Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Assistance Package 161a

The one hundred and sixty-first entry continued the lies and errors. This entry needs to be divided into seventeen parts upon over 700 comments;

# As a citizen of the United States of America, I hereby propose the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
It is not up to you as an individual to make such a proposal without the public support of a substantive size of the community. There is no proof of this support existing.

# Anyone who supports, engages in, or partakes in neurodiversity shall be put to death by lethal injection.
This is murder and is in direct violation of the Eighth Amendment within the Bill of Rights as well as the Fourteenth Amendment, not to mention one of the Ten Commandments to which Oliver holds to.

# The constitutional principle of "due process" does not apply in cases of neurodiversity. Execution shall be carried out immediately following conviction.
This is also in violation of the Bill of Rights within the Fifth Amendment as well as the Eighth Amendment again.

# I have already contacted Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer and strongly urged them to pass this amendment through Congress
There is no proof that any such contact was made, and even if it was it would have been ignored for the above reasons.

# I implore that all my loyal readers do the same.
I doubt that there are many loyal readers left after this proposal was published.

# Once Congress has formally proposed the amendment
They won't, again the reasons already stated.

# I will contact Ben Allen and Autumn Burke and strongly urge them to vote for its ratification.
This is only one state and only two people within that state. Oliver would also need to contact at least 37 other states to achieve ratification.

# We all must band together to defeat and eliminate neurodiversity and show the whole world what an evil it really is.
Oliver is in effect stating here that the human race must be defeated and eliminated and it is evil. Make of this what you will.

# All of you have proven my point even further.
No they did not.

# I cannot wait till this amendment passes and you all receive the death penalty you deserve.
It will not pass as it will not even reach Washington DC to begin with.

# You can say that again when you're strapped to the gurney.
This insinuates an indirect threat to the person Oliver was addressing.

# No, merely a statement of what will happen once the amendment has passed
It won't pass so this is a moot point.

# It takes one to know one, idiot
This is a childish comment.

# And people also thought slavery would never be abolished
A civil society would abolish slavery. A civil society would retain neurodiversity.

# Neurodiversity has nothing to do with the human race. It is an extremely dangerous political philosophy that must be stopped at all costs
This definition has already been proven to be incorrect.

# My beliefs have nothing to do with either fear or intolerance.
They have everything to do with it, as Oliver's self confessed homophobia is simply one example of.

# Neurodiversity is a group of sociopaths who seek to prevent autistic people from getting the cure they so rightly deserve.
There is no cure, Oliver, and the accusation of sociopathy is a desperate and deceitful claim.

# They must be executed for their vile and hateful actions
Execution for any reason is not the way of a civil society.

# Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer have all submitted the amendment to committee and it will be voted on shortly
It hasn't. Oliver is not telling the truth. As someone else stated it would be in receipt of considerable publicity.

# It was submitted to the House and Senate Committees on the Constitution
There are no such committees

# You are wrong. Both branches of Congress have a committee on the Constitution, and this is how all amendments originate.
Neither have such a committee as previously observed.

# I do indeed know what neurodiversity is.
Oliver does not.

# It is a group of people who seek to ban a cure for autism due to their sadistic, sociopathic tendencies.
This is not neurodiversity.

# You are clearly a member of neurodiversity, and you will be executed as soon as this amendment is passed.
No one will be executed because this amendment has gone nowhere beyond Oliver's blog and his imagination.

# @Anon#1: I'm telling the truth
No, Oliver, you are not.

# @Anon#2: There is no "Gateway Hospital" and in California it is illegal to be involuntarily committed.
http://www.gatewayshospital.org/ and it is legal if it is in the best interests of the person and of the community.

# @Anon#3: I am not a terrorist
Talk of execution tells another story.

# @Friend: I disagree that the death penalty devalues human life. On the contrary, I believe it adds more value to it: that if you take away someone's life, then you don't deserve to have one yourself.
Again, this is not the way of a civil society and the "friend" is correct about the value of human life. Oliver clearly does not value human life and it furthers the comment about being a terrorist.

# I don't believe that filing a lawsuit would actually do anything to solve a problem, as there are several ways to get around a lawsuit and monetary damages really don't mean anything in terms of change.
This is a social error because it shows that Oliver does not possess the intelligence to fight a good fight. Whilst the recommendation is not a good one the reasons for casting it aside are cowardly.

