Monday, March 30, 2015

Assistance Package 86a

The eighty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into four parts;

# Everything went as planned, and it was confirmed that I do actually believe in a cure and am not a poser or a hypocrite.
Belief in a cure is proof of posing and hypocrisy.

# Some NDs will call Jonathan Mitchell a human rights abuser, but he is not that at all and neither am I.
Yes the both of you are.

# He is simply a man with a disease called autism and he wants it cured.
Autism is not a disease.

# It would be no different if he wanted to cure cancer or AIDS.
Yes it is very different.

# To portray it as a different way of beng or a civil rights issue is not only dishonest but harmful
It is honest and therefore not harmful at all.

# Some NDs, such as Clay Adams and Phil Gluyas, believe that Jonathan's autism was caused by the refrigerator mom theory
There is no proof of this.

# That is a despicable way to try to discredit autism, especially with a theory that has been scientifically disproven.
It is not an attempt to discredit autism.

# It was actually Jonathan's writings, along with those of Jake Crosby, which turned me from ND to pro-cure nearly overnight.
There is evidence that this is not the case.

# I will never join neurodiversity again, because theye are evil people who are owned by Big Pharma.
Oliver is a member of neurodiversity. Every human being is.

# Ari Ne'eman invented neurodiversity in 2006, and they seek to ban curing autism.
He did not. The term was first coined in the late 1990's.

# We must stop that for the greater good.
The greater good is to silence those who want a cure for Autism, as it is impossible.

# Calling someone a bad mother simply because they tried to cure their son of a horrendous disease is essentially the same thing as calling them a refrigerator mother.
It is more certainly not the same thing.

# Once Jonathan's parents realized they weren't to blame for his autism, they were relieved and focused their energy on curing him and not themselves, and that's how it should be.
There is no proof that any such realization occurred.

# I completely agree with you about Phil. Good luck in winning that frivolous lawsuit he filed against you!
History shows that the lawsuit was not frivolous as it was successful.

# Just because a cure doesn't currently exist doesn't mean that it's undesirable.
A cure will never exist so it should not be desired.

# There is no cure for cancer or AIDS, but that doesn't stop us from hoping.
Those are diseases and therefore should have a cure.

# Some of the biomed treatments (GF/CF, chelation, etc.) Jonathan believes are ineffective.
It depends. There are instances where it has worked.

# I know I certainly am not, and in my opinion it is neurodiversity who demands pity as opposed to fixing themselves.
Oliver is opposed to fixing himself.

# I am aware that he now boycotts both Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America due to their involvement with neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this.

# While I do believe in actually curing your disability instead of just demanding "respect" (a la neurodiversity)
Respect is a human right and should be demanded.

# People also do have the right to determine their own cure/treatment course.
Not when the "cure"/treatment doesn't work.

# They may have the right to decide against a cure in their case, but they do not have the right to force their views on others, portray a cure as "genocide," or make unreasonable demands as per their autism.
I am yet to see an unreasonable demand. A cure would indeed be genocide.

# They're already legally protected under the ADA, and they have no right to use their autism as an excuse simply because they oppose a cure.
The ADA is a useless law that is ineffective until the United States signs the relevant UN covenant.

# Even ND doesn't take Amanda Baggs seriously anymore.
There is no proof of this.

# It's good that we exposed her as a fraud, but now we must do the same with Ari Ne'eman.
Amanda Baggs is not a fraud and I believe she has a case for libel.

# I never knew that about Phil Gluyas (being sold as a child). That's really unfortunate, but it certainly explains why he's so fucked up.
There is no proof of this malicious accusation.

# My point was that if a cure is unattainable now, that doesn't mean in can't be in the future. The same is true with cancer and AIDS.
No it's not. Do not compare the conditions.

# Unfortunately, there are many who aren't able to do so, so a cure would help them greatly.
No, improved treatments and understanding will achieve that.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Assistance Package 83, 84 & 85

The eighty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# For 2011, it'll be more like, "it has to happen, or else." (losing his virginity)
It doesn't have to happen. Oliver is over stating it's importance.

# I honestly don't know what I'll do if I'm still a virgin at the end of 2011. Perhaps I'll commit suicide.
Foolish reasoning and an indication that intervention is needed urgently.

# Therefore, I feel my best odds are to try to get laid as an autistic person (a daunting task in itself) rather than wait on a cure, of which the odds are near zero, especially for someone as high-functioning as me.
Don't try. It's not important. What's important is to make a life for yourself.

# I kind of agree with them, except that I'm too god damn lazy to put any plans into action. That is called an executive dysfunction problem
No it's not.

# If I went to college, I could potentially get laid there, but my horrendous experience in a normal high school has kind of turned me off of education.
College and high school are two entirely different environments.

# Working can sometimes be a way to score chix, but one of my social skills teachers at VGW told me never to fish off of my own pier.
Which indicates that Oliver had a terrible social skills teacher.

# As long as I don't get arrested, I'm in the clear.
Your conscience isn't.

The eighty-fourth entry is only the sixth entry to contain no lies or errors

The eighty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# For this post only, I am going to stray from the topic of autism and talk about sexual orientation.
Oliver has strayed from the topic of Autism frequently enough to make this a blatant lie.

# I prefer women over men, and that is a fact not an opinion.
It's an opinion that has no practical and factual backing.

# I have been strait since age 10, although I didn't scream it from the rooftops until I was 12.
Screaming it from the rooftops was a major social error. I have previously addressed the other mistake.

# Because I am 18 (almost 19) and a legal adult, the prospects of me ever losing my virginity are near zero.
This is demonstrably false.

# Now, don't get me wrong here, being gay or a faggot is not an option, at least not in my book.
It could be because you haven't fully explored the options.

# However, I really don't want to be asexual or celibate either (either voluntarily or involuntarily) because that is not who I am.
You may not have a choice with the attitude that presently exists.

# Prostitution is illegal in the United States, so that is not an option either.
It is legal in certain parts.

# Anyway, I cannot be a virgin anymore, for the sake of my heterosexuality.
You can and you have to until you change your attitude towards sex.

# You say, "how could you be both strait and heterosexual?". I say, "how could you not be both strait and heterosexual?".
This is nonsense.

# I understand it is redundant, but so is telling someone to "cease and decist" or saying that an agreement is "null and void."
Such terms are not redundant at all.

# I am aware that prostitution is illegal, but so is rape and pedophilia, and those carry harsher sentences.
This insinuates a limited view of sexual relations.

# However, when you say that having sex is a "privilege, not a right," you are flat out wrong. Having sex is an unalienable right for all human beings as per the UN.
This is an incredible comment that has no basis in truth.

# However, I fully realize that this does not mean I can force people to have sex with me, as people also have the right not to have sex.
This contradicts the previous comment.

# I am not like Christian Weston Chandler, who believes women should be forced to have sex with him
In fact, Christian Chandler believes he is a woman.

# I realize that I am too autistic to have sex, which is why I want a cure.
That is completely wrong.

# I realize that most autistic people are virgins for life.
This is demonstrably false.

# Losing your virginity at 24 seems kind of late to me, although it is better late than never.
It's quite a good time as a matter of fact. The higher value you place on your virginity the bigger the reward.

# As for personal hygiene, the first order of business there would be to shave my beard off, because it looks absolutely disgusting.
Looks have nothing to do with personal hygiene

# When I attended VGW from 2002 to 2009, I had a daily social skills class which was supposed to teach me how to get laid.
No they were not. No wonder Oliver didn't learn anything from them.

# However, this "social skills" class essentially taught us nothing, because it was basically just free time. I liked it that way
This backs up my previous comment.

