Saturday, January 31, 2015

Assistance Package 54 & 55

The fifty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Never in a million years did I expect to ride the bus with a convicted terrorist.
Upon investigation this never happened.

# His name is Dr. Russell Welch and he has a Ph.D. in physics from UCLA.
There is no such terrorist.

# I let him use my phone to call and say he was gonna be late, but the parole officer hung up on him.
This is a false statement also, as a parole officer would never hang up on a criminal he or she was looking after.

# He believes in the New World Order and aliens and 2012 and all that bullshit. I told him I believed every word he said.
This was a social error. The best reaction is to just nod and move away.

# I even shook his hand and told him my name.
This was an even bigger social error. The person Oliver describes is clearly a lunatic and you never give anything to them.

# When he was talking on my phone, this girl across the aisle from me was laughing hysterically at him, because he was insane.
I think it's more likely that she was laughing at Oliver.

# That is a life moment through the eyes of an autistic person.
And he got so much of it wrong.

# Ther1: Are you Cube Angel in disguise? I've never heard if you, but you live in Duluth, GA where Cube Angel lives.
There is no proof that the person named lives in the place named.

# You just dissed my blog for no reason.
I rather think that Oliver's blog has every reason to be "dissed".

The fifty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# You can see him pointing to me right at the end of the song.
This has already been addressed as incorrect.

# He did that because he loves autistic people, which is why he performed for Autism Speaks.
It is far more likely that he was paid to perform for Autism Speaks.

# That's also why he turns the lites on instead of off for Born to Run
The true reason for this has already been explained.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Assistance Package 53

The fifty-third entry continued the lies and errors - and this entry was done entirely in Spanish originally. What is being quoted is the English translation;

# I have fear of shopping centers. You can die in a mall. On the third floor, you can fall and die.
The paranoia behind this is beyond reasonable.

# In Village Glen West, there are no normal people, because all estudianted have autism.
This didn't translate that well, but Oliver appears to be saying that all students at Village Glen West were autistic. There is no evidence of this.

# It's too bad, because normal people do not understand autism.
Wouldn't it be appropriate to teach them to understand?

# I have fear of ordinary people, they are better than me, and I die.
If this has translated accurately this is another suicidal statement, born out of ignorance.

# I do not like the arts, because I am a man.
That is a very lame excuse not to enjoy the arts.

# I am not going to school any more.
Consequent to this there is evidence that in fact he did, so this is a lie.

# In my life, if you do not have autism, you're very, very average.
This shows that Oliver doesn't wish to be special, and that's a bad thing for anyone.

# Troy Mullane killed Joeker? I thought this Joeker living.
This is demonstrably wrong in that the person who spoke (in Spanish through the translator) didn't say that at all.

# I know some men like the arts, but not me. Many men do not like the arts.
This is completely false.

# I do not like movies. But movies are not the arts.
Movies are very much the arts.

# The arts are theater, opera, and classical music.
Incorrect. The arts consist of movies, all music and not just opera and classical, and television as well as theater.

# The film is not art. It is recreation.
It's creation and presentation is art.

# You're right. Steven Spielberg has no autism.
There is anecdotal evidence that in fact Spielberg does have autism.

# Ask Jonathan Mitchell. He knows the truth.
Upon investigation, the person named knows very few truths.

# Andrew, I'm not in the closet. I'm straight. I'm not a fag.
There is not enough evidence either way to prove Oliver's actual gender preference.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Assistance Package 52

The fifty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# This dumbfuck obviously wants attention, and is in for a heap of lawsuits.
This never eventuated.

# Looks like years of legal battles.
There wasn't one.

# I'm well aware that neurodiversity can do some pretty nasty things.
How can brain difference do nasty things?

# I'm a virgin at 18 which is bad in its own right, but making fun of a man who's a virgin at 54 is just wrong, Clay Adams.
It rather depends on why the 54 year old is still a virgin. Upon investigation it has nothing to do with Autism.

# I am Oliver M Canby, and I want my autism cured. You can take your neurodiverse bullshit somewhere else.
You will never cure Autism.

# While Jonathan Mitchell is likely too old for anything to happen
This is false. It's why Viagra was invented.

# Being autistic is a turnoff for normal girls. Acting autistic is even worse, although I do curb that pretty well.
There is no evidence of curbing, and for some girls being Autistic is attractive.

# While mental retardation cannot be cured, autism can be cured via chelation.
Certain forms of mental retardation can in fact be cured. Autism can not be cured via chelation.

# Just ask John Best; he knows everything.
It is well known that John Best knows very little.

# If I fuck someone, it certainly won't be during marriage; that's for sure.
It would appear from this that Oliver is not interested in getting married and settling down.

# I'm aware Jonathan doesn't believe in chelation, and he has warned me of its side effects. However, I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
It is well known that the risks outweigh the benefits.

# However, I am certainly in favor of doing everything you can despite your autism, and I plan to do that if I can.
No one should ignore their Autism.

# Once I start my chelation regimen, I expect to get laid within a week.
This is not correct.

# If not, then I'm suing the manufacturer for false advertising.
No chelation developer promotes the ability to get laid after use of it's product.

# I wouldn't consider searching for a cure "wasting money."
It is when the money should be used for providing respite for parents who are struggling.

# However, neurodiversity doesn't, as they actively try to stop people from curing themselves.
This is the correct path to take.

# Jonathan has done a lot with his life, albeit limited by his autism.
Upon investigation he had done very little.

# He worked for a quarter-century as a medical transcrpitionist and earned a college degree
There is no evidence of either of these claims.

# All normal 18-year-olds have had sex, and chelation should make me normal within a week.
This is false.

# I believe it should be the person's choice if they want to be cured, but neurodiversity doesn't.
When there is no cure, there is no choice.

# Phil Gluyas tried to personally stop me from chelating myself, but it didn't work.
There is no evidence of this.

# Every single 18-year-old male who does not suffer from autism has had sex at least once in their life.
This is not true.

# Chelation, by definition, makes people normal. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
This is patently wrong.

# I'd sue the manufacturer, not John Best, because it worked great on his son Sam.
There is no medical evidence to prove John Best did anything of the sort.

# You live off of Social Security? That means you're on the dole, Clay Adams.
It most certainly does not.

# The reason we are virgins is because of our autism; no other reason.
It was established that the reason was social structuring, not Autism.

# Andrew, I think it's pretty much impossible for a normal guy my age not to have been laid.
It's not impossible at all.

# Most men I know lost their virginity around 13 or 14, so I feel like a baby thrown out of the bath water.
This - if true - means that the number of people Oliver knew was very limited, and rather careless.

