Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Assistance Package 138, 139, 140 & 141

The one hundred and thirty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Andrew Ackner has now started a blog called "Autism Comedy" in which he mocks and finds humor in autism, which is a serious disease.
It is not a disease and therefore it is a valid target for respectable comedy.

# If one did that with cancer or AIDS, the MSM would go crazy, so why not with autism?
Because as stated autism is not a disease.

# He also incorrectly implies that I am a virgin (I haven't been one since last year) and that I am homosexual (I have never been).
There is no evidence of a loss of virginity and there is much circumstantial evidence to being gay.

# Nobody should take anything on it remotely seriously. Any legitimate news source would know that diseases are not to be mocked
It is not written to be taken seriously. Oliver clearly has a very large chip on his shoulder on this subject.

# The focus on autism should be finding a cure, not finding humor.
No, there should not be a focus on finding a cure.

# One on the ND side could make a counterpoint that my blog is a joke as well, but since I got all the LA sports stars to comment on my blog, I'd say it should be taken seriously.
No LA sports stars have ever commented on Oliver's blog, and that false claim contributes to the illusion that Oliver's blog is indeed a joke.

# The only trustworthy news source in the world of autism is Oliver M Canby.
No, Oliver, you clearly can not be trusted on the subject of autism at all.

# Excellent! Now when are they gonna nab him (Phil Gluyas) for child molestation?
Never, because the accusation has been proven to be false and defamatory.

The one hundred and thirty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Of course, it should've been much longer, but due to my debilitating autism, I was not toilet-trained until the age of 5
This delay was not caused by autism alone. That is impossible.

# I figured I'd be a virgin for life.
On current proof, or lack of it, he will be.

# I lost that, and it's a good thing I did because if I hadn't I would've committed suicide at the end of 2011.
This is a false reason to commit suicide, and besides as stated there is no proof that he has lost his virginity.

# I was not toilet-trained until the age of 5, due to my mercury-induced autism.
Again, this is a false assertion.

# Dr. Wakefield proved that autistic people have bowel disease, which makes them unable to toilet-train.
Bowel disease does not prevent toilet training, whether Dr Wakefield told the truth or not.

# He is now being censored by Big Pharma.
No he is being censored by the medical establishment and that only applies in the United Kingdom.

# I saw a gastroenterologist <snip> who said that I had no physiological issues, and stated the typical Big Pharma line that autism was neurological, which means he must've been bought out.
No he was telling the truth.

# Although I went to a general-ed preschool, my teachers still found me an enigma and were relieved when I graduated in 1997.
You don't graduate from pre school.

# The duty to potty-train me fell solely upon them
This is a lie. The duty fell upon Oliver's parents.

# Ironically, they would expel me 5 years later, for a violent incident involving a knife.
This is not ironic. This is consistent.

# I was forcibly potty-trained, which was the right thing to do, but was still traumatizing nonetheless.
This would never have happened if Oliver's parents had toilet trained him properly.

# Keep in mind that this was less than a year before the Sparky incident, in which I unknowingly rooted for the visiting team and caused myself a great embarrassment.
It has been made clear that his father was proud of him so there should be no embarrassment.

# Now imagine if I rooted for the Giants at Dodger Stadium. Uh, yeah. Just ask Bryan Stow.
This is a poor example and inconsistent of Oliver as he is now claiming those Mexican thugs are Dodgers supporters when previously he disowned them.

# Had I been cured of autism when I was 2 like Jenny McCarthy's son was, I would've had a normal, happy childhood and none of that shit would've ever happened.
Jenny McCarthy's son was never autistic and never cured of it.

The one hundred and fortieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# This is a man who has been persecuted by normal people for being autistic, and by autistic people for wanting a cure.
There is no proof that he has been persecuted, only criticized.

# Jonathan really deserves better in his life, so it's a shame that he's autistic.
His life can be better if he wants it to be.

# Now let me make this clear: I'm not autistic anymore.
Yes you are, Oliver.

# Ever since I lost my virginity over a year ago, I have officially become a normal person.
You did not lose your virginity, and even if you had it does not cure autism.

# I actually care about autistic people and want to see them cured.
That is not caring about autistic people.

# I mean let's face it: I have a better life than Jonathan does.
You have constantly stated that you have a shitty life, Oliver, so this is a lie.

# I am 20 years old, not a virgin, and am currently enrolled in college.
There is no proof of either of these claims.

# However, I choose to donate my time and be a friend to Jonathan, because he needs one and he needs a cure for his autism.
He doesn't. No one needs a cure.

# All members of neurodiversity are hideous people because they want autistic people to suffer.
No, Oliver, that attitude falls upon you.

# Having been autistic myself, I realize that it is a bad disease and needs a cure.
You are wrong.

# It seems as if Jonathan Mitchell is the only other man who sees the truth
he doesn't see the truth, Oliver, and neither do you.

The one hundred and forty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# This storyline is incorrect and hurtful, as there is no way on earth that something like that could happen in real life.
Yes it could, Oliver. See Miss Alexis Wineman for the perfect example.

# If an autistic person was watching that show, they might falsely believe that one could really do that, and they would suffer as a result.
They could do that and they should not be prevented from doing so.

# Never mind that Autism Speaks doesn't really want to cure autism
They have a long standing belief in a cure for autism.

# I hope Jason Katims and all the executive staff at Parenthood realize that promoting autism as merely a difference is harmful
It's not. It's the truth.

# Neurodiversity is pure evil, and we can't have another lamestream media outlet fall for their deceptive tricks.
The true neurodiversity is fact, and to say otherwise is what is truly deceptive and evil

This assistance shall continue.

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