Thursday, January 15, 2015

Assistance Package 46

The forty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Chris Mulligan is a social worker in Los Angeles, California whose father directed To Kill A Mockingbird.
There is no evidence that Chris Mulligan is Richard Mulligan's son.

# Along with VGW, Therapy West, and everything else, Chris Mulligan's turned me into the person I am today.
Then he has a lot to answer for if true.

# I learned social skills cognitively and intellectually as opposed to intuitively, and it worked miracles.
There is no evidence of this on Oliver's blog.

# The fact that neurodiversity publicly lobbies against social skills groups like Chris Mulligan's is astounding.
There is no proof of this.

# It's as if they go out of their way to make sure autistic people are marginalized by society
This is an untrue statement. Society has marginalized Autistic people for decades.

# there are ways to help autistic people be less autistic, and social skills groups is one of them.
Social skills groups do not assist in improving the core condition.

# There is a general consensus that people in one camp share the same views
There is no such consensus.

# It is my belief that Ari Ne'eman's ASAN opposes any kind of social skills training
There is no proof of this statement.

# It is on their platform to eliminate social skills groups. Therefore, I must stop them.
Upon investigation, there is no such platform.

# ASAN and Ari Ne'eman oppose any kind of autism therapy
Again there is no proof of this statement.

# Also, if an autistic person can't handle a social skills group like Chris Mulligan's, maybe they should be forced into it as it'd make them more normal.
Upon investigation, this tactic would cause serious mental harm.

# Ari Ne'eman speaks the way he does because he is a con man who wants people to believe that all autistics can speak that way.
Upon investigation, it is true that potentially all Autistics are able to talk.

# It is GOOD to normalize people, because this helps them succeed in life.
On the contrary it shrinks the diversity of the human race and stops it from growing.

# And by the way, if an immigrant doesn't want to be American, they can go back to their native country.
This statement reeks very strongly of xenophobia.

# That's why it's better to be pro-cure.
It has already been shown that it is only correct to be against a cure.

# We are the ones who want to eliminate disability, while they just whine and moan and bitch and call it a "civil rights issue" when that couldn't be further from the truth.
Oliver wants to eliminate a section of the human race. This stands by itself as a horrific statement.

# Trust me Phil, the last thing I want to be is a virgin when I'm 54.
No one does, but it's not the end of the world.

# His autism is more severe than mine and it would be near impossible for him to get laid without a cure.
Upon examination, this is not this particular person's problem.

# Also, his autism is not caused by the refrigerator mom theory, so please stop saying that it is.
There is no evidence to show that such a statement was made by anyone on Oliver's blog.

# As for me, I know I can live as an autistic person, but I don't want to.
This is the statement of a suicidal person.

# I feel my quality of life would be better if I was normal, so I want a cure.
Oliver's quality of life can improve with a change of attitude, for which being normal is not a requirement.

# According to Jonathan, all neurodiversitites believe in the refrigerator mom theory.
This is proven to be false.

# However, Ari Ne'eman has instructed his ASAN to disregard Rimland, hinting that he believes in the refrigerator mom theory.
The "hint" has been created from nothing.

# In recent years, he has encountered that theory (fridge mother) from certain members of neurodiversity.
Upon investigation this is not the case.

# If you would like to change your behavior for the better, feel free to do so as repentance is the key to salvation.
It is of interest that Oliver does not follow this doctrine himself.

# I must assure you that I do care about myself first and foremost
Upon examination of his blog, this statement is false.

# He also has a college degree, something at this point I can only dream of getting.
There is no proof that the person concerned has a college degree.

# Behavioral issues cannot be tolerated, disability or not.
They have to be if they are to be treated and adjusted where required.

# Because I was incredibly autistic and didn't know that doing that (pulling a knife) could get you expelled.
This statement is frightening and requires more investigation.

# Yes Andrew, that (Autism) is exactly why I pulled the knife.
This can not be correct.

# Second of all, the knife was not mine; it was my teacher's.
This is a further statement that proves that further investigation is required.

# No Phil, I did not feel threatened.
To make sense of the situation described, this has to be a false statement.

# I pulled the knife because I had severe behavioral issues, which are a symptom of autism. There wasn't any other reason, and I fully deserved to be expelled.
Further investigation is needed to find what triggered the incident.

# It was just a stupid thing that I did that I will regret for the rest of my life.
Oliver is understating the threat by a considerable margin.

# Many autistic people, including me, have behavioral issues. This is a side of autism that is censored by the mainstream media because they only portray "feel good" stories.
It is not censored by the mainstream media.

# It was 8 years ago and I think I've learned my lesson by now.
A refusal to expand on the incident shows that he has not learned his lesson.

# Phil, nobody upset me. Everyone around me knows it won't happen again, so let's just leave it at that.
Yet again, an avoidance of the issue. This is frightening as stated.

# I'm actually man enough to admit that it was a mistake and that it won't happen again.
It will happen again unless the trigger is faced and dealt with.

# Andrew, there is no "ASD community."
This is false. Everyone who is affected by Autism is a part of the ASD community.

# There are indeed unprovoked attacks, as mine was.
This is a misrepresentation of the term "unprovoked attack". All incidents have some sort of trigger or reason.

This assistance shall continue.

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