Saturday, October 31, 2015

Assistance Package 161f

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Sam Eagle: The statute would likely define neurodiversity as militantly opposing a cure for autism and trying to prevent a cure for autism from being established, similar to Ruby's definition.
That can be challenged straight away as the wrong definition.

# I would think it would take time (being studied in committee and all), and I agree that it shouldn't be rushed through.
Sam Eagle is setting Oliver up, because taking that time would allow for the truth to come out.

# Last I checked, only about three or four states have ratified the amendment, so it still has a ways to go.
No states have ratified it.

# I would think that the amendment itself might be enough to cause an indictment, even without the subsequent statute.
No Amendment is capable of doing that.

# For example, the 18th Amendment was enough to ban alcohol, and the subsequent statute basically just elaborated on how exactly alcohol was banned.
The statute empowered the Amendment. That's how it works.

# I'm not a Constitutional expert, though, so there might be a question of it being considered an ex post facto law and declared unconstitutional.
No law can be applied retroactively.

# I would think it's pretty safeguarded, but perhaps Ruby's wording should be used in the amendment itself.
Neither Oliver's original Amendment nor Ruby's update is safeguarded.

# Which member of neurodiversity are you, anyway?
That is an attempt to invade a person's privacy.

# Which crimes have I committed then, "Officer"?
As mentioned previously, there is a blog that details this.

# Nope, not true. Only those who oppose a cure for autism are members of neurodiversity.
Again, this is the incorrect definition.

# ND: Nope. I wouldn't join ND over my dead body.
As the commenter stated, Oliver is a member. He has no choice.

# Sam Eagle: I'm not sure exactly which states have ratified it. I think a couple Southern states and maybe California too.
Of course he won't commit to naming the states because none of them have ratified anything.

# I think Congress would have no problem passing a statute defining neurodiversity and the trial procedure.
Yes they would.

# It may have to be the case that anyone who commits ND before the statute's passage may avoid execution due to a loophole, but in the long run this amendment is still a good thing.
No it's not.

# I think you would be right about the statute's being unconstitutional if this amendment was ever repealed, but I don't see that happening.
The Amendment will never become part of the Constitution anyway so this is a moot point.

# If the statutes that banned alcohol were unconstitutional after the 21st Amendment (which they were), would they have needed to be replaced at all?

# I guess it's possible that there could be a new alcohol statute that didn't ban it outright like the 18th Amendment did.
There is.

# The "Officer" is now banned from this blog as he attempted to provide a link to a blog that is critical of me. Such links will not be published.
This is an attempt to hide the truth and/or valid opinion of Oliver. The blog can be found at

# Anon: A right-thinking Christian is one who follows the Bible.
This is a vague definition designed to undermine the point.

# And you still haven't provided proof that Rev. Hamer was a Klansman, because he wasn't.
The claim was never made that Rev. Hamer was an actual Klansman. The claim was he supported them.

# In my opinion, Neurodiversity isn't human at all. They're twisted, sadistic sociopaths who are fully subhuman.
This opinion is not valid and against reality.

# Why would I want people to fear me?
Because it makes you feel strong and powerful.

# I am a good, benevolent person seeking to make the world a better place.
No, Oliver, you are not good or benevolent and you have no plans to make the world a better place. You only seek to endanger it.

# You are the one who's insane, and frankly I pity you.
No one is interested in your pity, Oliver.

# Also an opinion by definition can't be "wrong," because it's just that: an opinion, meaning there's no right o wrong answer.
There is a right and a wrong answer to the root point, and Oliver has given the wrong answer.

# Anon: There is no evidence at all that Rev. Hamer hated black people, or that he was a self-hating black.
The fact that he supports a hate group is evidence.

# That would be completely incongruent with his Christian faith.
The Klu Klux Klan claim a Christian faith in their beliefs.

# Please show evidence that the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is racist.
The SPLC is proof enough.

# I don't doubt that the SPLC calls them a "hate group," but that would be due to their anti-gay views.
And their other hate lines.

# You go, Informer! Way to tell him off.
Socially this was a serious error.

# ND: You are right that I am human, unlike any of you. I will not be silenced.
Yes you will, Oliver, eventually.

# Anon: That still doesn't necessarily mean that they're racist.
It also doesn't necessarily mean that they're not either.

# The SPLC may not categorize specific hate groups.
They don't have to.

# Also the SPLC even categorizes black "civil rights" groups the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party as hate groups, due to their anti-white and anti-Semitic views.
Oliver shows here that he knows how to bury himself, because this proves the point he is trying to make to be incorrect.

# You have a gross misinterpretation of the word "neurodiversity," which is defined specifically as, "opposing a cure for autism."
No, Oliver, it's not. Your interpretation does not mean it's right.

# It does not mean "brain difference," as its roots might suggest.
It does mean brain difference, per the writings of Judy Singer and Harvey Blume.

# It is indeed a political movement, led by multiple organizations but most prominently by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network or ASAN.
ASAN advocate for the Autistic Spectrum. Neurodiversity as a concept goes a lot wider than that.

# People are killed (not executed) in war, and it's for one of two reasons: either you were a bad person who deserved to die or you were a hero who died defending our country.
So no innocent bystanders are killed in a war zone? This is pathetic.

# Autism is definitely not a natural condition, and it is far from progressive.
There is much evidence to the contrary.

# In fact, it is regressive, which is the opposite of progressive.
No, Oliver, Autism is only regressive if it is not looked after.

# There is no such thing as "natural progression."
Yes there is.

# That is a ridiculous, Darwinistic, evolutionary belief that is directly contrary to the Bible and the book of Genesis.
And that proves how much help Oliver actually needs. This is completely wrong.

