Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Assistance Package 7

The seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'm not a comedian or a joker.
It would appear upon examination that much of Oliver's comment could be seen as comedy.

# you will find out when I Waltz Matilda into the courtroom with the circuit on my side!
It is not clear what "Waltz Matilda" means, but the note about the ninth circuit has already been addressed.

# He is digging his own grave in the courtroom, especially with my ties to the circuit.
As previously, the ties will not assist as that would be a conflict of interest.

# And, if he's really in Oregon, then the circuit is on my side
It is unclear if the person concerned is in Oregon or not, but again the ninth circuit is not on Oliver's side.

# I am smart enough not to give out my home address over the Internet.
Upon investigation, it is easy to find.

# I just route people to his blog if they want his address, and I never give out mine.
Routing people to that blog is a serious error of judgment.

# My house had always been under my mother's last name
Upon investigation, this is established to be false.

# John told me to ban all anonymous comments, but I didn't want to censor anything.
My experience with Oliver is proof that this is not a true statement.

# I will not fuck off
Recent lack of activity speaks a different way.

# His suit against Best is frivolous anyway.
It is unclear what happened to this suit.

# And I ain't an asshole you cunt.
This is a clear example of an oxymoron.

# This blog is not fake and you will burn in hell.
It is unclear if the blog is fake or not.

# Kevin Leitch is an idiot. He's bipolar and I wouldn't listen to anything he says. He was paid off by Big Pharma to support "neurodiversity" despite the reality of his daughter's severe autism.
Upon investigation, it is not clear if Mr Leitch is bipolar. However there is no evidence showing that he has been paid off by the pharmaceutical companies.

# It is clear that Amanda Baggs is not low-functioning.
Upon investigation, it is clear that Amanda has severe issues.

# Amanda is a liar and is not autistic at all.
Upon investigation, it can be confirmed that Amanda is Autistic.

This assistance shall continue.

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