Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Assistance Package 147, 148, 149 & 150

The one hundred and forty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# As some of you probably know, Neurodiversity still holds dearly to the "refrigerator mom" theory, which is that autism is caused by poor parenting
There is no proof of this in the present day.

# We all know now that it is caused by vaccines.
It isn't.

# Many NDs (and they know who they are) have called out Jonathan's parents specifically to say that they caused his autism.
There is no proof of this.

# I of course thought that was bullshit, but meeting Jonathan's parents has proven to me that I am right and neurodiversity is wrong.
One meeting says absolutely nothing about a person.

# They are incredibly nice people, and they raised a helluva son in Jonathan.
You are biased, Oliver, and it shows. You are unable to do a proper review.

# Hell, I wish my parents could've raised me like that.
This is a statement that I think should have caused his parents to throw him out to the streets.

# It was a pleasure meeting them and I know now that Neurodiversity is full of shit and should not be taken seriously.
You don't know it at all, Oliver. As I said, one meeting means nothing.

# Omg I knew something like this would happen!!! Let's hope he's (Phil Gluyas) brought to justice
As the world knows by now, it was Oliver who was brought to justice in court.

The one hundred and forty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It's been an amazing run, and I must say that I truly love what I do, and I won't be stopping anytime soon.
Well the lack of posts recently proves this to be incorrect.

# Even though I haven't been autistic since June of 2011 (and as a result I have a better life now, albeit still no ideal)
You are autistic for life, Oliver.

# The fight for a cure for autism will never end, until we obliterate each and every one of the last NDs remaining.
This is a statement that supports murder based on a genetic subset - a violation of the UN Human Rights Charter.

# As a normal person (albeit formerly autistic), it is my solemn duty to cure everyone of their autism, and to stop any ND from denying the cure they so desperately deserve.
It is your solemn duty, Oliver, to stop making a fool of yourself.

# I've been here for three years, so here's to 100 more!
This blog appears to have died so this statement is completely false.

# It sure is good to rub it in the ND's faces, and I wish you (Roger Kulp) well with your recovery.
You are having no effect, Oliver.

# Not necessarily, Jake, but autism is usually the cause of virginity
It is never the cause of virginity.

# I seriously doubt I would've ever lost my virginity if I truly was autistic.
This is demonstrably false.

# I doubt I ever was autistic.
A perusal of the book Autism Heroes shows this to be incorrect.

# Had it been a correct diagnosis I would still be a virgin
It has already been stated that you are still a virgin, Oliver.

The one hundred and forty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Many of these autistic people were quite a bit older than I am (around Jonathan's age) and at varying levels of functioning. And guess what? Not a single one of the supported neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this.

# This proves what I believed all along: that the members of neurodiversity are not autistic at all, just attention seekers.
It doesn't prove any such thing.

# In the case of one autistic man there, I complimented him on seeming normal, and he understood it to be just that: a compliment.
I doubt that conversation even took place.

# Now, imagine if someone told you he'd rather suffer from cancer or AIDS than have a clean bill of health.
That wouldn't happen, and don't forget that autism is not a disease.

# Anyway, this was my first real life experience with actual autistic people, and it totally proves my point.
No it doesn't.

# Because he's embarrassed by me cause I've said some not-too-good things about him online.
You should take that on board, Oliver, because I have pointed this out previously.

# My good buddy Jonathan Mitchell has known Jerry Newport for years and has specifically told me that Jerry Newport is not an ND.
There is no proof of this.

# Also, Jerry Newport has not attended the AGUA group since around 2000 when he moved to Arizona.
I consider this to be a false statement.

# All I said was that not a single person at that specific AGUA group was an ND.
They all were, whether they like it or not.

The one hundred and fiftieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I have some serious concerns about your apparent support for neurodiversity, a philosophy that seeks to deny autistic people a cure that they deserve and need.
It doesn't seek any such thing, Oliver. Stop lying about the definition of neurodiversity.

# If he is able to succeed in life without a cure, then kudos to him! Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone.
Everyone can succeed in life without a cure. No exceptions.

# However, keep in mind that their children are likely in a very different situation than yours, and if these people didn't have access to blogs that were sometimes brutally honest about autism, they would feel very much alone.
Oliver's obvious definition of "different situation" is not relevant, and we know he is not honest about autism.

# In "Autism: The Musical," Stephen Stills mentions that his son is unable to attend Crosby Stills Nash & Young concerts due to his autism.

# If your son was unable to attend your concerts, would you want that?
Attending concerts is not the be all and end all of a person's life, Oliver!

# But many autistic people would love to go to a concert, but they simply can't due to their autism.
You don't know that, Oliver.

# I can say that if I was in your shoes, I would be heartbroken.
Your view on this, Oliver, carries no weight whatsoever.

# I am not demanding that you change your views; I am just suggesting that you consider our viewpoints, and that you don't simply write us off as bigots or insensitive.
That is demanding a change of views.

# I wish the best regards for you and your son in the future.
As before with the victims of Sandy Hook, I consider this to be a disingenuous statement.

# I think that it was necessary that I write this post whether it has an effect or not.
No it wasn't, Oliver. It was a waste of time.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Assistance Package 142, 143, 144, 145 & 146

The one hundred and forty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# This means that we will be having sex parties at his house with plenty of hot girls to go around.
There is no proof of any such parties taking place.

# Today there was no sex party as I couldn't invite any hot girls in time.
One was never planned.

# Instead we stared at photos in his old yearbook of the hot girls that he used to jerk off to in high school.
This is a statement that says a great deal about Oliver's mind set - seriously deluded.

The one hundred and forty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# They also steadfaslty denied that autism causes violence, despite that this is just one of many cases of autistic people committing horrible acts of violence.
There have been many more acts of violence by people who are not autistic so this does not make sense.

# Joe Scarborough nailed it spot-on earlier this summer when he said that most killers have some form of autism.
There is no proof of this absurd statement.