# My social skills actually regressed after I started there, and the experience was so bad that I had to leave after 5 months.
Social skills can't regress. The fact based on this commentary is that he didn't have the skills to begin with.

# A normal school is not the place to be if you really want to learn how to get laid.
On the contrary it is the perfect place.

# As for being friends with girls, there is something called "friends with benefits," which is where you have sex with no strings attached.
This is another poor reflection on Oliver's attitude.

# For the most part, the girls seemed to respect me for who I was and didn't seem to know or care that there was anything wrong with me.
Girls talk behind your back, Oliver. And that talk would have been negative.

# The conversations were just as friends, and they never progressed to me having sex, and frankly I didn't expect them to.
I find this rather difficult to believe.

# I was just trying to hold my own and seem as normal as possible.
Which was a stupid thing to do, and it was noticed as well.

# However, I focused too much on the negative and not on the positive.
Small wonder when your social skills were virtually non existent.

# I went into that school wanting to get laid, in order to prove myself.
You don't prove yourself by getting laid. You prove yourself by being of value with your clothes on.

# Instead of focusing on the positives, like the fact that I was able to talk to normal girls without acting or seeming autistic, I focused on the negatives, which is that I wasn't able to get laid.
There is too much social ignorance in this comment to detail.

# I considered it to be an utter failure, which is why I kept beating myself up emotionally when I was there
And again this was completely the wrong reaction because the attitude was wrong to begin with.

# As for doing things, the only things I typically leave my house to go to are concerts and baseball games. Girls usually consider both of those turnoffs, especially the latter. They would usually prefer nightclubs and raves.
This is an inaccurate assumption. All four have girls available.

# I usually just let other people do the talking in a conversation, for fear of seeming autistic.
That is a great way to show your Autism, not hide it.

# Normally, it is the person with Asperger's syndrom who dominates the conversation, talking only about what they want to talk about.
No. Upon investigation this applies to everyone on the high end of the Autistic spectrum.

# Initially, I wanted to go to college, because I thought it would be a good way to get laid.
Again, this is the wrong attitude to take.

# I realize it might take a long time, but after my 7 years at VGW, you'd figure I'd be all rehabilitated by now.
It is quite clear that these seven years were wasted.

# If I go to a singles pool, I am bound to be left out due to my failure to take initiative.
So take it! Test the waters. That's how you learn. Trial and error.

# I'd only try again if I knew I could succeed, and that is the really hard part.
There's an old saying. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Assistance Package 79, 80, 81 & 82

The seventy-ninth entry is only the fifth entry to contain no lies or errors

The eightieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# This will mean more assfucking in the showers, more soldiers getting AIDS, and the gay soldiers revolting and killing their strait comrades.
There is no proof of this at all.

# As a former Navy officer, he (Clay Adams) was dishonorably discharged and spent 20 years in the brig for assfucking another guy in the shower.
There is no proof of this either and continues the libel of the 78th entry.

# That's good, though, because the Republicans will beat him (Obama) in 2012.
It is history now that he didn't.

# Autism is caused by mercury in vaccines made by Big Pharma.
As previously established, this is not true.

The eighty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# In some ways, I was way more autistic back then than I am now, but in other ways less so.
There is no proof of this.

# My social skills have greatly improved since them to the point where I essentially pass as normal
This is demonstrably false.

# I have become socially conscious to the point where I am almost paranoid.
Paranoia comes from a lack of real social consciousness.

# I guess I was sort of duped into being Sparky
No you weren't. You saw a chance to have fun and you took it.

# However, since that book was written 3 years ago, my self-esteem has plumetted, because I left VGW for a normal school.
No I think it plummeted because you decided you didn't want to be Autistic.

# I cannot go to college or work as a result.
This is not true.

# If my parents had known back then that I would be the trainwreck that I am today, perhaps they would've had second thoughts about not curing my autism.
The "trainwreck" has not been caused by Autism so there would be no second thoughts.

# On a side note, the Sparky incident was pre-diagnosis, but it was brought on by autistic-like symptoms.
There is no proof of that.

# While I know have overcome those, I look back on that incident with ridicule and shame
You shouldn't. It takes guts to join the mascot of the visiting team.

# I now suffer from a different form of autism, a much more severe kind that prevents me from leaving my house except for concerts and baseball games.
That's not Autism. That's mild agoraphobia.

# We, as an autistic people, need a cure, and we need it now and badly, so that we can get laid and have sex, as well as lose our virginity.
And that's the only reason? Sorry but that is a poor reason to want a cure.

# We cannot stand for neurodiversity, as they are trivializing our condition as a "civil rights issue" as opposed to a horrendous disease.
As previously indicated, that is not the definition of neurodiversity

# Once autism is cured, the world will be a better place.
There is no proof of this.

The eighty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# A few years ago, neurodiversity made up a bunch of jargon in order to further their sociopathic agenda.
This is a false statement.

# They have made up garbage words like "Aspie" and "autie" to describe people with autism and Asperger's syndrome respectively, neither of which I would ever use on myself. I may use "Aspergian" or "autistic," but never "Aspie" or "autie."
This is a social error, because the abbreviations are socially correct.

# However, another word that neurodiversity made up, initially as a prejoritave, was "curebie,"
It is not known who created the word, but it wasn't "neurodiversity" as that is impossible.

# Initially, many of the "Warrior Mother" types were offended by the word "curebie," despite the fact that it is completely made up and means absolutely nothing.
It means a person who wants a cure for Autism.

# Neurodiversity intended to piss them off by calling them "curebies," and it worked.
The intent was to call them what they are and for no other purpose.

# I have taken the word, and made it powerless, akin to what gangsta rap did with the "n" word.
You have failed. Gangsta rap failed as well.

# The fact that I have taken a word made up by neurodiversity and shoved it right back in their face is truly miraculous
This is frankly a deluded point of view.

# So I, Oliver M Canby, am indeed a very proud curebie, and I hope it stays that way for a long time.
The pride comes before the fall as they say - for those who are in the wrong.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Assistance Package 78

The seventy-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I received a text message from Aspie Al last night, and he informed me that a student at Long Beach State cited my blog in a paper about people with disabilities.
Upon investigation, there was no such paper. Aspie Al lied.

# This proves that my blog is being recognized as a legitimate source, and that Phil's World isn't.
Whether or not Phil's World is reliable is not relevant.

# There are sane people out there, I know there are, so show yourself, and speak out against autism.
There are sane people out there, and they are speaking out for Autism and not against it.

# The more voices we have, we can defeat neurodiversity, and we can have a world of peace and harmony that is free of autism.
The world will never be free of Autism.

# It doesn't really matter whether the portrayal was positive or negative
It does matter because it adds to reputation - whether there was a paper or not.

# If, however, this was indeed a paper that expressed opinion, the opinion most likely was that autism is a horrendous disease that needs to be cured, otherwise, they wouldn't have cited my blog.
They would have cited your blog if they wanted to attack it.

# I am indeed worthy of a high school diploma, and the state of California agrees with me there.
It is debatable if the State of California is even aware of the specific diploma.

# If it was expressing opinion (which it very well may have been), it most likely would've been one agreeing with me, not disagreeing.
On the contrary it would have disagreed - if the paper existed (and it doesn't).

# Phil tried to portray John Best as a rambling idiot, but I saw him as a true and honest man who cares deeply about his son Sam.
It is clear upon investigation that Phil is absolutely right.

# Again, I see no reason why this person would use me as a source if they disagree with me.
I do, and so do many other people it seems.

# I am way more credible than Age of Autism. Just ask John Best.
This contradicts the comment in the previous entry admitting that he was not a reliable source.