# I feel like my biological clock is ticking, and I don't have much time left.
This is plainly wrong.

# I don't think I've lost it just yet, but I will in a couple of years which makes this a sense of urgency.
Males do not have a biological clock.

# I don't pretend like I know everything, and I've done no research at all on this subject.
Throughout this blog, Oliver puts himself over as knowing more than he actually does.

# Aspie Al lost his virginity at 13, at a Doobie Brothers concert in Clearlake. Steppenwolf was the opening act, and they sang Born to be Wild.
Upon investigation, Steppenwolf have never opened for the Doobie Brothers - so this can be established as a lie.

# The list goes on and on, Andrew, and I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are and all the other people who lost their virginity while they were still minors.
Given the number of lies Oliver has already told, it can be safely said that this can be added to the list.

# I took Biology with Mr. Rubenstein and passed it, so I deserve a diploma.
One subject passed does not entitle a person to a diploma.

# Both my autism and self-pity I do a very good job of masking, and even if a girl detected my self-pity chances are she'd reverse it because the female brain is wired for empathy.
This is presumptive, especially as Oliver's blog is a poster for Autism and self-pity.

# How am I clueless? At least I don't believe in neurodiversity like you.
This proves he is clueless on that subject at least.

# I'm too scared of needles to get a blood test or vaccines (because they cause autism), but I'd be more than willing to get a tattoo or even IV chelation if it'd get me laid.
There is so much wrong with this comment it would take too long to address it.

# I do believe we are all entitled to basic human rights, and I also support a cure.
This remark is contradictory.

# I'm autistic because of vaccines and I hate the doctor.
Autism is well known to be genetic in origin and not caused by vaccines.

# I'd only go to the doctor for an EKG to appease my sexual fetish.
This is a serious error of judgment.

# Actually, there's this thing called AquaDots that you slip into a girl's drink and then she gets all droozy and doesn't remember anything and you can fuck her right then and there on the spot.
This comment supports date rape.

# No, I don't wish to break any laws.
He just did in the previous comment quoted.

# At VGW, I had a famous tagline that went, "What Al says, goes," and I stand by it to this day.
It can be established that this is representative of Oliver's poor attitude.

# Nowadays, people get assraped all the time in the military showers.
This is patently false.

# Glenn Beck is a great conservative man
Glenn Beck is a well established conspiracy merchant.

# It's widely known that ever since they let faggots in the Corps they started assraping other guys.
This is also patently false.

# Fox News is "fair and balanced" while the rest of the mainstream media has an overtly liberal bias.
Oliver has a warped view of liberalism and the mainstream media.

# Why else would a faggot wanna join the Corps? Cause he wants to assrape other guys!
Again, this is patently false. The real reason is to prove that he is a man. His gender preference makes no difference.

# I am not a bigot as I think autistic people should be accepted, and cured.
This is another contradictory comment.

# "Man shall not lie with man as he does with woman. It is abomination." Therefore, I am commanded to hate gay people.
No one has commanded anything of the sort.

# Ronald Reagan and the elder George Bush were both conservatives a la Glenn Beck.
Absolutely false, and borderline libel against both men.

# Whoever taught your civics class must've been a liberal whackjob who wants to destroy capitalism.
True Liberals don't wish to destroy capitalism.

# Detroit, where you're from, is mostly urban and black and thus very liberal.
Detroit is a working class city to be strictly accurate. Oliver states this as a negative, and is borderline racist as a result

# California (at least LA) is so staunchly liberal that it scares me, and I just wanna get out of here.
It's far more likely that the crowded nature of Los Angeles, the second largest city in America, is what scares Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Assistance Package 51

The fifty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# We were born as autistics, naturally inferior to normals.
There is no inferiority within the human race. We are all equals.

# This is not going to change by us whining and bitching to society about how they cause all our problems, because they don't.
Upon investigation, they do by denying proper equality.

# We are defective and we are broken.
This is false and amounts to hate speech.

# We are just humble citizens, basking in the glory of normal people, and we must be nice to them.
This is the attitude of a person who has given up living a good life and needs to be brought back from oblivion.

# The absolute best way to fix our autism is a cure, because not only does that make us conform it does so in a way in which we feel good about it.
"Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists". Nikola Tesla.

# I've experienced this personally, and let me tell you it is not easy to act good around normal people.
Then be yourself, and tell the bullies to shove it.

# However, I know not to blame other people for this, and that the problem is in me.
This is incorrect.

# Say you're on a train, riding through the Australian countryside. You ask the conductor if you can sleep on the floor, and he says no, because it is against company policy. This goes for everyone, not just autistic people. However, since you are an "Aspie," you believe you deserve special treatment, because you are "special."
Oliver made this story up.

# Say I'm in public and see a really hot girl, and I want to have sex with her. That's normal, right? I mean, men think that all the time. However, there are societal rules and norms that go along with that feeling. But let's say that because I'm an "Aspie," I decide to disregard those rules. I just rape the girl right then and there on the spot.
He made this story up as well. Neither are realistic.

# Both of the examples I have given show how ridiculous the "neurodiversity" philosophy is. People can't just do anything, regardless of their autism, because it would put others in danger.
This goes to show that Oliver does not understand the stated philosophy.

# When I was at Village Glen West, I was in a world of my own being so superior to everyone else.
If this was allowed by the school, which I doubt, they failed to do their job properly.

# When I went to University High School by my own request, I got a real wakeup call because I was inferior to everyone else.
This is not true.

# I would trade academic brightness for the ability to get laid any day of the week.
Without the employment that goes with academic brightness, the ability to get laid would lessen.

# Who are you? Oh, whoopsy daisies. Just checked StatCounter and you are indeed Andrew Ackner.
Upon investigation it was a different person using the same public computer at a university.

# I would only help them with academic work during classtime
This is the job of the teacher, not any of the students.

# Like every human being, I have the right to live a life free of disease and affliction.
This is a poor attitude. Every human being has an affliction of some description.

# Therefore, I have the right to cure my autism without being ridiculed by neurodiversity.
You have no right to something that does not exist.

# I've accepted that I'm autistic and must either change or be cured. Fighting will get me absolutely nowhere.
This is again a contradictory remark.

# I am a human being, but that doesn't make me part of neurodiversity as I've chosen to be part of pro-cure.
Every human being is a part of neurodiversity.

# Ann Coulter is a great conservative and I admire her greatly.
As Coulter is also a homophobe this is not surprising, and it is a social error at any rate.