# This is a man who clearly cares very much about autistic people since his son is autistic.
That is not proof that he cares about autistic people.

# The true reality that autism causes violence
This is demonstrably false.

# The only way to fix this is a cure for autism
No, the way to fix this particular issue is to stop labeling autism incorrectly.

# You need to join me in fighting this injustice, and fighting for the cure that you, I, and every autistic person deserved.
You, Oliver, need to step back and review your own conduct.

# It is our human right to live the best life possible, and we must prevent NeuroDiversity from taking it away from us
You can live the best life possible, Oliver. There is nothing holding you back.

# My sincere condolences are with the families of the victims of this tragic shooting.
I consider this to be a disingenuous statement when placed with the remainder of the comments.

The one hundred and forty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, it ended up being so much fun as three Mexicans (two male, one female) listened in on our conversation, and they totally agreed that Jonathan needs some pussy.
I don't believe this conversation took place.

# I was telling these Mexicans about the girl in question, and they said that age is just a number and that I should forfeit the rights to this girl as Jonathan needs her more than I do.
Again, I don't believe this conversation took place.

# One of the Mexicans had just been released from prison, where he apparently dropped the soap.
There is an insinuation here that has no proof and should not have been stated.

# Jonathan also confessed how old he was, and to being autistic, which is a major faux pas in my opinion.
No it wasn't.

# He also shared one of his stories, which I commend as a good move socially.
No it wasn't as I have read his stories and they carry no weight.

# The three Mexicans left, and they unanimously consented that Jonathan must fuck this particular girl or else.
That is again a lot of nonsense.

# Jonathan will drive to this lady's house, pin her down, and fuck her against her will.
That is condoning rape, and is completely unacceptable online conduct.

The one hundred and forty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I had recently (2009) changed my mind about college and had decided to go to Alabama.
I consider this to be untrue, as it makes no sense to travel so far across the country just to go to college.

# However, as soon as I started in a normal school, I realized how autistic I actually was, so college was no longer an option.
That is no excuse.

# Having lost my virginity in 2011 made me no longer autistic from that point forward
This is a completely preposterous statement.

# I am now too old to attend college
That is not true either.

# It still would've been better had I been able to go to college as a normal person and not have been denied a cure due to the evilness of neurodiversity.
You can go to college no matter what sort of person you are, Oliver.

The one hundred and forty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# One woman who opposed the amendment was Phyllis Schlafly, as she felt it jeopardized her right as a woman to live in the home, support her children, cook and clean, etc.
She was wrong and she set women's rights back by a considerable distance.

# Several women stated that she opposed women's rights, whereas in fact she supported them: the ones I just mentioned.
This makes no sense. Schlafly definitely opposed women's rights.

# The ones who support a cure are tortured and marginalized.
There is no proof of any torture.

# However the vast majority of autistic people, including myself, support a cure
There is no proof of this.

# The members of neurodiversity who try to say that I oppose autistic rights are incorrect
No they are not, Oliver. You do oppose autistic rights because you want it wiped out.

# They are the human rights abusers as they try to deny me my most basic right as a human: to live a normal life free of autism.
You can not live your life without autism, just like any African American can not live their life without their skin color.

# I support autistic rights, just as Phyllis Schlafly supported women's rights.
As I have previously stated this is incorrect.

# When the liberal left hijacks certain terms and twists and turns them to fit their agenda, society fails to see the real picture.
The conservative right are just as bad at this, Oliver.

# I will not give up, and in the end every single autistic person will be cured and the members of neurodiversity will be thrown in jail for violating the UN Charter of Human Rights.
They are violating nothing. You are, Oliver.

# Thanks for your nice comment Roger. I must say I've known about you for quite some time. Glad to hear you're doing well
It is not proven that he is doing well at all.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Assistance Package 138, 139, 140 & 141

The one hundred and thirty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Andrew Ackner has now started a blog called "Autism Comedy" in which he mocks and finds humor in autism, which is a serious disease.
It is not a disease and therefore it is a valid target for respectable comedy.

# If one did that with cancer or AIDS, the MSM would go crazy, so why not with autism?
Because as stated autism is not a disease.

# He also incorrectly implies that I am a virgin (I haven't been one since last year) and that I am homosexual (I have never been).
There is no evidence of a loss of virginity and there is much circumstantial evidence to being gay.

# Nobody should take anything on it remotely seriously. Any legitimate news source would know that diseases are not to be mocked
It is not written to be taken seriously. Oliver clearly has a very large chip on his shoulder on this subject.

# The focus on autism should be finding a cure, not finding humor.
No, there should not be a focus on finding a cure.

# One on the ND side could make a counterpoint that my blog is a joke as well, but since I got all the LA sports stars to comment on my blog, I'd say it should be taken seriously.
No LA sports stars have ever commented on Oliver's blog, and that false claim contributes to the illusion that Oliver's blog is indeed a joke.

# The only trustworthy news source in the world of autism is Oliver M Canby.
No, Oliver, you clearly can not be trusted on the subject of autism at all.

# Excellent! Now when are they gonna nab him (Phil Gluyas) for child molestation?
Never, because the accusation has been proven to be false and defamatory.

The one hundred and thirty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Of course, it should've been much longer, but due to my debilitating autism, I was not toilet-trained until the age of 5
This delay was not caused by autism alone. That is impossible.

# I figured I'd be a virgin for life.
On current proof, or lack of it, he will be.

# I lost that, and it's a good thing I did because if I hadn't I would've committed suicide at the end of 2011.
This is a false reason to commit suicide, and besides as stated there is no proof that he has lost his virginity.

# I was not toilet-trained until the age of 5, due to my mercury-induced autism.
Again, this is a false assertion.

# Dr. Wakefield proved that autistic people have bowel disease, which makes them unable to toilet-train.
Bowel disease does not prevent toilet training, whether Dr Wakefield told the truth or not.

