Thursday, June 18, 2015

Assistance Package 132 & 133

The one hundred and thirty-second entry continued the lies and errors, and I was fortunate to see this in my RSS feed and it never disappeared when the original entry was deleted between 36 and 48 hours after it was published. These quotes are the ones referred to on the Criminal Canby blog and should have resulted in Oliver's arrest;

# Will anyone who lives in Australia please show up at <snip> and murder Phil Gluyas?
The snip I made was an address that presumably was Phil's home address. You never ever publish a person's address no matter what the reason.

# Please slit his throat and make sure to sever both vocal chords and the jugular vein.
This detail reveals a truly deluded and disturbed mind.

# I don't just want him to die I want him to suffer so it has to be done right.
Oliver, this is despicable conduct that has no excuse.

# After you are done decapitating him, please mount his head on a stick and roast it over an open fire.
This is more disturbed behavior.

# The rest of him can be dismembered and tossed into the ocean.
This penchant for violence is at a very high level.

# I am offering a reward of $500 to the perpetrator from the fund I received to start my Occupy Neurodiversity movement, and I am following up on my call to use force and violence if necessary.
This is what I was referring to earlier in assistance package 129 about the core target.

# This will be the first act of the 99% striking back against the 1%.
I have already observed that these percentages are wrong, and even if it wasn't the 99% would not support Oliver's actions.

# I am specifically targeting you, Paris Tenana and Dave Ayling. I know both of you want Phil dead probably more than I do
There is no proof of this.

# If I find out that either of you was the perpetrator I will double the reward to $1,000.
That is furthering the incitement with bribery.

# For Dave and Paris only, they can make a deal to split the reward money for $500 each. No other splits will be allowed.
This is a continuation of the bribery previously mentioned.

# If any perpetrator is charged with a crime as a result of this, I will fully pay for your legal defense and present this to the courts as a justifiable homicide.
There is no justification in this, Oliver. None.

# Just to clarify, this is a threat of bodily harm, as well as a threat on Phil Gluyas' life.
This clear incitement has never been punished and it is truly mystifying as to why.

# This will only be the beginning of Occupy Neurodiversity, and there will certainly be more violent acts to come in the near future.
This is a general threat to society that should be stopped, and quickly.

The one hundred and thirty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# My previous post was obviously not serious.
It was serious, Oliver. It revealed a great deal about you and you meant every word.

# I realize now it was a pretty extreme joke, but obviously it wasn't serious and I don't even have that kind of money.
It was far from a joke and should not be referred to as one. As stated, it was sick, twisted and disturbed behavior, and to this day it has never been properly dealt with upon investigation. This entry was also deleted although it's period of availability was considerably longer. The deletion demonstrates that this "apology" was not serious.

I call on all readers to please do what you can to see to it that this person is punished for this. This shorter than usual entry deserves it's own part.

This assistance shall continue.

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