# A source coming from someone who's actually experienced autism first hand is way more reliable
Not if the interpretation of said experience is incorrect.

# Also, not only is my blog reliable, but professors never check the validity of sources unless the student used Wicked Pedia.
If it's a source that has never been seen before, they will most certainly check it.

# Even Conservapedia is considered a reliable source, and they have their own online homeschooling program
Upon investigation, Conservapedia is out of date in a lot of ways. So it is not a reliable source.

# Any personal blog called Autism is Bad is automatically considered to be a reliable source
No it is not.

# But, on a side note, I do know everything there is to know about autism, because I experienced it first hand.
It is quite clear upon examination that he does not know everything about Autism.

# You can't even say that, because you don't have autism. It was all a sham to get you that shitty, rigged award by the Autism Society of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Oakland County, and the Greater State of Michigan
There is no proof of this statement.

# Andrew, I am not going to burn in Hell.
If Oliver keeps this up he most certainly will.

# Ari Ne'eman has told his ASAN to hate Rimland
There is no proof of this.

# You, however, like all NDs, still hold dearly to the refrigerator mom theory because it is your only defense against vaccines.
There is no proof of that either.

# That being said, it is false that the mercury theory has been disproven.
It has been disproven.

# As for ALA, I already lied that it can get you laid within a week, in which case it isn't worth taking, at least not in my case.
This is a social error because it isn't worth taking at all, unless you have a metal issue.

# Of course, I'd first need to be tested for mercury poisoning, and if it comes back negative then I'm probably not autistic.
If it comes back positive or negative it doesn't prove anything either way.

# Blaming Norma Mitchell for Jonathan's autism is the exact same thing as believing in the refrigerator mom theory.
No it's not.

# We all know his autism was given to him by Big Pharma. He was not born with it, but that is something he refuses to believe so I cannot help him there.
Big Pharma has nothing to do with creating Autism.

# We all know that Big Pharma caused Jonathan's autism, but he refuses to believe that and thinks it's genetic.
It is genetic.

# Unlike Jonathan Mitchell, I will not be living off of my parents or on the dole when I am 55
Unless you change your attitude towards life and Autism, you will end up living that way.

# How dare you insult me like that! I have an IQ of 146, which is more than double that of yours.
That IQ level is highly questionable given his conduct on his blog.

# I have the ability to go to college and achieve a high-paying job, unlike you.
Then why aren't you doing that?

# Clay Adams, who got dishonorably discharged from the military for engaging in homosexual conduct!
There is no proof of this and is in fact likely a case of libel.

# I am not autistic. I lied about being autistic so people would flock to this blog.
Autism Heroes is cast iron proof that Oliver is Autistic.

# I definitely could go to college, unlike you because you are mentally retarded.
That was a cheap and uncalled for insult.

# You got kicked out of the Navy for assfucking another guy in the shower, and you "retired" because nobody would hire you.
The libel continues.

# Sure you have 2 kids, if you're talking about kids you've sexually molested.
That is even more libel.

# You are a sick and disgusting man, Clay Adams, and you will burn in Hell with John Wayne and Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein was not a homosexual.

# Andrew, that's bullshit and you know it (a girl not wanting to talk to him). Just admit that autism needs to be cured.
Given Oliver's attitude towards to fair sex, I tend to believe Andrew's comment.

# Um, yeah I do, Andrew. You are known to tell lies, and right now I have no evidence other than your word.
This is hypocritical given Oliver expects all readers to take him at his word.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Assistance Package 77

The seventy-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, there is no such thing as "openly autistic" and the fact that neurodiversity is trying to say that there is is truly appalling.
There certainly is such a thing. It's called being proud to be autistic.

# You either are autistic or you aren't, and if you are it shows and there's no hiding it.
You are trying to hide it in real life.

# If people can pass as normal, they must seriously reconsider whether or not their diagnosis is legitimate
This is based in a fallacy.

# These "openly autistic" people also try to pin autism diagnoses on random famous people
In fact that tactic is backed by a proper process and is hardly random.

# This bullshit of people being "openly autistic" must stop, and it must stop now.
No it must not.

# I have autism, and it shows. I could not hide it, even if I wanted to.
You try, time and time again.

# Once hiding it becomes possible, the diagnosis will no longer apply to me, however unlikely that is to actually happen.
The diagnosis is there for life.

# The cure for me will be chelation, not "compassion" or "understanding," because both of those accomplish absolutely nil.
They accomplish a decent way of life.

# Regardless, you still had no chance of winning because you ran as a third party and those never win.
Jesse Ventura won the Governorship of Minnesota as a third party.

# That is not possible here in the United States, because we have a Congress instead of a Parliament, which includes checks and balances.
America's Congress is a Parliament.

# In the House, there is an odd number of Representatives (435), so one party is always in control, even if it is by one vote.
Not if individual congress members are not present for a vote, which can and has happened.

# Your voting system of ranking seems awfully weird for a political election, and is somewhat akin to how the writers choose the MVP in baseball.
It's not weird. It is in fact rather smart because it is capable of preventing a two party dominated system.

# Wicked Pedia says that voting is no longer compulsory once you turn 70.
Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

# If you're an MP (or a Congressman here in the states) it's not you that gets the "privileges."
It is well known that politicians get a number a privileges.

# Glenn Beck would run as a Republican, not a Libertarian or a Constitutionalist.
He wouldn't even be preselected as a Republican.

# If I wasn't autistic, I'd have lost my virginity 5 years ago. My virginity alone is evidence of my autism.
No it is not.

# My blog is entirely accurate, and I don't appreciate your sarcasm. I am one of the few truthful blogs out there.
This has already been proven many times to be false.

# How do I trivialize autism? I speak the horrific truth about autism, and I avoid being politically correct.
You trivialize Autism by lying about it.

# Jesse Ventura was a member of the Independence Party of Minnesota.
Irrelevant. He was not a member of the Democrats or the Republicans.

# He had no political experience at all.
Upon investigation, he was the Mayor of Brooklyn Park prior to being Governor of Minnesota.

# He is also a "truther," which means he believes that 9/11 is an inside job.
There is no proof of this.

# You are confusing popular vote with electoral vote.
There is no evidence of that.

# Wicked Pedia is by no means a reliable source (that honor goes to Conservapedia)
This is a contradictory statement to the reference mentioned above.

# But it at least doesn't endorse neurodiversity as a philosophy and maintains the correct belief that autism needs to be cured.
That is not the correct belief.

# Say a little 5-year-old autistic boy was reading this blog, because he wanted to know more about his horrendous condition and how it needed to be cured.
That would never happen.

# Those images would be shocking and disturbing to a 5-year-old boy, and could possibly turn him into a homosexual
This is a preposterous statement.

# It's only guys who perform rectal exams that eventually turn into faggots.
There is no proof of this outrageous assumption.

# Andrew, if you think puse is disgusting, maybe you should start questioning your sexual orientation.
I think he was referring to the word itself, not the meaning.

# All kinds of doctors fuck their patients.
That is a blatant lie.

# They even put some Vaseline on their fingers before hand to make the girls have orgasm.
That is another blatant lie.

# EKG doctors fuck their patients on the EKG table all the time, and that's why I like EKGs so much.
That is also a blatant lie and all three of these statements demonstrate Oliver's lack of contact with the real world.

# I'd get laid in a jiffy if I wasn't autistic, but I'll never come down with a sex addiction
The obsession with sex that this demonstrates is proof of an addiction that already exists.

# For example, I will say "Yo soy lacio" to indicate that I am strait and prefer women over men, when literally I'm only saying that I have straight hair.
It would so no such thing except demonstrate that you are an idiot.

