Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Assistance Package 19 & 20

The nineteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Please note that none of this is true and I am 100% heterosexual, despite being a virgin.
There is no proof either way of Oliver's gender preference.

# We came up with a proposal that we would have a trial to determine my sexual orientation, and with my grampaw being the judge I'd win for sure.
There is no proof that such a trial took place.

# he said it was because his girlfriend has good gaydar and can sniff out a gay person from a mile away. Well, apparently her gaydar is off, because I am as strait as can be.
There are many females with this ability and it can be quite accurate.

# I am strait and I only like women.
This is not proof as many gays who are also religious have difficulty with fear and denial.

# Of course I know I'm strait, Informer, and I've always been comfortable with my sexual orientation.
As Oliver was a virgin this is a contradictory statement.

# I believe that Aspie Al is just fucking around with me and he knows I'm really strait as well.
There is no proof of this either way.

# He also gave my phone number to a hot girl who unfortunately never called me.
Upon investigation it would appear that this girl identified Oliver as gay.

# Aspie Al gave Meghan my phone number in order for her to call me.
There is no proof that this was the intention.

The twentieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# The sad thing is that neurodiversity says that every day of the year, and that must be stopped.
This statement does not depict the correct definition of neurodiversity.

This assistance shall continue.

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