# It is the prevailing belief in Darwinism that has allowed the slaughter of millions of unborn babies under the guise of a "woman's right to choose."
Darwinism has nothing to do with abortion.

# I absolutely support democracy; I don't like dictatorships.
If Oliver supported democracy, he wouldn't have proposed his Amendment.

# That is why I live in the USA, where an ordinary citizen like me can propose a constitutional amendment.
But you need help to do this, and you don't have any help because your proposal is quite literally crazy.

# Your ridiculous words are straight out of the ND playbook, and they are truly laughable.
Don't laugh, Oliver, because laughing at the truth is a true indicator of insanity.

# Fuck you!!!!! Everything you have said about autism is a lie. Straight out of ND's book of lies.
It was not a lie.

# You are a son of a bitch, and you deserve to die.
No he or she does not deserve to die.

# In fact, I am going to come to your house and kill you with a gun.
That is murder in the first degree.

# Just as some perform a citizen's arrest, I will perform a citizen's execution.
There is no such thing as a citizen's execution.

# Please tell me where you live so I can kill you. You are going to die, motherfucker!!!!!!!
No, Oliver, that sort of talk will have you in prison if you persist.

# I am perfectly sane, faggot
No, the immediately previous comments demonstrate insanity.

# No you're not, and you're going to die. You are now permanently banned from this blog.
Again, that is a one way ticket to prison.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: Please provide a link to the scientific study that "proves" autism is genetic.
There are many studies that state this.

# Even if autism was genetic, I would still want it cured.
A cure is impossible.

# Autism is most definitely a disease, as it negatively affects the people who have it.
That does not define a disease. It defines a concious choice.

# Anons: I am not going to jail.
It is inevitable that he will go to jail unless he turns his life around.

# Nope, you're wrong. You are describing an infectious disease or a contagious disease.
A disease does not have to be infectious or contagious to be caught.

# A disease is simply something that impairs your life in a negative way, which autism most definitely is.
No, it's not. Autism has been a positive for many with the condition.

# Leader: You are such a stupid idiot. Enough said.
No, Leader spoke a lot of sense.

# Anon: That doesn't prove anything.
It proved a great deal, including that Autism is genetic.

# Alan: No, you willfully misinterpreted what I said.
He didn't.

# Black skin is not a disease. All the problems that black people currently have they have brought completely upon themselves.
No it was foisted upon them by racist community attitudes.

# Zexcoiler Kingbolt: You have only one eye? Then you're a fucking cyclops! HAHAHAHAHA
This was typically Autistic, taking the comment literally and to Oliver's detriment.

# Just fyi, I'm fluent in Spanish
This is an irrelevant comment.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Assistance Package 161e

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# A terrorist, by definition, is a Muslim who kills people for refusing to convert.
No, and this has already been explained to Oliver.

# I am not a Muslim; I am Jewish. Jews and Muslims are killing each other in Israel right now, and you have accused me of being on the wrong side.
On the contrary, there is such a thing as a Jewish terrorist. And a Protestant terrorist. And a Catholic terrorist. Also an American terrorist, an English terrorist and so on.

# That could destroy my reputation.
Oliver's reputation is already destroyed and has been for years.

# You may not report me to Homeland Security. Doing so would result in you being jailed.
No it won't because any such report would be taken seriously.

# Ruby: Do you think it's possible that Phil Gluyas could be using a proxy to disguise where he is?
This was extreme paranoia at work.

# Anons: What do you think he's doing there? That's the capital, right? Maybe the federal government finally nabbed him for child molestation.
I doubt being in a country's capital city makes any difference to an arrest.

# It is indeed a threat. You threatened to kill me. I'm calling 911 right now.
Talking of putting in false police reports. The person said "Shut your stupid mouth before someone comes to your home and shuts it for you" and then stated that it wasn't a threat, it was a spoiler. The person wasn't issuing the threat. The person was warning Oliver about others taking various forms of action, including a gag order for instance.

# Lyle: It is not a genuine concern by any means.
I think it is.

# The IRA wasn't terrorist.
It most certainly was!

# Neither was Hitler. He was a dictator, not a terrorist.
He fitted the definition of terrorist.

# McVeigh did bomb the building in Oklahoma City but the fact that he was white makes him simply a murderer, not a terrorist.
This is incredible false logic that beggars belief. McVeigh was a domestic terrorist.

# Lyle: While McVeigh committed a horrible act of violence (that he was rightfully executed for, by the way), I do not believe him to be a terrorist. By the current definition, a terrorist is a Muslim.
By your definition, Oliver, and that definition is demonstrably wrong.

# Anon: I wonder why that idiot thinks it's worth traveling around to look things up. Isn't that what the Internet's for?
There are still many things that are not available on the Internet.

# Faggot: I'm straight.
Stop insisting that you are straight, Oliver. The more you do it, the more gay you look.

# I created this blog when I was at a very different place in my life than I am now (I was still a virgin at the time), and to state that my disease needs to be cured, which is still true.
There is no real proof (Liliana isn't proof, it's supposition) that Oliver is not a virgin. Autism is not a disease and does not need to be cured.

# That stupid idiot. Maybe the police will do a sting operation on him while he's there.
For that to happen there needs to be a valid report.

# Lyle: The IRA are not terrorists.
They most certainly were.

# They are warriors fighting for the freedom of the Irish people. I have immense respect for them.
That is further evidence that Oliver is a terrorist. The IRA terrorised people and it wasn't about Ireland. It was about a combination of Northern Ireland and Catholicism.

# While many would call McVeigh a terrorist, I do not as he was not a Muslim.
It doesn't matter. He was a terrorist.

# While ISIS is terrorists, all Muslims support ISIS, including Barack Obama.
This is a despicable comment and tantamount to treason.