# Animals are not humans, and being wealthy shouldn't make one pay a higher tax percentage. That is true equality.
This is mathematically incorrect.

# I really don't think I'll get a bad rep
A naive comment, as he already has a bad rep.

# Plus, if I moved to a place like Texas I'd be a lot more respected than here in LA.
This is highly unlikely.

# You do know what "fruitcake" means here in the USA don't you?
It is used as a derogatory slang term for a person alleged to suffer from insanity. The term "Fruit" is not related.

# I already told you that I'm not a slave
Upon examination, it can be argued that Oliver is a slave to society, as previous entries demonstrate.

# I cannot force society to change, and if I did I'd look like a jackass.
If the change is right, it is not possible to look like a jackass.

# I have many governmental and societal freedoms already as I am 18, and hopefully I will have even more once I defeat my autism.
You have them already.

# Being pro-cure is the antithesis of being neurodiverse, so it's impossible to be both.
As neurodiversity is a part of every human being, it is most certainly possible to be both.

# While neurodiversity is nothing but a political movement, brain difference is pretty bad in itself.
Brain difference is what makes the human race so unique and great.

# I don't want my brain to be different. I want it to be normal like the rest of society.
"Normal" is a social construct and is not real.

# Ari Ne'eman invented neurodiversity in 2006 in order to combat pro-cure.
Neurodiversity has been around since Adam and Eve.

# I do not succumb to slavery, not only because it's unconstitutional but also because I'm smarter than that.
It has already been established that Oliver is not smarter than that.

# If you think that being taken advantage of means being assraped, no I don't like that cause I'm strait.
Being taken advantage of is far more widespread than this.

# If you think it means being scammed or conned, I'm smarter than that and I can tell them to fuck off.
And yet he does not do this. He seeks to conform and reject his own inherent intelligence as a high functioning Autistic.

# Although I view myself as inferior on the inside, I do a very good job of masking it in public, and that is the hard part.
Using this blog as a guide, he does a very bad job.

# I had never seen one mainstream media outlet promote neurodiversity as a legitimate alternative to pro-cure until ASAN was invented in 2006.
This comment demonstrates a lack of understanding of neurodiversity.

# I fight to be an equal, I just don't fight for unreasonable special accomodations, What the rest of society does, I should do too.
Thus, Oliver denies himself the ability to be an individual.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Assistance Package 50

The fiftieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, I can do none of those (going to college, getting a job, driving a car, and having sex), as I am autistic and intellectually disabled.
This is not true.

# I did manage to graduate high school, albeit after 4 1/2 years because I was too intellectually disabled to graduate at 17, and I ended up leaving a normal school midway through the year because I couldn't handle it intellectually.
Upon investigation, there is no proof of this.

# I cannot take care of myself, and shouldn't be left alone.
If this is the case then you should not be online.

# I had long rejected having "special needs," but now it seems that is inevitable and I must relegate myself to a lower rung.
This is not a lower rung. It is a sideways movement.

# I cannot suffice without a cure.
This is not true.

# Thankfully, that cure is chelation.
As previously observed this is false.

# I am indeed inferior to the rest of the world.
This can be changed very quickly.

# I cannot attend college due to my intellectual disability.
As previously observed this is not true.

# My self-esteem has gone way down, as has my self-worth. While a cure would fix that
A cure would not fix anything.

# I am trying to succeed, but it is impossible, and I don't need neurodiversity telling me it is because they're wrong.
The Autistic Advocates are not wrong.

# God has a plan for me, and right now that plan seems to ride me into the ground.
There is no proof that God has a plan for Oliver, but it's certainly not that.

# I can go to baseball games, but only in a superficial sense.
It is not possible to attend a sporting event "superficially".

# Aside from occasionally taking the bus, I never leave my house. That is the life of an autistic person. Don't make it be yours.
This is not the life of an Autistic person. It is the life of Oliver Canby.

# I don't really wanna further my education.
This is a bigger threat than Autism to Oliver's future.

# I think a high school diploma should be enough. Most autistic people don't even have that.
The second sentence is not true.

# I used to believe in neurodiversity, but you and Jake Crosby turned me off of it, and I am now staunchly pro-cure.
This is an error and part of the reason Oliver has low self esteem.

# High school was bad enough, so college will probably be worse.
On the contrary, college is better because it provides more freedom and flexibility.

# The only way to eradicate autism is to cure it.
Upon investigation, eradicating Autism would be bad for the human race.

# There is no way that societal accommodation will help.
Upon investigation there is plenty of proof that this is not the case.

# First of all, I said I was intellectually disabled, not mentally retarded.
In mainstream medicine in the United States there is no difference.

# You have no evidence that Lurker is lying about his autism, and he can sue you for defamation.
Upon investigation, it has been shown that Lurker was indeed lying.

# First of all, I never accused you of calling me a retard.
This is a social error, as Oliver was calling himself a retard in effect.

# One can still be intellectually disabled and have Asperger's, as I am.
Upon investigation, intellectual disability and Asperger's Syndrome contradict each other.

# Nicky from the film "Today's Man" is another example.
There is no such film.

# Is changing one's story evidence that one is lying? I think not.
It's a very strong indicator.

# No matter what you call it, it's still not society's fault.
Upon investigation, society has a great deal to answer for.

# Neither Lurker nor Glenn Beck contradict themselves. I am not a jackass.
Glenn Beck regularly contradicts himself. It's why he is popular, as he makes a fool of himself.

# No, there's nothing "wrong" with being autistic either, and yet there's also nothing wrong with wanting to be cured.
This is a contradictory remark.

# My autism (as defined in the DSM), is what causes my social disabilities, and not other people avoiding me.
Social issues for Autistics are established as caused by the behavior of others.

# Society has certain rules that cannot be changed and are expected to be followed.
There are a number of rules that must change for equality to be achieved.

# I will fight against my autism to my wits end.
There is anecdotal evidence that this action is potentially deadly.

# You go Lurker! I think you should sue Phil for defamation. Give him a little taste of his own medicine.
This is poor advice, given that investigations show that Phil was telling the truth.

# Phil, I really don't think fighting against autism can be fatal.
As previously indicated, anecdotal evidence says otherwise.

# Although US defamation law is much less plaintiff-friendly than that of Australia, I still think Lurker would win.
As already mentioned, he would lose.

# Expressing opinion is one thing, but stating it as fact when it is refuted clearly constitutes defamation.
Upon investigation, tangible damage would need to be demonstrated.

