Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assistance Package 95a

The ninety-fifth entry continued the lies and errors - and it was in this entry that I first got involved in the comments. This entry needs to be divided in two.

# Our neighbors had a dartboard that made a bizarre sound that resembles the words, "lotion, lotion, lotion" when you connected with a dart.
This is at best a creation of a seriously deluded and irrational mind.

# Because we Aspergians tend to bizarrely process sounds as words, the feminine sanitizing cream stuck.
Upon investigation, this is a false statement.

# Sensory mix-up is an unfortunate side effect of Asperger's syndrome, which is more evidence of the need for a cure.
Upon investigation there is no such thing as "sensory mix up".

# People who suffer from alektorophobia (fear of chickens) are much more likely to avoid going to a Bruce Springsteen concert, not only because they turn the lites off, but because the keyboard solo in "Badlands" as well as the violin solo in "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" both resemble the sound of a chicken.
Oliver made this up.

# He proved this not only by performing at an Autism Speaks benefit, but by turning the lites on instead of off when he sings "Born to Run" to accomodate those with sensory issues.
It has already been established previously that this is not true.

# Speaking of lotion, it is not masculine for a guy to use it, at all.
This is an untrue statement.

# All Aspergian young men should be taught to avoid lotion at all costs, so that they do not appear gay or homosexual.
This is bad and ill educated advice.

# Because it is a sin to have sex with a man, autistic boys should be taught that being strait is the only option.
Being straight or gay is not something that is taught.

# Aspergian boys may be subject to exploitation, or demasculization, from their bullying peers. Behavior like this must be stopped, because it can severely jeopardize a man's sexual orientation.
There is much wrong with this statement.

# Had he (Freddie Mercury) listened to God, maybe he would still be singing today.
It can not be confirmed, but apparently Mercury was brought up in a religious environment - so he did listen to God.

# Autism is a horrendous disease that needs to be cured. Please join me in the fight against it. It will not be easy, but it is worth it, and in the end, we will emerge victorious.
As I am typing this, Oliver is losing the battle and losing it badly. This is because he is unable to fathom the fact that he is wrong.

# That is right, TruthMeister. Lotion is feminine and should not be used by a man. The same goes for body oil.
Again, this is completely false.

# That's not lotion, dumbfuck. That's medicated cream. Lotion is used by ladies to make them smell nice and oh so smooth to the touch.
All lotion is medicated cream of some description.

# Dumbfuck, I just explained the difference between lotion and medicated cream. Are you gonna listen to me or not?
It's the right thing to do to not listen when someone is giving incorrect information.

# Sunscreen is a form of lotion and is incredibly feminine. Men should avoid it at all costs.
Sunscreen is essential for all human beings - male and female.

# Sunscreen is a product of Big Pharma. It is not medicated at all.
It most certainly is medicated.

# I wouldn't mind getting skin cancer because (unlike autism) it's curable 97% of the time.
No it is not curable to that extent.

# Aftershave is incredibly feminine and should be avoided at all costs.
Aftershave is not used by females so this is a preposterous comment.

# Sunscreen is not medicated at all, nor does it protect against skin cancer. It is all a sham by Big Pharma.
It does protect when it is used correctly.

# I'm never having children, but the stuff you use for diaper rash is medicated cream, not lotion.
Medicated cream and lotion are the same thing.

# TruthMeister, I am right and you are wrong. End of story.
This is a childish comment.

# Anon, I am strait and you know it. Take that defamatory remark down before I sue you in court.
How can Oliver sue Anonymous without an address?

# I'm strait! I'm not having kids because I hate them.
This is a very good reason to have Oliver locked up for the safety of children.

# I graduated from University High School with honors thank you very much!
There is no proof of this.

# I learned about real life from having experienced it firsthand.
By his own admission, Oliver doesn't get out much so this is a misleading statement.

# I have grown up. I am now legally an adult.
In body maybe, but not in mind.

# You are a liar. I am not an idiot because my IQ is over 25.
That does not define an idiot.

# Age of Autism is not a tabloid. It is a reliable news source a la the New York Times.
It is well known that Age of Autism is a tabloid.

# I cannot be sued for asserting my own sexual orientation. Go suck a dick!
This is a contradictory statement.

# If you read the original DSM, you'd know that being an idiot requires an IQ below 25. Since my IQ is 146, I am not an idiot.
The original DSM has not defined "idiot" since 1969.

# I act like a mature 18-year-old. My male therapist told me so today.
He lied.

# The DSM has as much influence today as it did in 1952.
It doesn't.

# All of my academic credits transferred from Village Glen West to University High School in 2009, and I graduated with honors in 2010.
There is no proof of this.

# Believe it or not, it's completely possible for a special ed school to give out academic credits. Not doing so would be in violation of the IDEA act.
Upon investigation, this situation has nothing to do with the IDEA Act.

# Evolution was made up by man. The Bible clearly states that God created the Earth in 6 days, and then rested on the 7th (hence the Sabbath).
The Bible is demonstrably wrong.

# I can't be arrested for going on a public website.
You can if you are banned from that website.

# I will not suffer.
It is clear that Oliver is suffering as we speak as well as throughout the existence of his blog.

# Evolution is a lie. The Bible says so.
Evolution is scientific fact.

# I'm not being destroyed. I just powned all of you!
This is an example of a deluded mind.

# The world was dark until Rome became Christianized.
Rome was always Christian. Roman Catholic is part of Christianity.

# The Renaissance was when society rebelled against the church. That was bad, not good.
There was no rebellion against the church until Charles Darwin.

# The Crusades were a good time because it was when the Christians conquered the world and sent the Muslims to the cleaners where they belong.
No one has ever conquered the world.

# I will not suffer, and I am very tolerant of gay people.
There are many statements of gay intolerance on his blog that prove this statement wrong.

# If you knew the truth, you'd know that my father and I don't even live in the same house.
Upon investigation, this is not true.

# I am very tolerant, especially of gay people. I prove it every time that I comment.
You prove that you hate them every time you comment.

# I have a life and I do live. I must keep this blog to cure autism.
That's a very good reason to delete it because autism will never be cured.