# Sir, you are not to call me a terrorist ever again
That is an attempt to gag someone against the First Amendment.

# To answer your question, anon, lethal injection is hardly violent.
Any death by any form of force is violent by pure definition.

# It is a legal, peaceful method of execution.
In 19 states it is not legal so such a blanket statement is socially incorrect. Especially as in California there is a challenge to the state constitutional legality of it's death penalty. 13 states that have abolished it have done it only in the last 50 years and seven of them this century meaning that it's a trend away from it.

# It is not a firing squad by any means, and the death penalty is a perfectly appropriate punishment for the belief in the philosophy of neurodiversity.
It is not an appropriate punishment at all.

# The death penalty is absolutely not for cowards. It is a just punishment for those who commit murder.
It isn't.

# A terrorist, by definition, is a Muslim who kills other people for being either Christian or Jewish.
This is demonstrably incorrect.

# Also, neurodiversity is far from a political belief; it is warfare that seeks to deny autistic people the right to a cure. If anything, neurodiversity is terrorism.
Oliver just contradicted his previous definition of terrorism. Neurodiversity is neither a political belief nor is it warfare. It is brain difference and nothing else.

# It (Neurodiversity) is run by a group of sociopaths who take pleasure in autistic people suffering.
There is no proof of this absurd allegation.

# We don't have religious choice in the US at all. For example, Islam is illegal and has been since 9/11.
It isn't as that would be a violation of the First Amendment.

# Even if this amendment did change the Bill of Rights (which it doesn't), it could do so as that is the purpose of an amendment.
An Amendment that goes against the Bill of Rights will never be accepted.

# The death penalty is not a crime nor is it murder. It is a legal execution.
In 19 states and in many countries throughout the world it is a crime and is murder.

# Killing someone (i.e. taking their life away) is such a horrible crime that the perpetrator does not deserve a life of their own, and deserves to have theirs taken away. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
This is inhumane and the rhetoric of an animal and not a rational human being.

# No level of "education" can bring back the life of the murder victim, therefore the only solution for murder is the death penalty.
There are many other solutions for a civil society.

# It should also be noted that countries without the death penalty have much higher crime rates, including murder.
There is no proof of this.

# The death penalty is indeed an effective deterrent, as it saves the lives of innocent people.
There is no proof of this either.

# God did not invent autism, Big Pharma did.
Big Pharma have nothing to do with it.

# Autism is mentioned nowhere in the Bible because it did not exist in Biblical times.
It can be argued that it did. It simply wasn't called that.

# It was invented in the 1930's, around the time mercury was introduced into vaccines.
There is much evidence that Autism existed before this.

# There is no "human race." There are the white, black, Hispanic and Asian races.
This is a racist attitude that shows no understanding of humanity.

# And autism does not make people human, in fact it robs them of their humanity, which can only be restored via a cure.
This again is a demonstration of a lack of understanding of humanity.

# I have spoken to God personally on multiple occasions, and He told me that autism is not part of His will.
If Oliver has spoken to God he should be a priest or rabbi or other preacher, and he is not.

# On the contrary, He told me that it needed to be cured, and that God has trusted His faith in the scientists who are currently working to find a cure for autism.
I think we can safely say that this is false on several levels.

# I am neither dangerous nor a threat to society. You saying so is libel.
It's not because the argument is valid whether it's true or not.

# God does indeed say "thou shalt not kill," and if one disobeys the word of God, than he shall be put to death.
There are many millions of examples of this being incorrect after the quote.

# God did indeed speak to me, just as He spoke to Michele Bachmann and told her to run for President.
That is a bad example because she got absolutely nowhere.

# I do not speak with Satan as I am saved, and will enter the Eternal Kingdom upon my passing.
This is the rhetoric of a radicalized individual.

# There are no angels on this blog. On the contrary, you are all wolves in sheep's clothing. Thankfully, I see through your sheep's clothing and am not fooled.
It is easy to fool with a fool.

# You calling God false is blasphemous, and you will burn in Hell as a result.
A fool can not tell the difference between God and Satan so this is a moot point.

# Plus, I don't even like Angels. I only like Dodgers.
This is an attempt at a joke and it fails socially in the context of the statements referred to.

# I will not be fought. The 28th Amendment is on the table now, and a vote is expected any day. Once it is passed, you will all be executed.
No one on the blog can be identified so that threat is empty, and besides it has been established that the Amendment proposal has not even made it onto the Congress floor. As it shouldn't have.

This assistance shall continue.