Saturday, January 10, 2015

Assistance Package 44

The forty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Because Bruce Springsteen cares so much about autistic people, he turns the lites ON for Born to Run, so everyone autistic and normal can enjoy his most famous song. Remind your child that he does this just for them, and tell them to thank The Boss after the show.
Springsteen's most famous song is Born in the USA, not Burn to Run. The lighting changing, upon investigation, is nothing more than a part of the show's general presentation and is not for a specific purpose to a specific group of people.

# Bruce Springsteen doesn't mind when people act autistic in the audience. While flailing your arms in the air would normally be not OK, it is perfectly fine at a Bruce Springsteen concert, even for normal people.
Throwing one's arms in the air is acceptable at all concerts.

# Autistic people tend to suffer from alektorophobia, which is a fear of chickens.
There is no evidence of this being common.

# When I was in the pit at a Bruce Springsteen concert back in 2007, he pointed to me while he was singing Born to Run. He also made direct eye contact with me, which is proof that he knew I was autistic and had turned the lites on just to help me. He didn't realize that I prefer the lites off, but it's the thought that counts.
Springsteen would have chosen a random person for no particular reason.

# Andrew, it is a proven fact that autistic people are more likely to be afraid of chickens than normal people.
As stated there is no proof of this.

# Bruce Springsteen supports worthy charities
He supported Autism Speaks, who are well known as not a worthy charity.

# They (a fear of chickens) are not directly related, Andrew, but they do have a high rate of co-morbidity.
Again there is no proof of this.

# Violins and organs sound a lot like chickens.
This is totally untrue and unsubstantiated.

# I am NOT doing this for the sake of attention, and you of all people should know that.
So far it is quite clear that the number of lies can only lead to the assertion of attention seeking.

# The lights being on for Born to Run greatly helps autistics
There is no proof of this.

# Everyone knows your full name so I don't see a problem using it.
It is a crime to expose a person's full name if they are not a public figure.

# Autism Speaks does not try to make society fear autistic people.
Upon investigation, noting the efforts of "Ransom Notes" and "I am Autism" this can be safely stated as false.

# Andrew, this blog is not a place for name calling.
Oliver engages in name calling quite frequently.

# You publicly advocate against a cure, which needs to be stopped.
When there is no cure, advocating against it should not be stopped.

# Your movement is bad and must be put to rest. It opposes a cure, and thus supports neurodiversity.
The poorly called "Neurodiversity Movement" is good as it supports human diversity.

# Phil, a person's full name is in the public domain.
This is fundamentally incorrect for all outside of public personalities.

# Autism Speaks attacks autism, not autistic people. They do nothing to stigmatize people, and they promote tolerance as well as a cure.
Autism Speaks, as demonstrated with the Notes and I am examples above, are against tolerance and do everything to stigmatize the condition.

# That video (I am Autism) specifically avoided attacking the children, and it was even sympathetic as it said that autism stole them in the night. It implies that they could be normal people if they weren't autistic. It doesn't stigmatize them at all.
As just explained this is untrue. Upon investigation it attacked families as a whole and that includes the children. There was no sympathy within it for the Autistic community.

# autism impairs my life greatly
It can be stated that Oliver impairs his own life.

# That is the correct philosophy, as autism causes great suffering.
Upon investigation it only causes suffering if it is allowed to do so.

# Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN OPPOSE early intervention.
There is no proof of this assertion.

# He (Ari) has specifically said that he opposes any kind of early intervention, and that children should be allowed to be autistic.
Again, there is no proof of the first part re early intervention. After the first comma, upon investigation this is correct but only when there are no other issues.

# He also opposes social skills groups, ABA, special education, and pretty much everything else that helps autistic people.
There is no proof of this either.

# The thing is, a lot of neurodiverse people oppose that.
Again, there is no proof of this.

# Whether Ari Ne'eman does or not, he still associates with people who do, and that's bad.
There is no proof that anyone who supports neurodiversity opposes social skills groups, ABA, special education or any other assistance that is not seen as a cure.

# However, in our Pledge of Allegiance, we say, "One nation, indivisible." That means that it is unconstitutional for states to secede from our nation.
This is fundamentally incorrect. The Pledge of Allegiance is to the United States and not to any of the 50 states individually.

# There are many neurodiverse people who oppose early intervention. They don't believe in alleviating autism in any way
Upon investigation this has been shown to be completely false.

This assistance shall continue.

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