# I do not need to use lotion because I am not a girl.
That is a poor excuse.

# I am powning all of these people, not the other way around.
It was obvious that Oliver was being owned.

# Actually, Sandy Kayler told me my IQ was 104.
Proper IQ testing people aren't allowed to do that.

# I did not ignore you.
Oliver ignores so much that is said to him it is unbelievable.

# I have proven numerous times how crazy I am not.
You have proven you are deluded numerous times, Oliver.

# I am strait, but my autism prevents me from having sex.
No it doesn't.

# Sandy Kayler told my parents and they told me.
As stated already, this person is not allowed to do that.

# I do not lie, and my real parents support my blog 100%.
Upon investigation, they oppose it.

# I am not a fool. I am in complete control.
It was quite obvious that he wasn't in control at all.

# Every time that I talk, I prove myself not to be crazy.
This is another deluded statement.

# I have a life off of the Internet, believe it or not.
You don't. You've said you don't.

# If my IQ was 80, I'd be borderline mentally retarded. I am incredibly smart.
You don't show it, Oliver.

# IQ tests ren't confidential. That's bullshit.
Proper ones are and always have been.

# The self test I took wasn't online. It was a self-administered test bought in a gift store.
That in upon itself demonstrates a lack of accuracy.

# I am not a fool. I am better than you and than everyone else.
This is another deluded statement.

# The world isn't turning on me.
Given everything that was happening at the time, it most certainly was!

This assistance shall continue.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Assistance Package 94

The ninety-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I don't know a single American who doesn't watch the Super Bowl, so I feel I must report on this.
There are many Americans who don't watch the Superbowl.

# The Packers are the only team in America that is publicly traded, meaning that 180,000 owners just won the Super Bowl.
It is not publicly traded. It is publicly owned.

# I am a Dodger fan (not an Angel fan because they bullshit everyone about where they actually play)
There is no proof of this.

# There was an IP from Michigan on my StatCounter at 5 a.m. this morning. Either it was your clone, or it was you.
Or it was someone else entirely.

# However, you just made a major Freudian slip when you said that I "believed it was me."
How is that a Freudian slip?

# I'm gonna take that as an admission that you are Andrew Ackner.
That would be a mistake.

# I have the utmost respect for Bill O'Reilly and his work
No one who has their two feet on the ground respects Bill O'Reilly.

# Dumbfuck, I can make a claim if I believe it to be true.
It's not true.

# Your IP was on my blog at 5 a.m. on Saturday. That means that either it was you or someone else using your computer.
Or it was someone else using the same provider from another location.

# I still don't completely believe the TruthMeister that you can comment on my blog without showing up on my StatCounter.
It has been previously mentioned how this is achieved.

# That's because you don't live in Korea, dumbfuck! If you lived there you couldn't read, write, or speak English.
This is a preposterous statement.

# Why would an American move to South Korea? I don't buy that for a second.
There are many good reasons. In this case, upon examination, it was for work.

# You are a liar, TruthMeister. You do not live in Korea
There is no proof either way.

# Plus, they don't even speak English there. They speak Korean.
And English.

# English is only spoken in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
And in almost every other country in the world.

# You didn't get a green card in South Korea, you liar!
The green card only exists in the United States of America.

# They speak Japanese in Japan and Chinese in China. The only European nation where they speak English is England.
They speak English in all of those countries.

# They speak Afrikaans in South Africa, not English.
South Africa is an English colony in which they speak English; and Afrikaans.

# You have to get a green card in any country.
Only the USA has a green card.

# Nelson Mandela speaks Afrikaans.
And English.

# Mohandas Gandhi spoke Hindi
And English.

# They speak Spanish in Mexico.
And English.

# The Pope speaks Latin.
Only when reading scriptures. He speaks many other languages, including English.

# All of those people only spoke English as a second language, as does pretty much everyone in the world.
This is demonstrably false.

# The official language of The Pope is Latin.
No it is not.

# This is when he is preaching, not during general conversation.
He preaches in many different languages.

# The Egyptian protesters speak Arabic. English is only spoken in 6 countries.
Some protesters also spoke English.

# I saw the damn reports, and the protesters were speaking Arabic. Only the reporters spoke English.
This is demonstrably false.

# They are Muslims, and only Anglicans speak English.
This is a preposterous statement.

# The ABC News report simply overdubbed the Arabic with English to fool the American audience.
This is another preposterous statement.

# I am smart and Wacka Dawson is wrong about me being psychotic.
Given Oliver's later behavior to this, Wacka Dawson was right.

# Wacka Dawson is a fake psychologist from Australia who thinks he knows more about me than I do. What he did wasn't anything close to a true analysis. He basically just quoted from my blog, and then twitsted my words to suit his agenda. He is best ignored.
He didn't twist anything upon examination. He sourced a great deal of material and I couldn't fault him.

# People will see that Wacka Dawson and all the anons are quacks and they will believe me because I am credible.
Oliver, you are not credible.

# I've already been cited by 2 different colleges: Kentucky and Long Beach State so that proves that I'm reliable.
There is no proof of this.

# While the lady from Kentucky did have an ND blog in the past, this was a genuine study where she could not possibly manipulate what I say.
This is a presumptive statement.

# There really is a paper at Long Beach State that cites my blog. Just ask my friend Aspie Al.
Aspie Al lied.

# You are lying about Bev Harp. You did not contact her and her study was not about idiots who support a cure. It was about autistic bloggers.
There is no proof that this study exists either.

# My friend Aspie Al stated honestly to me that my blog was cited in a paper at Long Beach State.
Oliver, he lied.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Assistance Package 92 & 93

The ninety-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, Andrew Ackner has waived his 5th Amendment rights and publicly admitted to writing all those horrendous comments on my blog.
There was no such admission that I saw.

# He didn't realize that Phil can't block IPs from his blog lobby, so he wouldn't have admitted to it otherwise.
Given the previous observation, this is irrelevant.

# In fact, it is a crime to cover up evidence that could implicate you.
Only if the implication is criminal in the first place and there's no proof of that.