# I do not seek death for a political agenda, just punishment for something that should be considered a crime.
Oliver you are going about it in a political manner, therefore you have a political agenda - and you seek death.

# You are never to call me a terrorist ever again. Any further comments from you which make such accusations will not be published.
I will call you a terrorist, Oliver, because you are behaving like one.

# Ruby: I just ignore the Liesmeister. All he's doing is trolling and nobody takes him seriously.
I rather think many people take him seriously because he does a reasonable job.

# Faggot: I do not live on Mars and I am straight.
Yet again, the violent rebuttal.

# I am not a virgin as I have had sex with four different women. Everybody believes me.
Oliver refuses to see that the vast majority don't believe him.

# By virtue of your actions, you have been permanently banned from commenting on this blog. Have a nice day.
Banned for telling the truth. Oliver refuses to stand up to criticism.

# Anons: Damn. I noticed that for awhile, Phil was secretly on Facebook under the pseudonym "Artie Christou."
There is no proof of this.

# Is there any way he could be arrested for identity theft?
Only if the person concerned was impersonated and he made the report himself.

# You are such a stupid idiot. One cannot be found "guilty" of a civil tort, and Phil Gluyas didn't prove shit.
According to court documents he did prove that he was defamed. That is guilty of a civil tort for which damages can and has been awarded in that case.

# It is impossible to "prove" in court whether or not one is gay.
I rather think there are many ways to prove it.

# The fact that Phil actually believes that proves how childish and immature he really is.
No, Oliver, it shows how little you understand of the legal process.

# Not true, you stupid nigger.
Only a racist would use that disgusting word.

# I am quite smart as my IQ is 146.
If that's true, and there's no proof of that, Oliver is not using the smarts he has.

# All the members of neurodiversity will be executed as soon as this amendment is ratified.
No one will be executed as there is no Amendment.

# Anons: That's weird. I could've sworn Phil and Artie were the same person because their writing styles were so similar
This is an assumption with no basis in fact.

# Not true. One can only be found guilty of a crime. Losing a civil lawsuit is not the same as being found guilty.
This is a ridiculous statement. Losing a civil lawsuit means you have done something wrong.

# I am absolutely straight. You only wish I was gay you cocksucking faggot. You are going to burn in Hell.
Yet again with the guilty closet response.

# Sam Eagle: It's simple. First, the Justice Department will indict ASAN and numerous other organizations and individuals under the 28th Amendment.
No, they won't. Any Federal indictment of a crime that attracts the death penalty is handled by the FBI.

# Then, the trials will be conducted in federal court.
No, they won't.

# After the defendants are convicted, the executions will immediately be carried out by lethal injection at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.
No, they won't. This is a pipe dream by Oliver that will never become reality.

# Lyle: I have not committed treason. Barack Obama is a practicing Muslim, therefore he supports ISIS.
Obama is not a practising Muslim and he opposes ISIS.

# Once it is ratified, Congress will quickly pass legislation which will detail the exact trial procedures and what not.
No, they won't.

# It should be noticed that in our system of "common law," the law is often left intentionally vague and there tends to be an over reliance on judicial precedent.
Vague law is bad law and that's why it will never be made into law.

# Obama is definitely not a Christian.
He is.

# His "spiritual advisor" Jeremiah Wright has spoken positively of the Nation of Islam and applauded 9/11.
This is irrelevant as Obama dumped Wright a long time ago.

# Do not accuse me of treason. That is a very serious crime which carries the death penalty.
So don't do it.

# Simply disagreeing with one's government is not treason. It is my right under the 1st Amendment.
You weren't just disagreeing, Oliver. You were accusing the President of treason without foundation and that in upon itself is treason via libel.

# Ruby: That's so weird. I could've sworn he was a sock puppet.
Oliver's lack of education leads to such errors of judgment.

# As for your concern, the federal death penalty actually applies to all 50 states, whether or not that state allows the death penalty at the state level.
This is false as it over rules state jurisdiction over matters of the state's residents.

# For example, the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarenev has been sentenced to death by the federal government despite the fact that Massachusetts does not allow the death penalty.
The death penalty being issued won't take place in Massachusetts for the reasons given. It will take place in Indiana, where the death penalty is legal.

# Sam Eagle: You do make some interesting points. It definitely can't hurt to submit Ruby's version, but I think that if the statute's definition of neurodiversity (as opposed to that of the amendment itself) is clear enough, then it should stand up.
It won't.

# Neurodiversity: You are insane. Get help. Now.
The comment made was not insane. It was a statement of fact.

# I would recommend that you watch the series of YouTube videos entitled "Why Barack Obama Is Not a Christian." There are seven in total, I believe. They are narrated by the late Rev. Don Hamer, and are sponsored by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. You can learn more about them at <link removed>
The Commission is an arm of the Klu Klux Klan so naturally they would attack President Obama.

# Edwina: That statement is quite funny, actually, but unfortunately I am not a Trans Gendered person.
Oliver, if you aren't gay then you are a closet transgender in my opinion.

# Seeing as the late Rev. Hamer was black, you are definitely full of shit. Boo ya!
There are black people who supported the efforts of racist based hate groups.

# Neurodiversity: Have fun being executed.
There will be no executions.

# Anon: Who's the racist now, dumbfuck? Calling a black person an "Uncle Tom" simply because they disagree politically? You liberals continue to baffle me.
The term is valid in the circumstances and not racist.

# For what, idiot? You have to commit a crime first.
There is a blog that details Oliver's crimes.

# ND: Once again, you're insane. Get help.
No, Oliver, you are presenting yourself as insane.

# Anon: Please show proof that Rev. Hamer supported the KKK and believed himself to be inferior.
Anyone who supports a hate group can be seen to support the Klu Klux Klan.

