Friday, June 12, 2015

Assistance Package 126

The one hundred and twenty-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# But the fact of the matter is that autism is a disability, and a very severe one at that.
It's only a disability either if you allow it, or if others make it.

# It shouldn't be trivialized at all, and ND already does a tremendous job at that.
Oliver it is you who is trivializing it.

# If we use the word "retard," we can accurately portray that autism is a severe disability and that it needs to be cured.
No it is inaccurate, and it will encourage bullying, suicide and create a severe underclass.

# When I was being chewed out on my Facebook wall by some NDs who were offended over my use of the word "retard," John Best immediately came to my aid and I commend him for that.
John Best is the last person who would come to anyone's aid for any benefit.

# It takes true moral character.
No it takes cowardice to engage in such bullying.

# What we need to do is ditch the PC and get to the reality of how bad autism is and how it needs to be cured.
It doesn't need to be cured and it is only as bad as you allow it to be.

# I believe using the word "retard" can do just that.
It won't.

# I am truly representative of autism, unlike you because you do not have autism.
No, Oliver, you do not truly represent autism and you can't tell anyone else they don't have it without proof.

# But it is true that all NDs fear the word "retard" not only because they are liberal and PC but also because they think it is damaging to "autistic civil rights" as if there even is such a thing.
There is such a thing as autistic civil rights, Oliver, and you oppose this. That's why you don't represent autism.

# Jonathan's autism has kept him a virgin at the age of 56.
No it didn't.

# While I am no longer a virgin
This is still yet to be proved.

# I still have a shitty life at the age of 19 due to my autism
No, Oliver, your life is shitty because you won't work to improve it.

# I don't think that ND wants to legally ban the word "retard" <snip>, but they want its use discouraged. I think it should be encouraged.
No it shouldn't.

# You need to have sex with Dr. Dubin.
That is a disgusting comment and out of line.

# When Andrew was in middle school he was hospitalized in the psych ward
There is no proof of that.

# His comments aren't even worth a response, and his life must be so shitty that he feels he has to belittle mine.
And yet you respond, Oliver.

# I never thought of it before, but maybe Dr. Dubin does pay tuition so his boy toy can be an "autistic" doctor like he is and they can rape kids together.
This is another disgusting comment.

# I am not homosexual.
This is yet to be proven.

# I have been laid 5 times.
This is also yet to be proven.

# Sure Nick Dubin does good, if you consider doing good to be molesting boys.
Dubin did do good things and it's a shame he smeared his own name with his pedophilia.

# The reason you feel so awesome about yourself is cause you're in such denial about how fucked up you really are.
The person concerned has high self esteem, something that would do Oliver some good if he'll just have a crack at it.

# If you cured yourself, maybe things would be better.
There is no cure, and things can be better without it anyway.

# The Republican party does not lie and neither do I.
The vast majority of politicians lie, and so do you, Oliver.

# I lost my virginity in June and the last time I did it was in August
There is no proof of this.

# I am not a whiner, I do not mooch off of my parents, and I will do something with my life, unlike you.
There is constant whining and as he still lives with his parents he is mooching off them.

# John Best is even more of a man than I am, as he is running for President and you can't constitutionally do that if you're under 35.
He isn't running for President and he can't unless he makes it official and registers. Write ins have no chance.

# You are hitting below the belt, and what you are stating are not facts.
Oliver has constantly denied facts throughout his blogging efforts.

# I am way better than you, and everything about me is positive. I am not whiny an I have a better life than you do.
No, Oliver, you are not better than the people who criticize you. You are whiny.

# Where've you been all these months, Phil? I'll bet you were in a lunatic asylum.
There is no proof of that.

# Should I tell the police that you escaped and that you're armed and dangerous? Yes? Sounds great, Phil!
Making a false report to police is a penal code violation, Oliver. This may be one of the reports the Criminal Canby blog referred to.

# Here's a reality check for you. There are no positives about autism.
There are many positives.

# Autism is a disease, and by definition there is nothing positive about a disease.
It is not a disease, for possibly the hundredth time.

# There are positives in my life, but those are despite my autism, not because of it.
No they are because of it, Oliver, and you refuse to exploit them.

# I am blessed that my autism is mild enough for me to have limited success.
There is no evidence of any success.

# However, most people with autism are so impared that they can have no success at all and badly need a cure
They do not need a cure. They need guidance and Oliver seeks to deny this guidance.

# Autism is bad, so says the title of this blog.
Autism is only as bad as one allows it to be.

# I have never told a single lie about you, Phil. Everything I've said is 100% true, and you can't prove otherwise.
Clearly on January 27, 2015, it was shown that Oliver has lied and grievously.

# I speak the truth about autism and you're in complete denial.
No, Oliver, you don't speak the truth about autism.

# This blog has done nothing but help me, not hurt me.
It has hurt you, Oliver. Your reputation is in tatters and it's your own fault.

# By the way, Phil, I love those YouTube videos of you. Is that shirtless dude your new boy toy?
This is a baseless assumption for an unknown source.

# You are worse than Christian Weston Chandler in my opinion.
No one is worse than Christian Chandler.

# There's this whole Wicked Pedia site about him, and maybe I should create one about you once I have the money to register a domain name.
After the January 27 2015 decision I can see this never getting off the ground.

# I have a male therapist now, and I told him about you. He says that you're crazy and should be thrown in an insane asylum.
No therapist (male or female) would ever make such a claim.

# He says that you're not autistic and that you're just mentally retarded, and that he doesn't even need to meet you to know how crazy you are.
No one can make a diagnosis based on your information about him, Oliver.

# Plus, he said that the worst thing about crazy people is that they'll never admit to being crazy, which fits you to a T.
It fits you, Oliver.

# Keep in mind that this coming from a certified mental health professional
Who never said anything.

# Um, Andrew, I do have a girlfriend
No, Oliver, I think we can safely say that you don't.

# You have proven yourself to be homosexual as you had sex with Dr. Nick Dubin.
There is no proof of this.

# Phil isn't suing me.
He has and he won.

# Plus, everything I've said about both of you is true anyway.
It's not.

# You cannot afford a lawyer and no lawyer would take your case because you do not have one.
Obviously he got one because the case went ahead.

# You will not be contacting my father because you do not have his phone number.
It is easily obtained I'm sure.

# If you were to actually sue me (which you are not doing), you would be required to deal with me directly and not with my father.
It is clear from reading the decision that Oliver didn't deal directly with Phil as he avoided the whole thing. That was a cowardly act.

This assistance shall continue.

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