Friday, May 1, 2015

Assistance Package 95b

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the ninety-fifth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Aftershave is feminine. Men should not use it. They should just deal with razor burn. Sunscreen is not masculine either. Men should deal with sunburn.
Sunburn leads to skin cancer. Prevention is better than cure. Aftershave is not for razor burn.

# Sunburn does not kill, it just hurts. I'll live.
As stated above, sunburn leads to skin cancer which kills.

# I never reject comments.
This is demonstrably false.

# This blog does not cause me distress and is not killing me.
This is another deluded statement.

# Skin cancer does not kill. It has a 97% survival rate.
It kills if not treated early and properly.

# This blog is not a waste of webspace.
At that point in time it most certainly was.

# I am not an idiot and neither is George W Bush.
Former President Bush has quite a lot to answer for.

# I speak valuable words on this blog. Therefore, it is not a waste of webspace.
I have not seen anything of value yet while looking at this blog.

# Yes you do. The definition of a moron is a man with an IQ between 50 and 70, or a mild retard.
That is not the definition of a moron.

# I am barely ever on this blog.
That is a flagrant lie.

# I am not whining.
At this point in time the whining was constant.

# I can survive without lotion.
Actually you can't.

# I do answer him properly.
I didn't see a single proper answer during this period.

# I do not whine and I am unpredictable.
My own control over him at the time as explained in the very first entry on this blog is proof of his predictability.

# You can still have a life if you are a virgin and not an athlete or student.
This statement contradicts previous claims over virginity.

# My blog is full of intellect, not idiocy.
It is plain that there is no intellect expressed on his blog.

# If you were real, you would know that my father also wants me to be cured of my autism, and that he also believes autism to be a horrendous disease.
Autism Heroes clearly states otherwise.

# I never failed a single class in high school, and I already got my diploma.
There is no proof of this.

# I have no idea about my Vitamin D levels. I almost never go out in the sun, and when I do I almost never get burned.
This indicates his Vitamin D levels are likely dangerously low.

# Both of my parents believe that autism can be cured via chelation and would gladly support me being chelated.
And yet they didn't do it. Why? Because this is a lie.

# I have a high school diploma. I have it at my house and I'm gonna upload a picture of it online.
We are still waiting for this to be done.

# I can handle the truth.
You can't.

# Justin Bieber is not strait. He is homosexual and gay. He and Usher assfuck each other all the time.
This is a defamatory statement.

# My blog is an asset to the autistic community.
No, it's a liability.

# My blog is perhaps the most intellectual blog in the blogosphere.
This is so deluded it's extremely funny, and yet very sad as well.

# I can handle the truth and I have irrefutable proof to defend myself.
And yet you have never presented that "proof".

# I tell the truth about autism.
No you don't.

# My mind is not warped and this blog serves the purpose of curing autism.
It won't achieve that purpose.

# These comments are not damaging to me. They are just idiotic.
The fact that they remain online to this day is damaging to a very high level.

# He knows I was embarrassed as Sparky 13 years ago and he isn't disgusted with me.
It was written clearly in an earlier entry that his father was proud of him and Oliver shouldn't be embarrassed.

# They are not hurting my reputation. If anything they're improving it. They're all acting like idiots, just bashing my sexual orientation and accusing me of lying with no evidence to back themselves up. I am not being naive.
You most certainly are being naive, Oliver.

# People will see that they are idiots and that I am the sane one.
This is not true.

# Chelation is a proven cure for autism. Just ask John Best.
He wouldn't know. It is not proven.

# I am not scared of the real world.
Clearly you are as you don't understand the real world. You fear what you don't understand.

# I will not link you to shit.
This is the act of a person who needs help desperately.

# Autism is mercury poisoning. John Best is the father of a child with autism who cured his son via chelation.
Upon investigation, his son is not cured.

# I am not an idiot and neither is Charlie Sheen.
You both are.

# Charlie Sheen was fired not for for being an idiot but for making anti-Semitic remarks.
Making anti-Semitic remarks was the act of an idiot.

# I think Danny DeVito would be honored that I stole his line from Matilda.
I think he would be disgusted.

# Those comments weren't hurting me in the least. If anything they were making me look better.
No, they are making you look a lot worse.

# DAN! doctors aren't quacks.
They are.

# Any casual reader would agree with me and see you as the idiot.
Any casual reader would see you as an idiot, Oliver.

# I am not disturbed, dangerous, or deluded and I don't need an intervention.
It's clear that you do.

# I believe I became autistic at the age of 1 1/2 when I received the MMR vaccine.
You were Autistic at birth.

# According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, an idiot is a man with an IQ below 25, or with profound mental retardation.
There is no such statement in the DSM-V.

# It's well established that autism is mercury poisoning. It is just not enough to kill you.
Genuine mercury poisoning kills. Autism is not mercury poisoning.

# John Best is not a deluded fool. The Rothschild family controls the global economy.
No one entity controls the global economy. If any did things would be at an unreal level of stability.

This assistance shall continue.

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