Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Assistance Package 40 & 41

The fortieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# other autistic people might not be as fortunate and may (surprise surprise) actually want a cure so that they can lose their virginity.
This demonstrates a poor grasp of life priorities, as well as again the false claim about a cure.

# I want a cure anyway, just to show that it's OK to want a cure, and to receive one if necessary.
Upon investigation, a cure would apparently set back the human race's progress.

# In the mean time, I'll just trudge along, hope I can get laid, and cue my autism.
This again shows a poor grasp of life priorities.

# I'll also focus less on blogging and more on life, but I'll blog some too.
This took a long time to occur as the rate of blog entries continued beyond this statement.

The forty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# I'm as autistic as the sun, so I will suffer a horrendous life if I don't get cured.
This is a false statement as it is possible to enjoy a good life and be Autistic upon investigation.

# it's impossible for an autistic person to succeed in college.
This is a presumptive and inaccurate statement.

# I wish God would take away my autism, but He hasn't so I will be chelated.
You are created by God and chelation will destroy that creation.

# I don't know if chelation will cure me, but it seems like it's pretty low-risk/high-reward.
Upon investigation, the opposite is the case.

# My mother views all over-zealous autistic bloggers as insane beings, and I should not lower myself to associate with them.
Upon investigation this is in fact a statement against those who support Oliver's beliefs and not those who oppose them.

# I still think I mask it and I come across much different in public than I do in the blogosphere.
Upon examination this is extremely hard to believe.

# As for whether chelation will mess up my kidneys, the OTC stuff doesn't seem too bad.
Use of chelation targets other organs as well when used incorrectly, such as the liver.

# There are other things in my life that I think about but none seem as urgent as getting laid.
This is yet another example of poor life priorities.

This assistance shall continue.

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