# He's sued so many people he's bound to have it thrown back in his face.
Upon investigation he has only sued two people in his life.

# Also, Phil would be the one responsible to cough up the damages. If he doesn't, he could face contempt of court charges.
Not coming up with damages is not contempt of court.

# I don't think you'll beat John Best, or if you'll even sue Joeker
It is already well known that he beat John Best.

# I think Lurker presents a very good case against you, and I hope he follows through.
As previously mentioned, he had no case.

# As far as I know, reading comprehension and vocabulary aren't related.
They are. Comprehension affects the use of words (also known as a vocabulary).

# Also, opening doors could be more of a social issue as opposed to a motor issue.
A problem with opening doors is extremely rare. Upon investigation it is most likely an eyesight issue.

# John Best has stated that he will file a notice of appearance, so there will be no default judgment there.
According to investigations, no notice of appearance was filed and there was a default judgment.

# Joeker has a major plan that even I don't know the details of.
Investigations have revealed that this claim was in fact a hoax.

# Andrew, reading comprehension and vocabulary have nothing to do with each other. It's possible to know how to use a word without being able to say its definition
This does not represent the relationship between the two.

# He already has a college degree, and what he needs now is a job.
Upon investigation, Lurker does not have a college degree.

# High school is required by law to give him accommodations for his learning disabilities.
Upon investigations there were no accommodations requested.

# What you have said about him is blatant lies, and I really hope he sues you.
As previously mentioned there were no lies.

# I was right: it is impossible to diagnose someone solely based on their online behavior.
There are a number of experts who are able to diagnose this way when it is obvious.

# He could use the Australian government's decision that Phil is "mentally unfit to work" as backup for his case.
Upon legal investigation, this information would be ruled out of order as irrelevant.

# Last time I checked, mental issues were also medical, so I'm not sure the exact wording of the decision really matters that much.
Mental issues are only medical when they have a medically recognized co-morbid reaction.

# Catatab Tabimount never mentioned her high school by name, but I was able to find out easily.
It is very likely that Oliver is wrong.

# In the USA, you can make a hefty sum umpiring Major League Baseball, but anything lower is pretty much nil.
AAA pays quite well.

# First of all, Andrew, telephone harassment is illegal.
Only when threats are issued.

# When you call someone, and they don't want you to call them, that is prank calling, and illegal.
There needs to be a note to that effect, and in this case mentioned after investigation, there wasn't.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Assistance Package 48 & 49

The forty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Autismo Hub is fair and balanced a la Fox News
Fox News is proven not to be balanced in any way.

The forty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, some wacko liberal judge up in San Francisco (although apparently the elder Bush appointed him), has decided to rule Proposition 8 unconstitutional, marking an end of morality in California.
It is well known that Proposition 8 is morally reprehensible.

# I have faith that he will stick to his morals and vote the right way
If he sticks to his morals he will vote down Proposition 8.

# Learning social morals doesn't come naturally to autistic people, and the government isn't doing a very good job of teaching them right now.
Learning social anything doesn't come naturally to Autistic people, but morals are something that Autistics tend to be good at. Provided they learn correctly at the beginning.

# "Man shall not lie with man as he does with woman. It is abomination." - Leviticus 18:22
This is from an out of date and irrelevant part of the Bible.

# I respect difference of opinion. I just don't like being ridiculed for my opinions.
Upon examination, the first part is a lie.

# We definitely need some freedoms, but I don't think gay marriage should be one of them.
The majority of the world disagrees with this.

# I just try to force good morals on people.
It is quite clear that Oliver possesses many poor morals.

# The government can choose to pass what it sees as moral. These activist judges really need to stop.
On the contrary they should continue.

# Andrew, murder is never acceptable, even if it's someone you don't like.
And yet as previously mentioned Oliver seems to support it anyway.

# You of all people should believe in the Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments mean nothing to the modern world. Only two remain valid.

# The Bible never goes out of date. Just ask the Duggar family.
This is a poor example as the Duggars would see Oliver's attitude to the Bible as out of date.

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Assistance Package 47

The forty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# It seems as if neurodiversity believes that if you support a cure to give your child a better life, you also support murdering your child to give them no life at all. Somehow, that doesn't make sense.
It has been confirmed that there is no cure so it certainly doesn't make sense

# Some neurodiverse people like Phil Gluyas say that supporting a cure equals supporting an abortion, which is simply not true.
Upon investigation, it can be argued that Autism will be subject to abortions in the same manner as Down's Syndrome.

# I encourage neurodiverse people to put their other views aside and stop blaming Autism Speaks for a murder
As every human being is neurodiverse this is a strange comment.

# Autism Speaks has never publicly said they support aborting autistic fetuses
Upon investigation, it was the case as recently as 2010 that they did support this view.

# The fact that genetic research will lead to an abortion is pure speculation
If Down's Syndrome is any guide, it is not speculation.

# Nobody has shown me any legitimate evidence that that is Autism Speaks' primary goal
Autism Speaks stopped publicizing their primary goal as previously noted.

# Your story (Larry's Anthony's) sounds a lot like that of Chris Benoit.
Upon investigation there is no evidence that Larry Anthony has taken anywhere near as many blows to the head as Chris Benoit.

# I do not oppose improving the lives of autistic people via a cure.
There is no cure.

# I actually took an AQ test online and scored as normal, so maybe Sandy Kayler was wrong in diagnosing me.
Online AQ tests are not reliable.

# I'm already on Facebook and I ain't a druggie. It hasn't worked in taking my virginity, but I suppose it could.
Very poor advice and it should not be taken.

# First of all, there are ways to cure a genetic condition other than an abortion.
No there are not.

# Second of all, it has not been proven that autism is genetic, and many believe it is caused by vaccines.
Autism being genetic is the present mainstream belief that is yet to be disproven.

# Phil, societal ignorance is greatly different from forced sterilization.
Societal ignorance and forced sterilization are interlinked as one causes the other.

# The government cannot force anyone to be sterilized.
This is false.

# You seem to support abortion provided the abortee isn't autistic.
This statement has no validity whatsoever.

# I doubt they'd (Autism Speaks) care about restricting one's personal freedom to that extent.
Upon investigation there can be no doubt that Autism Speaks desire to restrict the personal freedom of all Autistics.

# I mean that the government rounds people up and forcibly castrates them for the purpose of eugenics. The Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional a long time ago.
There has been no such ruling.

