Saturday, May 16, 2015

Assistance Package 104a

The one hundred and fourth entry continued the lies and errors. This entry needs to be divided into three parts.

# The perpetrators are still at large (and have probably fled to Mexico where they can't be extradited)
They can be extradited if they are found.

# I do not believe we should refer to the attackers as Dodger fans, because that is not what they were.
Like it or not, they were.

# They were Mexican thugs who happened to hang out in Chavez Ravine.
There is no proof of this.

# No real Dodger fan would commit such a heinous and violent act.
This is a presumptive statement. Every sporting team has it's malcontents.

# I believe a similar comparison can be made with autism.
No it can't.

# Some people have accused me of being a murderer simply because I support a cure for autism. By doing so, I support taking autistic people (myself included) and making them better.
No you don't because a cure will not make them better.

# Taking someone's life isn't curing them.
There is no cure, so in fact it is in it's own way.

# Karen McCarron was not a true curebie, as none of them would murder anyone.
Yes they would if they find out that there isn't a cure.

# Us real curebies are embarrassed to be associated with such a fool, and have publicly disowned her.
You can't do that when you hold views that are consistent with murder.

# Phil Gluyas has also told me that I am not pro-life, when in fact I oppose abortion 100% of the time.
If you oppose abortion you would oppose a cure for autism.

# Then again, Phil Gluyas thinks it's perfectly OK to brutalize your boss and then sue someone for defamation of character when they simply state the truth, so it's no wonder he can't be logical.
It has been proven in a court of law that this claim is false and defamatory.

# Sorry, Phil, but it's perfectly legal to view someone's website via a proxy
Not when you've been banned from it.

# Too bad Phil can't just grow up and get some real-world logic.
Oliver's lack of real world logic makes this comment hypocritical.

# A Dodger fan does not automatically beat Giant fans to death, and a curebie doesn't automatically murder people. Always think before you generalize.
A curebie support murdering autistics so the two do not compare.

# On a personal note, I finished my EKG training today. I got my certificate last week and I took my final exam today.
There is no proof of this.

# I still need to wait 3 weeks before I can take the national certification exam.
There is also no proof of this.

# The training was hard, but I persevered despite my autism, not because of it.
Perserverance is an autistic trait.

# Also, you're completely right about Phil Gluyas. He's a severely deranged mental case.
It has been proven before a court of law that he isn't.

# Phil Gluyas: Do you realize that you're basically proving me right?
This is a deluded comment.

# Your refusal to listen and learn the truth is showing what a severely deranged mental case you really are.
No, Oliver, you are the one refusing to listen and learn the truth.

# It's perfectly legal to view someone else's website.
As already stated, not when you've been banned from it.

# The reason why you've now banned 95% of the world is because you realized there was nothing you could do about it.
There is no proof of this.

# Not a single curebie supports Karen McCarron or considers her a hero.
She is considered a victim, which is just as heinous.

# What've you done since you got fired from the defense department for brutalizing your boss?
This has been proven to be a defamatory statement.

# I am pro-life for all humans (disabled or not) even in the case of rape or incest.
You oppose life for autistics by demanding a cure.

# Once I take the ASPT exam in May I'll start looking for a job as an EKG doctor.
This has never happened.

# I'm fully aware that I shouldn't act autistic on the job, as it could jeopardize my chances of being hired.
This is a poorly written statement. How can you be autistic on the job when you haven't got the job yet?

# I think as a true blue Dodger fan for the better part of a decade, I have the right to publicly disown people who claim to identify with my type.
One person does not make any difference to this.

# After all, I'm one of the few old school Dodger fans left.
There is no proof of this.

# I'm one of very few white people who's willing to make the trek from the Westside to Chavez Ravine, even by bus.
There is no proof of this either.

# I let them comment because they both make fools of themselves and frankly it's fun to watch.
In fact they are making you look like a fool and a liar as well, Oliver.

# If they started personally insulting me I'd ban them in an instant.
Personal insults have been allowed before this, and since.

# My parents would never kick me out, and I do deserve to be helped, just not by you or Phil or any other member of the whack pack like Tex or Scratcher.
If they knew how you were behaving, Oliver, they would consider it if you don't pull your head in.

# I definitely believe (and you seem to believe too) that ignorance is the best tool, which is why I'm ignoring the Truthmeister and all of his dumbfuck buddies.
This is a bad idea because all advice given is truthful as far as I can tell.

# Phil, however, feels it necessary to fight back. Well, let's see where Phil's gone in life. Oh, wait. He's gone nowhere!
A perusal of Phil's website says that this statement is not correct.

# He doesn't even have a high school diploma for crying out loud.
So? Neither did George W Bush.

This assistance shall continue.

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