Monday, January 26, 2015

Assistance Package 52

The fifty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# This dumbfuck obviously wants attention, and is in for a heap of lawsuits.
This never eventuated.

# Looks like years of legal battles.
There wasn't one.

# I'm well aware that neurodiversity can do some pretty nasty things.
How can brain difference do nasty things?

# I'm a virgin at 18 which is bad in its own right, but making fun of a man who's a virgin at 54 is just wrong, Clay Adams.
It rather depends on why the 54 year old is still a virgin. Upon investigation it has nothing to do with Autism.

# I am Oliver M Canby, and I want my autism cured. You can take your neurodiverse bullshit somewhere else.
You will never cure Autism.

# While Jonathan Mitchell is likely too old for anything to happen
This is false. It's why Viagra was invented.

# Being autistic is a turnoff for normal girls. Acting autistic is even worse, although I do curb that pretty well.
There is no evidence of curbing, and for some girls being Autistic is attractive.

# While mental retardation cannot be cured, autism can be cured via chelation.
Certain forms of mental retardation can in fact be cured. Autism can not be cured via chelation.

# Just ask John Best; he knows everything.
It is well known that John Best knows very little.

# If I fuck someone, it certainly won't be during marriage; that's for sure.
It would appear from this that Oliver is not interested in getting married and settling down.

# I'm aware Jonathan doesn't believe in chelation, and he has warned me of its side effects. However, I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
It is well known that the risks outweigh the benefits.

# However, I am certainly in favor of doing everything you can despite your autism, and I plan to do that if I can.
No one should ignore their Autism.

# Once I start my chelation regimen, I expect to get laid within a week.
This is not correct.

# If not, then I'm suing the manufacturer for false advertising.
No chelation developer promotes the ability to get laid after use of it's product.

# I wouldn't consider searching for a cure "wasting money."
It is when the money should be used for providing respite for parents who are struggling.

# However, neurodiversity doesn't, as they actively try to stop people from curing themselves.
This is the correct path to take.

# Jonathan has done a lot with his life, albeit limited by his autism.
Upon investigation he had done very little.

# He worked for a quarter-century as a medical transcrpitionist and earned a college degree
There is no evidence of either of these claims.

# All normal 18-year-olds have had sex, and chelation should make me normal within a week.
This is false.

# I believe it should be the person's choice if they want to be cured, but neurodiversity doesn't.
When there is no cure, there is no choice.

# Phil Gluyas tried to personally stop me from chelating myself, but it didn't work.
There is no evidence of this.

# Every single 18-year-old male who does not suffer from autism has had sex at least once in their life.
This is not true.

# Chelation, by definition, makes people normal. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
This is patently wrong.

# I'd sue the manufacturer, not John Best, because it worked great on his son Sam.
There is no medical evidence to prove John Best did anything of the sort.

# You live off of Social Security? That means you're on the dole, Clay Adams.
It most certainly does not.

# The reason we are virgins is because of our autism; no other reason.
It was established that the reason was social structuring, not Autism.

# Andrew, I think it's pretty much impossible for a normal guy my age not to have been laid.
It's not impossible at all.

# Most men I know lost their virginity around 13 or 14, so I feel like a baby thrown out of the bath water.
This - if true - means that the number of people Oliver knew was very limited, and rather careless.

# I feel like my biological clock is ticking, and I don't have much time left.
This is plainly wrong.

# I don't think I've lost it just yet, but I will in a couple of years which makes this a sense of urgency.
Males do not have a biological clock.

# I don't pretend like I know everything, and I've done no research at all on this subject.
Throughout this blog, Oliver puts himself over as knowing more than he actually does.

# Aspie Al lost his virginity at 13, at a Doobie Brothers concert in Clearlake. Steppenwolf was the opening act, and they sang Born to be Wild.
Upon investigation, Steppenwolf have never opened for the Doobie Brothers - so this can be established as a lie.

# The list goes on and on, Andrew, and I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are and all the other people who lost their virginity while they were still minors.
Given the number of lies Oliver has already told, it can be safely said that this can be added to the list.

# I took Biology with Mr. Rubenstein and passed it, so I deserve a diploma.
One subject passed does not entitle a person to a diploma.

# Both my autism and self-pity I do a very good job of masking, and even if a girl detected my self-pity chances are she'd reverse it because the female brain is wired for empathy.
This is presumptive, especially as Oliver's blog is a poster for Autism and self-pity.

# How am I clueless? At least I don't believe in neurodiversity like you.
This proves he is clueless on that subject at least.

# I'm too scared of needles to get a blood test or vaccines (because they cause autism), but I'd be more than willing to get a tattoo or even IV chelation if it'd get me laid.
There is so much wrong with this comment it would take too long to address it.

# I do believe we are all entitled to basic human rights, and I also support a cure.
This remark is contradictory.

# I'm autistic because of vaccines and I hate the doctor.
Autism is well known to be genetic in origin and not caused by vaccines.

# I'd only go to the doctor for an EKG to appease my sexual fetish.
This is a serious error of judgment.

# Actually, there's this thing called AquaDots that you slip into a girl's drink and then she gets all droozy and doesn't remember anything and you can fuck her right then and there on the spot.
This comment supports date rape.

# No, I don't wish to break any laws.
He just did in the previous comment quoted.

# At VGW, I had a famous tagline that went, "What Al says, goes," and I stand by it to this day.
It can be established that this is representative of Oliver's poor attitude.

# Nowadays, people get assraped all the time in the military showers.
This is patently false.

# Glenn Beck is a great conservative man
Glenn Beck is a well established conspiracy merchant.

# It's widely known that ever since they let faggots in the Corps they started assraping other guys.
This is also patently false.

# Fox News is "fair and balanced" while the rest of the mainstream media has an overtly liberal bias.
Oliver has a warped view of liberalism and the mainstream media.

# Why else would a faggot wanna join the Corps? Cause he wants to assrape other guys!
Again, this is patently false. The real reason is to prove that he is a man. His gender preference makes no difference.

# I am not a bigot as I think autistic people should be accepted, and cured.
This is another contradictory comment.

# "Man shall not lie with man as he does with woman. It is abomination." Therefore, I am commanded to hate gay people.
No one has commanded anything of the sort.

# Ronald Reagan and the elder George Bush were both conservatives a la Glenn Beck.
Absolutely false, and borderline libel against both men.

# Whoever taught your civics class must've been a liberal whackjob who wants to destroy capitalism.
True Liberals don't wish to destroy capitalism.

# Detroit, where you're from, is mostly urban and black and thus very liberal.
Detroit is a working class city to be strictly accurate. Oliver states this as a negative, and is borderline racist as a result

# California (at least LA) is so staunchly liberal that it scares me, and I just wanna get out of here.
It's far more likely that the crowded nature of Los Angeles, the second largest city in America, is what scares Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

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