# Rejection by society is legal and is simply a fact of life.
But it is not moral.

# It is for that reason that I desire a cure as I feel it easier to change myself as opposed to making everyone else change.
It is impossible for an Autistic to change themselves.

# People have certain freedoms, and part of those are rejecting autistic people if they so choose.
Rejecting Autistic people is a basic human rights abuse.

# To make it illegal to hate autistic people would create an authoritarian society dangerously close to a dictatorship.
There is no proof of such a situation.

# That is why it's better to cure one person of his autism rather than cure the world of ignorance, because the former is just easier.
Ignorance is what causes the world's problems so it would in fact be better in the long term to deal with that.

# I am not blaming myself for my autism, but the change must come in me and not the rest of the world.
It is not possible for an Autistic to change.

# Forced sterilization or any kind of surgery is illegal, and while social isolation may have the same effect it is legal.
Social isolation is not the same as forced sterilization.

# While I would like the world to accept me, I also realize it is near impossible, so that is why I desire a cure
It is not impossible.

# Also, there was actually a black man who bleached his skin, and his name was Michael Jackson.
Jackson had to bleach his skin to hide a skin condition that blotched his skin.

# I am not ashamed of being autistic, and I don't have Proteus syndrome either.
Upon examination, Oliver is definitely ashamed of being Autistic.

# I have a desire to conform to societal norms, which I feel I can't do without a cure.
Conforming to societal norms is not possible when Oliver doesn't know what the norms are.

# Andrew, any kind of sex would be worth it to me.
Does this by any chance include incest or bestiality? A very careless comment.

# We all should have our own personalities, but I feel that behaving antisocially actually decreases my chances of getting laid.
Actually there is some truth in the fact that anti social behavior can attract the ladies.

# I show neither pride nor shame in being autistic.
This directly contradicts an earlier comment.

# I WOULD be most happy conforming to societal norms, and THAT's how I'd be myself.
Conformity does not affirm the individuality required to be yourself.

# Phil, I don't feel comfortable having Asperger's syndrome. It makes me depressed inside.
This is another remark that contradicts earlier comments.

# If I was normal, I'd feel so much better about myself and be a lot more confident.
Upon investigation, there is no such thing as normal.

# I do deal with it, Andrew, and that it why I want a cure. I'm tired of having to deal with it day in and day out.
This is a contradictory remark.

# First of all, there is a cure.
No there is no cure.

# Second of all, the only other option would be to pretend to be normal, as it is unacceptable to be Aspergian in public.
This is not true.

# I am definitely going to attempt to cure myself of my autism, and I am also going to try to live with it the best I can.
This is another contradictory remark.

# I do not want my life to be limited, and autism currently limits my life.
This is false. Oliver restricts his life, not Autism.

# I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want a cure.
It is folly to want something that doesn't exist.

# If I find out that I have normal mercury, that means I was misdiagnosed.
No this is also false.

# I do accept that I have a disorder, and I also accept that I need a cure.
Yet again, this is a contradictory remark.

# Just ask Jake Crosby. He accepts that he has Asperger's syndrome, while simultaneously desiring a cure.
Upon investigation there is no proof of this.

# He just doesn't accept neurodiversity.
Upon investigation it is unclear if he accepts brain difference.

# Andrew, I will cure myself of my autism. Enough said.
This is impossible as already stated.

# Jake Crosby believes that vaccines caused his autism. He is entitled to that belief.
He is not entitled to a belief that has no validity.

# Phil, I'm not so sure you'll beat John Best in court, since you already lost to Google.
It is in the world's legal records that Phil did beat John Best in court.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Assistance Package 46

The forty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Chris Mulligan is a social worker in Los Angeles, California whose father directed To Kill A Mockingbird.
There is no evidence that Chris Mulligan is Richard Mulligan's son.

# Along with VGW, Therapy West, and everything else, Chris Mulligan's turned me into the person I am today.
Then he has a lot to answer for if true.

# I learned social skills cognitively and intellectually as opposed to intuitively, and it worked miracles.
There is no evidence of this on Oliver's blog.

# The fact that neurodiversity publicly lobbies against social skills groups like Chris Mulligan's is astounding.
There is no proof of this.

# It's as if they go out of their way to make sure autistic people are marginalized by society
This is an untrue statement. Society has marginalized Autistic people for decades.

# there are ways to help autistic people be less autistic, and social skills groups is one of them.
Social skills groups do not assist in improving the core condition.

# There is a general consensus that people in one camp share the same views
There is no such consensus.

# It is my belief that Ari Ne'eman's ASAN opposes any kind of social skills training
There is no proof of this statement.

# It is on their platform to eliminate social skills groups. Therefore, I must stop them.
Upon investigation, there is no such platform.

# ASAN and Ari Ne'eman oppose any kind of autism therapy
Again there is no proof of this statement.

# Also, if an autistic person can't handle a social skills group like Chris Mulligan's, maybe they should be forced into it as it'd make them more normal.
Upon investigation, this tactic would cause serious mental harm.

# Ari Ne'eman speaks the way he does because he is a con man who wants people to believe that all autistics can speak that way.
Upon investigation, it is true that potentially all Autistics are able to talk.

# It is GOOD to normalize people, because this helps them succeed in life.
On the contrary it shrinks the diversity of the human race and stops it from growing.

# And by the way, if an immigrant doesn't want to be American, they can go back to their native country.
This statement reeks very strongly of xenophobia.

# That's why it's better to be pro-cure.
It has already been shown that it is only correct to be against a cure.

# We are the ones who want to eliminate disability, while they just whine and moan and bitch and call it a "civil rights issue" when that couldn't be further from the truth.
Oliver wants to eliminate a section of the human race. This stands by itself as a horrific statement.

# Trust me Phil, the last thing I want to be is a virgin when I'm 54.
No one does, but it's not the end of the world.

# His autism is more severe than mine and it would be near impossible for him to get laid without a cure.
Upon examination, this is not this particular person's problem.

# Also, his autism is not caused by the refrigerator mom theory, so please stop saying that it is.
There is no evidence to show that such a statement was made by anyone on Oliver's blog.

# As for me, I know I can live as an autistic person, but I don't want to.
This is the statement of a suicidal person.

# I feel my quality of life would be better if I was normal, so I want a cure.
Oliver's quality of life can improve with a change of attitude, for which being normal is not a requirement.

# According to Jonathan, all neurodiversitites believe in the refrigerator mom theory.
This is proven to be false.

# However, Ari Ne'eman has instructed his ASAN to disregard Rimland, hinting that he believes in the refrigerator mom theory.
The "hint" has been created from nothing.