# OB/GYNs get puse every day, and they love every moment of it.
This is yet another blatant lie.

# I logged onto, and in their women's health section it specifically says, "If you're lucky, your gyno will fuck you right then and there on the spot."
The fact that Oliver later admitted that this was a lie should be taken in context with the previously mentioned blatant lies.

# I'm not any kind of pretentious label, but I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person, and I'd make a great guy to fuck if any girl would give me so much as a chance.
Given the previous lies, I very much doubt there is any truth to this statement.

# I doubt they'll ever sue me, though, because I'm not a very credible source as it is.
To say this at the same time as the aforementioned lies only makes Oliver look even worse - a major social error.

# I am a nice, kind, sweet-hearted person. Even Charlie Wolf thinks so, and he's previously commented on this blog.
Upon investigation, Charlie Wolf in fact thinks that Oliver is stupid and far from kind.

# Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky; all she did was blow on him.
It is well known that the act of sex includes oral sex, which Clinton and Lewinsky did engage in.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Assistance Package 76b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the seventy-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# A cure is not synonymous with abortion, and I only support a cure in living people.
It has been established that a cure will lead to abortions.

# I've been addicted to Risperdal for the past 11 years now
This is a bad thing and has to be contributing to Oliver's issues.

# Gay people, however, openly preach for others to be gay just like them, and that cannot be tolerated.
There is no proof of this.

# But, there is a restaurant in Phoenix called the Heart Attack Grill, where they have hot nurses who give you free EKGs.
There are no EKG's or any other formal medical treatment at that restaurant.

# I highly doubt that Chris Martin was a virgin until he was 27, because there would've been no reason for him to be.
This is a presumptive statement.

# The reason why I use the Bible to hate gay people is, frankly, because there is no other reason.
So don't do it.

# Otherwise, I'd have to be a "strait ally" and support their cause, but it's a slippery slope from there. The next step after that is actually being gay, something that I could never tolerate within myself.
This comment is completely weird and makes no sense whatsoever.

# Also, there is something wrong with me, and that is my Asperger's syndrome, which I have had since the age of 6.
No you've had it since birth.

# Sex seems pretty easy, because you go in, fuck each other, and then leave.
Sex carries a lot more responsibility than that. This is another social error.

# Entering into a relationship is a much more daunting task. How could I even do that? I can't chat girls up.
By taking an actual interest in a relationship rather than just having sex for the hell of it.

# 1 in 3 people in the United States is gay, and they are responsible for all of this immorality.
There is no proof of such a figure.

# We are all sinners. The only sinless man was Jesus, and He died on the cross for our sins.
Jesus dies on the cross because the Romans and certain sections of his own people, the Jews, were afraid of him.

# Because of these mortal sins (such as shaving and eating bacon) I should be executed by lethal injection or gas chamber at San Quentin State Prison in Northern California.
This is rubbish.

# In England, they call cigarettes "faggots," but not here in the USA.
Upon investigation, the term is "fags", which is not an abbreviation of "faggot".

# Being treated fairly is different from recruiting people into your own agenda, which is exactly what the gay people are doing.
They are not.

# They want more people to be gay because it makes them look better.
This is a false statement.

# It's a widely known fact that 1 in 3 American men (about 30-35%) is either gay or homosexual. It is a stagnating and growing number which must be stopped for the good of society.
Again, there is no proof of such numbers.

# I don't read much British junk, because they spell words differently and write the date in a weird fashion.
Perhaps you should.

# You can't amount to anything unless you've had sex.
That is absolutely false.

# You need to actually score it with a girl before you fuck her, and my Asperger's impacts that greatly.
The term is "earn it", not "score it".

# I've tried to meet people, and I've failed miserably. I've pretty much given up on that.
Given that Oliver is not showing any sign of comfort with who he actually is, this is hardly surprising.

# I cannot go to college due to my Asperger's syndrome, as it is impossible for autistic people to go to college at all.
This is demonstrably false.

# I'm not very religious either.
And yet there is an obsessive belief in Leviticus.

# People will realize that I am autistic, and they will refuse to have sex with me as a result. It doesn't matter how hard I try (or don't try); people will be repulsed by me.
They are not repulsed by the Autism. They are repulsed by an individual who appears to be dangerous.

# I don't wanna end up like Christian Weston Chandler being thrown in jail for stalking/soliciting sex.
At present he is headed in that very same direction.

# When you have a high school diploma as I do, it's pretty much impossible to take any kind of academic class outside of a college setting
This is demonstrably and outrageously false.

# Most arts-oriented colleges have a high percentage of girls and gay guys, and very little strait guys like me.
That is an out of date reflection on numbers.

# I do have guy friends like Aspie Al, but he's more interested in fucking his own girlfriend then letting me join in the fun.
Of course he is. No men share their women.

# The thing is that nearly everyone in my peer group (both male and female) are in college, and that is completely unattainable due to my Asperger's syndrome.
That is not true at all.

# It is not even remotely possible, so it is not worth attempting.
It is possible.

# I tried going to a normal high school for my senior year, and I failed so badly that I had to leave after 5 months.
This is a lie because if he had he wouldn't have a diploma.

# If my high school experience was that bad, than a college experience would only be 10times worse.
This is not true. College in fact is better, not worse.

# I am intellectually disabled in addition to being autistic
There is no proof of this.

# I have the mental capacity of a 10-11 year old at best, possibly the 7-8 year old range.
This is not true as the sentence structure shows a higher age.

# Also, it'd be probably with much older strait men, not the ideal situation for getting laid.
There is a subliminal message in this comment that I will just leave here.

# I have no proof that a third of our population is gay. I just made that up, but it sure seems like it from what I've seen.
It is a social error to make such statements without proper proof.

# It's incredibly rare for a normal 18-year-old to be a virgin when he doesn't want to be.
It's not rare at all.

# Either I'll end up like Jonathan Mitchell (being a virgin at 55) or I'll end up dead of suicide in a few months.
Or you can do something about it by changing your attitude.

# Telling people makes matters worse, not better.
This is not true and indicates a refusal to be helped.

# I'm honest too, Andrew. I have not told a single lie about myself on this blog.
As already stated many times, there are many lies.

# When did I ever insult your intelligence, Andrew? Stop putting words in my mouth.
Telling lies which are obviously lies is very much an insult on one's intelligence.

# I wasn't joking when I mentioned suicide. I'm better now, but when I say it there's always an ounce of seriousness.
This is why this help blog exists. To correct errors and lies and prevent suicide.

# This blog is meant to be taken seriously, and if some people wouldn't resort to personal insults, this blog could be a pretty good discussion forum as well.
Oliver doesn't realize that he is insulting the internet and can not be taken seriously.

# There's a difference between helping and trying to change someone's views.
There is no difference when the view held is demonstrably wrong and hurting the believer.

# I'd accept help from anyone, even an ND, but anyone who tells me my views are wrong and should change isn't worth my two cents.
Which means that no one can really help and this can not continue.

# Anyone who will help get laid or eliminate the bad aspects of my autism, biomedically or otherwise, is welcome here
No they are not as much has been presented, and ignored and/or abused.

# At the time, I honestly believed John Best would do that, so it is not a lie.
Continuing to promote it as true is in fact a lie.

# I'm thinner and less in-shape, so people are more likely to mistake me for a faggot.
There are many well built gays so this is a misnomer.

# I don't see how changing my views would make normal people accept me more.
It would show you to be a more confident person.

# I have way too much facial hair that I refuse to shave off. Oh well. Guess I can't have sex with a beard.
This is a stupid remark.

# I have no problems with people who disagree with me, I just don't like when they're a jackass about it.
Everyone who disagrees with you gets abused.