# I highly doubt any right-thinking Christian (black or white), would believe that.
Oliver doesn't know what a right thinking Christian represents.

# You go, Ruby! It's always nice to have support from people like you :)
Only because it's rare that he does.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Assistance Package 161d

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Anon: You are quite an amazing comedian. You should do a show with Louis CK.
This was in reply to a statement that a report was being made, and I think he should take it seriously.

# Jack: Being gay is a sin to God, and should not be tolerated by any means.
That is a human rights abuse, and is an out of date attitude.

# One is not truly successful in life unless they have had sex.

# Matt Savage was popular when he was a kid but now he no longer has the "child prodigy" factor and I don't think he's in that high demand anymore.
Matt has released a CD this year and is still active. His official website has the details.

# Daniel Tammet wrote one mildly successful book but he has tanked since and he is still gay.
That's rubbish too. All three of his books have been a success.

# He is hardly a well known author.
He is well enough known to be a success.

# And even that doesn't change the fact that he's gay, which is very bad.
Being gay is not bad.

# Honest Advice: Almost none of that is true. I don't hate difference, I celebrate it.
No you don't, Oliver, because if you did you would never have started your lie about your proposal.

# Autism isn't a difference; it's a disease.
As has already been proven, this is a lie.

# I hate it like I do cancer and AIDS and Lou Gehrig's disease.
This is your problem, Oliver. These diseases do not compare to Autism at all.

# I am actually not miserable right now, and curing autism will make me quite a bit happier.
No it won't, it will kill you.

# Also, I have had girlfriends in the past despite being diagnosed with Asperger's.
There is no proof of this.

# @Anon#1: I am not a killer. I have never killed a human in my life. I have never committed a crime so how could I be in jail?
By seeking a way to kill other people that's how.

# Telling the Truth: I am definitely not gay. You can ask any of the women I've had sex with. There are four of them so far.
There is no proof of that last claim.

# Honest Advice: Nope. It's not hateful and I thought it over before I proposed it.
It's clear that you didn't think at all, Oliver. It is hateful.

# @Telling Lies: It takes one to know one, faggot.
This is a typical of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# I have indeed had sex with four different women, which is why I am no longer a virgin like Elliot Rodger or Chris Harper-Mercer.
Referencing those two men is severely misleading to the point of libel.

# Honest Advice: In my humble opinion, providing the death penalty for believing in neurodiversity is hardly a cruel punishment.
In the opinion of the rest of society it is a cruel punishment.

# Ruby: I agree with your revised wording. In my opinion, the very definition of neurodiversity is opposing a cure for autism.
Oliver's opinion is in stark contrast to reality.

# Those who say otherwise are deliberately attempting to steer the conversation in order to further their sociopathic agenda.
There is no sociopathic agenda, except by Oliver.

# But I do agree that your wording makes the amendment's message much clearer, and that can only be a good thing.
It's not.

# The rest of you can go fuck yourselves
This is another typical response of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# I am not going to name names in order to protect the innocent.
This is a poor excuse and furthers the assertion that he is in fact not telling the truth.

# You can call me gay all you want, but that won't make it true.
Until positive proof is presented, there is no indication of what is true.

# And like I said before, it takes one to know one.
And like I said before, this is a typical of someone who is hiding a secret, or a child.

# Honest Advice: Neurodiversity has indeed harmed and killed people. Many autistic people needlessly died when they could've been curtailed with a wandering code, something that was opposed by neurodiversity.
Those deaths were caused by parental or societal neglect, not neurodiversity

# Autistic shooters Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger, and Chris Harper-Mercer were all members of neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this controversial claim.

# One could arguably say that neurodiversity's ridiculous "acceptance" message caused the murder of Alex Spourdalakis, Katie McCarron, and others as well as the attempted murder of Issy Stapleton, as their bogus message offers no real solution and tells people to "accept" what's simply unacceptable.
It is acceptable and acceptance saves lives. Not accepting kills.

# Telling lies: I have not confirmed anything, you god damn faggot.
You need to, Oliver, because you are in no man's land and you have to address it.

# I am not going to drag the innocent girls that I have had sex with into this shitstorm that I have started.
You have no choice because as you rightly said you started this mess.

# You are gay and you wish I was because you want to fuck me in the ass, but that ain't gonna happen cause I'm straight and narrow, cocksucker.
This is typical again of a gay person who has been called out, and Oliver doesn't realize it.

# You should move to either Saudi Arabia or Iran so that they can kill you for being gay.
This is socially incorrect and is also further proof of Oliver's violent streak and wanting others to do his dirty work.

# You are actually Phil Gluyas in disguise, and now that Australian rules football season is over you are looking for another forum to rape little boys. You ain't gonna find it here.
This is clearly defamatory and there is no proof of the original claim either.

# Matt Hogan: Not true. Congress can change the wording at any time before the amendment is formally ratified.
Oliver missed the point. There still needs to be a fresh vote on the new wording, or even a referral back to committee.

# You just proved my point. He rejected his diagnosis because he was a member of neurodiversity.
Lanza never even heard of neurodiversity I'll wager.

# Neurodiversity rejects autism and denies that it is a disease or that there is anything wrong with it.
Neurodiversity accepts all genetic conditions and it is not a disease. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is looked after.

# You are right that if he had accepted his diagnosis he wouldn't have committed murder, as he murdered those people because he was an ND and resented that they were lower functioning than he was.
Adam Lanza was lower functioning than the majority if not all of those he killed, including the children.

# All autistic murderers are NDs
This inaccurate remark is offensive.

# Anon: They do not accept their diagnosis. In fact, many of them aren't diagnosed at all; they're "self-identified."
Most of them are formally diagnosed. Only a select few, such as Jerry Seinfeld, self identify. And they all accept their diagnosis.

