Saturday, November 29, 2014

Assistance Package 5

The fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

#Andrew and Phil are still in horrible denial, which they will regret when they are sued and forced to cough up millions.
Upon investigation, neither man has been sued.

#They are nutjobs from neurodiversity who will get nowhere in life.
Upon investigation, both men have a more obvious life than Oliver has.

#There is Shut The Fuck Up (whose name I'd rather not abbreviate), who claims to be a black man in Oregon on the dole.
Upon investigation, there is no evidence of this at all. Oregon, because they're commy, tree-hugging whackjobs just like neurodiversity.
This is untrue and offensive to the residents of Oregon.

#I happen to live in his circuit, which I have personal ties to and should I sue him I would win outright.
It is illegal for a judge to show favoritism towards a family member in court. In fact, said judge must excuse themselves from said case due to a conflict of interest.

#Another goombah comment was anonymous, but it criticized my ties to the 9th Circuit. I explained that that's how it works in this country, and gave Wakefield's show trial over in England as an example.
Upon investigation, this man was not put on trial. He merely faced a medical review.

#I accept that I am limited in life by my ASD, but I do not embrace it and I'd rather get rid of it.
Oliver needs to embrace it because he will never get rid of it.

#If I was asked what autism was, I'd say it's caused by vaccines, as that seems to be the general consensus nowadays.
This is not true. The general consensus is that it is not caused by vaccines at all.

#Jake Crosby points out that the good traits may be despite one's autism and not because of it.
This is also not true, as some Autistic traits are beneficial.

#Even if my high IQ was caused by my autism, I'd gladly give it up to have a better social life.
This is another error and a show of poor priorities.

#I'd say it's (IQ) in the mid-30's, which under old diagnostic terms would make him an imbecile.
The "old diagnostic terms" are no longer relevant and it is an error to refer to them.

#Should Phil give me an award, I'd gladly accept, and I'd give him one in return for "Biggest Dumbfuck of the Year,"
Upon investigation, Oliver has never issued such an award.

#Your "awards" are abusive and should not be given out.
Upon investigation, it is not clear if these "awards" are abusive or not.

#Your attitude of superiority will not get you very far. Calling someone bad is definitely abuse.
No, calling someone bad is opinion and not abuse.

#Ari Ne'eman is not a good person,
Upon investigation, this man has done much good in the community.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Assistance Package 3 & 4

The third entry continued the lies and errors;

#I hope I can make a big impact on the world, defeat neurodiversity, and get a cure for all autistic people who want one.
Oliver will not make any positive impact on the world by this description.

#you nutjobs from neurodiversity believe in the long-discredited "refrigerator mom" theory.
This is a presumptive comment that has no evidence to support it.

#You will probably be murdered tomorrow.
This is a violent statement.

#That theory was discredited when it was discovered that mercury was the cause of autism.
Mercury is not the cause of Autism.

#Autism is not caused by parents at all, genetically or otherwise; it is caused by mercury.
The genetic base of Autism is undeniable.

The fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

#When I went to a public school last year, I had so much social anxieties I had to leave midway through the year. I now will not be attending college for that very reason.
This is a cowardly act. Social anxieties need to be confronted and most colleges have excellent programs available to support this as required.

#In a non-public school, there is no pressure to act normal, because everybody is special.
This comment makes no sense, as there is no difference between public schools and private schools in this context.

#A neurodiversity advocate would say that one should be able to act special in a normal school, but I realize that I cannot change society so I would rather change myself with a cure.
This is a major error. Oliver can change the corner of society that he lives in and should seek to do so. It is his right.

#All of us were forced to act normal off campus, so it was a relief to be on campus where we could just be ourselves. All of us were fully aware what the normal world was like, and none of us are under conservatorships.
Oliver has the right to be himself anywhere, and it is debatable if he understands what the normal world is like.

#We are simply removing the toxic mercury, to give them better lives.
This would only be the case if there was excess mercury to be removed.

#I value street smarts over book smarts, and I would sacrifice my high IQ for the opportunity to get laid any day of the week.
This is a deluded attitude.

#I do not have a "piss-poor" attitude, as I actually have a very optimistic outlook on life, albeit a realistic one.
After the first comma, the remainder of this comment is a perfect oxymoron.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Assistance Package 2

The second entry continued the lies and errors;

#We both hate our virginities, so why don't we throw them away together?
This is a terrible and condascending pick up line, and extraordinarily careless.

#Maybe you will adopt my views on a cure. Maybe you won't, but that's fine, you'd only be hurting yourself.
No, Oliver, you are hurting yourself with your false belief.

#God bless you and all autistic people, and may all autistic people who want to be cured be cured.
Invoking the name of the Almighty in this manner is against every religious rule that exists.

#You neurodiversity people ought to burn in hell, because you make the world a living hell.
No, you make the world a living hell all by yourself.

#you crooked neurodiversity people who just wreak havoc, insult people, are closeted homosexuals, and really all should be obliterated by God.
God obliterates no one. Oliver is the one trying to wreak havoc and insult people.

