Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Assistance Package 45

The forty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# What I am working on right now for the most part is self-esteem issues
What Oliver should be working on is accepting his Autism

# most of the symptoms have subsided and many (including me), question whether autism is my problem at all anymore
It will always be a problem until it is accepted and not rejected

# There are autistic people who have had sex, but they are few and far between.
This is an unproven statement.

# If I could have sex as an autistic person, I would, but that doesn't seem possible right now, and that is why I desire a cure.
It is possible and it starts with accepting his Autism

# There are a lot of autistic virgins desperate for sex
This is another unproven statement.

# I'm pretty good at acting normal
Using his blog as a guide, this is a false statement

# I find it near impossible to ask a girl to have sex.
You don't just ask.

# They (low functioning Autistics) want so much as to speak a word
When they accept their condition, any form of communication will be satisfactory

# They slap you with high-functioning autism, which isn't in the DSM
This is not correct.

# I do have low self-esteem (undoubtedly because of my autism), and being a virgin at 18 just kills
Being a virgin at 18 is the least of Oliver's problems

# I have matured a lot on my own
Again using his blog as a guide, the level of Oliver's maturity remains low

# Unfortunately, you can't get arrested for breaking God's law
This is fundamentally incorrect.

# Cops are above the law
This is a false statement

# I don't really care much about the HAA (and I lost the award anyway)
Upon investigation, the award has in fact doubled

# The point is Jonathan, if you think you're not an HAA, then you're not an HAA no matter what anyone else says
It is noted that he learned this attitude at a school that has many questions to answer upon investigation. Oliver fails to note the world view.

# I was saying that if he wants to be taken seriously, he should stop his ASD awards because they make him look bad
Upon examination, these awards have some merit

# I will never support those awards, and I don't know of a single organization here that does
Upon investigation, there are three organizations that support the merit of them and one of them is a government

# I still doubt even a neurodiverse organization would take your awards seriously, because they are biased and opinionated and not based on any kind of fact
Upon investigation, the awards are based in very strong fact

# Andrew, awards based on one man's biased opinion will not be accepted by mainstream culture
As previously stated, the facts behind the awards are undisputable

# There's always room for debate, but one man saying he is right no matter what will not be taken seriously
Except when he has high level support for the view.

# Actually, many liberals don't take Glenn Beck seriously, as they control the mainstream media.
Liberals do not control the mainstream media.

# Again, these "facts" are considered by no one but you
The facts are indisputable as previously mentioned

# But any true Republican listens to what he says
Upon investigation, many Republicans consider Glenn Beck to be a comedian

# There are several reliable sources whose opinions differ from yours
And there are many many more sources that agree, and upon investigation none of the differing opinions are reliable

# Thomas Hobbes lived so long ago that his philosophy doesn't apply nowadays.
Many different philosophies are followed today, including that of Christianity that is even older than Hobbes

# We need a Republican like Sarah Palin in office in 2012
Sarah Palin is a political atomic bomb

# There couldn't possibly be any other viewpoint
Given Oliver's continued love for lies there are many other viewpoints

# We need to stop bailing out companies
Preserving jobs is more important

# In the case of Hannah Poling, the vaccine court conceded that vaccines cause autism
Upon investigation they did no such thing

# Phil, even the Democrat party doesn't believe in socialism
This is not correct

# If Barack Obama would just be a capitalist and let the big companies fail, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now
Letting big companies fail would cost millions of jobs

# I believe in economic freedom for the people. I also think the government shouldn't hand CEOs free money.
This is a contradictory statement

# I am not on the dole, Andrew. That is defamation
It is not defamation to make a reasonable statement such as that

# Any poor person can find a job at a fast food restaurant
Many poor people do not have the social skills required to perform such a job

# Any job is better than none at all
Except jobs that threatens one's own life

# Last year, I was offered to be in a government-sponsored job program that I turned down because I didn't want to waste other peoples' tax dollars
There is no proof that such an offer was even made

This assistance shall continue.

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