# Also, even though Andrew was directly responsible for his horrendous comments, Phil was indirectly responsible as well.
This is drawing a very long bow.

# The fact that he did not publicly disown Andrew for those means that he endorses them and thus is indirectly responsible.
Or he knows that it never happened as I have already speculated.

# One does not actually have to type on the keyboard.
The Fifth Amendment doesn't provide for this interpretation.

# If hey can't say anything meaningful, they may as well just shut the fuck up.
Oliver you should take your own advice on this.

# TruthMeister, I've been a helluva lot more meaningful than you ever have.
This is entirely false.

# I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.
There it is again, taking the oath and consequently perjuring himself.

# I have never committed perjury nor lied to my Lord. Lying is unbiblical so I do not do it.
Oliver you have done it so many times purgatory looks like your home.

# Actually, TruthMeister, there's nothing about fornication in the 10 Commandments. Only adultery.
It means the same in translation.

# If I fuck a girl, then I will no longer be autistic and I will close down this blog.
This is a ridiculous statement.

# No, TruthMeister. I will lose my autism once I receive a cure via chelation.
It is not possible to lose your Autism.

# Yes it does. Just ask John Best.
John Best is not a reliable source of information.

# John Best is an honorable and respectable man.
He most certainly is not.

# Kim Jong-il is a Communist dictator, while John Best is the father of a child with autism. There is absolutely no comparison between the two.
Upon investigation there is. One of John Best's views is for the government to take over all television networks. This is a Communist policy and dictatorial.

# When John Best becomes President, he will not be a dictator as we are not a dictatorship.
He would be, and that's why no one would vote for him in the electoral college.

# I am not an idiot, and I am voting for John Best in the 2012 Republican primary.
John Best is not a member of the Republican party and even if he was he wouldn't be running in California, Oliver!

# I am not crazy.
The sheer lunacy of the previous comment is ample proof otherwise.

# John Best is honest. The bank CEOs just spent their bailout money freely
John Best is not honest. The bank CEO behavior was legal.

# John Best is telling the truth. The Rothschild family controls the global economy.
He is lying.

# John Best is not an idiot. He is a man who is not afraid to tell the truth, unlike you.
It can be argued that he is afraid of the truth.

# John Best has irrefutable proof of all his notions, unlike you.
He hasn't proven one notion yet, that I've seen anyway.

The ninety-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Not only does he claim to tell the truth, but he censors me when I do.
You don't tell the truth, Oliver.

# He now moderates comments, so I won't be commenting there anymore.
So you refuse to use your rights under the First Amendment?

# He and all of Phil's buddies claim that I committed a crime simply by viewing Phil's website, which is utter bullshit.
As shown on the Criminal Canby blog this is indeed a crime.

# Not only is it not stalking, but it isn't burglary either, and that claim is even more ridiculous.
Again I refer to the Criminal Canby blog.

# A website is not property, it is merely a piece of cyberspace.
A website is indeed property, as is anything that you pay for and own.

# If you are gonna leave a point of access to your website, you shouldn't whine and cry when someone takes advantage of that.
Taking advantage when ordered not to is a criminal act.

# I didn't even use a proxy then (although I do now), and that isn't even remotely burglary.
If you take information from the website without permission, that is theft.

# How many dumbfucks can there be? First STFU, then the Asspie Hater, and now the TruthMeister?
As we have seen already, Oliver was Asspie Hater.

# You cannot be banned from the beach because it is a public place and not a private business.
You can be banned from the beach in a certain area if necessary.

# You can't be banned from the post office or DMV (Dept Motor Vehicles) for the same reason.
You can under certain circumstances.

# If a website is in the public domain, it can be accessed by anyone.
Not if a person has been banned from it.

# It's not illegal to gain access to a website. In fact, it is a constitutional right.
There is no such right within the Constitution.

# A sporting event is a private enterprise that requires an admission fee, so that is not applicable.
There are many sporting events that do not require an admission fee.

# Beaches are public venues. Pedophiles may go anywhere as long as they are not within 1000 feet of children.
They can't go to a beach if they are banned from it.

# You cannot be banned from the DMV because of a moving violation. You can still get an ID card at the DMV even if you can't drive.
But you can be banned from there for other reasons.

# Pedophiles can be anywhere as long as they are not within 1000 feet of children.
This is not true.

# Megan's Law states that pedophiles must stay 1000 feet away from children. It says nothing about avoiding the beach.
This is irrelevant as it doesn't take into account specific circumstances.

# The courts can ban pedophiles from going within 1000 feet of children. Other than that, they can't do shit.
Yes they can.

# Dumbfuck, Australian law doesn't apply here. This is the United States of America.
Irrelevant. American courts have powers that can be used for these purposes.

# That is not true, dumbfuck. The only laws that apply are those of a man's home country.
Not if he or she breaks the law of another country while in that country.

# Gary McKinnon will win his case in the English court system and be allowed to remain in his native country.
He would have lost had the English government not intervened.

# As long as he doesn't set foot on American soil, he's completely safe.
He isn't.

# The American courts can't touch him as long as he's in England. They don't have jurisdiction there.
They do if he breaks American law.

# He can't leave his native country, end of story.
He can if he wants to.

# He cannot be exiled from his country of citizenship.
What has an exile got to do with this legal argument?

# You can only get extradited back into your native country, not out of it.
Yes you can if you have broken that country's law.

# The English courts will not extradite him.
The English courts never made the application. The Americans did.

# A solid example of this is Roman Polanski. He raped a girl in the United States, and then fled to his native country of France where he has remained for more than 3 decades.
Roman Polanski was in Switzerland, not France, and he can't be extradited from there because at the time the United States did not have an extradition treaty with Switzerland.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Assistance Package 91

The ninety-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# Let me just say that I accept this award with great pride and honor.
This is a bad idea.

# If Phil and his whack pack think that I'm an idiot, then I must be doing something right!
Given that it appears that he won this because he called all neurodiversity believers pedophiles, this was far from right.

# I am a better person, and autism needs to be cured.
Such arrogance to protect a clearly stupid act.

# Winning this award proves that Phil is the real idiot and I am smart enough to bring change to the world in the form of a cure for autism.
Oliver's ability to be clever is severely under question.