# He is now being censored by Big Pharma.
No he is being censored by the medical establishment and that only applies in the United Kingdom.

# I saw a gastroenterologist <snip> who said that I had no physiological issues, and stated the typical Big Pharma line that autism was neurological, which means he must've been bought out.
No he was telling the truth.

# Although I went to a general-ed preschool, my teachers still found me an enigma and were relieved when I graduated in 1997.
You don't graduate from pre school.

# The duty to potty-train me fell solely upon them
This is a lie. The duty fell upon Oliver's parents.

# Ironically, they would expel me 5 years later, for a violent incident involving a knife.
This is not ironic. This is consistent.

# I was forcibly potty-trained, which was the right thing to do, but was still traumatizing nonetheless.
This would never have happened if Oliver's parents had toilet trained him properly.

# Keep in mind that this was less than a year before the Sparky incident, in which I unknowingly rooted for the visiting team and caused myself a great embarrassment.
It has been made clear that his father was proud of him so there should be no embarrassment.

# Now imagine if I rooted for the Giants at Dodger Stadium. Uh, yeah. Just ask Bryan Stow.
This is a poor example and inconsistent of Oliver as he is now claiming those Mexican thugs are Dodgers supporters when previously he disowned them.

# Had I been cured of autism when I was 2 like Jenny McCarthy's son was, I would've had a normal, happy childhood and none of that shit would've ever happened.
Jenny McCarthy's son was never autistic and never cured of it.

The one hundred and fortieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# This is a man who has been persecuted by normal people for being autistic, and by autistic people for wanting a cure.
There is no proof that he has been persecuted, only criticized.

# Jonathan really deserves better in his life, so it's a shame that he's autistic.
His life can be better if he wants it to be.

# Now let me make this clear: I'm not autistic anymore.
Yes you are, Oliver.

# Ever since I lost my virginity over a year ago, I have officially become a normal person.
You did not lose your virginity, and even if you had it does not cure autism.

# I actually care about autistic people and want to see them cured.
That is not caring about autistic people.

# I mean let's face it: I have a better life than Jonathan does.
You have constantly stated that you have a shitty life, Oliver, so this is a lie.

# I am 20 years old, not a virgin, and am currently enrolled in college.
There is no proof of either of these claims.

# However, I choose to donate my time and be a friend to Jonathan, because he needs one and he needs a cure for his autism.
He doesn't. No one needs a cure.

# All members of neurodiversity are hideous people because they want autistic people to suffer.
No, Oliver, that attitude falls upon you.

# Having been autistic myself, I realize that it is a bad disease and needs a cure.
You are wrong.

# It seems as if Jonathan Mitchell is the only other man who sees the truth
he doesn't see the truth, Oliver, and neither do you.

The one hundred and forty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# This storyline is incorrect and hurtful, as there is no way on earth that something like that could happen in real life.
Yes it could, Oliver. See Miss Alexis Wineman for the perfect example.

# If an autistic person was watching that show, they might falsely believe that one could really do that, and they would suffer as a result.
They could do that and they should not be prevented from doing so.

# Never mind that Autism Speaks doesn't really want to cure autism
They have a long standing belief in a cure for autism.

# I hope Jason Katims and all the executive staff at Parenthood realize that promoting autism as merely a difference is harmful
It's not. It's the truth.

# Neurodiversity is pure evil, and we can't have another lamestream media outlet fall for their deceptive tricks.
The true neurodiversity is fact, and to say otherwise is what is truly deceptive and evil

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Assistance Package 134, 135, 136 & 137

The one hundred and thirty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# The other day, I came across a cheesy flirt line on the website myYearbook which said, "Are your parents retarded? Cause you damn sure are special!"
This is not a flirt line at all. It's an insult.

# First it made me think about how pissed off all the NDs would be, but I don't really give a fuck about that.
You should.

# It also made me think of using the word "special" as a euphemism for "retarded," which was initially intended to soften the blow but has now become equally pejorative.
That's because the context has been clarified and it needs to stop.

# But most importantly, it made me realize how mainstream, and frankly accepted, that mental retardation has become.
It hasn't been. It never is when it is the subject of scorn and ridicule.

# Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about autism, which is why we must cure it.
The same can be said for autism and it's why it should not be cured, but rather endured.

# Whereas retards are seen as "indigo children," autistics and Aspergians are rightly seen as scum of the earth
This is completely incorrect.

# And not worth anybody's dime, which is why a cure must be found pronto.
It is most certainly worth the effort because autistics have much to offer the world.

# Even now, when a normal person asks me, "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?" I say that I am mentally retarded instead of autistic or Aspergian, because it is more tolerated and normal people are more likely to understand it.
This is a bad social error because it will not win you any friends.

# On a side note, I'm well aware that the use of the word "special" in the myYearbook message is actually a double entendre, as the flirty use is positive.
This is a ridiculous statement.

# But this proves not only the normalization of retardation but that the use of "special" to mean "retarded" as so commonplace that people would automatically understand its use in a double entendre.
There is no double entendre, and if Oliver actually had some social skills he would know this.

The one hundred and thirty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# One of the most common bullshit lines espoused by members of neurodiversity is that autism is not a disease because you can't die of it.
It's not a bullshit line. It's perfectly valid and correct.

# Like pretty much everything that neurodiversity says, that is a lie.
Neurodiversity is being misused as a word in this sentence.

# Not only does a disease not necessarily have to be fatal, but there have been numerous cases of people dying because of their autism.
There have been none.

# There was a boy in Canada who froze to death after he wandered away from his home due to his autism.
He died from hypothermia, not autism.

# There was another boy in Georgia who got run over by a car because his autism made him run out into traffic.
Autism did not make him run into traffic.

# Many autistic people suffer from epileptic seizures which can be fatal.
Epilepsy is a totally separate condition.

# That is how John Travolta's son died.
There is no proof of that assertion.

# Those with Asperger's syndrome are not exempt either. Many of them suffer clinical depression due to their disease and take their own lives.
That depression is caused by societal neglect, not Asperger's syndrome.

