Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Assistance Package 23, 24 & 25

The twenty third entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'm gonna be 18 on Saturday, but I'm so autistic that I have the mental capacity of a 2-year-old.
This is not possible as such a mental capacity would prohibit the ability to type legibly.

# I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Given his previous conduct this comment should be considered ingenuous.

The twenty fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# He advocated for a tattoo artist to turn me away solely because of my disability, which is illegal.
Upon investigation, he was turned away because of his behavior and not because of his disability.

# Phil's only digging his own grave.
There is no proof of this.

The twenty fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# My autism impedes my ability to have sex, among other things, which is why I want a cure, which John Best says is chelation.
His behavior impedes his ability to win a girl, not his Autism. This is not a good reason to want a cure and John Best has been established as not telling the truth.

# So, while I will legally be an adult, I will still be a child mentally, and that pains me. That is why I want a cure.
He would be well advised to grow up.

# While autism does not affect sex biologically, it does impede social understanding and capability, both of which are key to having sex.
This is fundamentally incorrect.

# John Best was recently backstabbed by a medical professional who refused to provide the necessary evidence in court.
Upon investigation, it was because he did not have any such evidence.

# I agree that Andrew Wakefield is a doctor, but Big Pharma wants him silenced because he spoke the truth.
Upon investigation, Andrew Wakefield did not speak the truth and he is no longer a doctor.

# I've never heard of Dr. Grinker, but I hope he's sane like Drs. David and Mark Geier.
Upon investigation, it was found that David and Mark Geier's sanity are under question.

# I just feel that I'm lower-functioning and I haven't done anything yet.
Given that Oliver can type legibly, he is not lower functioning.

# Phil deserved being cursed at because he is a mental case.
This is not an adequate reason to curse a person, and there is no proof that the person concerned is a mental case.

# I want to get a message across that "neurodiversity" isn't exactly a good thing.
This will never happen as neurodiversity gives the human race it's uniqueness and individuality.

This assistance shall continue.

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