# This is the best award I have ever won. Way better than any of the ones at VGW.
I suspect it won't be for long.

# This award proves that I am sane and that all NDs are whackjobs.
No it proves that you are an idiot, Oliver - including your reaction.

# I would want to be perceived as bad by those people, so this means that I am making a very strong push for a cure and am gaining steam.
No, Oliver, to gain steam you have to avoid being seen as an idiot by everyone.

# Your website will come crashing down, but I must say this award proves who the real idiot is (hint: it's not me).
The award is appropriate, and the website concerned seems to be alive and well.

# I certainly think that it takes one to know one, which is why I consider this "award" an honor and do not take it the least bit seriously.
I suggest you take it seriously, Oliver.

# I truly do not care if there are people whom disagree with my pro-cure views, just as long as they do not interfere with me finding a cure.
Everyone will interfere with that, Oliver, because it's wrong.

# Also, there are less fortunate autistic people (such as Harold's son) for whom a cure is pretty much the only option.
This is not true.

# In terms of Phil giving us "awards," I am more than happy to be like you.
You shouldn't be.

# He refuses to revoke the award and see the truth despite the obviousness of Dr. Dubin's horrific crimes.
It wasn't obvious, but the award has since been revoked.

# But when I even did so much as suggest that all NDs may be pedophiles, Phil Gluyas completely blew his lid, which tells all the truth about him.
Upon investigation, many people reacted the same way.

# I would simply use that as motivation to become better myself, as hard as that may be.
The motivation should be to learn how not to be an idiot.

# All three of those authors have acknowledged that there are autistic people less fortunate than they are who could potentially benefit from a cure
They won't.

# If it was a curebie speaking, I would applaud them wildly, whereas if it was an ND I may ask tough questions but I would still be respectful.
I find this almost impossible to be believe.

# I do need to get laid, badly, even if a cure is impossible.
You don't "need" to get laid. That is the wrong attitude to take.

# I know not to tell that I'm Republican or homophobic, because that can be a turnoff.
That would be lying again.

# More importantly, however, I really shouldn't tell them that I'm autistic, because that is committing social suicide!
Actually it wouldn't be.

# Phil claims to be anti-discrimination and yet he practices it himself! What a hypocrite.
It is right to discriminate against those who prove themselves to be massive idiots.

# I am not an idiot, nor am I delusional.
Oliver behaves like an idiot and shows much delusion.

# The fact that Phil called me an idiot proves who the real idiot is, and it ain't me for sure.
This has already been addressed.

# Phil is an idiot because it takes one to know one.
This is childish and a social error.

# An idiot is someone with profound mental retardation, meaning that you have an IQ below 25.
No, the definition is far wider than that.

# Idiot is most definitely a scientific term, TruthMeister. It was actually included in the first DSM in 1952.
It is not a scientific term. It was a medical term and it's not even that any more.

# Dumbfuck, the first DSM was written in 1952. It's just as applicable now as it was then!
No it is not.

# The original DSM is better because it considers "moron," "imbecile," and "idiot" to be actual diagnoses. It also considers homosexuality to be a mental disorder.
The original DSM is now out of date and extremely bigoted.

# Naw, the DSM (1952) is much better than the DSM-IV-TR (2000). As Walter Cronkite would say, that's just the way it is.
It's not the way that it is at all. This is proof that Oliver is deluded.

# Walter Cronkite died in 2009. Before that, however, he as a staunch believer in the 1952 DSM.
There is no proof of that.

# I am not dumb, TruthMeister, I am smart. My IQ is 146.
IQ doesn't show actual intelligence. It only shows potential intelligence, and Oliver is not fulfilling his potential.

# I have used all 146 of my IQ points ever since I self-tested myself last year.
Self tests are unreliable, and it his obvious that he is not using what intelligence he has.

# It was incredibly immature and childish of Phil to call me an idiot, and it's baffling that he thinks people actually take him seriously.
Given the list of other people who have been given this label, it is quite a serious award.

# The original DSM is just as relevant today as it was during its original reign from 1952-1973.
The original reign was from 1952 to 1969, and it is not in any way relevant today.

# It was the only DSM that didn't pull any punches and refused to bow down to the PC liberal left.
The liberal left have nothing to do with the creation and alteration of the DSM.

# The only reason Barack Obama repealed the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is because he caved in to the liberal left instead of sticking to his morals.
His morals stated that it was the right thing to do.

# The Bible clearly says that it's bad to be gay.
It doesn't.

# The real idiot of the year for 2010 was Phil Gluyas, not me.
No, Oliver, it was you. You deserved it. You never ever call anyone a pedophile without proof. It's libel. As you have found out.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Assistance Package 90

The ninetieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It turns out that the owner of this blog is STFU, who (thankfully) no longer believes that I am John Best.
Upon investigation that has been revealed to be false.

# There were two dead giveaways. The first one was on his Blogger profile. The date he joined gave it away.
It is a coincidence upon that same said investigation.

# Another one was his URL. It is exactly the same as his other blog that attacked me.
This is not proof. It is supposition.

# He claims to live in Korea, but that is a lie as he has previously stated that he lives in Oregon.
Given that they are two different people this does not apply.

# He did do a post explaining how to get onto my blog and avoid StatCounter, but I believe that is bullshit because the entire blog is protected, including the comments section.
No it's not.

# Also, that post dates to before I received my rogue comment, which was obviously left by Phil.
There is no such "obvious" guide.

# Anyway, this man from Portland (not Korea) needs to be dealt with fast as he is a liar and a coward. Cheers!
It is clear that the liar is Oliver.

# You haven't proven shit, dumbfuck. I will not be censored on your blog, so I do not comment there.
Censoring proven lies is wholly acceptable.

# You have yet to prove me wrong on a single thing. Autism needs to be cured.
Oliver, you haven't proven yourself to be right.

# How about you prove you're not a complete and total fraud?
Oliver, you need to prove beyond a doubt that he is a fraud.

# There is no challenge, TruthMeister. You tell lies. Now, please tell me your real identity.
There is a challenge because Oliver tells lies.