# In recent years, he has encountered that theory (fridge mother) from certain members of neurodiversity.
Upon investigation this is not the case.

# If you would like to change your behavior for the better, feel free to do so as repentance is the key to salvation.
It is of interest that Oliver does not follow this doctrine himself.

# I must assure you that I do care about myself first and foremost
Upon examination of his blog, this statement is false.

# He also has a college degree, something at this point I can only dream of getting.
There is no proof that the person concerned has a college degree.

# Behavioral issues cannot be tolerated, disability or not.
They have to be if they are to be treated and adjusted where required.

# Because I was incredibly autistic and didn't know that doing that (pulling a knife) could get you expelled.
This statement is frightening and requires more investigation.

# Yes Andrew, that (Autism) is exactly why I pulled the knife.
This can not be correct.

# Second of all, the knife was not mine; it was my teacher's.
This is a further statement that proves that further investigation is required.

# No Phil, I did not feel threatened.
To make sense of the situation described, this has to be a false statement.

# I pulled the knife because I had severe behavioral issues, which are a symptom of autism. There wasn't any other reason, and I fully deserved to be expelled.
Further investigation is needed to find what triggered the incident.

# It was just a stupid thing that I did that I will regret for the rest of my life.
Oliver is understating the threat by a considerable margin.

# Many autistic people, including me, have behavioral issues. This is a side of autism that is censored by the mainstream media because they only portray "feel good" stories.
It is not censored by the mainstream media.

# It was 8 years ago and I think I've learned my lesson by now.
A refusal to expand on the incident shows that he has not learned his lesson.

# Phil, nobody upset me. Everyone around me knows it won't happen again, so let's just leave it at that.
Yet again, an avoidance of the issue. This is frightening as stated.

# I'm actually man enough to admit that it was a mistake and that it won't happen again.
It will happen again unless the trigger is faced and dealt with.

# Andrew, there is no "ASD community."
This is false. Everyone who is affected by Autism is a part of the ASD community.

# There are indeed unprovoked attacks, as mine was.
This is a misrepresentation of the term "unprovoked attack". All incidents have some sort of trigger or reason.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Assistance Package 45

The forty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# What I am working on right now for the most part is self-esteem issues
What Oliver should be working on is accepting his Autism

# most of the symptoms have subsided and many (including me), question whether autism is my problem at all anymore
It will always be a problem until it is accepted and not rejected

# There are autistic people who have had sex, but they are few and far between.
This is an unproven statement.

# If I could have sex as an autistic person, I would, but that doesn't seem possible right now, and that is why I desire a cure.
It is possible and it starts with accepting his Autism

# There are a lot of autistic virgins desperate for sex
This is another unproven statement.

# I'm pretty good at acting normal
Using his blog as a guide, this is a false statement

# I find it near impossible to ask a girl to have sex.
You don't just ask.

# They (low functioning Autistics) want so much as to speak a word
When they accept their condition, any form of communication will be satisfactory

# They slap you with high-functioning autism, which isn't in the DSM
This is not correct.

# I do have low self-esteem (undoubtedly because of my autism), and being a virgin at 18 just kills
Being a virgin at 18 is the least of Oliver's problems

# I have matured a lot on my own
Again using his blog as a guide, the level of Oliver's maturity remains low

# Unfortunately, you can't get arrested for breaking God's law
This is fundamentally incorrect.

# Cops are above the law
This is a false statement

# I don't really care much about the HAA (and I lost the award anyway)
Upon investigation, the award has in fact doubled

# The point is Jonathan, if you think you're not an HAA, then you're not an HAA no matter what anyone else says
It is noted that he learned this attitude at a school that has many questions to answer upon investigation. Oliver fails to note the world view.

# I was saying that if he wants to be taken seriously, he should stop his ASD awards because they make him look bad
Upon examination, these awards have some merit

# I will never support those awards, and I don't know of a single organization here that does
Upon investigation, there are three organizations that support the merit of them and one of them is a government

# I still doubt even a neurodiverse organization would take your awards seriously, because they are biased and opinionated and not based on any kind of fact
Upon investigation, the awards are based in very strong fact

# Andrew, awards based on one man's biased opinion will not be accepted by mainstream culture
As previously stated, the facts behind the awards are undisputable

# There's always room for debate, but one man saying he is right no matter what will not be taken seriously
Except when he has high level support for the view.

# Actually, many liberals don't take Glenn Beck seriously, as they control the mainstream media.
Liberals do not control the mainstream media.

# Again, these "facts" are considered by no one but you
The facts are indisputable as previously mentioned

# But any true Republican listens to what he says
Upon investigation, many Republicans consider Glenn Beck to be a comedian

# There are several reliable sources whose opinions differ from yours
And there are many many more sources that agree, and upon investigation none of the differing opinions are reliable

# Thomas Hobbes lived so long ago that his philosophy doesn't apply nowadays.
Many different philosophies are followed today, including that of Christianity that is even older than Hobbes

# We need a Republican like Sarah Palin in office in 2012
Sarah Palin is a political atomic bomb

# There couldn't possibly be any other viewpoint
Given Oliver's continued love for lies there are many other viewpoints

# We need to stop bailing out companies
Preserving jobs is more important

# In the case of Hannah Poling, the vaccine court conceded that vaccines cause autism
Upon investigation they did no such thing

# Phil, even the Democrat party doesn't believe in socialism
This is not correct

# If Barack Obama would just be a capitalist and let the big companies fail, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now
Letting big companies fail would cost millions of jobs

# I believe in economic freedom for the people. I also think the government shouldn't hand CEOs free money.
This is a contradictory statement

# I am not on the dole, Andrew. That is defamation
It is not defamation to make a reasonable statement such as that

# Any poor person can find a job at a fast food restaurant
Many poor people do not have the social skills required to perform such a job

# Any job is better than none at all
Except jobs that threatens one's own life

# Last year, I was offered to be in a government-sponsored job program that I turned down because I didn't want to waste other peoples' tax dollars
There is no proof that such an offer was even made

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Assistance Package 44

The forty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Because Bruce Springsteen cares so much about autistic people, he turns the lites ON for Born to Run, so everyone autistic and normal can enjoy his most famous song. Remind your child that he does this just for them, and tell them to thank The Boss after the show.
Springsteen's most famous song is Born in the USA, not Burn to Run. The lighting changing, upon investigation, is nothing more than a part of the show's general presentation and is not for a specific purpose to a specific group of people.