# Burt Bacharach's daughter Nikki took her own life due to Asperger's syndrome.
No, she was also the victim of societal neglect.

# Autism is a fatal disease, and it must be eradicate from this earth via a cure.
It is not fatal. It has not caused a single death.

The one hundred and thirty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Nobody in their right mind would love autism.
Nobody in their right mind would hate it.

# It is a horrendous disease, and would be akin to loving cancer or AIDS.
This has already been proven incorrect.

# One of the bullshit lines used by neurodiversity is "If you hate autism, you hate autistic people." In actuality, just the opposite is true.
No, it's an accurate line.

# If you try to love somebody's autism, you are doing them a disservice by denying them the cure that they deserve.
No you are accepting them as they are and will always be.

# By hating autism, we can work together to eradicate it from this planet and make everyone live a decent and normal life.
It is possible to live a decent and normal life without a cure.

# The reason neurodiversity wants people to remain autistic is because they are sadistic sociopaths who love watching autistic children rot in mental institutions.
Again, the definition of neurodiversity being used here is wrong. No one wants autistics in mental institutions.

# Nobody in their right mind would want that for an autistic person, or anyone else for that matter.
You do, Oliver, because you oppose adjustments and tolerance.

# The fact that neurodiversity has borrowed from the gay rights movement only shows what morons they actually are.
No it's a valid view.

# Autism is not a minority status, it is not a different way of being, it is a disease.
It is and has been proven to be a different way of being.

# They should pass a law that throws parents in jail who explicitly deny their autistic child a cure because they "don't want to change who their child is."
You should be thrown in jail for denying parents the right to adjust to what is given to them as part of their responsibilities.

# Autism needs to be cured, so if you love your autistic child, you would do the right thing and cure him.
This is a blatant denial of human rights and denial of love. It says a great deal again about Oliver's character.

The one hundred and thirty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# From now on, I will give out the HAA Awards annually on May 23.
Oliver lied. He has not issued another award since this time.

# He (Phil Gluyas) has proven through his idiocy and his neuroinsanity that he is deserving of this award.
Oliver has long proven through his deluded conduct that his opinion means very little if anything.

# Keep in mind that this is a man who has been banned from pretty much every autistic website known to man, even the ND ones.
There is no proof of this.

# According to Suzi Olsen's forum, he has now been permanently banned from umpiring in Australian rules football because he pulled out too son.
This originally read "pulled out of a young boy's anus too son", which has been proven to be false. There was no such ban.

# It is my honor to dole out this HAA award to Phil Gluyas, as he will never learn to stop being an idiot.
Oliver, it is you who is being an idiot and you need to stop.

# Damn after what happened with Coach Sandusky I'd have thought the AFL would be more careful with who they let on the field. I guess the folks down under just don't listen.
Or they know that Phil and Sandusky have nothing in common and it is therefore not a factor. Note that this comment has been proven to be a libelous statement.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Assistance Package 132 & 133

The one hundred and thirty-second entry continued the lies and errors, and I was fortunate to see this in my RSS feed and it never disappeared when the original entry was deleted between 36 and 48 hours after it was published. These quotes are the ones referred to on the Criminal Canby blog and should have resulted in Oliver's arrest;

# Will anyone who lives in Australia please show up at <snip> and murder Phil Gluyas?
The snip I made was an address that presumably was Phil's home address. You never ever publish a person's address no matter what the reason.

# Please slit his throat and make sure to sever both vocal chords and the jugular vein.
This detail reveals a truly deluded and disturbed mind.

# I don't just want him to die I want him to suffer so it has to be done right.
Oliver, this is despicable conduct that has no excuse.

# After you are done decapitating him, please mount his head on a stick and roast it over an open fire.
This is more disturbed behavior.

# The rest of him can be dismembered and tossed into the ocean.
This penchant for violence is at a very high level.

# I am offering a reward of $500 to the perpetrator from the fund I received to start my Occupy Neurodiversity movement, and I am following up on my call to use force and violence if necessary.
This is what I was referring to earlier in assistance package 129 about the core target.

# This will be the first act of the 99% striking back against the 1%.
I have already observed that these percentages are wrong, and even if it wasn't the 99% would not support Oliver's actions.

# I am specifically targeting you, Paris Tenana and Dave Ayling. I know both of you want Phil dead probably more than I do
There is no proof of this.

# If I find out that either of you was the perpetrator I will double the reward to $1,000.
That is furthering the incitement with bribery.

# For Dave and Paris only, they can make a deal to split the reward money for $500 each. No other splits will be allowed.
This is a continuation of the bribery previously mentioned.

# If any perpetrator is charged with a crime as a result of this, I will fully pay for your legal defense and present this to the courts as a justifiable homicide.
There is no justification in this, Oliver. None.

# Just to clarify, this is a threat of bodily harm, as well as a threat on Phil Gluyas' life.
This clear incitement has never been punished and it is truly mystifying as to why.

# This will only be the beginning of Occupy Neurodiversity, and there will certainly be more violent acts to come in the near future.
This is a general threat to society that should be stopped, and quickly.

The one hundred and thirty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# My previous post was obviously not serious.
It was serious, Oliver. It revealed a great deal about you and you meant every word.

# I realize now it was a pretty extreme joke, but obviously it wasn't serious and I don't even have that kind of money.
It was far from a joke and should not be referred to as one. As stated, it was sick, twisted and disturbed behavior, and to this day it has never been properly dealt with upon investigation. This entry was also deleted although it's period of availability was considerably longer. The deletion demonstrates that this "apology" was not serious.

I call on all readers to please do what you can to see to it that this person is punished for this. This shorter than usual entry deserves it's own part.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Assistance Package 127, 128, 129, 130 & 131

The one hundred and twenty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# I looked at Luciano Pavarotti and immediately said, "That's Raffi!" The reason for this is that my autism makes me completely face-blind, which means that I have absolutely no idea what people look like.
That is not correct. Face blind refers to not being able to interpret facial reactions.

