Thursday, January 8, 2015

Assistance Package 42 & 43

The forty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# My first issue is with Catatab Tabimount, <snip> CT, VGW did not fail me.
Upon investigation, it would appear that there was failure.

# I don't know if I'll be blogging much longer
As previously observed this was a false claim.

# That's what neurodiversity does, Jonathan. They just insult people left and right for no reason.
This is not a correct definition of neurodiversity, and in the case of Oliver the insults are quite well reasoned.

# As for "autistic activists," I certanly consider myself one of those, but I do not consider myself neurodiverse.
Upon investigation, every human being is "neurodiverse". It is questionable that Oliver is an autistic activist as his activity is severely limited.

# In my book, an "autistic activist" could be pro-cure as well, as I am.
Upon investigation, autistic activists support the understanding and acceptance of the condition as part of the make up of the human race. So they would not be pro cure.

# I believe a cure could be a reality in the near future.
There is no evidence of this.

# The Jews in Europe were not just "miserable" when Hitler massacred them, they took a stand and eventually got the US Military to send Hitler to the cleaners.
There was little US involvement in the European theater. It was the English, the French and the Russians who dealt with Hitler's nazi regime. The US were heavily involved in the Pacific theater opposing Hirohito.

# Every autistic person should try to do the best they can without a cure, but for those who can't even speak so much as a word or even those who can get by but don't enjoy their lives, I see no reason why we should oppose a cure for those people.
There is no cure as previously established.

# The reason why he (Ari Ne'eman) is almost universally opposed among autistic parents is not because he is autistic but opposes a cure
There is no evidence of universal opposition to Ari Ne'eman by anyone let alone autistic parents.

# You are right that I should focus primarily on my life, and I'm doing that for the most part.
Oliver's blog is evidence that the opposite is the case.

# I hated all the "wars" I was involved in, and I'd certainly like to avoid that in the future.
As long as Oliver demands a cure for Autism he will always find himself in "wars".

The forty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Being autistic, it is not easy for me to leave the house, accompanied or otherwise.
Being Autistic is not the reason why leaving the house is hard.

# which I can use to smoke and get a tattoo
Smoking is established as a filthy disgusting habit. Tattoos are only for those who have trouble with their own identity.

# there are some autistic people who are so disabled they could only dream of doing what I did, and we must pray for them. They should be cured so they can live normal productive lives.

A cure is impossible and it is possible to have a productive life without a cure.

# I still need to be cured so I can have sex.
This is again a repeat on the poor life priorities of Oliver.

# Autism is a horrendous disease
Autism is not a disease.

# even neurodiversity has admitted to that of late
The use of the term neurodiversity here is incorrect, and there is no evidence of any such admission.

# Please cure autism, so we can be helped.
Help is not conditional on a cure. help can be given without it.

This assistance shall continue.

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