Saturday, January 24, 2015

Assistance Package 51

The fifty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# We were born as autistics, naturally inferior to normals.
There is no inferiority within the human race. We are all equals.

# This is not going to change by us whining and bitching to society about how they cause all our problems, because they don't.
Upon investigation, they do by denying proper equality.

# We are defective and we are broken.
This is false and amounts to hate speech.

# We are just humble citizens, basking in the glory of normal people, and we must be nice to them.
This is the attitude of a person who has given up living a good life and needs to be brought back from oblivion.

# The absolute best way to fix our autism is a cure, because not only does that make us conform it does so in a way in which we feel good about it.
"Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists". Nikola Tesla.

# I've experienced this personally, and let me tell you it is not easy to act good around normal people.
Then be yourself, and tell the bullies to shove it.

# However, I know not to blame other people for this, and that the problem is in me.
This is incorrect.

# Say you're on a train, riding through the Australian countryside. You ask the conductor if you can sleep on the floor, and he says no, because it is against company policy. This goes for everyone, not just autistic people. However, since you are an "Aspie," you believe you deserve special treatment, because you are "special."
Oliver made this story up.

# Say I'm in public and see a really hot girl, and I want to have sex with her. That's normal, right? I mean, men think that all the time. However, there are societal rules and norms that go along with that feeling. But let's say that because I'm an "Aspie," I decide to disregard those rules. I just rape the girl right then and there on the spot.
He made this story up as well. Neither are realistic.

# Both of the examples I have given show how ridiculous the "neurodiversity" philosophy is. People can't just do anything, regardless of their autism, because it would put others in danger.
This goes to show that Oliver does not understand the stated philosophy.

# When I was at Village Glen West, I was in a world of my own being so superior to everyone else.
If this was allowed by the school, which I doubt, they failed to do their job properly.

# When I went to University High School by my own request, I got a real wakeup call because I was inferior to everyone else.
This is not true.

# I would trade academic brightness for the ability to get laid any day of the week.
Without the employment that goes with academic brightness, the ability to get laid would lessen.

# Who are you? Oh, whoopsy daisies. Just checked StatCounter and you are indeed Andrew Ackner.
Upon investigation it was a different person using the same public computer at a university.

# I would only help them with academic work during classtime
This is the job of the teacher, not any of the students.

# Like every human being, I have the right to live a life free of disease and affliction.
This is a poor attitude. Every human being has an affliction of some description.

# Therefore, I have the right to cure my autism without being ridiculed by neurodiversity.
You have no right to something that does not exist.

# I've accepted that I'm autistic and must either change or be cured. Fighting will get me absolutely nowhere.
This is again a contradictory remark.

# I am a human being, but that doesn't make me part of neurodiversity as I've chosen to be part of pro-cure.
Every human being is a part of neurodiversity.

# Ann Coulter is a great conservative and I admire her greatly.
As Coulter is also a homophobe this is not surprising, and it is a social error at any rate.

# Animals are not humans, and being wealthy shouldn't make one pay a higher tax percentage. That is true equality.
This is mathematically incorrect.

# I really don't think I'll get a bad rep
A naive comment, as he already has a bad rep.

# Plus, if I moved to a place like Texas I'd be a lot more respected than here in LA.
This is highly unlikely.

# You do know what "fruitcake" means here in the USA don't you?
It is used as a derogatory slang term for a person alleged to suffer from insanity. The term "Fruit" is not related.

# I already told you that I'm not a slave
Upon examination, it can be argued that Oliver is a slave to society, as previous entries demonstrate.

# I cannot force society to change, and if I did I'd look like a jackass.
If the change is right, it is not possible to look like a jackass.

# I have many governmental and societal freedoms already as I am 18, and hopefully I will have even more once I defeat my autism.
You have them already.

# Being pro-cure is the antithesis of being neurodiverse, so it's impossible to be both.
As neurodiversity is a part of every human being, it is most certainly possible to be both.

# While neurodiversity is nothing but a political movement, brain difference is pretty bad in itself.
Brain difference is what makes the human race so unique and great.

# I don't want my brain to be different. I want it to be normal like the rest of society.
"Normal" is a social construct and is not real.

# Ari Ne'eman invented neurodiversity in 2006 in order to combat pro-cure.
Neurodiversity has been around since Adam and Eve.

# I do not succumb to slavery, not only because it's unconstitutional but also because I'm smarter than that.
It has already been established that Oliver is not smarter than that.

# If you think that being taken advantage of means being assraped, no I don't like that cause I'm strait.
Being taken advantage of is far more widespread than this.

# If you think it means being scammed or conned, I'm smarter than that and I can tell them to fuck off.
And yet he does not do this. He seeks to conform and reject his own inherent intelligence as a high functioning Autistic.

# Although I view myself as inferior on the inside, I do a very good job of masking it in public, and that is the hard part.
Using this blog as a guide, he does a very bad job.

# I had never seen one mainstream media outlet promote neurodiversity as a legitimate alternative to pro-cure until ASAN was invented in 2006.
This comment demonstrates a lack of understanding of neurodiversity.

# I fight to be an equal, I just don't fight for unreasonable special accomodations, What the rest of society does, I should do too.
Thus, Oliver denies himself the ability to be an individual.

This assistance shall continue.

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