Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Assistance Package 124 & 125

The one hundred and twenty-fourth entry continued the lies and errors;

# It is people like these who may require a label or diagnosis of "wandering" so that people will know to take extra precaution to keep them safe.
No it will cause the caging of said people, a human rights abuse.

# Of course, Ari Ne'eman and his ASAN are against this label, for fear that it would be "stigmatizing."
It would be, per the observation I just made.

# Neurodiversity claims to prevent stigma, but they actually do a pretty good job of creating it.
This is impossible as diversity by it's nature can't stigmatize.

# That statement alone may be true in of itself, but one must also keep in mind that Ari Ne'eman is not autism.
He is a fine representative.

# Despite the fact that he himself may not need a "wandering" label, he as absolutely no right at all to say that, on behalf of all autistic people, that he opposes a "wandering" label.
He has every right for the reasons already stated.

# It may be needed in several cases, and it can save lives.
It is not needed.

# I myself would never need a "wandering" label, but I do not go around saying that if I don't need it then nobody does, because that is simply not true.
Oliver doesn't understand the consequences of this proposal.

# Many people do need it, and I am not in the least afraid to admit to that.
No one needs it.

# First of all, Ari Ne'eman has no psychology degree whatsoever, so I have absolutely no idea why he thinks he knows this.
It doesn't take a psychology degree to recognize a human rights abuse.

# Also, if that is indeed the case, it would be even more of a reason to necessitate the label, not less.
The label is never necessary.

# A child who only communicates by wandering or attempting to wander (assuming that is indeed true) does not justify having his life endangered by the lack of a label simply due to fear of stigmatization.
The lack of such a label does not endanger anyone's life.

# Of course, Ari Ne'eman also opposes teaching non-verbal autistic children to talk, which could also help greatly with the wandering issue.
There is no proof of this allegation.

# The stories like today's and countless others just only go to show how badly this label is necessitated.
No story has ever supported this claim.

# Anyone who simply fears being stigmatized is ignorant to the fact that these autistic people are putting their own lives at risk.
No, Oliver, it is those who look after them that are putting them at risk.

# We need to stop the ASAN now for the betterment of society, and we need to realize that they do not really care about autistic people in the least.
ASAN care more about autistic people than Oliver does.

# You know, Andrew, Dion almost died on The Day the Music Died.
Oliver completely missed the point of this comment, referring to the positive message of Dion's song "The Wanderer".

# The only reason he didn't was because the plane ticket cost $36 and that was also his monthly rent for his apartment in New York so he felt he couldn't justify wasting a month's rent for a plane ticket.
Oliver made this up.

# What does this (Bob Saget) have anything to do with Full House?
Bob Saget is an established comedian and former host of America's Funniest Home Videos. That's what it has to with it.

# I couldn't be gay if I tried to be.
You could if you are gay.

The one hundred and twenty-fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Bruce Springsteen cares so much about autistic people because he performed for Autism Speaks.
It is not confirmed if he did that concert for this reason or not.

# He didn't realize what a bad organization Autism Speaks is, and he thought they genuinely wanted to cure autistic children.
There is no proof of this.

# The fact that Sadder but Wiser Girl put him on a boycott list just proves what idiots neurodiversity are.
No it doesn't.

# Bruce Springsteen unfortunately lost his saxophone player this past June, on the same day that I lost my virginity.
As stated there is no proof Oliver lost his virginity.

This assistance shall continue.

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