Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Assistance Package 50

The fiftieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, I can do none of those (going to college, getting a job, driving a car, and having sex), as I am autistic and intellectually disabled.
This is not true.

# I did manage to graduate high school, albeit after 4 1/2 years because I was too intellectually disabled to graduate at 17, and I ended up leaving a normal school midway through the year because I couldn't handle it intellectually.
Upon investigation, there is no proof of this.

# I cannot take care of myself, and shouldn't be left alone.
If this is the case then you should not be online.

# I had long rejected having "special needs," but now it seems that is inevitable and I must relegate myself to a lower rung.
This is not a lower rung. It is a sideways movement.

# I cannot suffice without a cure.
This is not true.

# Thankfully, that cure is chelation.
As previously observed this is false.

# I am indeed inferior to the rest of the world.
This can be changed very quickly.

# I cannot attend college due to my intellectual disability.
As previously observed this is not true.

# My self-esteem has gone way down, as has my self-worth. While a cure would fix that
A cure would not fix anything.

# I am trying to succeed, but it is impossible, and I don't need neurodiversity telling me it is because they're wrong.
The Autistic Advocates are not wrong.

# God has a plan for me, and right now that plan seems to ride me into the ground.
There is no proof that God has a plan for Oliver, but it's certainly not that.

# I can go to baseball games, but only in a superficial sense.
It is not possible to attend a sporting event "superficially".

# Aside from occasionally taking the bus, I never leave my house. That is the life of an autistic person. Don't make it be yours.
This is not the life of an Autistic person. It is the life of Oliver Canby.

# I don't really wanna further my education.
This is a bigger threat than Autism to Oliver's future.

# I think a high school diploma should be enough. Most autistic people don't even have that.
The second sentence is not true.

# I used to believe in neurodiversity, but you and Jake Crosby turned me off of it, and I am now staunchly pro-cure.
This is an error and part of the reason Oliver has low self esteem.

# High school was bad enough, so college will probably be worse.
On the contrary, college is better because it provides more freedom and flexibility.

# The only way to eradicate autism is to cure it.
Upon investigation, eradicating Autism would be bad for the human race.

# There is no way that societal accommodation will help.
Upon investigation there is plenty of proof that this is not the case.

# First of all, I said I was intellectually disabled, not mentally retarded.
In mainstream medicine in the United States there is no difference.

# You have no evidence that Lurker is lying about his autism, and he can sue you for defamation.
Upon investigation, it has been shown that Lurker was indeed lying.

# First of all, I never accused you of calling me a retard.
This is a social error, as Oliver was calling himself a retard in effect.

# One can still be intellectually disabled and have Asperger's, as I am.
Upon investigation, intellectual disability and Asperger's Syndrome contradict each other.

# Nicky from the film "Today's Man" is another example.
There is no such film.

# Is changing one's story evidence that one is lying? I think not.
It's a very strong indicator.

# No matter what you call it, it's still not society's fault.
Upon investigation, society has a great deal to answer for.

# Neither Lurker nor Glenn Beck contradict themselves. I am not a jackass.
Glenn Beck regularly contradicts himself. It's why he is popular, as he makes a fool of himself.

# No, there's nothing "wrong" with being autistic either, and yet there's also nothing wrong with wanting to be cured.
This is a contradictory remark.

# My autism (as defined in the DSM), is what causes my social disabilities, and not other people avoiding me.
Social issues for Autistics are established as caused by the behavior of others.

# Society has certain rules that cannot be changed and are expected to be followed.
There are a number of rules that must change for equality to be achieved.

# I will fight against my autism to my wits end.
There is anecdotal evidence that this action is potentially deadly.

# You go Lurker! I think you should sue Phil for defamation. Give him a little taste of his own medicine.
This is poor advice, given that investigations show that Phil was telling the truth.

# Phil, I really don't think fighting against autism can be fatal.
As previously indicated, anecdotal evidence says otherwise.

# Although US defamation law is much less plaintiff-friendly than that of Australia, I still think Lurker would win.
As already mentioned, he would lose.

# Expressing opinion is one thing, but stating it as fact when it is refuted clearly constitutes defamation.
Upon investigation, tangible damage would need to be demonstrated.

# He's sued so many people he's bound to have it thrown back in his face.
Upon investigation he has only sued two people in his life.

# Also, Phil would be the one responsible to cough up the damages. If he doesn't, he could face contempt of court charges.
Not coming up with damages is not contempt of court.

# I don't think you'll beat John Best, or if you'll even sue Joeker
It is already well known that he beat John Best.

# I think Lurker presents a very good case against you, and I hope he follows through.
As previously mentioned, he had no case.

# As far as I know, reading comprehension and vocabulary aren't related.
They are. Comprehension affects the use of words (also known as a vocabulary).

# Also, opening doors could be more of a social issue as opposed to a motor issue.
A problem with opening doors is extremely rare. Upon investigation it is most likely an eyesight issue.

# John Best has stated that he will file a notice of appearance, so there will be no default judgment there.
According to investigations, no notice of appearance was filed and there was a default judgment.

# Joeker has a major plan that even I don't know the details of.
Investigations have revealed that this claim was in fact a hoax.

# Andrew, reading comprehension and vocabulary have nothing to do with each other. It's possible to know how to use a word without being able to say its definition
This does not represent the relationship between the two.

# He already has a college degree, and what he needs now is a job.
Upon investigation, Lurker does not have a college degree.

# High school is required by law to give him accommodations for his learning disabilities.
Upon investigations there were no accommodations requested.

# What you have said about him is blatant lies, and I really hope he sues you.
As previously mentioned there were no lies.

# I was right: it is impossible to diagnose someone solely based on their online behavior.
There are a number of experts who are able to diagnose this way when it is obvious.

# He could use the Australian government's decision that Phil is "mentally unfit to work" as backup for his case.
Upon legal investigation, this information would be ruled out of order as irrelevant.

# Last time I checked, mental issues were also medical, so I'm not sure the exact wording of the decision really matters that much.
Mental issues are only medical when they have a medically recognized co-morbid reaction.

# Catatab Tabimount never mentioned her high school by name, but I was able to find out easily.
It is very likely that Oliver is wrong.

# In the USA, you can make a hefty sum umpiring Major League Baseball, but anything lower is pretty much nil.
AAA pays quite well.

# First of all, Andrew, telephone harassment is illegal.
Only when threats are issued.

# When you call someone, and they don't want you to call them, that is prank calling, and illegal.
There needs to be a note to that effect, and in this case mentioned after investigation, there wasn't.

This assistance shall continue.

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