# You can express your opinion, even if it differs from mine, but don't act like your opinion is the only one and there isn't room for others.
The issue isn't opinion. The issue is the difference between fact and fiction.

# What kind of spirit, Andrew? School spirit?
Human spirit.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Assistance Package 76a

The seventy-sixth entry continued the lies and errors and there were so many this has to be divided into two parts;

# The real message is that trying to change the world is pointless, and that to be happy at all, you must change yourself.
What if you can't change yourself?

# A neurodiverse autistic person is more likely to be stubborn and refuse to change, because they refuse to accept that autism is a disease.
Autism is not a disease.

# Even I, who am relatively high-functioning, am feeling the effects, because I have not had sex and I am already 18 years old.
That is not an effect.

# Guys should have had sex by the time they were 16 or 17 at the absolute latest, and girls usually by 14 or 15.
This is an incorrect stereotype.

# While people cannot control being autistic and there's nothing inherently bad about it, it is still a disease, and it causes great harm to the people who suffer from it.
This entire comment is contradictory.

# It is specifically prohibited under Leviticus 18:22, and study after scientific study has shown that homosexuality is indeed a conscious choice made by the individual
There is not a single scientific study that has shown that homosexuality is a choice. The Bible is not the law.

# If people choose to murder (which is also a sin) we throw them in jail, and the same should be true with homosexuality.
The taking of life is worse than anything else. Homosexuality does not do that.

# Now they've even convinced us to let them get married and serve openly in the military, which are the utmost of sins.
It is not a sin.

# If there was no cure for autism, all autistic people would be virgins, and that is unacceptable.
There are many Autistic people who are not virgins.

# Gay people refuse to evolve into strait people, because they want to continue to sin to the Lord and make sure everyone else does as well.
There is no proof that gays are trying get everyone to become gay.

# These sociopathic neurodiverse autistic people want everyone to be autistic, so they can all suffer.
Autism and suffering do not always correlate.

# These NDs aren't even autistic themselves, and were paid off by Big Pharma.
There is no proof of any bribes of anyone by Big Pharma.

# Now, autistic people are being encouraged not to evolve into normal people, and that must be stopped, because we cannot have these diseased people in our society.
The disease is fear and lack of understanding.

# I am a diagnosed autistic, but I am willingly evolving into a normal person, and am currently in the process of doing do, albeit not completely there yet.
He will never get there and that's a fact.

# You're right that you can evolve without a cure, but neurodiversity won't even do that.
True neurodiversity is always evolving.

# While I am a Creationist, I have never publicly advocated for the teaching of intelligent design in public schools.
The pressing of the Bible as the law contradicts this statement.

# Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore are not neurodiverse at all.
Everyone is neurodiverse.

# They have long since renounced their anti-cure views
There is no proof of this.

# Ari Ne'eman is a deranged sociopath, not a real autistic person.
He has been formally diagnosed.

# Dan Aykroyd is not Aspergian. He later admitted he was only joking when he said he was.
There was no such claim of a joke.

# Tim Burton is not Aspergian. If you have evidence that he is, please show it to me.
A pointless exercise, seeing as Oliver always ignores evidence.

# I wouldn't say I "pick and choose" morals. I just live by what is justifiable in society, as well as the way I see myself as a person.
The second sentence is an example of "pick and choose" morals.

# I don't think I have to Andrew. My word should be enough evidence.
As the penchant for lying is already established, that is not enough.

# Homicide is only justifiable in the case of self-defense.
But even then it is still frowned upon.

# I never condemn gay people, I just publicly disagree with what they are doing.
That is condemnation.

# It is not adultery, only fornication.
The vast majority of fornication is adultery.

# There's a man named Christian Weston Chandler, who also has autism. He is 28 years old and he is more vocal about his virginity than I am, because he is in dire straits.
He, like Oliver, has brought that on himself.

# I don't feel I'm compromising anything. I'm merely living by my own code of conduct.
A Code of Conduct that has more holes in it than a dam made of balsa wood.

# I also don't feel pressured to have sex by the mainstream media
And yet he relies on a mainstream stereotype when it comes to sex.

# I'd rather watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, because they are both fair and balanced.
Neither are fair and balanced.

# I cannot change the world, so I compromise. It's the same thing with autism.
I see no sign of compromise anywhere of Oliver's blog.

# I'd like it if the world was full of neurodiversity and autistic people were given equal rights, but I also realize that the world doesn't work that way and that in order to fit in, you need a cure.
The world didn't work that way with blacks or females either. Should they fit in? Of course not.

# When I attended VGW from 2002 to 2009, I would walk through the hallways telling people (usually completely unprovoked) that I was strait, but it made them all think I was gay.
And quite rightly. This was a major social error.

# Oftentimes, women will use their husbands being Aspergian as an excuse for them just being really bad husbands.
There is no proof of this.

# Neither of them are virgins, and we all know that it is impossible for autistic people to have sex. Otherwise, I'd be rolling in chix right now.
This is an inaccurate reflection on causation.

# You are not really autistic. You lied so you could receive an award. If you really were autistic, you'd be a virgin like I am.
This is demonstrably false.

# I don't know who Inspector Callahan is
This is the perfect example of how little socially Oliver understands. Every true American has heard of Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan as played by Clint Eastwood!

# Autism needs to be cured, and that's final.
It's not final. At all.

# I realize that autistic people can't get laid, so I'll most likely just stay home and be a recluse like usual.
That's not a good reason to stay at home at be a recluse.

# If only anyone would chelate my autism away.
That is impossible.

# I'm well aware that premarital sex is prohibited in the Bible, but I do not feel it applies to me.
This is blatantly inconsistent. The belief in Leviticus has to be matched by the belief in all Ten Commandments.

# When I was 10, I chose to be strait at a very early age, because I knew of the damnation that could come if I wasn't.
That was not a choice.

# I could have very easily chosen to be homosexual, and even today I could choose to switch orientations if I wanted to
No you could not.

# I know how I can meet girls out in society. I can go to a bar, a strip club, or a tattoo parlor.
Two of those three is where you do not go to meet girls.

# Autistic people cannot have sex, and that is a proven fact.
It is not proven at all.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Assistance Package 73, 74 & 75

The seventy-third entry is only the fourth entry to contain no lies or errors

The seventy-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# This will send a message to President Obama that his leftism will not be tolerated.
No it sends a message that not enough of the American voting public understand politics.

# Boehner will now be third in the line of succession to the presidency, so if Barack Obama and Joe Biden both die, John Boehner will become President.
No, he would become Acting President only until such time as an election can be held to replace the President and Vice President.

# You made a very good point about neurodiversity's inconsistencies regarding abortion
This has already been addressed as not inconsistent

# Democrats tend to want to cure autism more than Republicans
There is no proof of this.

# The government shouldn't interfere with business matters like that (jobs going overseas)
The majority of Americans demand jobs and it's up to the government to provide a solution when business won't.

# Sometimes it's just bad PR when a businesswoman tries to become a politician, because what looks good in business might not look good in politics.
This is a very sexist remark.

# I think he (Ari Ne'eman) should tak a few steps back and realize that his agenda really isn't for all autistic people
Oliver Canby is the last person to try and make such a claim.

# There doesn't seem to be any real evidence that all cures are really an abortion.
There is no evidence that it isn't, given Autism's genetic base.

# If society does use incentive to get autistic people to cure themselves (such as the denial of government benefits), that really might not be that bad a thing.
It would be a bad thing, as it would be a human rights abuse.

# If someone identifies as "pro-choice" and yet screams eugenics when the topic of an abortion is brought up, that to me is hypocritical.
It's not.

