Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Assistance Package 104b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the one hundred and fourth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I'm not hopeless, I'm not a damn fool, and I've learned a lot about curing autism.
There is no cure, Oliver, so you are a fool and indeed you are hopeless.

# Phil can spread whatever lies about me that he wants to, but the truth is that I have a legitimate high school diploma from University High School, and Phil has none whatsoever.
You do not have a legitimate high school diploma, Oliver.

# I will work for six years, brutalize my boss, get fired, and have to be on the dole as a result.
That would not get you the dole. It would get you a jail term.

# I may just count on some dumbfuck not showing up for a lawsuit, and I may waste the government's time filing frivolous lawsuits and bankrupt myself as a result.
This is a very bad idea and should be shelved immediately.

# If all goes according to plan, I will lose my virginity in the coming week.
This is hard to believe.

# Not only will I get back to you, but I will close this blog as I will no longer be autistic.
As we know the blog is still open, so he is still a virgin.

# It's illegal to gain a diploma under false pretenses, and the solid evidence is in the diploma itself.
That's not solid evidence at all, Oliver.

# Every country gives out high school diplomas, but you don't have one because you dropped out during your junior year.
Upon investigation, Australia does not have high school diplomas.

# I can definitely be helped in a possible manner all thanks to John Best.
You can't.

# Phil, if the people are under 18, they're children.
Only in the legal sense, not in the social sense.

# Plus, nobody plays Australian rules football in this country.
This is a false statement.

# Working for six years is not good if it results in you brutalizing your boss and getting fired, and subsequently going on the dole.
It's better than what you've done, Oliver, ignoring the defamatory statement of course.

# You have filed several frivolous lawsuits. For example, you sued the train company for not letting you sleep on the floor, and you lost badly which resulted in you going bankrupt.
There is no proof of this.

# Colleges and universities don't give out diplomas. They give out degrees. High schools give out diplomas.
Upon investigation, Australian universities offer diplomas.

# Anyone who graduates high school automatically gets a diploma, whether it's in Australia or the USA.
This is not true.

# I earned mine legitimately, and it is more than just a piece of paper.
It was not earned legitimately.

# It is impossible for an autistic person to lose his virginity.
This is a demonstrably false statement.

# Killing me would not be a cure. That would be murder, and that's very illegal.
If you want a cure, it's the only way.

# Andrew, John Best loves to smoke weed. I'm sure he's used the gravity bong before.
There is no proof of this statement.

# I still believe that the reason why I remain a virgin at 19 is because of my autism.
You are wrong, Oliver.

# 17-year-olds are children under the law. I have two trophies for each year that I played high school basketball.
There is no proof of the second part.

# By nobody I meant very few people.
Two totally different things.

# Once I get hired as an EKG doctor, I will work for 20 years. Working for six years doesn't mean shit if it ended the way it did for you.
You haven't worked for five minutes yet, Oliver.

# The settlement you took with the defense department was simply to avoid them taking any kind of legal action against you.
There is no proof of this.

# Your "disability support pension" is funded by taxpayers' dollars, and thus is the dole.
Upon investigation, in Australia this is not the case.

# A true pension would come from working for a private organization for years, and would have to be earned.
Again upon investigation, in Australia this is not the case.

# The reason the train company case never made it to court was because it got tossed out for being frivolous.
There is no proof of this.

# Neither you nor Andrew is autistic.
This is a false statement.

# I earned my high school diploma legitimately. You saying otherwise is defamation.
Why don't you sue them if you are so sure of this, Oliver?

# ALA has cured Sam Best of his autism, and it could cure me too.
It has not cured Sam Best, and it has not cured anyone else.

# You don't know jackshit compared to me. I hate gay people, and I embrace other cultures.
Oliver, you know nothing of value.

# I will not consider the verdict to be legitimate and will stand by the fact that you brutalized your boss in 1990.
This can get you into some very serious trouble, Oliver.

# Neurodiversity has absolutely nothing to do with the way peoples' brains work.
It has everything to do with it.

# Yes, Phil, I would definitely call 2,000 people very few, as that is less than 10% of LA's population alone.
10% of LA's population is 1.2 million so this is a preposterous statement.

# I have very quick reflexes.
You are autistic, Oliver, as shown in Autism Heroes. Therefore this is a lie.

This assistance shall continue.

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