Friday, December 26, 2014

Assistance Package 26, 27 & 28

The twenty sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, the state has shut down Jenny McCarthy's autistic school.
Upon investigation, this is not true. The school shut down after the withdrawal of Jenny's partner.

# This can only be because Ari Ne'eman and neurodiversity made them do it.
There is no proof of this statement.

# I'll bet you Big Pharma shut it down too along with Ari Ne'eman and neurodiversity.
There is equally no proof of this statement either.

# We can't just throw all the autistic kids in with the gen pop because it is bad for them!
The general population should in fact be helping and be accepting of Autistic children.

The twenty seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# She cannot have a real one due to the stress of having an Aspergian child
Every female is capable of having a real orgasm.

# I'd appreciate it if she'd be honest with me that I wasn't very good so I could purchase some Viagra and greatly improve the quality.
Viagra would not make any difference to this situation upon examination.

# I can't get laid while still autistic, so I must be cured via chelation.
Many Autistics have "got laid" so this is a false statement.

# However, this still applies even if I'm normal.
This is fundamentally incorrect.

# I've tried to get laid for years and it hasn't worked. A cure is the next step in this process.
This is also incorrect. Trying to get laid will not achieve the aim as females will not bed desperate males. the next step in the process is in fact a change of attitude.

# I always try to hold out hope, even when prospects may look bleak.
It is clear throughout this blog that he has no hope without achieving the impossible.

# I have opted not to go to college, at least for the time being, because I could not handle it due to my autism.
This is not correct as colleges have support services for people like him.

The twenty eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Matt Kemp, who cures autism
Upon examination, he does not and neither does anyone else. There is no cure.

This assistance shall continue.

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