Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Assistance Package 147, 148, 149 & 150

The one hundred and forty-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# As some of you probably know, Neurodiversity still holds dearly to the "refrigerator mom" theory, which is that autism is caused by poor parenting
There is no proof of this in the present day.

# We all know now that it is caused by vaccines.
It isn't.

# Many NDs (and they know who they are) have called out Jonathan's parents specifically to say that they caused his autism.
There is no proof of this.

# I of course thought that was bullshit, but meeting Jonathan's parents has proven to me that I am right and neurodiversity is wrong.
One meeting says absolutely nothing about a person.

# They are incredibly nice people, and they raised a helluva son in Jonathan.
You are biased, Oliver, and it shows. You are unable to do a proper review.

# Hell, I wish my parents could've raised me like that.
This is a statement that I think should have caused his parents to throw him out to the streets.

# It was a pleasure meeting them and I know now that Neurodiversity is full of shit and should not be taken seriously.
You don't know it at all, Oliver. As I said, one meeting means nothing.

# Omg I knew something like this would happen!!! Let's hope he's (Phil Gluyas) brought to justice
As the world knows by now, it was Oliver who was brought to justice in court.

The one hundred and forty-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It's been an amazing run, and I must say that I truly love what I do, and I won't be stopping anytime soon.
Well the lack of posts recently proves this to be incorrect.

# Even though I haven't been autistic since June of 2011 (and as a result I have a better life now, albeit still no ideal)
You are autistic for life, Oliver.

# The fight for a cure for autism will never end, until we obliterate each and every one of the last NDs remaining.
This is a statement that supports murder based on a genetic subset - a violation of the UN Human Rights Charter.

# As a normal person (albeit formerly autistic), it is my solemn duty to cure everyone of their autism, and to stop any ND from denying the cure they so desperately deserve.
It is your solemn duty, Oliver, to stop making a fool of yourself.

# I've been here for three years, so here's to 100 more!
This blog appears to have died so this statement is completely false.

# It sure is good to rub it in the ND's faces, and I wish you (Roger Kulp) well with your recovery.
You are having no effect, Oliver.

# Not necessarily, Jake, but autism is usually the cause of virginity
It is never the cause of virginity.

# I seriously doubt I would've ever lost my virginity if I truly was autistic.
This is demonstrably false.

# I doubt I ever was autistic.
A perusal of the book Autism Heroes shows this to be incorrect.

# Had it been a correct diagnosis I would still be a virgin
It has already been stated that you are still a virgin, Oliver.

The one hundred and forty-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Many of these autistic people were quite a bit older than I am (around Jonathan's age) and at varying levels of functioning. And guess what? Not a single one of the supported neurodiversity.
There is no proof of this.

# This proves what I believed all along: that the members of neurodiversity are not autistic at all, just attention seekers.
It doesn't prove any such thing.

# In the case of one autistic man there, I complimented him on seeming normal, and he understood it to be just that: a compliment.
I doubt that conversation even took place.

# Now, imagine if someone told you he'd rather suffer from cancer or AIDS than have a clean bill of health.
That wouldn't happen, and don't forget that autism is not a disease.

# Anyway, this was my first real life experience with actual autistic people, and it totally proves my point.
No it doesn't.

# Because he's embarrassed by me cause I've said some not-too-good things about him online.
You should take that on board, Oliver, because I have pointed this out previously.

# My good buddy Jonathan Mitchell has known Jerry Newport for years and has specifically told me that Jerry Newport is not an ND.
There is no proof of this.

# Also, Jerry Newport has not attended the AGUA group since around 2000 when he moved to Arizona.
I consider this to be a false statement.

# All I said was that not a single person at that specific AGUA group was an ND.
They all were, whether they like it or not.

The one hundred and fiftieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I have some serious concerns about your apparent support for neurodiversity, a philosophy that seeks to deny autistic people a cure that they deserve and need.
It doesn't seek any such thing, Oliver. Stop lying about the definition of neurodiversity.

# If he is able to succeed in life without a cure, then kudos to him! Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone.
Everyone can succeed in life without a cure. No exceptions.

# However, keep in mind that their children are likely in a very different situation than yours, and if these people didn't have access to blogs that were sometimes brutally honest about autism, they would feel very much alone.
Oliver's obvious definition of "different situation" is not relevant, and we know he is not honest about autism.

# In "Autism: The Musical," Stephen Stills mentions that his son is unable to attend Crosby Stills Nash & Young concerts due to his autism.

# If your son was unable to attend your concerts, would you want that?
Attending concerts is not the be all and end all of a person's life, Oliver!

# But many autistic people would love to go to a concert, but they simply can't due to their autism.
You don't know that, Oliver.

# I can say that if I was in your shoes, I would be heartbroken.
Your view on this, Oliver, carries no weight whatsoever.

# I am not demanding that you change your views; I am just suggesting that you consider our viewpoints, and that you don't simply write us off as bigots or insensitive.
That is demanding a change of views.

# I wish the best regards for you and your son in the future.
As before with the victims of Sandy Hook, I consider this to be a disingenuous statement.

# I think that it was necessary that I write this post whether it has an effect or not.
No it wasn't, Oliver. It was a waste of time.

This assistance shall continue.

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