#I don't believe in sentimentality, I just believe in fucking.
In other words, Oliver sees the fair sex as a sex object and nothing else. This is a serious error.

#Best and I will both be in heaven, because we believe in God and we do public good.
Neither of you do public good.

#Autism is not a culture, it is a medical disease; not even a mental disorder, as it is caused by mercury.
The community affected by Autism is a form of culture due to the inherent lifestyle needs. It is not a disease as it can not be caught randomly through a viral infection. It is not caused by mercury.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Assistance Package 1

Oliver's blog began with the following lies or errors;

#I was poisoned by the pharmaceutical companies in their mercury-filled vaccines.
Vaccines do not contain mercury and never have contained mercury.

#Next month, I am receiving chelation thanks to John Best. Hopefully then, I will be a normal person and be able to have sex.
There has been no indication that John Best has given any assistance to this end, nor that chelation would even help. It would certainly not make anyone "a normal person". Any human being can have sex.

#I'm just afflicted with autism and want it cured so I can get laid.
Autism is not an affliction, unless it is low funtioning and there is no indication that Oliver is low functioning. Curing or not curing will not make any difference to the ability to get laid.

#I will be cured via chelation
No one has been cured of Autism via chelation.

#Yes, Andrew, the reason I haven't been laid at 17 is because of my Asperger's syndrome.
No it's because you haven't tried to get a girl.

#I've tried all alternatives to chelation and they haven't worked, no thanks to you.
I doubt Oliver has tried everything.

#I just think in today's society, most people have been laid by 13 or 14. I may be wrong, but that is my obsevation.
Oliver is wrong. A society that has a majority of teenagers getting laid by 13 or 14 is a society that has failed to educate. It is not the majority that has had sex by this age. It is a minority and a substantive one.

#I had so much social anxieties due to my Asperger's syndrome.
Social anxieties are not caused by Asperger's Syndrome.

#It is also though that a disproportionate number of autistic people may grow up to be sexual predators due to their frustration for their inability to find a consensual encounter.
There is no evidence to substantiate this controversial and highly prejudiced remark.

#Back when I had a MySpace account, Tom deleted my account because he believed me to be a pedophile.
I doubt this as given Oliver's desire to get laid it is more likely that his account was deleted due to his pursuit of girls his age for the sole purpose of sex.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Assistance Pacakage Beginning

Prior to commencing the examination of Oliver's blog, we should in fact begin with a lot of comments made on the now defunct blog run by a person called "STFU". It was on that blog in 2010 that I first observed Oliver in action but I did not comment. The blog falsely claimed that Oliver did not exist and that Oliver was really John Best. Oliver made the following errors or uttered the following lies;

*I am neither a coward nor a pussy, and I will face it HEAD ON.
Upon examination, there is much evidence that Oliver does not face anything "head on".

*John Best will defeat Barack Obama in 2012
As we all know this never occurred.

*The only disease I have is Asperger's and John will cure it via chelation.
Upon investigation, Asperger's is not a disease and it can not be cured.

*I am not a pathological liar and you offer no cure.
Given the number of issues I have come across this claim is false. No one offers a cure because it does not exist.

*There is NOTHING positive about Asperger's
Upon investigation, there are many positives about Asperger's.

*Normal means not having a DSM diagnosis
Upon investigation, it can be stated that "normal" is a social construct and not a medical diagnosis with any validity.

*Normal means being nonautistic.
Upon investigation this is also untrue.

*I will lose my diagnosis when I am cured.
Oliver will never be cured as a cure does not exist.

*Asperger's shouldn't be in the DSM as it is a medical disease
This is medically incorrect as previously stated.

*It is impossible for autistic people to have sex.
Upon investigation, there are many Autistic people who have had sexual relations.

*You two are not really autistic. You're just sociopaths who hate autistic people. End of story.
Upon investigation, both people are established as Autistics and not sociopathic.

*Neither Foresam nor I are sociopaths as we care about autistic people.
Upon examination it is highly questionable that either person cares about anything but themselves.

*You are insane and must be cured with chelation ASAP, as do Andrew Ackner and Phil Gluyas.
Chelation will seriously harm a person without heavy metal poisoning upon investigation.

*Of couse you need to be homosexual in order to assfuck yourself.
This activity is absolutely impossible.

*Adam was the first man from whom Eve was made.
Upon investigation, it can be established that man evolved from apes and Adam and Eve merely represented the first human beings to complete that evolutionary process.

*I have never lied in my life.
This can easily be proven to be false.

*I am the Lord Almighty.
This comment speaks for itself in it's inaccuracy.

*God proclaimed me the Messiah on June 29, 1999.
Upon investigation, no such proclamation was made.

*Neurodiversity is a political movement meant to harm autistic children.
Upon investigation, neurodiversity is no such thing.

*Neurodiversity was coined in order to get rid of a cure for autism and provide money for Big Pharma.
There is no evidence of this.

*I don't need looking after as I am not a mental case like Phil.
Upon examination, it can be established that Oliver does posess the symptoms of mental instability. There is no proof of the same from the other person.