# I cannot comment on your blog as long as you censor me. You need to undo comment moderation before I can even think of commenting.
That is not an excuse not to comment.

# TruthMeister, I have proved it already.
Oliver, you haven't proved anything.

# You may not censor me because I speak the truth.
This is a lie.

# You are a disgusting troll who does not deserve to live on this Earth!
This is a typical reply from someone who has lost the argument.

# Wacka Dawson isn't gonna do a big article at all. He isn't gonna expose anything.
He did as a matter of fact.

# I am thought of as a well-respected autistic blogger who is not afraid to pull punches and call people out.
This is not true.

# I have never told a single lie in my whole entire life.
There are a plethora of lies on this blog alone.

# The things you have accused me of aren't lies; they are truths. Therefore, I do not need to prove myself.
They are not "truths", therefore you do have to prove them.

# I have already won the agrument, and I can call you whatever the Hell I want.
No, Oliver, you were losing the argument because you were running away from it.

# I have defeated you in every single one of your challenges.
There is no evidence of this at all.

# I have taken you up on all of your challenges, and I am undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins.
Upon examination not one of the challenges was even taken up.

# I'm not running and I've answered all of your questions. Enough said.
Oliver didn't answer a single question.

# I have unequivocally proven myself to be a winner.
No, Oliver, you proved yourself to be a coward.

# I always tell the truth, and you censor me anyway. Therefore, I will not comment on your blog.
Oliver lies, and a great deal.

# I have not lied at all. English is spoken in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Nowhere else.
It is spoken in almost every country in the world.

# The original DSM was published in 1952 while the DSM-II was published in 1973.
The DSM-II was published in 1969, not 1973. In 1973 there was a revision only.

# I have a high school diploma with honors from University High School.
There is no proof of this.

# I never lied to the staff at Village Glen West.
This has previously been shown to be false.

# The reason why Bruce Springsteen turns the lites on instead of off during Born to Run is because he cares so much about the autistic people in the audience.
This has already been proven to be false.

# The DSM-II was published in 1973 while the original DSM still has a huge bearing today.
The DSM-I has NO bearing on today. At the time of posting the standard was the DSM-IV. Today it is the DSM-V.

# I was just wreaking havoc and drawing attention to myself.
This admission proves that his previous comment about not lying to Village Glen West staff was untrue.

# I have always been very honest about the reason why I pulled the knife.
Despite much investigation the reason is still to be revealed.

# This can be proven by the fact that he (Bruce Springsteen) performed at an Autism Speaks benefit in 2009.
It proves no such thing.

# I did not lie about hyperventilation. I fake hyperventilated. That is not anywhere close to lying.
Faking equals lying, Oliver.

# The staff enjoyed my antics at VGW, and I did not get kicked out. The decision to leave was my own.
This is very hard to believe.

# Egyptians speak Arabic, not English.
They speak both.

# The original DSM is still revered by Focus on the Family, and the DSM-II was written in 1973.
Focus on the Family is not a reliable source.

# I never intended people to believe that I was hyperventilating. I was just seeking attention and wreaking havoc.
This has so much wrong with it, it defies description.

# The staff at VGW loved me and I was one of their favorite students.
I very much doubt this.

# Focus on the Family is a psychiatric group that seeks to cure people of their homosexuality, which was removed from the DSM-II in 1973, not 1968.
That wasn't what you claimed, Oliver. You claimed the entire DSM-II was published in 1973, which is wrong. Homosexuality can not be cured.

This assistance shall continue.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Assistance Package 89

The eighty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# When I talk about my autism, I pretty much tell it like it is.
It has been long established by now that he doesn't.

# My autism has caused me to have a shitty life, and I am incredibly honest about that.
Autism is not the reason for your "shitty life", Oliver.

# However, all the dumbfucks over at neurodiversity seem to take personal offense to the fact that I would rather be cured to give myself a better life.
You don't need a cure for a better life.

# They call it a "civil rights issue" and that I am "destroying the autistic community," as if there even was one.
As already mentioned, everyone affected by Autism is a part of the community.

# There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why an ND should be offended that I want to be cured. None at all.
There are many reasons.

# If their autism is milder than mine, then they should not tell me not to cure myself simply because they would prefer to be autistic.
They should.

# If they have the right not to cure themselves, I should have the right to cure myself if I so choose.
No you should not.

# It is not offensive to simply ask for a better life.
It is when you think that can only be achieved by a cure and that is not the case.

# Neurodiversity claims to be about respecting people for who they are, but they are anything but.
You don't respect who you really are, Oliver.

# They are an elite group who will expel anyone at a moment's notice for disagreeing with them even the slightest bit.
There is no proof of this, and besides this neurodiversity is not an elite group.

# I am not a human rights abuser, and I am not a hater. I have a disease and I want it gone, akin to cancer and AIDS.
You don't have a disease and claiming otherwise is a human right abuse and hate.

# I respect neurodiversity's opinion, but I do not respect them telling me what my opinion should be.
You don't.

# If they demand justice, so should we.
Oliver's form of justice is murder.

# We will not stop fighting neurodiversity until they are rightfully exposed as a fraud, and we will find a cure for autism for those who want it, because your opinion matters too.
The opinion supporting a cure is the fraud here.

# Nobody should take offense to anything that I say because I am not attacking them directly.
Yes you are, Oliver.

# I respect you choosing not to be cured, as long as you respect my wish for a cure.
There can be no respect for someone wanting something that is impossible.

# What I do not respect is the NDs trying to speak on behalf of all autistic people, while at the same time wasting our tax dollars towards their welfare money.
You don't pay taxes, Oliver, as you don't work.

# Also, let me make it clear that I do not oppose accomodations, and there definitely should be more of those.
Oliver is all about a cure and nothing else.

# A cure and accomodations are not mutually exclusive.
Yes they are.

# I feel that if it gives them a better life, it would frankly be unethical not to cure them.
It would be unethical because it would kill them.

# I respect ND's opinion, but many of them do not respect mine.
Nor should they.

# I just checked StatCounter. Nobody from Oregon; only Australia. Kelvin Protek is not a real person.
Upon investigation it is easy to avoid StatCounter on Oliver's blog.