# If they truly accepted autism, they would realize that it is a disease that needs to be cured.
This is proof that Oliver does not accept his Autism.

# Honest Advice: Your last sentence is so idiotic that I won't bother to respond to it.
You should, because it is a valid opinion to state that Oliver could have indeed caused the death of an Autistic.

# Telling Lies: I am not gay and I never will be. The faggots in LA can all kill themselves for all I care.
All this violent talk is again typical of a closet gay who has been called out.

# I am not naming the women that I have had sex with because that is a private matter and I need to respect their privacy.
You haven't respected one, Oliver. Back in 2011 you named one. Liliana Valladolid.

# You are gay because only gay people accuse others of being gay without evidence.
This is hypocritical and this person in fact called Oliver out on this as Oliver's accusation is devoid of evidence.

# And you are really Phil Gluyas.
I have already addressed this unproven claim.

# I am reporting you to the Australian authorities for child molestation.
Without evidence I doubt this can be achieved.

# I have lined up numerous Aussie rules youths who will testify under oath that you fucked them in the ass during games.
There is no proof of this.

# You will serve many years in prison for this horrible crime.
He won't, because Oliver doesn't have the courage to carry through a report of this nature.

# Telling Lies: You are indeed Phil Gluyas, and there is indeed evidence that you are gay.
No there isn't.

# Paris Tenana, Dave Ayling, John Best and others have all accused you of such, and if there are enough serious accusations it can be accepted as true.
Not if it is proven to be false. A quick search of Google reveals that Paris was in fact found guilty of defamation for these same accusations. John Best was as well. There was nothing on David Ayling.

# Hopefully you will finally be brought to justice this time.
Without a report, there is serious doubt to this claim.

# Anon: Is that a threat? Do I need to report you?
The "threat" was very general, and a report would be useless as it was anonymously given.

# Lyle: Calling me a terrorist is libel and must be withdrawn immediately.
No it's not if the statement can be verified, and I'm sure it could be.

# One of you idiots prank called the LA County Department of Mental Health.
The fact that Oliver knows about it would indicate that it was no prank. He would never have heard about it if it was.

# As I have said before, filing a false police report is a felony and is punishable by more than a year in prison.
If it was the Department of Mental Health that was contacted, the police were not involved in the report.

# I would think twice before committing such a crime.
There is no proof that a crime was even committed.

# Phil Gluyas: You know damn well who those people are.
If it's not him, he wouldn't know - particularly Ayling as previously mentioned.

# They have all told the truth about you as have I.
As before I do not know about Ayling, but the other three - including Oliver - have been found guilty of defamation for the accusation.

# I am absolutely not gay.
There is no proof of this claim as already stated.

# You are, and you want me and you wish I was gay. But it's too bad for you, because I am straight.
This is desperate, and further proof that Oliver is a closet gay.

# I am not trying to be a "macho man" by any means. I am very comfortable with who I am.
You are indeed trying to appear "macho" with all this language, Oliver.

# However, I am strongly opposed to homosexuality, and I take great offense to being called gay.
This is a social error because this invites more statements that he is gay just to wind him up.

# Lyle: You must withdraw said statement immediately.
This refers to the accusation of being a possible terrorist, and I see that he has already refused.

# You are probably the person who fraudulently called the mental health department.
There is no proof of this and it's another attempt to appear "macho" through statements of unverified quality.

# I am absolutely not a terrorist, and such a statement could irreparably harm my reputation.
You have already done a fine job of harming your own reputation, Oliver.

# I will now report you for filing a false police report, and once you are imprisoned you will be sued for defamation of character.
How on earth could a report be filed on just a person's first name? You be the judge, readers.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Assistance Package 161c

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# @Anon#1: Sports management is an undergraduate level class, and one cannot enroll in law school until they have graduated from college. It is impossible to take both classes at the same time.
There are many instances where students have taken two course at the same time. Also there have been many high school graduates that have gone straight into law school, not just college graduates. It depends on their grades.

# @Anon#2: Yes it dead. The 13th Amendment amended a previous part of the Constitution.
No it didn't. It was a brand new addition that altered nothing.

# @Tex: The truth is allowed here, but I'm apparently the only one telling it. You lied, and you know it.
There is no actual proof either way, but the fact of what actually happened at the time leans towards Oliver not telling the truth.

# The fact that you are not vigorously defending yourself is essentially an admission that you lied. I win. Thou shalt not lie.
This is a fallacy. There is no point debating with someone who refuses to listen.

# @Anon#3: Your statement is contradictory. If a school outsources, then it sends people somewhere else.
No it isn't because it was SMU who outsourced in effect and it did send people elsewhere.

# @Factchecker: I am not a liar, and I did indeed tell the truth. There was a major hurricane on the East Coast yesterday which interrupted much of the federal government's activities.
Hurricane Joaquin posed no threat to the Washington DC or anywhere close to it, so this is not an excuse.

# @Anon: Now you are arguing just for the sake of arguing. You have literally just proved my point, and what you're saying now is the opposite of what you said before. Of course the amendments add to the constitution, but they don't need to "repeal" another part in order to take effect. They automatically supersede what has previously been written.
They don't. This anon's position had not changed and Oliver made a social error failing to see it.

# @European: Pretty much everything you said is true, actually. Of course I fear neurodiversity, just as I fear al-Qaeda and ISIS. They are all terrorists.
Neurodiversity is the opposite of terrorism. It is all about acceptance of diversity.

# I definitely hate neurodiversity as they seek to rob me of my dignity and my well being.
No, Oliver, you have robbed yourself of your own dignity and well being.