*John Best will coast to the presidency in 2012.
He did not.

*Obama does lie. He says he'll cure autism
No such claim was made.

*Obama PROMISED to cure autism and now he has backed off.
Again, no such claim was made.

*Because you neurodiverse dumb[beep!] are funded by Big Pharma and want us all to suffer.
Upon examination, it can be stated that Oliver's suffering has been his own doing.

*I have never lied.
Once again, this is easily proven as false.

*I am incredibly smart and you are a pharma shill.
Upon examination, Oliver's intelligence level is under question and there is no evidence of the presence of anyone paid off by the pharmaceutical companies.

*I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
Upon investigation, it can be stated that Oliver does not know what the truth is.

*Neurodiversity is a cult invented by Ari Ne'eman to harm autistic people.
Upon investigation, Ari Ne'eman had nothing to do with the formation of the term.

*I have never told a lie. The bible is bullshit and I only pick and choose the parts I like.
The fact that he only chooses what he likes establishes a firm trend of lying. Further, the reference to the Bible contradicts eariler claims.

*I am diseased with Asperger's
Asperger's is not a disease.

*Asperger's is a disease caused by mercury.
Upon investigation, mercury and Autism have nothing to do with each other.

*My brain difference can be erased via chelation.
No one's brain difference can be changed in any way shape or form.

*Big Pharma poisoned me, and Best is my savior.
Upon investigation, Oliver has not been poisoned.

*Best is saving me from my autism. He is the Lord Almighty.
This comment also contradicts an earlier claim.

*Phil, if you call someone a fruitcake, you call them gay.
Upon investigation, the term "fruitcake" derives from the word "crazy" - not "gay".

*I respect peoples' cultures by not using their lexicon in an offensive manner
Other commentary proves this to be a lie.

*John will make a great president when he is elected in 2012.
Again as we all know, this did not occur.

*Mercury causes autism.
As previously stated this is not true.

*Australian law doesn't apply here.
Upon investigation, it can apply in other countries under certain circumstances.

*Phil, autism didn't exist until 1931, when mercury was added to vaccines.
Upon investigation, it can be stated that Autism existed in the late 19th century at a minimum.

*As we all know, an autistic person couldn't have run our country, as Jonathan Mitchell so gladly pointed out.
Upon examination, an Autistic could run a country with the right backing and support.

*Jefferson and Einstein were not autistic
Upon investigation there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that they were Autistic, especially Einstein.

*You're wrong about Brian Wilson.
Upon investigation, Wilson was remotely diagnosed with Asperger's by an expert.

*Mitchell and Crosby are RIGHT!
Upon investigation, it can be established that they are wrong.

And so we proceed next to Oliver's own blog.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Assistance Package

Hello readers. I am a member of the famous Anonymous community, and my sole aim with this blog is to correct a poorly informed malcontent in the City of Angels on an immense number of lies, and factual and social errors. There is no malice with these corrections. They are intended to help him understand where he is wrong, why he is wrong and perhaps ways to correct this misunderstanding of humanity and life itself.

I can not force Oliver Canby to listen. If he chooses to, that would be preferable as he will be better for it. If he chooses not to it will be no issue. The information will be here in Oliver's name so others who have decided to listen to him may realize that he is not the fountain of accurate information he seems to think he is.

When I last came across Oliver in March 2011 I controlled him in this way.

ME: See? I control you. If I didn't control you, you would have deleted my comment. You have been exposed for the charlatan you are.
OC: You do not control me and I am not a charlatan.
ME: You did it again! I control you! I post and you let it through, which is what I want. I control you as easily as turning a tap on and off.
OC: You do not control me.
ME: I'm controlling you by making you post my comments. You can't deny it.
OC: You do not control me.
ME: And still you let me control you by approving my comments. That's what I want and you are dancing to my tune like a prancing marionette.
OC: You do not control me.
ME: What part of "I control you by making you post my comments" don't you get? Every time I post you allow it. That's what I want you to do, so I control you.
OC: You do not control me.
ME: You are so predictable. You can't see that I'm controlling you. All I have to do is say something and you'll dance to my music and let it through.
OC: You do not control me.

Six times he repeated the same thing, not realising I was indeed controlling him. He finally did something to try and take control back and that was to block anonymous comments. But I hit back by creating this account.

ME: See? You did it again! At least this time you actually tried something, but it ain't going to work.
OC: You don't control me.
ME: I just did it again. I controlled you.
OC: You don't control me.
ME: Wacka Dawson is right. You are deluded. I control you. I can post whatever I want and like a puppet you'll let it through. I control you. Admit it.
OC: You don't control me.
ME: I do control you, puppet. Every time I post you let it be published. Thank you for your continued subserviance.
OC: You do not control me.

Another four repeats before he locked the thread off. He just did not understand even to the end. Well it's time he started. I have no idea where he went to school or even if he did. That doesn't matter because if he did learn anything he has forgotten it. So this blog will be his assistance package, offered free of charge. Usage is optional, but strongly advised.