Sunday, May 10, 2015

Assistance Package 99, 100 & 101

The ninety-ninth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Everything he says is a lie, and I do not need to prove otherwise.
You do need to prove otherwise.

# He is trying to discredit me and is failing, badly.
He is in fact succeeding because you refuse to prove him wrong.

# This blog will be back on the airwaves some time tomorrow, and from now on nothing but the truth will be told on this blog.
It can be demonstrated that the lies continued.

# I cannot deal with these dumbfucks whom accuse me of lying, so they are now permabanned from commenting here.
You have to deal with those who challenge you to deal in facts.

# Therefore, you will not burn in Hell because of sexual orientation, because the Bible says that only gay people should burn in Hell under Leviticus 18:22.
It doesn't say that at all.

# Therefore, if you have scoliosis you're not straight, but as long as you're strait and like girls you'll freeze in Heaven.
This is grammatical lunacy.

# It's pretty hard to be Independent in politics. You pretty much have to be Democrat or Republican.
Jesse Ventura and Bill Walker prove you wrong, Oliver.

# I don't jerk off, cause doing so would be a sin to God.
Any male who claims this is lying.

# However, nobody (either male or female) uses lotion when they jerk off. Lubricant/Vaseline/KY is NOT the same as lotion.
It is the same.

# Unfortunately, you do kinda have to pick a party to run for office, and people are too stupid to vote for anyone else.
You don't have to pick a party as America is a democracy.

# That has been addressed recently by none other than John Best in his most recent YouTube video.
John Best addresses nothing in any of his videos.

# I've seen John Best's Blogger profile, and he no longer lists Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books.
Upon investigation, his attitudes derive from this book.

# He said he did so originally just to piss Phil off.
This is a false statement.

# I don't believe John Best is anti-Semitic despite his being Catholic, although he has made inappropriate comments about Ari Ne'eman's religion when that isn't the reason we should be hating him.
His accusations against the Rothschild family say otherwise.

# While John Best is running for President, that is not the same as conquering a nation and ridding it of its Jews.
Upon investigation, there would be a "takeover" which is similar to this.

# John Best knows full well that the USA is not a dictatorship, and he intends to restore democracy.
He doesn't.

# Curing autism is like fixing disease, and that is what John Best is doing for his son Sam.
He isn't and that first statement is utterly false.

# Killing Jews simply because of their religious beliefs would clearly violate the 1st Amendment, and John Best will use that as an argument during Phil's lawsuit against him.
The two points don't even relate to each other.

# However, should he miraculously win, the court would have no jurisdiction over you and there ain't a thing Phil can do about it.
Actually he can if he can register the decision in the United States.

The one hundredth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I ran into Alex Plank today while I was at Venice Beach with my male therapist.
Upon investigation, Alex Plank was not in Los Angeles at the time of this comment.

# I wanted to cuss him out, but my male therapist said that if I did that I'd be arrested for disturbing the peace.
That is total bushwah! Change therapists!

# He was dumped by his longtime girlfriend Katie Miller, and apparently is high on weed all the time and drinks so much beer that he upchucks all over his friends.
There is no proof of any of this.

# Recent controversy arose when he sold his website to Autism Speaks in 2010, which is an organization that he had previously denounced.
There is no proof of this either.

# Venice Beach is a pretty funky place. I didn't get laid there, although Clay Adams suggested that I do that.
You don't just go to a place and "get laid" just like that, Oliver. You have to earn it.

# Regardless, the place is full of normal people, and I did a very good job of not asking autistic.
I presume this should read "appear" autistic. I don't this is true.

# When I was on the bus home, I ran into Meghan, who was driving in her car.
That is literally impossible unless the car and the bus crashed into each other.

# I don't have a weed card so I can't smoke "medical" weed
You don't smoke "medical" weed as that is not how you use it.

The one hundred and first entry continued the lies and errors;

# The Informer does so I feel it's best I make amends with him because he is a nice guy and is well intended
Upon investigation, the Informer is far from well intended.

This assistance shall continue.

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