# And I defintely do want them to suffer via lethal injection. I will not, however, move away from this course, as it is clearly working.
It is clearly not working. There will be no suffering from lethal injection as it is cruel and unusual punishment.

# I have not robbed myself of my dignity or of my well being.
You have.

# I have fought tooth and nail to be accepted into society as a normal person and failed miserably every time.
Of course you failed, because you aren't a normal person.

# I honestly wish that neurodiversity and I could peacefully coexist despite our differences, however several of their members have made it clear to me that that is not an option.
The differences Oliver speaks of are in his imagination and he has created the coexistence problems himself. So it's up to him to change

# Jack: I am not normal because I have Asperger's.
This is contradictory because Oliver has previously claimed to have been cured by having sex.

# If I could get a cure, I'd be normal.
The cure needed is for only one thing. Oliver's attitude.

# European: You are wrong. I need a cure, and I have to robbed myself of my dignity.
You do not need a cure for Autism, and that second part makes no sense at all.

# Anon: I never said that having sex meant I was cured, just that I had been improperly diagnosed.
This amounts to the same thing.

# Jack: Changing my attitude will not remove my disability, it will just push me into denial.
Oliver clearly believes that a disability is all encompassing evil. This is not so. Many with a recognised disability have succeeded in spite of it and in many cases because of it. We already know Oliver is already in denial.

# Euro: I will not do standards the way Bart does on The Simpsons.
This comment was in reply to requesting a clarification of the comment that made no sense. The reference to Bart Simpson is an excuse with no merit.

# Asperger's is a disability, and it cannot be removed without a cure.
It is not a disability as previously insinuated.

# It would be possible for me to succeed in life, but doing so would be despite my Asperger's, not because of it.
So why don't you try and take your condition into account in the process instead of trying to ignore it? It can be done.

# Jack: Asperger's does exist, albeit under a different name. It is not the same as autism.
It is the same. If it wasn't the DSM-V would still have the name listed as a diagnosis.

# It is most definitely a disability, and while a positive attitude may alleviate some of the pain, it does not eliminate the disability entirely.
This is the wrong attitude to take. Ability takes precedence.

# Only a cure does that.
And there is no cure and never will be so the line must cease being preached.

# While Alexis Wineman is a beauty queen, Temple Grandin is still held back by her disability as she is still a virgin at age 68 due to her autism.
No, society caused her virginity and besides that she does not consider this important. She is not held back by anything.

# Both Temple Grandin and Alexis Wineman support the idea of a cure.
There is no proof of this.

# Anons: The amendment was passed yesterday and is now awaiting ratification.
It didn't. It never appeared on the floor of Congress at all.

# Same goes for you, and I would recommend institutionalization lest you end up like Chris Harper-Mercer.
At this point I have to say the institution is awaiting Oliver and no one else on that blog.

# Anon: You are quite unstable, and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to perform a 5150 on you. The police will be arriving shortly.
In order to achieve that, a name and address is required. The threat is empty.

# Frank: Indeed they have. Alexis Wineman sits on the board of Generation Rescue, which is an unabashedly pro-cure organization
This is a false statement. In fact it could be libel.

# Temple Grandin has said multiple times that she would not oppose a cure for an autistic person lower functioning than she is.
That does not mean she supports a cure for herself or anyone else who is Autistic. Oliver is taking Temple's comments out of context.

# Factchecker: The committee has moved on to their next piece of business as the ratification process is done solely by the state legislatures.
Oliver ignored that fact that he claimed there was a vote before this process began, and that vote is absent from the congressional record.

# Scratcher & Comedy Relief: The media never covers the constitutional amendment process because they never talk about politics or anything important. They would rather just tell you what the Kardashians are doing or other garbage like that.
Absolutely false. Particularly at present with the pre-selection process for the 2016 Presidential election in full swing. Politics always provides news and a change to the Constitution is major news. The last time the Constitution changed for example it received much mainstream coverage.

# Frank: It is not libel to say that someone sits on the board of directors for a non-profit organization.
It is when the claim is false and damaging.

# Alexis Wineman accepted the position with Generation Rescue shortly after competing in the Miss America pageant.
She didn't.

# And I know exactly what Temple Grandin said.
It doesn't matter what she said, Oliver. It's what she meant that counts.

# Fact checker: You have no authority to perform a 5150 on me. If you attempt to do so, you will be arrested for filing a false police report.
This is contradictory and a further reflection on Oliver's way of thinking.

# Anon: There's no such thing as real news anymore. Everything you watch treats A-list celebrities as if they're the most important things in the world while neglecting the more important stuff.
This proves that Oliver does not watch the real news.

# Jack: I did not lie about Alexis Wineman.
Yes you did, Oliver.

# The fact that you typed that before I published Frank's accusation proves that you and he are the same person.
It proves no such thing and Oliver's accusation is severely paranoid.

# I clearly understand autism, and I live in the real world.
As has been clearly indicated throughout the life of Oliver's blog, both these statements are demonstrably false.

# The world is not neurodiverse, and those who are members of neurodiversity must be stopped at all costs.
No, Oliver, it is you who must be stopped because you are a charlatan who needs to be taught a lesson and helped in the process.

# Trisha: Who the fuck are you, anyway? I am not delusional and you need to shut the fuck up.
This is the reply of a delusional person.

# Comedy: The websites you provide have a liberal bias and cannot be trusted.
The Washington Post is an excellent publication and the others report everything without exception, whether they agree with it or not. It is Oliver who can not be trusted.

# Anon: Alexis Wineman is indeed on the board of Generation Rescue.
She isn't.

# She joined in early 2013 shortly after competing in the Miss America pageant. It was well publicized at the time and drew the ire of several members of neurodiversity.
That was when she became an Amabassador, not a board member.

