Friday, December 5, 2014

Assistance Package 8

The eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Now, anonymous commenters are not allowed
This is not the case.

# But then Germany, led by President Adolf Hitler, invaded the Soviet Union, so we helped them out, despite being bitter enemies.
Hitler only went as far as Poland, and we only got involved when the other Russian enemy, Japan, attacked Pearl Harbor.

# Your movement is defined as neurodiversity, the lack of desire for a cure.
Upon investigation, this is not the definition of neurodiversity.

# Neurodiversity was invented in 2006 by Ari Ne'eman.
Neurodiversity was a word invented in the late 1990's not 2006.

# You autistic people are human beings, and we want to see the best in you, that's why we want to cure you.
You will not see the best in a person by changing who they are.

# God did not invent neurodiversity or autism. Big Pharma invented autism while Ari Ne'eman invented neurodiversity.
God did indeed invent neurodiversity and Autism.

# I am not disgusting, and chelation cures autism. Just ask John Best.
Chelation does not cure Autism and it has been established that John Best is unreliable.

# Autistic people are not sterile but they need social assistance in order to reproduce and a cure is a form of social assistance.
Cure is a form of social destruction, not assistance.

# Neurodiversity wants to deny them a cure so they can rot in an asylum.
This is not the correct definition of neurodiversity.

# Autism is not a difference it is a debilitating disease that is vaccine-induced and needs to be cured.
Autism is a natural genetic condition that needs management and is not a disease of any description.

# The only disease that He invented was AIDS, and that was to rid the earth of homosexuals.
AIDS was created by heterosexuals engaging in bestiality.

# I do not threaten the work of God, just Big Pharma and neurodiversity.
It is clear that Oliver is attempting to stop God's work.

# I was saved by Jesus on June 29, 1999.
Upon examination, it is clear that he was not saved by anyone at any time.

# You know, I bet you're a pharma shill pretending to be a religious fanatic in order to win over my faith.
Upon investigation, the person concerned was trying to legitimately guide Oliver to the truth.

# I am not the Devil and neither is Foresam and we will both freeze in heaven for doing good deeds in curing autism.
Curing Autism is not a good deed.

# Rocky, I am not a disciple of the Devil. I will freeze in Heaven. I am sane and I will be with Jesus.
Upon examination, Oliver's sanity is clearly open to question.

# God does not create autism as Big Pharma does, and curing it helps people reach their potentials.
Autism does not restrict potential. It's potential is in a different direction and that direction should be followed.

This assistance shall continue.

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