# I at least an pro-life across the board.
There is plenty of proof that this is not the case.

The seventy-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am very reluctant to go out into public at all due to my fear of normal people.
This is a reflection on a poor attitude that needs to be corrected.

# If I had been cured of my autism biomedically at a younger age, perhaps I would've avoided all this, but God only knows.
There is no cure.

# I don't know Andrew. I can't think of many normal 3-year-olds who "go see the people."
They all do.

# That's why it was such a relief to finally get a diagnosis.
And yet now it's being rejected. This is a hypocritical remark.

# I think we should've just been more early and mor aggressive in curing my autism.
This would have made no difference, or it would have created worse problems.

# Once someone is told of a rule, they usually avoid breaking it.
On the contrary, many always test the limits of the rule's interpretation.

# One time, a retard with autism got kicked out of Jonathan's AGUA group because he refused to stop touching this autistic lady's boobs.
Clearly the man didn't know not to do it and the reaction was not correct in that it would have taught him nothing.

# My social anxieties didn't really build up until I was about 14, and realized I was different and couldn't get laid.
It has previously been noted that he pulled a knife at 11, so this has to be a lie.

# I will not engage in conversation and will sliently and non-verbally indicate when I need to get off the bus.
This will invariably be ignored.

# Also, this specific In-N-Out is located near the LAX Airport, so there are often a bunch of white, female college students from out of state who have just gotten off a plane. I cannot talk to them, because I am autistic and they will never have sex with me.
That is never a reason not to talk to girls.

# I've thought about a career in sports management, but that usually requires going to college, which I cannot do because I'm autistic.
That's not true at all.

# However, reading Jonathan's heartbreaking life story made me sympathize with him, and wonder if his life will be my life as well.
It should be an aim to avoid making the same mistakes.

# I feel that randomly striking up a coversation with them would make me seem autistic and rather "special,"
That's a bad thing? I don't think so.

# During Social Skills class at VGW, as well as in my Chris Mulligan group, I was told numerous times not to engage in conversation with strangers, as it was rude, weird, and abnormal.
This goes to show why the social skills taught were poor.

# I don't take offense when a normal person asks me a question, because I'm not very judgmental.
This is a blatant lie.

# Therefore, they must be told to avoid talking at all times.
This is a very poor point of view.

# I never act like I'm non-verbal, I just act like a quiet person who doesn't talk much.
That is the same thing.

# Also, one of the key differences between autism and Asperger's syndrome is communication. While autistic people may have trouble with verbal communication, Aspergian people usually have trouble with non-verbal communication.
All have trouble with both to varying degrees. It is the variable degree that is the difference.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Assistance Package 72

The seventy-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# He has no evidence at all to believe that I am gay, as I have stated numerous times that I am strait, and that is the God's honest truth.
This continuation of protestations is at best suspicious.

# Now he's lusting after me, and he thinks he can take advantage of me and try to turn me into a homosexual by using my young age and naivete against me.
There is no proof of this paranoid assumption.

# I've been strait since I was 10 years old, and I plan to keep it that way.
Your gender preference is established from birth.

# No wonder you got offended by my pedophiles statement.
Everyone was offended.

# Man, that's 3 exposes I've made in the past week alone. God only knows what'll be next!
There hasn't been one expose amongst these entries.

# I simply implied that he might be homosexual due to the fact that he banned me from his blog and had been sucking up to Phil of late.
The correlation does not exist.

# Now, I know as a fact that The Informer is indeed a faggot, because he tried to seduce me online.
There is no proof of this.

# I became strait at the age of 10 when I started wanting to fuck Meghan, although I didn't touch her boobs until I was 13.
This has previously been shown to be untrue.

# Prior to age 10, most people haven't gone through puberty, and simply have no sexual orientation.
This is completely false.

# No, I wouldn't say I'm sexually confused, and I don't need to call The Trevor Project because I am not a member of the LGBTQQ community
You don't have to be a member of the gay and lesbian community to gain assistance from the Trevor Project.

# I didn't fall for any trap The Informer set.
Upon investigation it would appear that there was a trap and Oliver did fall for it.

# You are a homosexual faggot and a pedophile ta boot, and I completely exposed you for what you really are, just like with Belinda the Nobody and Nick Dubin
No such exposure was made.

# Since 2007 Jerry Falwell has resided in Heaven.
Falwell is in fact rotting in Hell.

# Plus, I remember last summer when Andrew asked The Informer to sext him a picture of his dick.
There is no proof of this.

# I have the right to spell my sexual orientation "strait" as opposed to "straight," as they are both words in the English language and both can colloquially mean "heterosexual."
"Strait" is a body of water and has no other definition.

# It is impossible to detect lies via the Internet, and even police lie detectors are considered unreliable in court.
It is perfectly possible to detect lies when they are glaringly obvious.

# As I have said before, people who call other people gay do it to cover up their own homosexuality.
Oliver needs to be careful because he is making such accusations, and by his own rules is therefore a homosexual.

# You keep insisting that I am gay despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, which makes me suspicious about you.
There is no evidence to the contrary.

# I hope you burn in Hell with John Wayne and Saddam Hussein, and all the other faggots who died of AIDS.
There is no proof that Hussein was gay.

# Andrew, most academians do not believe in neurodiversity, they believe that autism is a disease that needs to be cured.
There is no proof of this either.

# I shouldn't have to prove that I am strait. My word alone should be enough.
Given the number of lies Oliver has told, his word is not enough.

# However, what I gave you is indisputable proof that I am strait, even though it should never have gone this far.
It wasn't indisputable, because the answers given were generic and stereotypical and not natural.

# Your quiz was rigged from the beginning, and I knew it would be, but I participated anyway, because I was being an idiot.
And it exposed you as an idiot.

# I already mentioned skin tone when I mentioned race (skin tone and race are synonymous)
This is completely false as the skin tones of those with a tan and without a tan have nothing to do with race.

# It's about time we send Obama packing his bags back to Chicago, and there's only 2 years left!
As we know, Obama was re-elected for another four year term.

# I've seen your YouTube videos that attack and vilify autistic people
There are no such videos.

# I am also as white as a Klansmen's hood.
This is a bad social error as it insinuates that Oliver is a member of the KKK.

# I do not question the Lord's word, and He says that it's a sin to be gay.
There is no such claim in the Bible.

# That is denying autistic people their most basic human right: to be normal.
Being normal is not a human right. Being accepted as human is a human right.

# You deny the very existence of low-functioning autistics, and claim to speak on their behalf.
Upon examination there is no such denial.

# The truth is that you want low-functioning autistics thrown in mental institutions to help the pharmaceutical industry.
Upon examination, this is in fact what Oliver wants.

# Yes, we autistic people are naturally inferior to normal people, but we can be helped via a cure, not via societal change.
As there is no cure, societal change becomes essential.

# There are no masters or slave trade or corporal punishment with autistic people
There most certainly is.

# While I do have the right to be autistic, I also have the right not to be autistic
Being Autistic is not a right. It is an unalterable fact.

# That does not mean I can't live life to the fullest as an autistic person, but my life would not be complete without a cure.
It can be complete if you want it to be.

# When a low-functioning autistic person is clearly suffering and in pain, I feel it is unethical not to cure them.
Not if the suffering and pain can be stopped and this can be done without a cure.

# Why not just give them a better life via a cure?
Because there isn't one.

# I actually did learn a great deal of social skills at VGW and at Chris Mulligan's
This blog demonstrates how little these skills assisted.

# Also, I would gladly trade in a few IQ points for the ability to get laid any day of the week.
A loss of intelligence would lead to a loss of skills that can be beneficial.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Assistance Package 71

The seventy-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am not the one who keeps dragging this on and on and on.
And yet this entry was uploaded.