# You and Frank are the same person.
There is no proof of that.

# Even if the info was untrue, it still would not be libel as it would not be remotely harmful to Alexis Wineman's reputation.
It would, as it would make her look like she does not support Autistic individuals and seek to hate them.

# Filing a false police report is a felony in California and it carries a minimum sentence of a year in prison.
Only if it's intentional in order to seek to disrupt police operations.

# Trisha: I can say whatever the fuck I want to you you stupid bitch.
This is a social error as it makes Oliver look like a chauvenist and a bully.

# Jack: You and Frank are indeed the same person. So are all the other commenters here. There is not a single case of a genuinely autistic person being successful in life.
This is a false statement, with the first part not being proven and the last sentence utterly false.

# Comedy Relief: The websites are indeed liberal.
Oliver avoided the point. They would have reported the Amendment's process, and also criticised it. They would not have ignored it.

# Other Anon: I have explained multiple times why it has not been printed in the media, and I do not need to do so again. Good day.
Oliver is wrong. The media prints anything newsworthy and a change to the country's constitution is newsworthy.

# Trisha: It's called the First Amendment, dumbass.
It's also called a social error that deprives a person of friends.

# Jack: I have no idea who most of those people are, but the names that do strike me aren't successful at all.
Perhaps if Oliver would have looked the names up he would have seen otherwise.

# Jonathan Lerman and Stephen Wiltshire are both severely mentally retarded.
Lerman is a successful artist. So is Wiltshire who had gained international renown for his sketches, and had a British award for his work called an MBE.

# Daniel Tammet is a homosexual, and Matt Savage is likely still a virgin.
Tammet's sexual preference is irrelevant. He is a successful author and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in Britain. Matt's activity status is equally irrelevant.

# Anons: I never had a chance to fuck "Trisha" because she doesn't exist. She is actually male, and is the same person as the rest of you.
There is no proof of this.

# Board member, ambassador, same thing.
It most certainly isn't.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Assistance Package 161b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and sixty-first entry that continued the lies and errors;

# @Anon#1: I'm telling the truth.
There is no proof that you are, Oliver.

# @Anon#2: I will not be fought as neurodiversity is more than a good enough reason to give someone the death penalty.
It isn't.

# @Godwin: I am not gay.
There is no proof of this either.

# I don't need to prove shit.
Yes you do and the fact that you refuse to lends itself to the assertion that you are a liar.

# @Rick: You liar. Show me real proof that you spoke with those Congresswoman. Your word alone is not enough.
This is hypocritical given the immediately previous remark.

# @Anon#1: I did not make this up for attention.
This is very hard to believe.

# @Godwin: A proctologist is a doctor who examines men's assholes. Only a gay person would do that.
That is not true. A proctologist deals with the colon and the rectum as well as the anus, and examinations do not entail external examinations of rear ends as Oliver appears to be insinuating.

# @anon#2: I am not a traitor.
There is plenty in what Oliver says that proves he is a traitor to the human race.

# @Anon#3: I can tell by the way you write that you're a retard who needs to be institutionalized. I feel bad for you.
This is inconsistent because this is the sort of person that actually would be killed by Oliver's Amendment.

# @Godwin: A proctologist is an ass doctor.
No, that definition is not correct.

# @Rick: Nope. I've already given you sufficient proof. The ball is in your court.
No, Oliver, it's in yours.

# @Anon: You can keep dreaming, but I won't be fought. An execution, by definition, is not first degree murder. On the contrary, it is the punishment for those who commit first degree murder.
And supporting neurodiversity is not first degree murder.

# The death penalty, in my opinion, does inflict great suffering on the murder, as well as give much needed closure to the victim's family.
I'm assuming a typographical error was made with murder (it should have been murderer) and this is not correct. There is no suffering for the murderer.

# @Rick: I have indeed proven it, and you will be in for a rude awakening when your death sentence is handed down.
Oliver has proven nothing, which is typical of him.

# @Anon#1: That is not true. I have spoken with multiple victims' families, and they all strongly support the death penalty. They say that attending the execution and watching their relative's killer meet his demise is the ultimate form of closure.
I seriously doubt Oliver has spoken to any such families.

# @Anon#2: I am a real American citizen, unlike Barack Obama.
Oliver missed the point here. It doesn't matter if he is a citizen or not. He is not a real American as his lack of support of the Constitution demonstrates.

# @Matt Hogan: You are such a stupid idiot. An amendment, by definition, cannot be unconstitutional because it is an AMENDMENT, which means that it changes the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.
That's not how it works. If a new Amendment is proposed it can not be in defiance of another part of the Constitution. That part of the Constitution needs to be amended or repealed first. The Bill of Rights is sacrosanct to our way of life.

# By your insane logic, the 13th Amendment is unconstitutional because it forbids slavery. Should all black people still be held as slaves?
This, I have to say, is insane logic. What part of the Bill of Rights is challenged by the 13th Amendment?

# There have been multiple attempts throughout history to amend or repeal the 1st Amendment, the most recent example being the Democrats trying to overturn the Citizens United decision.
And the Supreme Court rightly knocked the attempt on the head for reasons already explained.

# There have been attempts in the past to ban burning the flag, as well as to allow school prayer.
The issue with school prayer was making it a part of the school's actual teaching, not the prayer by itself. Individual children can engage in it. The flag burning goes back again to the Supreme Court.

# All of those actions would repeal the First Amendment.
It would need to be amended, which is the whole point I have already made.

# Democrats continually attempt to ban the 2nd Amendment.
No, they are seeking laws that the 2nd Amendment would actually allow. A restriction on the type of weapons available.

# Honestly Matt, you are so stupid. You should be institutionalized for your stupidity.
I think I have already demonstrated on this blog who the stupid one is, and it isn't "Matt".