# Any actual "parents and carers" would appreciate my efforts to bring awareness to this disease and for my efforts to cure it.
No they wouldn't.

# Unfortunately, he (Phil Gluyas) already deactivated his own Google account as a way of complaining when he lost his frivolous lawsuit against them.
Upon investigation, this is not why Phil deactivated his account.

# How could you (Phil Gluyas) have been out all day when it's early Sunday morning?
Upon examination it is clear that Oliver has not taken into account the time difference between Australia and the United States.

# I checked StatCounter as soon as they were left and the most recent visitor whose IP I didn't recognize was an Aussie.
As already mentioned there is a way to avoid StatCounter.

# Yes, I do believe that reasonable accommodations should be made for disabled people. What constitutes reasonable is another story.
This is a lie.

# Here in the United States we have both the ADA and the IDEA which mandate reasonable accommodations for all disabled people.
No it doesn't because it allows many forms of discrimination and has many loop holes.

# But you (Europe) also have lower autism rates due to your lack of childhood vaccines.
This is demonstrably false.

# However, once a cure is found, I believe we should encourage autistic people to take the cure and not our tax money so that they can be productive members of society.
Autistics can be productive members of society without a cure.

# I reported the Asspie Hater numerous times for impersonating me (and you), but as usual Google did nothing.
As established on the Criminal Canby blog this is a flagrant lie.

# I didn't know Google could ban IPs
They can't.

# You are right that it is not defamation to merely accuse someone with reasonable suspicion.
It is when the accusation is demonstrably false and/or causes damage to the subject.

# I never said we should coerce autistic people into curing themselves.
You don't have to, Oliver. Coercion will occur no matter what.

# If they are capable of leading fulfulling lives without a cure, then more power to them.
You can, Oliver.

# However, I do believe that people who have the option of a cure should be encouraged to take it by having any kind of public assistance withheld.
That's not encouragement. That's coercion.

# I know you disagree, and I respect that.
You don't, Oliver.

# I think that with a cure, results would be instantaneous, and no adjustment period would be necessary.
Results would be instantaneous - death.

# The reason I am pro-cure is that I believe a cure to be a quick, painless process, and I'd be much more reluctant if it required a significant adjustment period.
The adjustment period is for life because there is no cure.

# I also believe that Temple Grandin has succeeded despite her autism, not because of it.
No she has succeeded because of it - as she used it as a positive and not a negative.

# She can say whatever she wants, but I believe that had she been cured, she would've been more successful, not less.
This is demonstrably false.

# Even she has admitted in recent years that there are people lower-functioning than she is who could benefit from a cure.
There has been no such admission.

# She also doesn't try to impose her anti-cure views on other people the way Ari Ne'eman does.
She would if challenged.

# I view autism as completely negative and no positive at all.
This is wrong.

# The positive traits that autistic people may have are despite their autism, not because of it.
No it's because of it.

# A cure would only enhance those positive traits while eliminating the negtive ones.
No it would eliminate all traits and leave nothing - leading to death.

# When I talk about a cure, I mean eliminating the negative traits, because that isall I believe autism to be.
You are wrong, Oliver.

# I would also oppose a prenatal abortion because I am staunchly pro-life as per my Republican political views.
Finding a cure would provide this ability.

# Also, Karen McCarron is not a curebie like I am and I do not associate with her.
She is a curebie as previously established.

# Um, no, sorry, I don't offend you. I don't offend anyone. You are another sockpuppet, and I will not stand for this.
You do offend many people, Oliver.

# Any right-thinking person would want autism to be cured because autism is a disease and diseases need to be cured.
No right thinking person thinks that.

# You don't hear anyone calling cancer and AIDS "civil rights issues," because they are diseases in need of a cure as is autism.
Autism is not a disease.

# You can't stand the fact that autistic disease needs a cure, so you make up sockpuppets that make you seem bigger than you really are.
There is no proof that there are any sockpuppets.

This assistance shall continue.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Assistance Package 87 & 88

The eighty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# Most people who live in Southern California have gone surfing at least once in their life, but not me cause I have autism.
That is not a valid reason, and besides that first assumption is wrong. It applies to Hawaii, not Southern California.

# Because my autism precludes me from being around normal people, I cannot go surfing as a result.
This is not true.

# This is tragic, because every human being should have the right ot go surfing. Therefore, I am asking for a cure.
You can try surfing, Oliver. Nothing is stopping you.

# If I didn't have autism anymore, I would be allowed to go surfing without being scrutinized and stared at.
Allowed? Everyone who surfs is scrutinized and stared at. That is normal.

# For now, I must stick to concerts and baseball games, because going surfing is off limits, just like going to college or working.
It is not off limits.

# While Autism Speaks has gotten a little too neurodiverse, I still wouldn't boycott Surfer's Healing
There is no proof that Autism Speaks has done this (by Oliver's definition of neurodiversity)

# I wish I'd been normalized soon enough.
This is a hopeless wish.

# I still should check them out, but I believe it is my autism more than anything else that prevents me from surfing.
It's not.

The eighty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am a blood relative of the Barbarian Brothers, whose real names are David and Peter Paul.
There is no proof of this.

# They were very famous people, having been twin bodybuilders and actors in the 1980s.
They are not famous at all.

# Most people, especially autistic people, cannot rightfully claim that they are related to an A-list Hollywood celebrity, but I can.
You can't, Oliver.

# For those who say that autism runs in families (and you know who you are), that is pure bullshit, plain and simple.
There are valid arguments to the contrary.

# Nobody in my family is autistic but me.
This means nothing.

# The reason that the Barbarian Brothers aren't autistic is because thimerosal didn't exist back in 1958 (or around then).
Even though it has nothing to do with autism, thimerosal was invented in 1929.

# I have pretty much resigned to the fact that I will never be cured of my autism, which is really sad because autistic people live shitty lives.
No they don't, unless they seek to lead "shitty" lives.

