Saturday, November 29, 2014

Assistance Package 5

The fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

#Andrew and Phil are still in horrible denial, which they will regret when they are sued and forced to cough up millions.
Upon investigation, neither man has been sued.

#They are nutjobs from neurodiversity who will get nowhere in life.
Upon investigation, both men have a more obvious life than Oliver has.

#There is Shut The Fuck Up (whose name I'd rather not abbreviate), who claims to be a black man in Oregon on the dole.
Upon investigation, there is no evidence of this at all. Oregon, because they're commy, tree-hugging whackjobs just like neurodiversity.
This is untrue and offensive to the residents of Oregon.

#I happen to live in his circuit, which I have personal ties to and should I sue him I would win outright.
It is illegal for a judge to show favoritism towards a family member in court. In fact, said judge must excuse themselves from said case due to a conflict of interest.

#Another goombah comment was anonymous, but it criticized my ties to the 9th Circuit. I explained that that's how it works in this country, and gave Wakefield's show trial over in England as an example.
Upon investigation, this man was not put on trial. He merely faced a medical review.

#I accept that I am limited in life by my ASD, but I do not embrace it and I'd rather get rid of it.
Oliver needs to embrace it because he will never get rid of it.

#If I was asked what autism was, I'd say it's caused by vaccines, as that seems to be the general consensus nowadays.
This is not true. The general consensus is that it is not caused by vaccines at all.

#Jake Crosby points out that the good traits may be despite one's autism and not because of it.
This is also not true, as some Autistic traits are beneficial.

#Even if my high IQ was caused by my autism, I'd gladly give it up to have a better social life.
This is another error and a show of poor priorities.

#I'd say it's (IQ) in the mid-30's, which under old diagnostic terms would make him an imbecile.
The "old diagnostic terms" are no longer relevant and it is an error to refer to them.

#Should Phil give me an award, I'd gladly accept, and I'd give him one in return for "Biggest Dumbfuck of the Year,"
Upon investigation, Oliver has never issued such an award.

#Your "awards" are abusive and should not be given out.
Upon investigation, it is not clear if these "awards" are abusive or not.

#Your attitude of superiority will not get you very far. Calling someone bad is definitely abuse.
No, calling someone bad is opinion and not abuse.

#Ari Ne'eman is not a good person,
Upon investigation, this man has done much good in the community.

This assistance shall continue.

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