# If they had focused their time when I was that age on curing my autism instead of just boasting about how "smart" I supposedly was, I would've been spared that horrific embarrassment.
It wouldn't have made any difference as the error was caused by a lack of education, not autism.

The one hundred and twenty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# In 2011, my New Year's resolution was to lose my virginity. That happened
There is still no proof of this.

# However, much to my surprise, losing my virginity did not magically turn my life around.
Aside from the fact that there is no proof it happened as mentioned, it wouldn't have turned it around no matter what.

# My life still sucks balls due to my autism, and I still need a cure.
Your bad life is caused by your attitude, Oliver, not your autism.

# Both relationships I had this year failed, and only one of them resulted in sex.
They failed because of your attitude and again, there is no proof of any sex taking place.

# I made the humungous mistake of telling one of my girlfriends about my autism, but ironically it was the same one who had sex with me.
It was not a mistake, and if sex did happen (which is still to be proven) it may have been an act of pity from Liliana and not love.

# She seemed fine with it at first, but then used it as an excuse to dump me.
If this actually happened, it is possible that she didn't understand autism. However it is more likely that the real reason was attitude, not autism.

# It is a mistake I have vowed never to repeat.
This will assist in a forced celibacy period, Oliver. Is that what you want?

# I don't see myself having another relationship anytime soon, because I'm very severely autistic and I will likely never have sex again.
This negative attitude is what I'm referring to as the core problem.

# I don't have a resolution for 2012 since I lost my virginity in 2011 and that was all I really wanted to accomplish.
This demonstration of low self esteem needs to be corrected.

# I'm now learning to drive and I plan to start college in February, so we'll see where that leads.
There is no proof of any success in either realm.

# I don't want to be autistic, and I feel I wouldn't be reaching my fullest potential of I was with someone who was autistic or exhibited autistic symptoms.
You are autistic for life, Oliver, and there is nothing you can do to change that. An autistic partner could be just what you need.

# I'm slowly recovering from last Year's debacle, but I'm not there yet.
You'll never recover if you don't admit that you got everything wrong, Oliver.

The one hundred and twenty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Among autistic people, there are about 1% who support "neurodiversity" and don't want to be cured.
This percentage has been made up.

# The other 99%, like me, think autism is a horrible disease and feel that a cure is necessary.
See my previous observation.

# Between Big Pharma as well as the US government, they choose to fund neurodiversity to give everyone a false perception of autism
Big Pharma funds no one upon investigation and neither does Congress.

# Unlike the Occupy Wall Street people, who are capable of voicing their displeasure, over 80% of autistic people are also mentally retarded and thus cannot adequately express their desire for a cure.
Mental retardation and autism are two different conditions.

# Neurodiversity exploits this, and uses it to say that these poor nonverbal autistic people do not want to be cured, when anyone with eyes could see that that is pure bullshit.
The severity of their condition has been established as a regression which can be reversed. But this is not a cure for autism.

# I am starting a movement called Occupy Neurodiversity, where we will show this people who's really in charge and what autism really is.
This is a violent reflection that has it's core target coming.

# Sometimes it's worth getting arrested in order to stand up for what you believe in.
Not in this case.

The one hundred and thirtieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# At one point she was hospitalized in the psych ward where she tried to rape the male patients.
There is no proof of that.

# I say this because this is an interesting dilemma when it comes to human rights.
It isn't. The decision was designed to protect the woman and the public.

# On the one hand, the right to have sex is guaranteed by the UN
No it's not.

# He did not rule that this lady could never get married, despite the fact that one needs to have sex to do so.
That is not true.

# The sad thing is, though, that if this lady had been cured of her autism, none of this would ever have happened.
It would have made no difference as an intellectual disability does not mean autism automatically.

# Neurodiversity needs to realize that autism is a bad disease, and stop lobbying against a cure in the face of cases like this.
This story does not prove anything of the sort.

The one hundred and thirty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# While my life still sucks, I will never give up the fight for a cure for autism.
You will, Oliver, once you realize that it's a wasted effort.

# I'm in college now, but that sucks so bad that it's already starting to remind me of my one semester in high school
There is no proof of this.

# Each time that Neurodiversity has tried to silence me I have only come back stronger, and I am already starting to emerge victorious.
There is no proof of that either.

# I do plan to drop out of college in June once my semester ends, because I cannot handle college anymore.
If you really were in college, Oliver, this is the act of a coward.

# I have no idea what I'll do after that, but perhaps I'll work in a fast food restaurant.
As an autistic, that is a bad job choice.

# My autism needs to be cured so that I can have a better life. Any member of Neurodiversity who says otherwise is lying to you.
No, Oliver, they are not lying. You are because you can have a better life with a better attitude.

# Andrew Ackner is not permitted to comment on this blog.
I rather think that everyone can at some point comment on Oliver's blog. Whether or not Oliver applies the First Amendment however is a separate matter.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Assistance Package 126

The one hundred and twenty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# But the fact of the matter is that autism is a disability, and a very severe one at that.
It's only a disability either if you allow it, or if others make it.

# It shouldn't be trivialized at all, and ND already does a tremendous job at that.
Oliver it is you who is trivializing it.

# If we use the word "retard," we can accurately portray that autism is a severe disability and that it needs to be cured.
No it is inaccurate, and it will encourage bullying, suicide and create a severe underclass.

# When I was being chewed out on my Facebook wall by some NDs who were offended over my use of the word "retard," John Best immediately came to my aid and I commend him for that.
John Best is the last person who would come to anyone's aid for any benefit.

# It takes true moral character.
No it takes cowardice to engage in such bullying.

# What we need to do is ditch the PC and get to the reality of how bad autism is and how it needs to be cured.
It doesn't need to be cured and it is only as bad as you allow it to be.

