Saturday, June 27, 2015

Assistance Package 142, 143, 144, 145 & 146

The one hundred and forty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# This means that we will be having sex parties at his house with plenty of hot girls to go around.
There is no proof of any such parties taking place.

# Today there was no sex party as I couldn't invite any hot girls in time.
One was never planned.

# Instead we stared at photos in his old yearbook of the hot girls that he used to jerk off to in high school.
This is a statement that says a great deal about Oliver's mind set - seriously deluded.

The one hundred and forty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# They also steadfaslty denied that autism causes violence, despite that this is just one of many cases of autistic people committing horrible acts of violence.
There have been many more acts of violence by people who are not autistic so this does not make sense.

# Joe Scarborough nailed it spot-on earlier this summer when he said that most killers have some form of autism.
There is no proof of this absurd statement.

# This is a man who clearly cares very much about autistic people since his son is autistic.
That is not proof that he cares about autistic people.

# The true reality that autism causes violence
This is demonstrably false.

# The only way to fix this is a cure for autism
No, the way to fix this particular issue is to stop labeling autism incorrectly.

# You need to join me in fighting this injustice, and fighting for the cure that you, I, and every autistic person deserved.
You, Oliver, need to step back and review your own conduct.

# It is our human right to live the best life possible, and we must prevent NeuroDiversity from taking it away from us
You can live the best life possible, Oliver. There is nothing holding you back.

# My sincere condolences are with the families of the victims of this tragic shooting.
I consider this to be a disingenuous statement when placed with the remainder of the comments.

The one hundred and forty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# However, it ended up being so much fun as three Mexicans (two male, one female) listened in on our conversation, and they totally agreed that Jonathan needs some pussy.
I don't believe this conversation took place.

# I was telling these Mexicans about the girl in question, and they said that age is just a number and that I should forfeit the rights to this girl as Jonathan needs her more than I do.
Again, I don't believe this conversation took place.

# One of the Mexicans had just been released from prison, where he apparently dropped the soap.
There is an insinuation here that has no proof and should not have been stated.

# Jonathan also confessed how old he was, and to being autistic, which is a major faux pas in my opinion.
No it wasn't.

# He also shared one of his stories, which I commend as a good move socially.
No it wasn't as I have read his stories and they carry no weight.

# The three Mexicans left, and they unanimously consented that Jonathan must fuck this particular girl or else.
That is again a lot of nonsense.

# Jonathan will drive to this lady's house, pin her down, and fuck her against her will.
That is condoning rape, and is completely unacceptable online conduct.

The one hundred and forty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I had recently (2009) changed my mind about college and had decided to go to Alabama.
I consider this to be untrue, as it makes no sense to travel so far across the country just to go to college.

# However, as soon as I started in a normal school, I realized how autistic I actually was, so college was no longer an option.
That is no excuse.

# Having lost my virginity in 2011 made me no longer autistic from that point forward
This is a completely preposterous statement.

# I am now too old to attend college
That is not true either.

# It still would've been better had I been able to go to college as a normal person and not have been denied a cure due to the evilness of neurodiversity.
You can go to college no matter what sort of person you are, Oliver.

The one hundred and forty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# One woman who opposed the amendment was Phyllis Schlafly, as she felt it jeopardized her right as a woman to live in the home, support her children, cook and clean, etc.
She was wrong and she set women's rights back by a considerable distance.

# Several women stated that she opposed women's rights, whereas in fact she supported them: the ones I just mentioned.
This makes no sense. Schlafly definitely opposed women's rights.

# The ones who support a cure are tortured and marginalized.
There is no proof of any torture.

# However the vast majority of autistic people, including myself, support a cure
There is no proof of this.

# The members of neurodiversity who try to say that I oppose autistic rights are incorrect
No they are not, Oliver. You do oppose autistic rights because you want it wiped out.

# They are the human rights abusers as they try to deny me my most basic right as a human: to live a normal life free of autism.
You can not live your life without autism, just like any African American can not live their life without their skin color.

# I support autistic rights, just as Phyllis Schlafly supported women's rights.
As I have previously stated this is incorrect.

# When the liberal left hijacks certain terms and twists and turns them to fit their agenda, society fails to see the real picture.
The conservative right are just as bad at this, Oliver.

# I will not give up, and in the end every single autistic person will be cured and the members of neurodiversity will be thrown in jail for violating the UN Charter of Human Rights.
They are violating nothing. You are, Oliver.

# Thanks for your nice comment Roger. I must say I've known about you for quite some time. Glad to hear you're doing well
It is not proven that he is doing well at all.

This assistance shall continue.

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