Thursday, January 29, 2015

Assistance Package 53

The fifty-third entry continued the lies and errors - and this entry was done entirely in Spanish originally. What is being quoted is the English translation;

# I have fear of shopping centers. You can die in a mall. On the third floor, you can fall and die.
The paranoia behind this is beyond reasonable.

# In Village Glen West, there are no normal people, because all estudianted have autism.
This didn't translate that well, but Oliver appears to be saying that all students at Village Glen West were autistic. There is no evidence of this.

# It's too bad, because normal people do not understand autism.
Wouldn't it be appropriate to teach them to understand?

# I have fear of ordinary people, they are better than me, and I die.
If this has translated accurately this is another suicidal statement, born out of ignorance.

# I do not like the arts, because I am a man.
That is a very lame excuse not to enjoy the arts.

# I am not going to school any more.
Consequent to this there is evidence that in fact he did, so this is a lie.

# In my life, if you do not have autism, you're very, very average.
This shows that Oliver doesn't wish to be special, and that's a bad thing for anyone.

# Troy Mullane killed Joeker? I thought this Joeker living.
This is demonstrably wrong in that the person who spoke (in Spanish through the translator) didn't say that at all.

# I know some men like the arts, but not me. Many men do not like the arts.
This is completely false.

# I do not like movies. But movies are not the arts.
Movies are very much the arts.

# The arts are theater, opera, and classical music.
Incorrect. The arts consist of movies, all music and not just opera and classical, and television as well as theater.

# The film is not art. It is recreation.
It's creation and presentation is art.

# You're right. Steven Spielberg has no autism.
There is anecdotal evidence that in fact Spielberg does have autism.

# Ask Jonathan Mitchell. He knows the truth.
Upon investigation, the person named knows very few truths.

# Andrew, I'm not in the closet. I'm straight. I'm not a fag.
There is not enough evidence either way to prove Oliver's actual gender preference.

This assistance shall continue.

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