# I believe using the word "retard" can do just that.
It won't.

# I am truly representative of autism, unlike you because you do not have autism.
No, Oliver, you do not truly represent autism and you can't tell anyone else they don't have it without proof.

# But it is true that all NDs fear the word "retard" not only because they are liberal and PC but also because they think it is damaging to "autistic civil rights" as if there even is such a thing.
There is such a thing as autistic civil rights, Oliver, and you oppose this. That's why you don't represent autism.

# Jonathan's autism has kept him a virgin at the age of 56.
No it didn't.

# While I am no longer a virgin
This is still yet to be proved.

# I still have a shitty life at the age of 19 due to my autism
No, Oliver, your life is shitty because you won't work to improve it.

# I don't think that ND wants to legally ban the word "retard" <snip>, but they want its use discouraged. I think it should be encouraged.
No it shouldn't.

# You need to have sex with Dr. Dubin.
That is a disgusting comment and out of line.

# When Andrew was in middle school he was hospitalized in the psych ward
There is no proof of that.

# His comments aren't even worth a response, and his life must be so shitty that he feels he has to belittle mine.
And yet you respond, Oliver.

# I never thought of it before, but maybe Dr. Dubin does pay tuition so his boy toy can be an "autistic" doctor like he is and they can rape kids together.
This is another disgusting comment.

# I am not homosexual.
This is yet to be proven.

# I have been laid 5 times.
This is also yet to be proven.

# Sure Nick Dubin does good, if you consider doing good to be molesting boys.
Dubin did do good things and it's a shame he smeared his own name with his pedophilia.

# The reason you feel so awesome about yourself is cause you're in such denial about how fucked up you really are.
The person concerned has high self esteem, something that would do Oliver some good if he'll just have a crack at it.

# If you cured yourself, maybe things would be better.
There is no cure, and things can be better without it anyway.

# The Republican party does not lie and neither do I.
The vast majority of politicians lie, and so do you, Oliver.

# I lost my virginity in June and the last time I did it was in August
There is no proof of this.

# I am not a whiner, I do not mooch off of my parents, and I will do something with my life, unlike you.
There is constant whining and as he still lives with his parents he is mooching off them.

# John Best is even more of a man than I am, as he is running for President and you can't constitutionally do that if you're under 35.
He isn't running for President and he can't unless he makes it official and registers. Write ins have no chance.

# You are hitting below the belt, and what you are stating are not facts.
Oliver has constantly denied facts throughout his blogging efforts.

# I am way better than you, and everything about me is positive. I am not whiny an I have a better life than you do.
No, Oliver, you are not better than the people who criticize you. You are whiny.

# Where've you been all these months, Phil? I'll bet you were in a lunatic asylum.
There is no proof of that.

# Should I tell the police that you escaped and that you're armed and dangerous? Yes? Sounds great, Phil!
Making a false report to police is a penal code violation, Oliver. This may be one of the reports the Criminal Canby blog referred to.

# Here's a reality check for you. There are no positives about autism.
There are many positives.

# Autism is a disease, and by definition there is nothing positive about a disease.
It is not a disease, for possibly the hundredth time.

# There are positives in my life, but those are despite my autism, not because of it.
No they are because of it, Oliver, and you refuse to exploit them.

# I am blessed that my autism is mild enough for me to have limited success.
There is no evidence of any success.

# However, most people with autism are so impared that they can have no success at all and badly need a cure
They do not need a cure. They need guidance and Oliver seeks to deny this guidance.

# Autism is bad, so says the title of this blog.
Autism is only as bad as one allows it to be.

# I have never told a single lie about you, Phil. Everything I've said is 100% true, and you can't prove otherwise.
Clearly on January 27, 2015, it was shown that Oliver has lied and grievously.

# I speak the truth about autism and you're in complete denial.
No, Oliver, you don't speak the truth about autism.

# This blog has done nothing but help me, not hurt me.
It has hurt you, Oliver. Your reputation is in tatters and it's your own fault.

# By the way, Phil, I love those YouTube videos of you. Is that shirtless dude your new boy toy?
This is a baseless assumption for an unknown source.

# You are worse than Christian Weston Chandler in my opinion.
No one is worse than Christian Chandler.

# There's this whole Wicked Pedia site about him, and maybe I should create one about you once I have the money to register a domain name.
After the January 27 2015 decision I can see this never getting off the ground.

# I have a male therapist now, and I told him about you. He says that you're crazy and should be thrown in an insane asylum.
No therapist (male or female) would ever make such a claim.

# He says that you're not autistic and that you're just mentally retarded, and that he doesn't even need to meet you to know how crazy you are.
No one can make a diagnosis based on your information about him, Oliver.

# Plus, he said that the worst thing about crazy people is that they'll never admit to being crazy, which fits you to a T.
It fits you, Oliver.

# Keep in mind that this coming from a certified mental health professional
Who never said anything.

# Um, Andrew, I do have a girlfriend
No, Oliver, I think we can safely say that you don't.

# You have proven yourself to be homosexual as you had sex with Dr. Nick Dubin.
There is no proof of this.

# Phil isn't suing me.
He has and he won.

# Plus, everything I've said about both of you is true anyway.
It's not.

# You cannot afford a lawyer and no lawyer would take your case because you do not have one.
Obviously he got one because the case went ahead.

# You will not be contacting my father because you do not have his phone number.
It is easily obtained I'm sure.

# If you were to actually sue me (which you are not doing), you would be required to deal with me directly and not with my father.
It is clear from reading the decision that Oliver didn't deal directly with Phil as he avoided the whole thing. That was a cowardly act.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Assistance Package 124 & 125

The one hundred and twenty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It is people like these who may require a label or diagnosis of "wandering" so that people will know to take extra precaution to keep them safe.
No it will cause the caging of said people, a human rights abuse.

# Of course, Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN are against this label, for fear that it would be "stigmatizing."
It would be, per the observation I just made.