# @Real Help: I am not a leper, and there are multiple people who love and respect me.
There is no proof of this.

# I am not in denial, and I definitely do not reject autism. On the contrary, I accept that it is a terrible disease that needs to be cured, which is more than neurodiversity can say.
This is a contradictory remark, and not only that but Oliver is denying his own Autism.

# The reason neurodiversity, should die is because they are terrorists, just like the Nazis and al-Qaeda.
Neurodiversity is not a group of people as has been previously explained.

# You NDs are not telling me the truth. I listen to the scientists, and they say that autism needs to be cured.
There is not one credible scientist who has called on Autism to be cured.

# It is not possible to bully someone while guiding them to a better life.
You are not guiding anyone to a better life, Oliver, especially as it is clear that you do not have a life yourself.

# Bullies are terrorists, and should be killed. That includes you.
That is a threat. Bullies are not terrorists. Bullies don't kill. Terrorists do.

# @Anon#1: Wrong again. All the scientists at Autism Speaks and the Autism Science Foundation are working to cure autism.
There is no proof that either organization employs or sponsors qualified scientists.

# @Anon#2: I am not a coward and I will get my way.
This is more childishness. Lying is a cowardly act and that is what Oliver is doing.

# @Tex: Pretty much everything you said is wrong. Prior to the 13th Amendment, the Constitution specifically allowed slavery, and said that slaves counted as three fifths of a person in the census.
This claim is completely false.

# The 21st Amendment is directly contrary to the 18th Amendment.
This is inaccurate. The 21st Amendment specifically repeals the 18th Amendment which is not the same thing.

# You cannot amend an amendment. Any amendment automatically supersedes a previous one.
As the previous comment proves, the 21st Amendment did exactly that. Amended an Amendment - or rather repealed it which amounts to the same thing.

# Some state constitutions may allow you to insert an amendment elsewhere, but the US Constitution does not.
Yes it does.

# You are not a lawyer, and Texas A&M does not have a law school.
Not true. Texas A&M has had a law school since 2013 and previously outsourced to the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. Before that it was the Dallas/Fort Worth School of Law formed in 1989. And before that A&M worked with SMU.

# You do not even exist, and you are really Phil Gluyas in disguise.
There is no proof of this.

# I have no idea this amendment's file number, but it is publicly accessible and can easily be looked up online.
It's not. It doesn't exist. That is the real reason why Oliver does not know the file number.

# @Anon#1: That is not true. You cannot go to law school until you have graduated from college, and schools don't outsource their law programs. "Tex" has been caught in a lie and he knows it.
Again, not true as previously stated.

# @Rick: I have already proved it. Go fuck yourself.
No you haven't, Oliver.

# @Tex: You are lying again. SMU is private while Texas A&M is public, so there is no way that they could share housing.
Indeed they could and they did.

# The classes you mention are undergraduate level and would not be taught in a law school.
The classes mentioned were separate.

# If a university doesn't have a law school, you can't get a law degree there, plain and simple.
That's not what happened obviously.

# @Anon#2: I'm laughing so hard at you right now because you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
He had every idea and playing the ignorant fool is something Oliver is very good at.

# @Anon#3: That is not true. The 21st Amendment does indeed repeal the 18th Amendment, but it doesn't add anything so it was just easier to say that it repeals it. Had it said "alcohol is legal now," it would have been no different. Amendments cannot be amended as they are automatically superseded by subsequent amendments.
It had to specifically say that the 18th Amendment was repealed. If a new Amendment is contrary to an existing part, the new part is unconstitutional.

# @Anon#4: That proposal is exactly that, a proposal, just as my amendment is.
Your proposal has not been presented. This other one has been.

# @Anon#5: Ever heard of the three fifths compromise?

# @Anon#6: I am not lying. I am not an elected member of Congress so I do not have access to those records, and I don't really care anyway.
Everyone has access. It's available on the Congress website.

# @Anon#7: I am rational and I live in the real world. That is all.
It's clear that Oliver is not rational and lives in a fantasy world.

# @Anon#1: Schools don't outsource if they have too many applications. They simply accept fewer students.
The issue wasn't too many applications. It was not enough residential accommodation.

# @Anon#2: Again, not true. The text of an amendment automatically supersedes anything written previously.
Not true.

# @Anon#3: Yes you do. The general public does not have access to Congressional records due to national security.
As already stated it is available through the Congress website.

# @Anon#4: There is such an amendment on the table.
There is no proof of this.

# @Frank: It would be unconstitutional for a public school like Texas A&M to take on students from a private, religious school like SMU as it would violate the separation between church and state.
It would do no such thing.

# Law students generally do not reside on campus, only undergraduate students do.
All students can reside on campus and do.

# "Tex" stated that he took Sports Management in Education and Human Development, which are definitely not law classes.
It doesn't matter. He took law as well and made that pretty clear.

# We all know that he is really a sock puppet and nothing more than a figment of Phil Gluyas's imagination.
We don't know that at all

# @Anon#6: It will pass. It's already been referred to committee and a voice vote is expected tomorrow.
There is no such referral and there will be no voice vote at any stage.

# @Anon#7: Yes it was. The Constitution specifically said that slaves counted as three fifths of a person in the census.
No it did not.

# @Friend: This entry stays up. I'm winning like Charlie Sheen.
This is a major social error. Charlie Sheen lost and in a rather substantive way.

# @Anon#8: I am very rational and quite sane, thank you very much.
That is highly questionable.

# It is quite obvious that all you anons are the same person, given that your comments have all been submitted within minutes of each other and you all have the same IP address. This is astroturfing at its finest.
There is no proof of this claim

This assistance shall continue.