# Bruce Springsteen doesn't mind when people act autistic in the audience. While flailing your arms in the air would normally be not OK, it is perfectly fine at a Bruce Springsteen concert, even for normal people.
Throwing one's arms in the air is acceptable at all concerts.

# Autistic people tend to suffer from alektorophobia, which is a fear of chickens.
There is no evidence of this being common.

# When I was in the pit at a Bruce Springsteen concert back in 2007, he pointed to me while he was singing Born to Run. He also made direct eye contact with me, which is proof that he knew I was autistic and had turned the lites on just to help me. He didn't realize that I prefer the lites off, but it's the thought that counts.
Springsteen would have chosen a random person for no particular reason.

# Andrew, it is a proven fact that autistic people are more likely to be afraid of chickens than normal people.
As stated there is no proof of this.

# Bruce Springsteen supports worthy charities
He supported Autism Speaks, who are well known as not a worthy charity.

# They (a fear of chickens) are not directly related, Andrew, but they do have a high rate of co-morbidity.
Again there is no proof of this.

# Violins and organs sound a lot like chickens.
This is totally untrue and unsubstantiated.

# I am NOT doing this for the sake of attention, and you of all people should know that.
So far it is quite clear that the number of lies can only lead to the assertion of attention seeking.

# The lights being on for Born to Run greatly helps autistics
There is no proof of this.

# Everyone knows your full name so I don't see a problem using it.
It is a crime to expose a person's full name if they are not a public figure.

# Autism Speaks does not try to make society fear autistic people.
Upon investigation, noting the efforts of "Ransom Notes" and "I am Autism" this can be safely stated as false.

# Andrew, this blog is not a place for name calling.
Oliver engages in name calling quite frequently.

# You publicly advocate against a cure, which needs to be stopped.
When there is no cure, advocating against it should not be stopped.

# Your movement is bad and must be put to rest. It opposes a cure, and thus supports neurodiversity.
The poorly called "Neurodiversity Movement" is good as it supports human diversity.

# Phil, a person's full name is in the public domain.
This is fundamentally incorrect for all outside of public personalities.

# Autism Speaks attacks autism, not autistic people. They do nothing to stigmatize people, and they promote tolerance as well as a cure.
Autism Speaks, as demonstrated with the Notes and I am examples above, are against tolerance and do everything to stigmatize the condition.

# That video (I am Autism) specifically avoided attacking the children, and it was even sympathetic as it said that autism stole them in the night. It implies that they could be normal people if they weren't autistic. It doesn't stigmatize them at all.
As just explained this is untrue. Upon investigation it attacked families as a whole and that includes the children. There was no sympathy within it for the Autistic community.

# autism impairs my life greatly
It can be stated that Oliver impairs his own life.

# That is the correct philosophy, as autism causes great suffering.
Upon investigation it only causes suffering if it is allowed to do so.

# Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN OPPOSE early intervention.
There is no proof of this assertion.

# He (Ari) has specifically said that he opposes any kind of early intervention, and that children should be allowed to be autistic.
Again, there is no proof of the first part re early intervention. After the first comma, upon investigation this is correct but only when there are no other issues.

# He also opposes social skills groups, ABA, special education, and pretty much everything else that helps autistic people.
There is no proof of this either.

# The thing is, a lot of neurodiverse people oppose that.
Again, there is no proof of this.

# Whether Ari Ne'eman does or not, he still associates with people who do, and that's bad.
There is no proof that anyone who supports neurodiversity opposes social skills groups, ABA, special education or any other assistance that is not seen as a cure.

# However, in our Pledge of Allegiance, we say, "One nation, indivisible." That means that it is unconstitutional for states to secede from our nation.
This is fundamentally incorrect. The Pledge of Allegiance is to the United States and not to any of the 50 states individually.

# There are many neurodiverse people who oppose early intervention. They don't believe in alleviating autism in any way
Upon investigation this has been shown to be completely false.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Assistance Package 42 & 43

The forty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# My first issue is with Catatab Tabimount, <snip> CT, VGW did not fail me.
Upon investigation, it would appear that there was failure.

# I don't know if I'll be blogging much longer
As previously observed this was a false claim.

# That's what neurodiversity does, Jonathan. They just insult people left and right for no reason.
This is not a correct definition of neurodiversity, and in the case of Oliver the insults are quite well reasoned.

# As for "autistic activists," I certanly consider myself one of those, but I do not consider myself neurodiverse.
Upon investigation, every human being is "neurodiverse". It is questionable that Oliver is an autistic activist as his activity is severely limited.

# In my book, an "autistic activist" could be pro-cure as well, as I am.
Upon investigation, autistic activists support the understanding and acceptance of the condition as part of the make up of the human race. So they would not be pro cure.

# I believe a cure could be a reality in the near future.
There is no evidence of this.

# The Jews in Europe were not just "miserable" when Hitler massacred them, they took a stand and eventually got the US Military to send Hitler to the cleaners.
There was little US involvement in the European theater. It was the English, the French and the Russians who dealt with Hitler's nazi regime. The US were heavily involved in the Pacific theater opposing Hirohito.

# Every autistic person should try to do the best they can without a cure, but for those who can't even speak so much as a word or even those who can get by but don't enjoy their lives, I see no reason why we should oppose a cure for those people.
There is no cure as previously established.

# The reason why he (Ari Ne'eman) is almost universally opposed among autistic parents is not because he is autistic but opposes a cure
There is no evidence of universal opposition to Ari Ne'eman by anyone let alone autistic parents.

# You are right that I should focus primarily on my life, and I'm doing that for the most part.
Oliver's blog is evidence that the opposite is the case.

# I hated all the "wars" I was involved in, and I'd certainly like to avoid that in the future.
As long as Oliver demands a cure for Autism he will always find himself in "wars".

The forty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Being autistic, it is not easy for me to leave the house, accompanied or otherwise.
Being Autistic is not the reason why leaving the house is hard.

# which I can use to smoke and get a tattoo
Smoking is established as a filthy disgusting habit. Tattoos are only for those who have trouble with their own identity.

# there are some autistic people who are so disabled they could only dream of doing what I did, and we must pray for them. They should be cured so they can live normal productive lives.

A cure is impossible and it is possible to have a productive life without a cure.

# I still need to be cured so I can have sex.
This is again a repeat on the poor life priorities of Oliver.

# Autism is a horrendous disease
Autism is not a disease.

# even neurodiversity has admitted to that of late
The use of the term neurodiversity here is incorrect, and there is no evidence of any such admission.