# If you are able to go surfing, that is essentially a one-way ticket to getting laid.
No it is not.

# I had never heard of this Clay Marzo guy before today, but the fact that he eats breakfast with strippers daily seems pretty intriguing. I wonder if he also sponsors wet t-shirt contests. If he does, maybe he could help get me into the business. Wet t-shirt contests are also a one-way ticket to getting laid, especially if you are the sponsor.
This comment is a demonstration of Oliver's disconnect with the real world and his desperation to get laid.

# I will never shut down this blog, because I feel it is my duty to accurately portray the pain and suffering that all autistic people face without sugarcoating at all.
Your duty, Oliver, is to shut the blog down and seek proper help.

# I hope autistic people will see through the shallowness of neurodiversity and listen to wise autistic people like me.
Oliver's blog is proof that he is not wise in any way.

# Demanding for a cure is the only way to seek happiness. All other ways are futile.
This is demonstrably false.

This assistance shall continue.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Assistance Package 86d

This is the conclusion of the previous entries concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I've already been in therapy for 2 weeks. It hasn't worked and never will.
Then change therapists. Or you don't want it to work.

# All the websites I read about autism on are accurate and correct.
Judging by his attitude, Oliver relies on unreliable websites.

# My parents think that my autism should be cured just like I do.
There is no proof of this.

# My voice should be heard loud and clear, on behalf of all the autistic people who desire a cure.
It shouldn't.

# I try to keep a positive attitude, but also a realistic one at that.
These two attitudes contradict each other and both do not reflect Oliver's actual attitude as seen on his blog.

# The reality is that autism limits me in many ways of which the only way around is a cure.
Autism is not limiting Oliver. His poor attitude is limiting him.

# My statement about therapy was based on experience, not prejudice.
It's prejudice.

# I shouldn't sugarcoat the hardships of being autistic, because it is honesty that will make people realize the truth.
It clearly doesn't as Oliver doesn't speak the truth.

# I don't think we can ever cure him (Phil Gluyas) of being a severely deranged mental case, and the Australian government really should take some action to stop his bullshit.
They won't, because Phil is doing nothing wrong that I can see.

# No, Phil, you will lose to John Best, and you will lose badly.
Again - Phil won.

# You have no legitimate evidence at all, and when the judge sees your "evidence," he'll laugh you right out of the courtroom.
Obviously he never did.

# John and I are both human beings who find logic in what should be found logical, not a warped sense of reality like you do
There is no logic is this comment.

# Once you leave Phil's World and join the real world, maybe things will be better for you.
Given Oliver's lack of contact with the real world this is a hypocritical remark.

# She never at any time said that it was not my autism that holds me back, because right now it's nothing else.
It is something else as I have previously indicated.

# Now, I'm in the right mind and I realize that because I'm autistic I can never amount to anything, and that is a fact.
No that is fiction and an example of the bad attitude that holds you back.

# And yes, Phil, people who make a name for themselves via the Internet by definition are public figures.
No they are not.

# Where do you think Mark Zuckerberg got his fame?
Making lots of money and getting onto the richest person list. Not from the Internet.

# College is not for me either because autistic people cannot go to college. College is for normal people only.
This is not true.

# An idiot is someone with an IQ below 25 (someone who is profoundly mentally retarded), and I'm significantly smarter than that.
That is an out of date and irrelevant definition.

# I'm gonna be completely honest with you, Katie: my plan for tomorrow is to do absolutely nothing.
Bad plan and another demonstration of a bad attitude that holds him back.

# Because I have Asperger's syndrome, that is all that I can ever amount to.

# My next appointment is on Tuesday to see my male therapist, and even that doesn't help at all.
Change that attitude, Oliver, because you don't want to be helped.

# You're right, Jonathan. Meg Evans, aka "Bonnie Ventura" aka the "Autistic Bitch From Hell" is a disgusting woman who needs to be put down.
Upon investigation, Bonnie Ventura and Meg Evans are two different people.

# Saying that pro-cure autistics should be murdered and turned into cat food is purely despicable and should be punished severely.
No it's a rightful expression of frustration over the damage pro cure autistics are doing.

# She even conned you with one of her false identities and stole your fictitious story and twisted it to her liking.
There is no proof of that.

# As for the majority argument, I am certainly in the majority if you include nonverbal autistics such as Conor Doherty or Sam Best.
This is a baseless assumption.

This assistance shall continue.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Assistance Package 86c

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Karen McCarron was a murderer, not a curebie, and she is in jail where she belongs.
She is a curebie.

# No true curebie would murder anyone, because it is not part of our philosophy.
Yes they would, because part of that philosophy is murder.

# You can't prove anything, and biomed cures autism only. Only drugs cure anxiety.
Drugs do not cure anxiety. Biomed can cure it. Nothing cures Autism.

# Nick Dubin has admitted to being a pedophile, and that is evidence enough for me.
He never actually made that specific admission.

# You do not understand civil lawsuits. There are no guilty or not guilty verdicts. Those are only in criminal trials.
This is a clear demonstration that Oliver has no clue.

# No right-thinking judge would ever rule in your favor.
A right thinking judge did indeed rule in his favor.

# The USA does not recognize Australian law as we are our own sovereign nation under nobody's rule.
But it does recognize a verdict if it rightly involves an American.

# Biomed is for autism only, not anxiety disorder. I know a lot about it from reading Age of Autism.
Age of Autism is not a reliable source.

# Biomed is not drugs, and only drugs can cure anxiety disorder.
As previously stated this is not true.

# I know very well how to run a Facebook account. Not one of my friends has reported me for anything.
But others can and probably have.

# The whole point of Facebook is to meet random people in order to have sex with them, not to connect with old friends.
That is proof that Oliver should in fact not be on Facebook as that is stalking behavior.

# Phil doesn't realize what it means to be a "public figure" and how it's all his fault anyway.
Upon investigation, Phil does not fulfill the definition of public figure under legal precedent.

# Whether or not you call autism a disease or disorder is purely a matter of semantics
No it's not. They are two totally different things.

# What neurodiversity does is they trivialize the very aspects of autism that make it a disease (or disorder) and act as if it's good to be autistic, whereas in fact it is a horrible thing.
It is only horrible if you let it be horrible. It can be good if you make it so (with apologies to Jean-Luc Picard).

