Saturday, January 17, 2015

Assistance Package 47

The forty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# It seems as if neurodiversity believes that if you support a cure to give your child a better life, you also support murdering your child to give them no life at all. Somehow, that doesn't make sense.
It has been confirmed that there is no cure so it certainly doesn't make sense

# Some neurodiverse people like Phil Gluyas say that supporting a cure equals supporting an abortion, which is simply not true.
Upon investigation, it can be argued that Autism will be subject to abortions in the same manner as Down's Syndrome.

# I encourage neurodiverse people to put their other views aside and stop blaming Autism Speaks for a murder
As every human being is neurodiverse this is a strange comment.

# Autism Speaks has never publicly said they support aborting autistic fetuses
Upon investigation, it was the case as recently as 2010 that they did support this view.

# The fact that genetic research will lead to an abortion is pure speculation
If Down's Syndrome is any guide, it is not speculation.

# Nobody has shown me any legitimate evidence that that is Autism Speaks' primary goal
Autism Speaks stopped publicizing their primary goal as previously noted.

# Your story (Larry's Anthony's) sounds a lot like that of Chris Benoit.
Upon investigation there is no evidence that Larry Anthony has taken anywhere near as many blows to the head as Chris Benoit.

# I do not oppose improving the lives of autistic people via a cure.
There is no cure.

# I actually took an AQ test online and scored as normal, so maybe Sandy Kayler was wrong in diagnosing me.
Online AQ tests are not reliable.

# I'm already on Facebook and I ain't a druggie. It hasn't worked in taking my virginity, but I suppose it could.
Very poor advice and it should not be taken.

# First of all, there are ways to cure a genetic condition other than an abortion.
No there are not.

# Second of all, it has not been proven that autism is genetic, and many believe it is caused by vaccines.
Autism being genetic is the present mainstream belief that is yet to be disproven.

# Phil, societal ignorance is greatly different from forced sterilization.
Societal ignorance and forced sterilization are interlinked as one causes the other.

# The government cannot force anyone to be sterilized.
This is false.

# You seem to support abortion provided the abortee isn't autistic.
This statement has no validity whatsoever.

# I doubt they'd (Autism Speaks) care about restricting one's personal freedom to that extent.
Upon investigation there can be no doubt that Autism Speaks desire to restrict the personal freedom of all Autistics.

# I mean that the government rounds people up and forcibly castrates them for the purpose of eugenics. The Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional a long time ago.
There has been no such ruling.

# Rejection by society is legal and is simply a fact of life.
But it is not moral.

# It is for that reason that I desire a cure as I feel it easier to change myself as opposed to making everyone else change.
It is impossible for an Autistic to change themselves.

# People have certain freedoms, and part of those are rejecting autistic people if they so choose.
Rejecting Autistic people is a basic human rights abuse.

# To make it illegal to hate autistic people would create an authoritarian society dangerously close to a dictatorship.
There is no proof of such a situation.

# That is why it's better to cure one person of his autism rather than cure the world of ignorance, because the former is just easier.
Ignorance is what causes the world's problems so it would in fact be better in the long term to deal with that.

# I am not blaming myself for my autism, but the change must come in me and not the rest of the world.
It is not possible for an Autistic to change.

# Forced sterilization or any kind of surgery is illegal, and while social isolation may have the same effect it is legal.
Social isolation is not the same as forced sterilization.

# While I would like the world to accept me, I also realize it is near impossible, so that is why I desire a cure
It is not impossible.

# Also, there was actually a black man who bleached his skin, and his name was Michael Jackson.
Jackson had to bleach his skin to hide a skin condition that blotched his skin.

# I am not ashamed of being autistic, and I don't have Proteus syndrome either.
Upon examination, Oliver is definitely ashamed of being Autistic.

# I have a desire to conform to societal norms, which I feel I can't do without a cure.
Conforming to societal norms is not possible when Oliver doesn't know what the norms are.

# Andrew, any kind of sex would be worth it to me.
Does this by any chance include incest or bestiality? A very careless comment.

# We all should have our own personalities, but I feel that behaving antisocially actually decreases my chances of getting laid.
Actually there is some truth in the fact that anti social behavior can attract the ladies.

# I show neither pride nor shame in being autistic.
This directly contradicts an earlier comment.

# I WOULD be most happy conforming to societal norms, and THAT's how I'd be myself.
Conformity does not affirm the individuality required to be yourself.

# Phil, I don't feel comfortable having Asperger's syndrome. It makes me depressed inside.
This is another remark that contradicts earlier comments.

# If I was normal, I'd feel so much better about myself and be a lot more confident.
Upon investigation, there is no such thing as normal.

# I do deal with it, Andrew, and that it why I want a cure. I'm tired of having to deal with it day in and day out.
This is a contradictory remark.

# First of all, there is a cure.
No there is no cure.

# Second of all, the only other option would be to pretend to be normal, as it is unacceptable to be Aspergian in public.
This is not true.

# I am definitely going to attempt to cure myself of my autism, and I am also going to try to live with it the best I can.
This is another contradictory remark.

# I do not want my life to be limited, and autism currently limits my life.
This is false. Oliver restricts his life, not Autism.

# I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want a cure.
It is folly to want something that doesn't exist.

# If I find out that I have normal mercury, that means I was misdiagnosed.
No this is also false.

# I do accept that I have a disorder, and I also accept that I need a cure.
Yet again, this is a contradictory remark.

# Just ask Jake Crosby. He accepts that he has Asperger's syndrome, while simultaneously desiring a cure.
Upon investigation there is no proof of this.

# He just doesn't accept neurodiversity.
Upon investigation it is unclear if he accepts brain difference.

# Andrew, I will cure myself of my autism. Enough said.
This is impossible as already stated.

# Jake Crosby believes that vaccines caused his autism. He is entitled to that belief.
He is not entitled to a belief that has no validity.

# Phil, I'm not so sure you'll beat John Best in court, since you already lost to Google.
It is in the world's legal records that Phil did beat John Best in court.

This assistance shall continue.

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