Sunday, December 21, 2014

Assistance Package 22

The twenty second entry continued the lies and errors;

# We must be aware of autism and the devastation it causes many people, including myself.
Any devastation is caused by attitude.

# The sad thing is, however, that neurodiversity rejects that we need to be aware and calls it "neurobigotry."
Awareness requires full knowledge, and upon investigation Oliver does not possess full awareness.

# According to you, we shouldn't cure AIDS because we need to respect them for who they are. Same with diabetes, right?
This is not correct as Autism is not a disease.

# Somehow, that doesn't sit well with me, and the same should be true with autism.
As Autism is a genetic difference the same is not true of Autism.

# On a side note, I had to go visit my psychiatrist today, because I am autistic.
As a single comment this remark is lacking the required detail and is therefore inaccurate.

# Had I not been autistic, I wouldn't be seeing a psychiatrist in order to be heavily drugged.
Many who are not Autistic see a psychiatrist.

# Of course I care about every single autistic person, which is why I want them cured.
A person who cares about Autistic people will recognize that there is no cure.

# We definitely should recognize pro-cure autistics as they have the sanity to resist neurodiversity.
Resistance of neurodiversity is an ill advised mentally incorrect procedure.

# While you cannot die of autism itself, sometimes impaired judgment, which is caused by autism, can lead someone into a fatal situation.
Impaired judgment is generally not caused by Autism, but by a lack of appropriate guidance.

# Calling it a disease or a disorder is a matter of technicality.
This is not correct.

# My overall point was that it's ridiculous not to want a cure for something that greatly impairs your life.
If the impairment is incurable then it is wrong to want a cure.

# It is certainly not a civil rights issue.
It is.

# Parkinson's affects the nervous system, which is centered in the brain. Muscle twicthes are just one of many symptoms.
Muscle twitches are the only symptom.

# While autism and mental retardation certainly are not the same thing.
Whilst this is in fact, there are many in society who do see it as the same thing and this is why Oliver's position is untenable.

# It cannot coincide with Asperger's or high-functioning autism, but it can coincide with autism nonetheless.
This is a contradictory remark that stands on it's own.

# What you neurodiversity people are doing is silencing low-functioning autistics as well as high-functioning curebies like me, and that must be stopped.
It will not be stopped as the silencing is a requirement in true full Autism awareness.

# If you have low-functioning autism, then you have autism, contrary to what neurodiversity would like to believe.
The Autistic Spectrum has a much wider definition than this.

# While I have autism and not mental retardation.
Upon examination, Oliver's conduct indicates a level of mental retardation as well as Autism.

# It can never coincide with high-functioning autism or Asperger's
In Oliver's case it does.

# Neurodiversity doesn't want us to know about the dangers of low-functioning autism and that must be stopped.
The only danger of low functioning Autism is not looking after it correctly.

This assistance shall continue.

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