# I was being nice when I mentioned how her father died, so for her to turn that back into my face is prepostrous.
It wasn't because this act was a social error of monumental proportions.

# Next, she completely mocks me, while denying that she started this whole thing.
It is debatable as to who actually started it.

# There are other ways to respond to someone else's post that you disagree with than cussing them out.
That rather depends. If the writer is extremely angry and justifies that anger, cussing is understandable and acceptable.

# Even I have a professional enough manner not to do that.
This is a contradictory statement.

# Then, she mocks me again, saying I directly insulted her by calling neurodiversity pedophiles, when she knows that is not what I did.
I think all readers of the blog knew that it is exactly what he did.

# The fact that Belinda the Nobody was sexually molested as a child plays a great deal into the fact that she joined neurodiversity.
This statement has proof to back it up.

# Victims of molestation often are subconsciously drawn to pedophiles, which is why the pedophiles over at neurodiversity drew her in and made her their victim.
There is no truth to this at all.

# I tried to pull her back onto my side a few months ago, but by that point she was beyond being helped.
"Pull her back" suggests bullying took place.

# I highly doubt Belinda the Nobody is a "chessmaster." I doubt she even knows how to play.
A highly presumptive statement with no proof.

# Belinda the Nobody would've made herself look better if she'd calmly disagreed, but she chose to look like an idiot and cuss me out.
Given what appears to have been said by Oliver, he deserved the cussing out.

# She also seems to think that she "owns" a portion of the Internet (i.e. her blog) but that isn't true at all.
It is true because it is her responsibility.

# Nobody owns anything on the Internet, and it is all fair game.
You, Oliver, own the rights to your blog.

# I'm neither a liar nor a hypocrite nor a piece of shit
I think all three have been proven valid.

# I never said all NDs were pedophiles
Yes you did.

# It seems as if all of Phil's World wants me dead, which is why they should be disbanded.
There is no proof of this statement.

# Belinda the Nobody will not see the light and refuses to accept that autism needs to be cured. It's fine if she wants to live that way, but people won't think very highly of her.
People don't think very highly of Oliver so this is a contradictory statement.

# The only one who has is The Informer, and that's only because he's gay and has a sexual attraction toward Phil.
There is no proof of this statement either.

# I'm also not a dipshit because I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
Another attempt to swear on the Bible in effect, and this is not effective.

# As far as I know, Jake Crosby hasn't disowned me. He's still my friend on Facebook.
Many people retain friendship status on Facebook in order to spy on people.

# When multiple people appear to want me dead, it seems as if there may be a forum-wide declaration that that is the case
As stated, there is no proof of this.

# We've both said our peace, so let's just move on and everyone will be happy.
It is clear that the majority will not be happy until Oliver closes his blog.

# And second of all, he (Nixon) wasn't a crook. It was his campaign manager who did most of the bad stuff.
Then why did Nixon resign?

# No, Phil, this isn't an important fight.
That is a debatable point.

# People who advocate for a cure cannot be gagged, as that would be unconstitutional.
If such a advocacy is seen as hate speech it is not covered by the constitution.

# There is no "autism community," Phil.
There certainly is. Everyone affected by Autism is a member of it.

# I have not told a single lie on this blog, and you have no proof that I have.
I have ably proven on this blog that this is a false statement.

# What you consider "hate speech" is constitutionally protected, and doing "damage" in your sense (i.e. derailing neurodiversity) is actually a good thing.
It's not, because it seeks to cause a culture to cease to exist in the eyes of society.

# I have never encouraged violence of any kind, therefore I am constituionally protected.
The constitutional restriction is not just about violence.

# My statement about NDs being pedophiles (that's how it's spelled here) is with merit because of Nick Dubin's arrest.
It has no merit whatsoever.

# Andrew, I'm not gay, so please don't call me that (heaumo).
"Heaumo" means an extreme fool, not homosexual.

# Homosexual activity is intolerable in my bedroom and in anyone else's.
Oliver has no right to dictate to anyone what they do in their own bedroom.

# Using different similar-sounding words based on a technicality is not tolerated either (heaumo).
This has already been explained.

# I do not suck dick, and I am not a fairy, which is just a euphemism for gay.
The term "fairy" is not limited to homosexuals.

# Do you want to be converted from strait to gay?
No such conversion is possible.

# Jonathan Mitchell was a psychology major, and he has a B.A. from UCLA.
There is no proof of this.

# Yes, Andrew, Jonathan's stories are very entertaining, and in a positive way as opposed to a negative one.
The fact that the person concerned is unable to gain a proper publication of his work says otherwise.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Assistance Package 69 & 70

The sixty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# She maintains that she doesn't regret her previous post (which is really beside the point), but called me an "asshat" simply because she doesn't agree with me.
It is rather obvious to all that the term used was appropriate.

# I try to find good in people, even if there isn't any.
There is no evidence of this claim.

# Whatever, she's still making herself look like an idiot and making me look better.
On the contrary, Oliver is making himself look like an idiot.

# Those posts don't expose anything; they are merely just her ranting about me and accomplishing little action at all.
It accomplishes a great deal.

# My blog is neither bullshit nor horseshit. Everything I say is true and correct, and that's final.
It's not true and far from final. The stubborn attitude this reveals is harmful.

# Now if only you could overcome your need and desire to harass and belittle autistic people to their wits end.
There is no proof of any general harassment or belittling by these people.

The seventieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# No other curebies have been banned from his blog (except for maybe Paris Tenana and Dave Ayling, but they'll attack anyone kind of like the Asspie Hater).
There is no proof that the people named are curebies, and it has already been shown elsewhere who Asspie Hater was.

# He's just being a pussy and giving in to Phil, rather than standing his own ground.
It is clear from more recent times that this is not the case

# Did you know that four young gay teenagers just killed themselves simply because they preferred men? That is not right! They should've been taught to embrace their heterosexual side (like Ted Haggard did), and it'd have been all smooth sailing from there.
They don't have a heterosexual side. No gay person does. They are homosexual.

# My life is in my hands, as well as those of Big Pharma. They're the ones who want me to be autistic
God wants you to be autistic, Oliver.

# I could ignore the fact that I'm autistic and live a decent life that way
You can't.

# I really don't think God's that fucked up a person if He wants me to be autistic.
This comment has already been addressed.

# I also don't believe I was born with autism (it was vaccine-induced)
It is fairly clear upon investigation that all people with Autism were born with it.

# The health food brands are poor, so I wouldn't be able to get a sizable judgment anyway
This is again based in the assumption that chelation is a pharmaceutical company product and it is not.

# My recent statements were directed primarily at autistic people, so normal people will not likely know that I even said them.
They do.

# My parents don't really associate with my online activities, so no apology to them is necessary.
Yes there is, because you are making their name look terrible.

# Homosexuality is indeed a choice. Just ask James Dobson.
A poor source of information.

# It will be proven that vaccines cause autism once Big Pharma is thrown in jail.
This will never happen.

# Chelation mainly takes out mercury, while Lupron lowers testosterone.
Lupron takes out all heavy metals, including mercury. It is a strong chelator.

# I'd say that more than 50% of people with Asperger's/high-functioning autism are virgins, but I don't know for sure.
It can be easily assessed that the figure is a lot lower than that.

# He (James Dobson) is a very revered figure.
He most certainly is not.

# My blog also doesn't promote "fear" of autism. It merely promotes reality over fantasy.
The "reality" presented is done through fear.

# I am not a whiner. I speak the truth, and I demand justice. That is all.
That is whining.

# Most people who read this blog take it seriously and agree that autism needs to be cured.
I am yet to see anyone take the blog seriously.

