Sunday, June 21, 2015

Assistance Package 134, 135, 136 & 137

The one hundred and thirty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# The other day, I came across a cheesy flirt line on the website myYearbook which said, "Are your parents retarded? Cause you damn sure are special!"
This is not a flirt line at all. It's an insult.

# First it made me think about how pissed off all the NDs would be, but I don't really give a fuck about that.
You should.

# It also made me think of using the word "special" as a euphemism for "retarded," which was initially intended to soften the blow but has now become equally pejorative.
That's because the context has been clarified and it needs to stop.

# But most importantly, it made me realize how mainstream, and frankly accepted, that mental retardation has become.
It hasn't been. It never is when it is the subject of scorn and ridicule.

# Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about autism, which is why we must cure it.
The same can be said for autism and it's why it should not be cured, but rather endured.

# Whereas retards are seen as "indigo children," autistics and Aspergians are rightly seen as scum of the earth
This is completely incorrect.

# And not worth anybody's dime, which is why a cure must be found pronto.
It is most certainly worth the effort because autistics have much to offer the world.

# Even now, when a normal person asks me, "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?" I say that I am mentally retarded instead of autistic or Aspergian, because it is more tolerated and normal people are more likely to understand it.
This is a bad social error because it will not win you any friends.

# On a side note, I'm well aware that the use of the word "special" in the myYearbook message is actually a double entendre, as the flirty use is positive.
This is a ridiculous statement.

# But this proves not only the normalization of retardation but that the use of "special" to mean "retarded" as so commonplace that people would automatically understand its use in a double entendre.
There is no double entendre, and if Oliver actually had some social skills he would know this.

The one hundred and thirty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# One of the most common bullshit lines espoused by members of neurodiversity is that autism is not a disease because you can't die of it.
It's not a bullshit line. It's perfectly valid and correct.

# Like pretty much everything that neurodiversity says, that is a lie.
Neurodiversity is being misused as a word in this sentence.

# Not only does a disease not necessarily have to be fatal, but there have been numerous cases of people dying because of their autism.
There have been none.

# There was a boy in Canada who froze to death after he wandered away from his home due to his autism.
He died from hypothermia, not autism.

# There was another boy in Georgia who got run over by a car because his autism made him run out into traffic.
Autism did not make him run into traffic.

# Many autistic people suffer from epileptic seizures which can be fatal.
Epilepsy is a totally separate condition.

# That is how John Travolta's son died.
There is no proof of that assertion.

# Those with Asperger's syndrome are not exempt either. Many of them suffer clinical depression due to their disease and take their own lives.
That depression is caused by societal neglect, not Asperger's syndrome.

# Burt Bacharach's daughter Nikki took her own life due to Asperger's syndrome.
No, she was also the victim of societal neglect.

# Autism is a fatal disease, and it must be eradicate from this earth via a cure.
It is not fatal. It has not caused a single death.

The one hundred and thirty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Nobody in their right mind would love autism.
Nobody in their right mind would hate it.

# It is a horrendous disease, and would be akin to loving cancer or AIDS.
This has already been proven incorrect.

# One of the bullshit lines used by neurodiversity is "If you hate autism, you hate autistic people." In actuality, just the opposite is true.
No, it's an accurate line.

# If you try to love somebody's autism, you are doing them a disservice by denying them the cure that they deserve.
No you are accepting them as they are and will always be.

# By hating autism, we can work together to eradicate it from this planet and make everyone live a decent and normal life.
It is possible to live a decent and normal life without a cure.

# The reason neurodiversity wants people to remain autistic is because they are sadistic sociopaths who love watching autistic children rot in mental institutions.
Again, the definition of neurodiversity being used here is wrong. No one wants autistics in mental institutions.

# Nobody in their right mind would want that for an autistic person, or anyone else for that matter.
You do, Oliver, because you oppose adjustments and tolerance.

# The fact that neurodiversity has borrowed from the gay rights movement only shows what morons they actually are.
No it's a valid view.

# Autism is not a minority status, it is not a different way of being, it is a disease.
It is and has been proven to be a different way of being.

# They should pass a law that throws parents in jail who explicitly deny their autistic child a cure because they "don't want to change who their child is."
You should be thrown in jail for denying parents the right to adjust to what is given to them as part of their responsibilities.

# Autism needs to be cured, so if you love your autistic child, you would do the right thing and cure him.
This is a blatant denial of human rights and denial of love. It says a great deal again about Oliver's character.

The one hundred and thirty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# From now on, I will give out the HAA Awards annually on May 23.
Oliver lied. He has not issued another award since this time.

# He (Phil Gluyas) has proven through his idiocy and his neuroinsanity that he is deserving of this award.
Oliver has long proven through his deluded conduct that his opinion means very little if anything.

# Keep in mind that this is a man who has been banned from pretty much every autistic website known to man, even the ND ones.
There is no proof of this.

# According to Suzi Olsen's forum, he has now been permanently banned from umpiring in Australian rules football because he pulled out too son.
This originally read "pulled out of a young boy's anus too son", which has been proven to be false. There was no such ban.

# It is my honor to dole out this HAA award to Phil Gluyas, as he will never learn to stop being an idiot.
Oliver, it is you who is being an idiot and you need to stop.

# Damn after what happened with Coach Sandusky I'd have thought the AFL would be more careful with who they let on the field. I guess the folks down under just don't listen.
Or they know that Phil and Sandusky have nothing in common and it is therefore not a factor. Note that this comment has been proven to be a libelous statement.

This assistance shall continue.

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