Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Assistance Package 118, 119, 120 & 121

The one hundred and eighteenth entry is only the tenth entry to contain no lies or errors.

The one hundred and nineteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# By this point, everyone knows that autism is mercury poisoning and is not merely a form of "neurodiversity."
The majority know that this is no true.

# Anyone who says otherwise is deliberately lying to you.
No, Oliver, you are lying - to yourself more than anyone.

# No right-thinking person would be against curing a disease.
It's not a disease.

# There is nobody on Earth who opposes curing cancer and AIDS, so the same should be true with autism.
They are diseases. Autism is not.

# One ridiculous argument that NeuroDiversity makes is that all autistic people are one and the same.
Upon investigation, the basis of this is apparently the genetic base alone.

# They believe that we all have the same disease ad thus should not be cured.
It is not a disease.

# Granted, we Aspergians don't need to be cured as badly as some lower-functioning autistic people, but we need to be cured nonetheless.
No one needs to be cured. They need to be understood and helped where required.

# My disease has impared my life in a myriad of ways, and only recently has it started to improve ever so slightly.
You attitude has impaired your life, Oliver, not autism.

# Had I been cured of my autism as a young child, I would not have the depression I have now.
This is highly unlikely.

# I think Congress should mandate that autism be cured, and all NDs should be thrown in jail.
Taking the correct definition of neurodiversity, Oliver wants all human beings in jail.

# It's completely ironic that NeuroDiversity is now campaigning against the CAA when it is in fact because of it that one of their members has a government post
The campaign was to change the CAA, not eliminate it.

The one hundred and twentieth entry continued the lies and errors;

# During my first journey to preschool, I saw a Beverly Hills street sign which said "Doheny Dr." and I assumed that meant Doheny Doctor. My mom had immediately corrected me and told me that it was in fact Doheny Drive, but the damage had already been done.
What damage?

# I already knew that Dr. stood for doctor, but I had no idea that it stood for drive as well. This was due to my autism, which gave me concrete thinking and a complete lack of common sense.
It is not that concrete for someone at your functioning level, Oliver. You are over reacting to this.

# Had I been cured of autism at the age of 2 via chelation at the Yale Health Plan (and they do cure autism there)
There is no cure for autism.

# I would've been completely normal and I wouldn't have confused Doheny Doctor with Doheny Drive.
You could have. All it took is a lack of education, not being autistic.

# Maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself, but I would've expected better to mistake the abbreviation on a street sign.
You can not expect better when you had no education at the time.

# It may indeed be cute and humorous, but the reason I feel shame is primarily due to my autism, of which this is a side effect.
No it's not. It's a side effect of your poor education at the time.

# Another symptom of autism is the tendency to be a perfectionist
This is not limited to autism.

# As for mispronunciations, sometimes it is best to learn the correct one simply to avoid embarrassing yourself.
There is a message in this comment that Oliver is missing. Education and autism are separate issues.

# There is of course slight variations with regional accents, but sometimes the general pronunciation is pretty much the same.
This is an understatement and therefore a social error.

# Society seems more tolerant of grammatical errors, especially among certain ethnic groups.
This is false. The opposite is in fact the case.

# Another would be black people, who are essentially raised on broken English to the point that it is almost a separate language called Ebonics.
Oliver made this up, and in the process revealed a racist streak.

# Correcting this would be considered completely racist, as this is the way black people are raised and it would basically be like asking them to give up their identity.
No, Oliver, you are engaging in racism yourself by making such an absurd observation to begin with.

The one hundred and twenty-first entry continued the lies and errors;

# Apparently, some dude named "Spectral Keeper" has been banned from Phil Gluyas' website for "slandering" him
There is no proof of this.

# My guess is that he was an Australian rules football player who Phil lured into his den in attempt to sexually molest
It was established in a court of law that this is completely false and defamatory.

# When that didn't go so well the Spectral Keeper rightfully called him out on his bullshit.
There is no proof of this either.

This assistance shall continue.

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