Monday, June 15, 2015

Assistance Package 127, 128, 129, 130 & 131

The one hundred and twenty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# I looked at Luciano Pavarotti and immediately said, "That's Raffi!" The reason for this is that my autism makes me completely face-blind, which means that I have absolutely no idea what people look like.
That is not correct. Face blind refers to not being able to interpret facial reactions.

# If they had focused their time when I was that age on curing my autism instead of just boasting about how "smart" I supposedly was, I would've been spared that horrific embarrassment.
It wouldn't have made any difference as the error was caused by a lack of education, not autism.

The one hundred and twenty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# In 2011, my New Year's resolution was to lose my virginity. That happened
There is still no proof of this.

# However, much to my surprise, losing my virginity did not magically turn my life around.
Aside from the fact that there is no proof it happened as mentioned, it wouldn't have turned it around no matter what.

# My life still sucks balls due to my autism, and I still need a cure.
Your bad life is caused by your attitude, Oliver, not your autism.

# Both relationships I had this year failed, and only one of them resulted in sex.
They failed because of your attitude and again, there is no proof of any sex taking place.

# I made the humungous mistake of telling one of my girlfriends about my autism, but ironically it was the same one who had sex with me.
It was not a mistake, and if sex did happen (which is still to be proven) it may have been an act of pity from Liliana and not love.

# She seemed fine with it at first, but then used it as an excuse to dump me.
If this actually happened, it is possible that she didn't understand autism. However it is more likely that the real reason was attitude, not autism.

# It is a mistake I have vowed never to repeat.
This will assist in a forced celibacy period, Oliver. Is that what you want?

# I don't see myself having another relationship anytime soon, because I'm very severely autistic and I will likely never have sex again.
This negative attitude is what I'm referring to as the core problem.

# I don't have a resolution for 2012 since I lost my virginity in 2011 and that was all I really wanted to accomplish.
This demonstration of low self esteem needs to be corrected.

# I'm now learning to drive and I plan to start college in February, so we'll see where that leads.
There is no proof of any success in either realm.

# I don't want to be autistic, and I feel I wouldn't be reaching my fullest potential of I was with someone who was autistic or exhibited autistic symptoms.
You are autistic for life, Oliver, and there is nothing you can do to change that. An autistic partner could be just what you need.

# I'm slowly recovering from last Year's debacle, but I'm not there yet.
You'll never recover if you don't admit that you got everything wrong, Oliver.

The one hundred and twenty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Among autistic people, there are about 1% who support "neurodiversity" and don't want to be cured.
This percentage has been made up.

# The other 99%, like me, think autism is a horrible disease and feel that a cure is necessary.
See my previous observation.

# Between Big Pharma as well as the US government, they choose to fund neurodiversity to give everyone a false perception of autism
Big Pharma funds no one upon investigation and neither does Congress.

# Unlike the Occupy Wall Street people, who are capable of voicing their displeasure, over 80% of autistic people are also mentally retarded and thus cannot adequately express their desire for a cure.
Mental retardation and autism are two different conditions.

# Neurodiversity exploits this, and uses it to say that these poor nonverbal autistic people do not want to be cured, when anyone with eyes could see that that is pure bullshit.
The severity of their condition has been established as a regression which can be reversed. But this is not a cure for autism.

# I am starting a movement called Occupy Neurodiversity, where we will show this people who's really in charge and what autism really is.
This is a violent reflection that has it's core target coming.

# Sometimes it's worth getting arrested in order to stand up for what you believe in.
Not in this case.

The one hundred and thirtieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# At one point she was hospitalized in the psych ward where she tried to rape the male patients.
There is no proof of that.

# I say this because this is an interesting dilemma when it comes to human rights.
It isn't. The decision was designed to protect the woman and the public.

# On the one hand, the right to have sex is guaranteed by the UN
No it's not.

# He did not rule that this lady could never get married, despite the fact that one needs to have sex to do so.
That is not true.

# The sad thing is, though, that if this lady had been cured of her autism, none of this would ever have happened.
It would have made no difference as an intellectual disability does not mean autism automatically.

# Neurodiversity needs to realize that autism is a bad disease, and stop lobbying against a cure in the face of cases like this.
This story does not prove anything of the sort.

The one hundred and thirty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# While my life still sucks, I will never give up the fight for a cure for autism.
You will, Oliver, once you realize that it's a wasted effort.

# I'm in college now, but that sucks so bad that it's already starting to remind me of my one semester in high school
There is no proof of this.

# Each time that Neurodiversity has tried to silence me I have only come back stronger, and I am already starting to emerge victorious.
There is no proof of that either.

# I do plan to drop out of college in June once my semester ends, because I cannot handle college anymore.
If you really were in college, Oliver, this is the act of a coward.

# I have no idea what I'll do after that, but perhaps I'll work in a fast food restaurant.
As an autistic, that is a bad job choice.

# My autism needs to be cured so that I can have a better life. Any member of Neurodiversity who says otherwise is lying to you.
No, Oliver, they are not lying. You are because you can have a better life with a better attitude.

# Andrew Ackner is not permitted to comment on this blog.
I rather think that everyone can at some point comment on Oliver's blog. Whether or not Oliver applies the First Amendment however is a separate matter.

This assistance shall continue.

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