# The vast majority of the world believes that autism needs to be cured, and agrees with everything I say.
There is no proof of this claim.

# That would be like saying everyone is a Democrat just because Nancy Pelosi is, when the vast majority of the world is a Republican.
This is a wild claim with no basis in reality.

# I mean, they have 19 children, and if all of them multiply at the same rate, America will be full of Republicans!
It will take four generations to achieve that and even then if the rest of the world multiplies at the same rate this would be countered easily.

# According to John Best, autism was invented in 1931 by Eli Lilly.
John Best is a well known liar.

# The reason Jonathan Mitchell is still a virgin at 55 (a position nobody wants to be in) is because he is autistic and thus is a turnoff to girls.
Apparently there is information that clearly states that this is not the reason.

# Since it's impossible to lose your virginity over the age of 40, Jonathan is pretty much screwed for life.
That is a false statement.

# I think the ideal age to lose your virginity is between 14 and 16.
If there is an ideal age, it would be between 21 and 25.

# I used to think that going to college would help me lose my virginity, but then I realized that autistic people can't go to college.
This is a false statement.

# My blog is one of the few autistic blogs out there that tells the pure and unadulterated truth
It doesn't.

# Autism is the reason for my virginity, as well as all the other problems I have.
It isn't.

# Also, "real world education" is not part of any academic curriculum, but I think I know it better than you do.
It is clear from this blog that Oliver has very little real world education.

# It wasn't until I discovered the blogosphere that I relized what a corrupt organization neurodiversity actually was.
There is no proof of this claim.

# The Wild Boy of Ayeron was mentally retarded, not autistic.
The evidence is increasing that he was in fact autistic.

# All autistic people by definition are poisoned by mercury. If they chelate themselves, they won't be autistic anymore.
This is not true.

# Once you turn 40, the chances of you losing your virginity decrease by about 50-100%.
This is a false statement.

# Everyone knows that way more than 10% of autistic people are still a virgin, and their autism is the only reason.
Again, this is a false statement.

# Jonathan Mitchell had not yet been diagnosed with autism when he attended college
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# The vast majority of the world believes that homosexuality is a choice.
This is completely false and abhorrent.

# My blog is not hate speech.
"Autism is Bad" is clearly hate speech by itself.

# What you don't understand about VGW is that all their academic classes meet state standards, and they have the same authority to give out a diploma as any normal school.
Upon investigation, Village Glen West is a special school and is therefore not qualified academically.

# Anyone who views the fact that autism can be cured as a "bizarre notion" is clearly lacking some real world experience.
On the contrary it is a very real world view.

# I don't know of anyone else who thinks that autism can't be cured.
Scientists know that autism can't be cured, not just think it.

# It was Barack Obama who fucked up our nation, not George W. Bush.
Demonstrably false. Bush threw the US economy into reverse after all the hard work Clinton did.

# Obama bailed out the auto industry and passed a stimulus package that has put us in debt, and he completely fucked up our healthcare system.
The Republicans who blocked Obamacare did that.

# Republicans believe in economic freedom for the people, not for government officials.
They believe in it for business, not the people.

# It's the Democrats who want to tax people and then abuse that privilege.
How do they abuse the privilege?

# We don't have Parliament here, so there would never be a case of a president having a "minority government" as in Australia.
Congress is America's "Parliament".

# Under ObamaCare, people will end up being euthanized, just like your dog was.
This is a false and abhorrent statement.

# If a girl breaks her leg in a skiing accident, she will be euthanized so that Obama can avoid paying her medical bills.
That is a disgusting and reprehensible statement.

# If we leave it in the hands of private insurance companies, we can be sure our tax dollars don't get wasted.
On the contrary, private insurance companies exist for profit and for nothing else.

# All in all, I ended up bankrupting my parents because of it, and they still haven't paid the bill.
There is no proof of this claim.

# I'm smarter than you by 15 points.
There is no proof of this statement either

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Assistance Package 68

The sixty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I completely know why she did it (her good buddy Phil Gluyas told her to), but it is still inexcusable.
There is no proof of this.

# She brought up the fact that she had been sexually molested with a youngster, and while that is awfully painful, it is not relevant that Nick Dubin was just arrested for child porn and thus has exposed neurodiversity as a bunch of pedophiles.
It is perfectly relevant as it goes in part to proving Oliver is wrong.

# Often, victims of childhood molestation will continue to be molested subconsciously, and this may be why she fell victim to neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this.

# She made a complete fool of herself by cussing me out instead of calmly disagreeing, and it actually makes me look better.
No, actually it doesn't.

# The fact that all the NDs are either silent or overly defensive on this issue indicates that they are clearly hiding something, and their movement will come crashing down in a heartbeat.
This is demonstrably presumptive.

# I can't wait for the day when neurodiversity is a thing of the past, and when autism is cured and there will finally be peace on earth.
The first two will never be achieved.

# You preached to all of Phil's World to shout from the pulpits condemning me
There is no proof of this either.

# That word usually implies that you insulted religion, not some phony philosophy known as "neurodiversity" that you and your buddies cling to so dearly despite overwhelming evidence that it doesn't exist
Neurodiversity does exist.

# Humans will never become extinct, because we are indestructable.
Nothing on Earth is indestructable.

# I believe neurodiversity can be erased within the next 10 years once proper chelation techniques are in effect.
This belief is totally misplaced.

# I'm definitely not neurodiverse, because I believe in a cure for autism. Therefore, I am pro-cure.
Whether Oliver is pro-cure or not makes no difference to the presence of true neurodiversity

# You're right that there's no such thing as neurotypical <snip> but there is such a thing as normal
This is a contradictory statement.

# I also don't believe it's futile that I'll always be autistic, because chelation is a proven cure.
It isn't.

# I will try the absolute best I can to live life as an autistic person, but I will still publicly advocate for a cure
There is no evidence of any attempt to do this thus far.

# I'm not very impacted as it is, so living life the way I am now wouldn't be all that hard.
Oliver doesn't realize how difficult he is making things for himself.

# It is a landmark statement that will be the beginning of the end for neurodiversity.
Neurodiversity will never end.

# Of course I could beat a mime in a debate. Mimes can't talk
A mime could communicate in other ways.

# I can beat anyone in a debate who believes in neurodiversity, because they're just plain wrong.
There is no proof of this either.

# I have actually beaten numerous NDs in a debate, simply by them not responding.
That is not a victory.

# If someone doesn't respond, they are a coward and a pussy.
Or they have realized they are talking to a fool.

# Therefore I am the Champions, just like Freddie Mercury.
This is an insult to the late Mercury - it is We are the Champions.

# They know they are doomed by the allegations (Dubin), so they basically feel that "no news is good news."
No doom exists for anyone except for Dubin himself.

# Yes, Andrew. I am always right and never wrong. If I say that all NDs are pedophiles, then it must be true.
No one is always right, and I have already demonstrated the majority of times Oliver has been wrong.

# I'm not trying to act like God, I'm just saying that I'm unilaterally right.
That's the same thing.

# I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
I hope Oliver has seen the Criminal Canby blog because he is committing perjury.

# God has helped me a great deal. He helped me choose to be strait instead of gay
Being gay is not a choice.

# He helped me believe that autism needs to be cured and oppose neurodiversity.
You believe that, Oliver, not God.

# Andrew, the reason I don't have a life is because of my autism, not God.
This is demonstrably false.

# It's better to explain how the other person could get better, but of course you'd never do that.
There have been a number of attempts to explain how to get better, and Oliver has ignored them.

# I actually haven't ignored you, and I've listened to it a great deal.
There is no proof that this is in any way accurate.

This assistance shall continue.