# I do hate my autism because I feel it has done nothing but hold me back and the true me would come out if I didn't have autism.
The true you is autistic whether you like it or not, Oliver.

# Cures, treatments, and recoveries are all essentially the same thing.
No they are not.

# Jenny McCarthy avoids using the word "cure" for legal reasons, but states that she "recovered" her son Evan via biomed.
It is well known that Evan was not Autistic so this is not relevant.

# She compares it to a car accident. You cannot get cured of a car accident, but you can recover from one.
It's an appalling and uneducated analogy that should never have been made due to it's inherent inaccuracies.

# If you support helping autistic children, then by definition you support a cure.
No you don't. Helping autistic children does not mean a cure.

# I am also opposed to research into an abortion, because I am pro-life and oppose all forms of abortion.
A cure would lead to abortions.

# A cure is about helping a child and giving them a better life, while abortion is a form of murder and it takes away their life.
A cure is not about any such thing. It is not needed to help the child and give them a better life.

# Thanks for your input John. Your comments are invaluable here on this blog.
John Best's input carries no value whatsoever.

# Autism is most definitely a disease, and calling it anything less trivializes the true pain that it causes me.
The pain Oliver suffers from is not from Autism.

# You do not realize what it means to be a "public figure." It does not mean you are a famous person, it just means you've made a name for yourself, which you've done in a bad way.
That definition contradicts legal precedent.

# I have irrefutable proof that you brutalized someone at work, and that is your conviction from 1990.
There was no conviction in 1990. If there was one it was in 1999, but as Phil was able to run for public office there can't have been. Convicted people can not run for public office (assuming that our rules also apply in Australia).

# John Best will not go to jail for contempt of court as he can legally defame you under the 1st Amendment.
No he can't! As previously stated, proven defamation is not protected.

# You have no evidence to back yourself up, and you will lose.
He clearly did as he won.

# I will never lose my virginity without a cure.
You can, Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Assistance Package 86b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Phil, there are no biomedical treatments for anxiety disorder.
There most certainly are.

# And you haven't beaten John Best. You haven't even gotten a decision in your favor.
At the time - Yet.

# Even in a default judgment, you need to present a case, and you have none.
He obviously had one as the decision in his favor proves.

# Also, there would be no way to enforce an Australian court order upon a US citizen.
There are ways to do this.

# Calling curebies "murderers" is insanely delusional and should be enough to get you committed.
It's not because the argument has a great deal of validity to it.

# It's kinda funny that not a single curebie has been arrested for murder (and no, Phil, Karen McCarron was NOT one of us. She was a nut and does not represent our movement).
Karen McCarron killed her child to "cure" that child. That is curebie behavior.

# Saying that I am a murderer in waiting is extremely paranoid, so maybe you should take John Best's advice and go to the funny farm.
Given Oliver's consequent conduct, it can be stated that it is Oliver who is paranoid and maybe needs to go to a funny farm.

# Katie's mother is definitely pro-cure, as she wants to cure her daughter of a horrendous illness like any good mother.
Upon investigation, it would appear that the cure being sought was for GAD, not Autism.

# As for me wanting to committ suicide, you ripped that line way out of context, as always.
No, Oliver, you made the social error and you were called on it.

# I did state that I would likely commit suicide on December 31, 2011, but it had absolutely nothing to do with receiving a cure.
Yes it did.

# It had to do with losing my virginity, a fact that you know damn well.
The two were interconnected by Oliver's own words.

# Also, I would commit suicide to put myself out of my own misery, not because I hate autistic people.
The way to put yourself out of your own misery is to change your attitude, Oliver.

# I love autistic people, which is another fact that you damn well know.
This is a demonstrable lie.

# That is why I want them cured, so that they can reach their fullest potential, something they cannot do with autism.
Yes they can, if society will let them.

# In 1990, you brutalized someone at work, and John Best found out.
Upon investigation, the alleged incident occurred in 1999 and did not involve a work place.

# He then publicly posted it on his blog, and you decided to be a crybaby and sue him for defamation, when he simply told the truth.
Reading the decision, this was only a part of the case - and it was made clear that no brutalization took place.

# The US courts will refuse to enforce an order from Australia because it is outside their jurisdiction.
Not if the other party is American and that American has been found guilty.

# You would have to fly to New Hampshire to do that, and you've already admitted that you're too much of a pussy to fly anywhere.
That doesn't mean that he can't get a local attorney to do it.

# I do not lie, Phil. I have told the truth on this blog, and you can't handle the truth since you live in Phil's World instead of on Earth.
Oliver has told a large number of lies, and it is clear from observation that Phil has a better grip on planet Earth than Oliver does.

# You know that if you do you'll be arrested for stalking just like you stalked the KGAccount and called her a bad mother just because you have nothing better to do.
There is no proof of any stalking.

# The first amendment is sacred, and cannot be reversed by another country's court.
Proven defamation is not protected by the First Amendment.

# You simply told the truth about Phil, and he will be laughed out of the courtroom once he tries to present his case.
He obviously wasn't.

# If you think you have to "know them personally," that is bullshit, and you have a long way to go.
Those are Facebook's rules, and if you don't follow them on your own head be it.

# And yes, Phil, Katie is very much pro-cure, because she realizes that autism is a horrendous diseaseand wants to rid herself of it.
There is no proof of that.

# Katie's mother is also pro-cure, and Katie has decided not to rebel like the other NDs because she knows her mother is right and that a cure is the key to happiness.
As already mentioned, that is about GAD and not Autism.

# It was in an Australian court document from 1990 that you brutalized someone at work, and that is irrefutable proof.
No it isn't and the 2013 document is proof of this.

# And it is impossible to register a court order in the United States without flying here first, and you are too scared to do that.
As previously noted, a local attorney can handle that.

# Also, our courts are under no obligation to listen to yours, as they lack jurisdiction over us.
That is not a valid reason to reject any application.

# You will lose for being a severely deranged mental case, and will be locked up in a padded cell, just like the isolation ward at VGW.
He won, and I doubt any school would have a padded cell.

This assistance shall continue.