation and would gladly support me being chelated.
And yet they didn't do it. Why? Because this is a lie.

# I have a high school diploma. I have it at my house and I'm gonna upload a picture of it online.
We are still waiting for this to be done.

# I can handle the truth.
You can't.

# Justin Bieber is not strait. He is homosexual and gay. He and Usher assfuck each other all the time.
This is a defamatory statement.

# My blog is an asset to the autistic community.
No, it's a liability.

# My blog is perhaps the most intellectual blog in the blogosphere.
This is so deluded it's extremely funny, and yet very sad as well.

# I can handle the truth and I have irrefutable proof to defend myself.
And yet you have never presented that "proof".

# I tell the truth about autism.
No you don't.

# My mind is not warped and this blog serves the purpose of curing autism.
It won't achieve that purpose.

# These comments are not damaging to me. They are just idiotic.
The fact that they remain online to this day is damaging to a very high level.

# He knows I was embarrassed as Sparky 13 years ago and he isn't disgusted with me.
It was written clearly in an earlier entry that his father was proud of him and Oliver shouldn't be embarrassed.

# They are not hurting my reputation. If anything they're improving it. They're all acting like idiots, just bashing my sexual orientation and accusing me of lying with no evidence to back themselves up. I am not being naive.
You most certainly are being naive, Oliver.

# People will see that they are idiots and that I am the sane one.
This is not true.

# Chelation is a proven cure for autism. Just ask John Best.
He wouldn't know. It is not proven.

# I am not scared of the real world.
Clearly you are as you don't understand the real world. You fear what you don't understand.

# I will not link you to shit.
This is the act of a person who needs help desperately.

# Autism is mercury poisoning. John Best is the father of a child with autism who cured his son via chelation.
Upon investigation, his son is not cured.

# I am not an idiot and neither is Charlie Sheen.
You both are.

# Charlie Sheen was fired not for for being an idiot but for making anti-Semitic remarks.
Making anti-Semitic remarks was the act of an idiot.

# I think Danny DeVito would be honored that I stole his line from Matilda.
I think he would be disgusted.

# Those comments weren't hurting me in the least. If anything they were making me look better.
No, they are making you look a lot worse.

# DAN! doctors aren't quacks.
They are.

# Any casual reader would agree with me and see you as the idiot.
Any casual reader would see you as an idiot, Oliver.

# I am not disturbed, dangerous, or deluded and I don't need an intervention.
It's clear that you do.

# I believe I became autistic at the age of 1 1/2 when I received the MMR vaccine.
You were Autistic at birth.

# According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, an idiot is a man with an IQ below 25, or with profound mental retardation.
There is no such statement in the DSM-V.

# It's well established that autism is mercury poisoning. It is just not enough to kill you.
Genuine mercury poisoning kills. Autism is not mercury poisoning.

# John Best is not a deluded fool. The Rothschild family controls the global economy.
No one entity controls the global economy. If any did things would be at an unreal level of stability.

This assistance shall continue.