# Neurodiversity claims to prevent stigma, but they actually do a pretty good job of creating it.
This is impossible as diversity by it's nature can't stigmatize.

# That statement alone may be true in of itself, but one must also keep in mind that Ari Ne'eman is not autism.
He is a fine representative.

# Despite the fact that he himself may not need a "wandering" label, he as absolutely no right at all to say that, on behalf of all autistic people, that he opposes a "wandering" label.
He has every right for the reasons already stated.

# It may be needed in several cases, and it can save lives.
It is not needed.

# I myself would never need a "wandering" label, but I do not go around saying that if I don't need it then nobody does, because that is simply not true.
Oliver doesn't understand the consequences of this proposal.

# Many people do need it, and I am not in the least afraid to admit to that.
No one needs it.

# First of all, Ari Ne'eman has no psychology degree whatsoever, so I have absolutely no idea why he thinks he knows this.
It doesn't take a psychology degree to recognize a human rights abuse.

# Also, if that is indeed the case, it would be even more of a reason to necessitate the label, not less.
The label is never necessary.

# A child who only communicates by wandering or attempting to wander (assuming that is indeed true) does not justify having his life endangered by the lack of a label simply due to fear of stigmatization.
The lack of such a label does not endanger anyone's life.

# Of course, Ari Ne'eman also opposes teaching non-verbal autistic children to talk, which could also help greatly with the wandering issue.
There is no proof of this allegation.

# The stories like today's and countless others just only go to show how badly this label is necessitated.
No story has ever supported this claim.

# Anyone who simply fears being stigmatized is ignorant to the fact that these autistic people are putting their own lives at risk.
No, Oliver, it is those who look after them that are putting them at risk.

# We need to stop the ASAN now for the betterment of society, and we need to realize that they do not really care about autistic people in the least.
ASAN care more about autistic people than Oliver does.

# You know, Andrew, Dion almost died on The Day the Music Died.
Oliver completely missed the point of this comment, referring to the positive message of Dion's song "The Wanderer".

# The only reason he didn't was because the plane ticket cost $36 and that was also his monthly rent for his apartment in New York so he felt he couldn't justify wasting a month's rent for a plane ticket.
Oliver made this up.

# What does this (Bob Saget) have anything to do with Full House?
Bob Saget is an established comedian and former host of America's Funniest Home Videos. That's what it has to with it.

# I couldn't be gay if I tried to be.
You could if you are gay.

The one hundred and twenty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Bruce Springsteen cares so much about autistic people because he performed for Autism Speaks.
It is not confirmed if he did that concert for this reason or not.

# He didn't realize what a bad organization Autism Speaks is, and he thought they genuinely wanted to cure autistic children.
There is no proof of this.

# The fact that Sadder but Wiser Girl put him on a boycott list just proves what idiots neurodiversity are.
No it doesn't.

# Bruce Springsteen unfortunately lost his saxophone player this past June, on the same day that I lost my virginity.
As stated there is no proof Oliver lost his virginity.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Assistance Package 122 & 123

The one hundred and twenty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# I thought boo meant yay. This was due to my autism, which causes confusion of facts.
No it wasn't, it was due to a poor education.

# Nobody knows why exactly I thought this, but there are a couple of theories out there.
There is only one, and that is reflected in the previous comment.

# The first theory is that I heard someone say boo at a baseball game and just figured that it meant yay.
As both were present this doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

# Another one is that I knew that woo meant yay, so I just figured that boo also meant yay.
Woo does not mean yay on every occasion. It depends on context.

# My parents didn't know that I was autistic back then, and they thought I was smart when I was in fact mentally retarded.
You weren't mentally retarded. You were different, and you were put over as smart to keep your self esteem up.

# They figured that I was just being snide and sarcastic
This is a classic social error on the part of the parents. Sarcasm and the like should not be tolerated in young children.

# I didn't finally realize that boo meant boo until several years later, when I learned the Purim story.
This is another social error that should have been corrected a lot sooner.

# It was when I was in kindergarten (around the same time as the Sparky incident) and my mom was telling me how when you say the name of Haman (who is the bad guy), you say "Boo!"
This is simplistic education and very poor.

# I naturally figured "Well, you wouldn't say yay for a bad guy," and that is when I figured out the truth.
This sort of lateral thinking is one of the positives of autism, provided it includes context.

# Another phrase that I thought meant yay was "schoff crunch."
Upon examination, Oliver made this up.

# Then, when we were at an Easter party, I stood on top of the slide, started clapping and said "Schoff crunch!"
This is highly unlikely.

# My parents figured that I was mimicking bunny rabbit sounds (because it was Easter), but I was just saying yay.
Again, this is highly unlikely.

# There you have it, folks. Had I been cured of autism via chelation at the Yale Child Study Center, I would not have subjected myself to this embarrassment.
On the contrary, you would have embarrassed yourself in other ways.

# Um, the last time I checked, someone with an IQ of 146 was a genius, not a retard.
This is a useless statement.

# My IQ is 146, not 86. If it was I'd be borderline retarded.
Borderline retarded is in the low to mid 70's.

# I do not act like a pre-teen and I haven't since I was one.
On the contrary, upon examination this reflection is quite accurate.

# I am incredibly smart (way smarter than you) as I got strait As in high school and I have a legitimate diploma.
This is impossible, and smarts are only as good as how you use them.

# I could definitely complete a job, as I am a hard-worker.
But you couldn't cope with the environment, Oliver, because you haven't adjusted.

# I have proven so countless times, and you saying otherwise is defamation of character.
This is a false statement.

# Plus, it would be illegal for any establishment to fire me on the grounds of disability, as that is prohibited under the ADA which was passed by Congress in 1990 and signed into law by George H.W. Bush.
There are exceptions to this law that would allow for otherwise discriminatory action to be taken.