# Please cure autism, so we can be helped.
Help is not conditional on a cure. help can be given without it.

This assistance shall continue.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Assistance Package 40 & 41

The fortieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# other autistic people might not be as fortunate and may (surprise surprise) actually want a cure so that they can lose their virginity.
This demonstrates a poor grasp of life priorities, as well as again the false claim about a cure.

# I want a cure anyway, just to show that it's OK to want a cure, and to receive one if necessary.
Upon investigation, a cure would apparently set back the human race's progress.

# In the mean time, I'll just trudge along, hope I can get laid, and cue my autism.
This again shows a poor grasp of life priorities.

# I'll also focus less on blogging and more on life, but I'll blog some too.
This took a long time to occur as the rate of blog entries continued beyond this statement.

The forty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'm as autistic as the sun, so I will suffer a horrendous life if I don't get cured.
This is a false statement as it is possible to enjoy a good life and be Autistic upon investigation.

# it's impossible for an autistic person to succeed in college.
This is a presumptive and inaccurate statement.

# I wish God would take away my autism, but He hasn't so I will be chelated.
You are created by God and chelation will destroy that creation.

# I don't know if chelation will cure me, but it seems like it's pretty low-risk/high-reward.
Upon investigation, the opposite is the case.

# My mother views all over-zealous autistic bloggers as insane beings, and I should not lower myself to associate with them.
Upon investigation this is in fact a statement against those who support Oliver's beliefs and not those who oppose them.

# I still think I mask it and I come across much different in public than I do in the blogosphere.
Upon examination this is extremely hard to believe.

# As for whether chelation will mess up my kidneys, the OTC stuff doesn't seem too bad.
Use of chelation targets other organs as well when used incorrectly, such as the liver.

# There are other things in my life that I think about but none seem as urgent as getting laid.
This is yet another example of poor life priorities.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Assistance Package 36, 37, 38 & 39

The thirty sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I think someone should take him to a mental institution and cure him of his autism as it's gotten to his head, badly.
There is no cure for Autism

The thirty seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# He had his PDD-NOS removed last year, so he's no longer autistic
Upon investigation, he never had PDD-NOS and was mis-diagnosed

# I also oppose neurodiversity
This upon interpretation means that Oliver opposes human life

The thirty eighth entry is only the second entry to contain no lies or errors

The thirty ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# The group led by Patrick Stewart supports a cure, and is like pro-cure.Upon examination the group led by Xavier (Stewart) does not support a cure. He supports co-existence.

# The group led by Ian McKellen is anti-cure, and is like neurodiversity.
Upon examination the group led by Magneto (McKellan) also does not support a cure. He opposes co-existence.

# Do I not have the right to seek a cure for myself if my autism is causing my virginity and great pain?
Oliver's Autism is not causing his virginity or his pain.

# I have the right to cure myself free of ridicule and beratement.
This is not correct when there is no cure.

# You don't need to defend yourself when I ask for a cure, because I am not attacking you.
It has been established that demanding a cure inhibits the ability of Autistics to grow.

# I respect your anti-cure views
Given Oliver's conduct on his blog and in other locations online this can be established as a lie.

# there is room for both philosophies
This is not true as the two philosophies repel each other

# With all due respect Andrew, I am not a dooshbag
Upon examination the remark can be described as likely accurate.

# I have great maturity, and it is my autism that makes me a virgin.
This is a contradictory remark.

# I am gonna go to CVS and buy chelation when I get around to it.
Upon investigation Oliver has never done this.

# You are basically saying that if an autistic person wants to be cured, then to Hell with them, and that is wrong.
It is in fact right because it is wrong to want something that does not exist.

# it is my right to seek a cure for me
It is not his right to seek something that does not exist.

# I do not view an autism cure as unethical, but there is room for opposing viewpoints.
This is again a contradictory remark.

# it is best to seek one out so future generations can have the option of deleting out autism.
Upon investigation, deleting Autism will have grave consequences on the human race.

# a cure is not synonymous with abortion, and I have said numerous times that I oppose abortion.
Upon investigation, it can be stated that abortions will occur in the same manner it is already occurring with Downs Syndrome.

# Cancer and AIDS are currently incurable, but we are still looking for a cure as we are for autism.
Autism is not a disease.

# While I support all types of treatments, cures, and interventions, many neurodiverse people do not
The only thing there that "neurodiverse" people oppose is a cure, upon investigation.

# I know I also have a life independent from autism and I can live it to the fullest.
This is not possible. In order to live life to the fullest one must adapt to Autism as it can not be cured or ignored.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Assistance Package 33, 34 & 35

The thirty third entry continued the lies and errors;

# I had an archrivalry that reached it's boiling point, but then my archrival died so I was victorious.
This is not fact. When a person dies without a resolution to the rivalry, it can only be called a draw.

# Oh man, I'm not even Caucasian, I'm just white.
White and Caucasian are the same thing.

# If that guy you hated was Mexican, you should've called him a beaner.
This is a racist remark.

# I hate sunscreen as I don't think it's masculine for a man to put on lotion.
This is completely false and demonstrates a poor attitude towards sun protection.

# Sunscreen is a form if lotion which I view as feminine.
It is not feminine.

# When I was at VGW, there was a girl named Katie who had a sexual fetish for demasculizing me.
Such a concept is difficult to believe. It is more likely that the girl concerned was simply a bully and nothing more.

# I think she got sexual pleasure from it too or else she wouldn't have done it as much.
It is more likely that she got general pleasure from it rather than sexual pleasure.

The thirty fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# it's a huge honor to receive praise from as respected a journalist as Jake Crosby
Upon investigation, it has been established that Mr Crosby is not not a journalist, nor is he respected.

The thirty fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# How could you knowingly tolerate the abuse we curebies suffer just to promote your own agenda?
Upon investigation, the abuse Oliver suffers he brings on himself.

# How could you promote suffering among autistics as a civil rights issue?
This claim shows that Oliver does not believe in the rights of Autistics to exist. This is a basic human right and therefore a civil right.

# How could you say the lowest of the low to someone who's probably more autistic than you are but doesn't agree with you?
Upon investigation, most disagreement evolves from a poor attitude towards the condition.

# The thing is, if you support neurodiversity the way it is today, you are a horrible, horrible person. There is nothing good about that satanic cult
Upon examination, neurodiversity is not a "satanic cult".

# It was created to abuse autistics and to promote the people who are sociopaths and will do anything to make sure autistics suffer
Upon investigation, neurodiversity is the opposite of this claim.

This assistance shall continue.