Saturday, June 6, 2015

Assistance Package 122 & 123

The one hundred and twenty-second entry continued the lies and errors;

# I thought boo meant yay. This was due to my autism, which causes confusion of facts.
No it wasn't, it was due to a poor education.

# Nobody knows why exactly I thought this, but there are a couple of theories out there.
There is only one, and that is reflected in the previous comment.

# The first theory is that I heard someone say boo at a baseball game and just figured that it meant yay.
As both were present this doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

# Another one is that I knew that woo meant yay, so I just figured that boo also meant yay.
Woo does not mean yay on every occasion. It depends on context.

# My parents didn't know that I was autistic back then, and they thought I was smart when I was in fact mentally retarded.
You weren't mentally retarded. You were different, and you were put over as smart to keep your self esteem up.

# They figured that I was just being snide and sarcastic
This is a classic social error on the part of the parents. Sarcasm and the like should not be tolerated in young children.

# I didn't finally realize that boo meant boo until several years later, when I learned the Purim story.
This is another social error that should have been corrected a lot sooner.

# It was when I was in kindergarten (around the same time as the Sparky incident) and my mom was telling me how when you say the name of Haman (who is the bad guy), you say "Boo!"
This is simplistic education and very poor.

# I naturally figured "Well, you wouldn't say yay for a bad guy," and that is when I figured out the truth.
This sort of lateral thinking is one of the positives of autism, provided it includes context.

# Another phrase that I thought meant yay was "schoff crunch."
Upon examination, Oliver made this up.

# Then, when we were at an Easter party, I stood on top of the slide, started clapping and said "Schoff crunch!"
This is highly unlikely.

# My parents figured that I was mimicking bunny rabbit sounds (because it was Easter), but I was just saying yay.
Again, this is highly unlikely.

# There you have it, folks. Had I been cured of autism via chelation at the Yale Child Study Center, I would not have subjected myself to this embarrassment.
On the contrary, you would have embarrassed yourself in other ways.

# Um, the last time I checked, someone with an IQ of 146 was a genius, not a retard.
This is a useless statement.

# My IQ is 146, not 86. If it was I'd be borderline retarded.
Borderline retarded is in the low to mid 70's.

# I do not act like a pre-teen and I haven't since I was one.
On the contrary, upon examination this reflection is quite accurate.

# I am incredibly smart (way smarter than you) as I got strait As in high school and I have a legitimate diploma.
This is impossible, and smarts are only as good as how you use them.

# I could definitely complete a job, as I am a hard-worker.
But you couldn't cope with the environment, Oliver, because you haven't adjusted.

# I have proven so countless times, and you saying otherwise is defamation of character.
This is a false statement.

# Plus, it would be illegal for any establishment to fire me on the grounds of disability, as that is prohibited under the ADA which was passed by Congress in 1990 and signed into law by George H.W. Bush.
There are exceptions to this law that would allow for otherwise discriminatory action to be taken.

# Any establishment that did so would be opening doors to a lawsuit in federal court, which would not be worth the risk.
They would risk it if the exemptions were applicable

The one hundred and twenty-third entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, there is some slightly good news today, as the Senate has finally decided to renew the Combating Autism Act, much to the chagrin of Ari Ne'eman, even though he wouldn't have his government post if it wasn't for this act.
Oliver misunderstands the intent of the Act and for someone like him this would be bad news.

# The fact that neurodiversity opposes this act is truly appalling, and they prove that they actually don't give a shit about autistic people.
They oppose it's theory, not it's practice as it stands.

# At least there are autistic people like me who see through their bullshit and realize that our disease needs to be cured.
There is no need for a cure.

# If only autistic people would listen to me. Then they'd know the truth.
They won't listen to you, Oliver, because you constantly lie about almost every subject you speak about.

# I'm smart, not stupid. My IQ is 146.
You can have an IQ of 146, and still be stupid.

# Autism can be cured via chelation.
No it can't.

# I am not a virgin. I haven't been one since June 13. <merge> Her name is Lili short for Liliana.
This is disgusting use of the name of the person Oliver stalked.

# I am not ugly. I am beautiful.
This is not a man speaking, unless they are gay.

# I don't need chelation anymore because I already lost my virginity so now there'd be no point.
If you are seeking to cure autism your way, Oliver, yes you do because you are still autistic.

# The reason I didn't announce it right off the bat is that I felt it was a private matter between Lili and me and I needn't go bragging about my personal life like that.
You should have stayed quiet about the details, Oliver, if it was true. The reason you didn't is because it's not true.

# I am not a pussy as I am strong.
Clearly, Oliver, you are not strong. Habitual liars never are.

# Joe Mule: Every real man is proud of his inner beauty. It is not gay in the least to say that.
Joe Mule is right as I previously stated.

# I would never sit down to go piss, even at home.
You have to if you have to have a shit!

# I gratefully abide by Leviticus 18:22
Which is completely out of date.

# I'm strait
Oliver, that is "straight", and there is evidence that you are not.

# I am not mentally retarded.
This completely contradicts previous and consequent claims.

This assistance shall continue.

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