Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Assistance Package 12

The twelfth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I was going to let him and Andrew comment on this article but Phil dug his own grave last night by saying that autism was a civil rights issue.
It is indeed a civil rights issue as well as a mental health issue.

# it made me realize that way more people believe in it than I thought and we must do something about that.
This would be a losing battle that should never be started.

# Phil is a dumbfuck idiot who is acting like God.
Upon examination, the person concerned is not acting in any such manner.

# I must bow down to him and accept his opinion as fact, which I will not do as I will not sacrifice my freedom.
By not accepting his view as correct, Oliver is sacrificing his freedom.

# You cannot change my opinion but I will always let your comments through whether I agree with them or not.
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# While I believe chelation and other biomedical cures are effective, I do not oppose occupational therapy, ABA, and other non-medical treatments for autism and I never have.
The firm opinion in favour of chelation makes this claim very difficult to believe.

# From what I have heard, it is you neurodiversity people whom are blocking the services
Upon investigation, there is no proof of this claim.

# I support John Best in the effort to chelate his son. His son has been helped, not harmed.
Upon investigation, there is proof that the son has been harmed and not helped.

# Chelation is a helpful treatment for autism. It is never not worth trying even if it proves futile in the end.
Chelation is only helpful in the treatment of heavy metal poisoning and for no other medical condition.

# I can support John Best while not agreeing with him 100%.
Upon investigation, it is clear that one can not support Mr Best without agreeing with him 100 percent.

# I am the only one who wants me chelated. That is my right as a human being. Therefore, you neurodiverse jackasses have no right to tell me what I can do to potentially get rid of my autism. You cannot criminalize acts like this, especially when it is a person acting for himself, as it is a victimless crime.
It is not his right as a human being to kill himself out of ignorance, and it is certainly not his right to take a medical procedure without proper medical advice.

# Nobody is at risk but me, and I am perfectly sane. I know the risks, but I believe the benefits far outweigh them.
It has been established that Oliver is not sane, and upon investigation the procedure poses many more risks than benefits.

This assistance shall continue.

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