# Any establishment that did so would be opening doors to a lawsuit in federal court, which would not be worth the risk.
They would risk it if the exemptions were applicable

The one hundred and twenty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, there is some slightly good news today, as the Senate has finally decided to renew the Combating Autism Act, much to the chagrin of Ari Ne'eman, even though he wouldn't have his government post if it wasn't for this act.
Oliver misunderstands the intent of the Act and for someone like him this would be bad news.

# The fact that neurodiversity opposes this act is truly appalling, and they prove that they actually don't give a shit about autistic people.
They oppose it's theory, not it's practice as it stands.

# At least there are autistic people like me who see through their bullshit and realize that our disease needs to be cured.
There is no need for a cure.

# If only autistic people would listen to me. Then they'd know the truth.
They won't listen to you, Oliver, because you constantly lie about almost every subject you speak about.

# I'm smart, not stupid. My IQ is 146.
You can have an IQ of 146, and still be stupid.

# Autism can be cured via chelation.
No it can't.

# I am not a virgin. I haven't been one since June 13. <merge> Her name is Lili short for Liliana.
This is disgusting use of the name of the person Oliver stalked.

# I am not ugly. I am beautiful.
This is not a man speaking, unless they are gay.

# I don't need chelation anymore because I already lost my virginity so now there'd be no point.
If you are seeking to cure autism your way, Oliver, yes you do because you are still autistic.

# The reason I didn't announce it right off the bat is that I felt it was a private matter between Lili and me and I needn't go bragging about my personal life like that.
You should have stayed quiet about the details, Oliver, if it was true. The reason you didn't is because it's not true.

# I am not a pussy as I am strong.
Clearly, Oliver, you are not strong. Habitual liars never are.

# Joe Mule: Every real man is proud of his inner beauty. It is not gay in the least to say that.
Joe Mule is right as I previously stated.

# I would never sit down to go piss, even at home.
You have to if you have to have a shit!

# I gratefully abide by Leviticus 18:22
Which is completely out of date.

# I'm strait
Oliver, that is "straight", and there is evidence that you are not.

# I am not mentally retarded.
This completely contradicts previous and consequent claims.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Assistance Package 118, 119, 120 & 121

The one hundred and eighteenth entry is only the tenth entry to contain no lies or errors.

The one hundred and nineteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# By this point, everyone knows that autism is mercury poisoning and is not merely a form of "neurodiversity."
The majority know that this is no true.

# Anyone who says otherwise is deliberately lying to you.
No, Oliver, you are lying - to yourself more than anyone.

# No right-thinking person would be against curing a disease.
It's not a disease.

# There is nobody on Earth who opposes curing cancer and AIDS, so the same should be true with autism.
They are diseases. Autism is not.

# One ridiculous argument that NeuroDiversity makes is that all autistic people are one and the same.
Upon investigation, the basis of this is apparently the genetic base alone.

# They believe that we all have the same disease ad thus should not be cured.
It is not a disease.

# Granted, we Aspergians don't need to be cured as badly as some lower-functioning autistic people, but we need to be cured nonetheless.
No one needs to be cured. They need to be understood and helped where required.

# My disease has impared my life in a myriad of ways, and only recently has it started to improve ever so slightly.
You attitude has impaired your life, Oliver, not autism.

# Had I been cured of my autism as a young child, I would not have the depression I have now.
This is highly unlikely.

# I think Congress should mandate that autism be cured, and all NDs should be thrown in jail.
Taking the correct definition of neurodiversity, Oliver wants all human beings in jail.

# It's completely ironic that NeuroDiversity is now campaigning against the CAA when it is in fact because of it that one of their members has a government post
The campaign was to change the CAA, not eliminate it.

The one hundred and twentieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# During my first journey to preschool, I saw a Beverly Hills street sign which said "Doheny Dr." and I assumed that meant Doheny Doctor. My mom had immediately corrected me and told me that it was in fact Doheny Drive, but the damage had already been done.
What damage?

# I already knew that Dr. stood for doctor, but I had no idea that it stood for drive as well. This was due to my autism, which gave me concrete thinking and a complete lack of common sense.
It is not that concrete for someone at your functioning level, Oliver. You are over reacting to this.

# Had I been cured of autism at the age of 2 via chelation at the Yale Health Plan (and they do cure autism there)
There is no cure for autism.

# I would've been completely normal and I wouldn't have confused Doheny Doctor with Doheny Drive.
You could have. All it took is a lack of education, not being autistic.

# Maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself, but I would've expected better to mistake the abbreviation on a street sign.
You can not expect better when you had no education at the time.

# It may indeed be cute and humorous, but the reason I feel shame is primarily due to my autism, of which this is a side effect.
No it's not. It's a side effect of your poor education at the time.

# Another symptom of autism is the tendency to be a perfectionist
This is not limited to autism.

# As for mispronunciations, sometimes it is best to learn the correct one simply to avoid embarrassing yourself.
There is a message in this comment that Oliver is missing. Education and autism are separate issues.

# There is of course slight variations with regional accents, but sometimes the general pronunciation is pretty much the same.
This is an understatement and therefore a social error.

# Society seems more tolerant of grammatical errors, especially among certain ethnic groups.
This is false. The opposite is in fact the case.

# Another would be black people, who are essentially raised on broken English to the point that it is almost a separate language called Ebonics.
Oliver made this up, and in the process revealed a racist streak.

# Correcting this would be considered completely racist, as this is the way black people are raised and it would basically be like asking them to give up their identity.
No, Oliver, you are engaging in racism yourself by making such an absurd observation to begin with.

The one hundred and twenty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# Apparently, some dude named "Spectral Keeper" has been banned from Phil Gluyas' website for "slandering" him
There is no proof of this.

# My guess is that he was an Australian rules football player who Phil lured into his den in attempt to sexually molest
It was established in a court of law that this is completely false and defamatory.

# When that didn't go so well the Spectral Keeper rightfully called him out on his bullshit.
There is no proof of this either.

This assistance shall continue.