Thursday, May 7, 2015

Assistance Package 98

The ninety-eighth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Early this morning (16 February 2011), I took the bus to Santa Monica (a suburb of Los Angeles which is also my city of birth) to pick up garbage on the beach with the LA Dodgers.
Upon investigation this never happened.

# Also there was radio broadcaster Charley Steiner, whom I believe is Jewish
There is no evidence to support this statement.

# I did perfectly well around normal people, and I did not flip out.
You never went, Oliver.

# I don't think anyone even knew that I was autistic.
Again, that's because you weren't there.

# They also took a group photo, so I am in that and I may be seen On Demand as well.
There was no such photo.

# If you defame me one more time, you will be sued in a court of law.
There was no defamation.

# The whole ND/pro-cure debate really isn't about American society. It's more just about fitting in.
That's the same thing.

# I would rather fit in than stand out in a bad way. I feel that is my choice, and others are infringing upon it.
Fitting in is a manner of prevention of standing out in a good way.

# My desire to lose my virginity is completely within me. I feel no sense of pressure from anyone else.
And yet you persist in mentioning it and everyone is pressuring you as a result.

# Not being autistic doesn't mean that you have to completely change your ways. You only change to the extent that you fit in.
This is untrue.

# I'm gonna sue you for defamation of character because you called me gay.
There is much anecdotal evidence on Oliver's blog that he may well be gay.

# If you give me your real name and home address, I will sue you.
This is a socially incorrect question.

# My sexual orientation can be whatever I want it to be. If I want it to be strait, then God damn it, it can be strait.
But if you are gay, you can't change that.

# Excuse me, I have a diploma with honors, so you can shove it up your ass.
Previous investigations show that this is untrue.

# My school appreciated me very much, and did not want to get rid of me.
Given Oliver's self confessed conduct this is hard to believe.

# Giving someone a diploma to get rid of them would be illegal.
No it wouldn't because it would be hard to prove.

# The special ed students who do not fulfill the diploma requirements get a certificate of completion, but I fulfilled all the requirements so I got a diploma.
It's clear from Oliver's behavior that he could not have fulfilled all the requirements.

# Both schools held me in very high regard.
That's very hard to believe.

# When I mentioned having been a troublemaker, it was mostly a joke because I used to wreak havoc.
Wreaking havoc is a bad thing.

# I was actually one of the more popular and well-known students at VGW before I left.
This is also hard to believe.

# You are acting as if I was a universally hated figure, which couldn't be further from the truth.
Given the conduct that has been described, there is no other explanation.

# All of the havoc I wreaked at VGW was in good fun and I was never in any serious trouble. Both schools wanted me to stay.
Again, this is hard to believe.

# Village Glen West did everything they could to keep me from leaving after my junior year
There is no proof of this.

# University High School wanted me to stay for another semester after I got my diploma.
There is also no proof of this.

# I had no behavioral issues at Uni whatsoever.
This is a lie, Oliver, because you have admitted to not coping at University High School. That is a behavioral issue.

# I earned one, despite being a special ed student.
This is a lie.

# I left Uni because I graduated. Everyone leaves when they graduate.
You didn't really graduate.

# VGW is most definitely a high school.
It's not. It's a special school.

# I didn't need to go to Uni High. I chose to go there because I wanted the experience of having been in a normal school.
That's hard to believe as well.

This assistance shall continue.

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