Monday, May 25, 2015

Assistance Package 105, 106 & 107

The one hundred and fifth entry continued the lies and errors;

# We killed him (Bin Laden). We won the war
We have not won the war.

The one hundred and sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I am still a virgin at 19. In this day and age, that is virtually unacceptable.
It is not unacceptable, in fact in some ways it's attractive to females.

# Contrary to popular belief, it is not society's hatred of me that causes my virginity. It is caused directly by my autism itself
No it's neither of them. It's caused by you, Oliver, and your attitude.

# If I could lose my virginity without a cure, that'd be great. But I can't, so I need chelation.
You can and you don't need chelation.

# Right before I graduated high school, I had intended to go to college. However, once I realized what a loser I was, I realized it wasn't possible because I could never get laid.
The reasoning being used to the conclusions reached are delusional and out of touch.

# I considered killing myself, but I just decided to wither away instead.
Neither choice is valid.

# I ain't worth nothing, because I will never get laid.
That first part is why you will never get laid. You have no confidence in yourself.

# BTW, it's every human's right to get laid, as per the UN.
This is a preposterous statement.

# Nobody can take away that right, but they can skirmish around it if somebody's autistic.
It's not a right. It's a privilege that needs to be earned and can not be "skirmished" around (what terrible grammar!)

# Poor me. I am so autistic that nobody will fuck me. That is really sad, so I need a cure.
No one will take you to bed because no one wants to, and that has nothing to do with being autistic.

# If I do get laid without a cure, that also will make me no longer autistic, and I will shut down this blog.
The fact that this blog is still around as of this upload shows that he has not got laid.

# I'm an autistic loser.
You're a loser, full stop, because you let yourself be one.

# The words "get laid" are never used, but the right to procreation is considered the most fundamental of them all.
Again, it is a privilege and not a right.

# Of course, that does not permit us to rape anyone, but it does prevent us from forced sterilization.
No it doesn't. Forced sterilization has permissions in certain circumstances.

# What this right is meant to entail is that basically we can do whatever we want in the bedroom without the government spying on us or preventing us from doing so.
This is an entirely different part of one's rights.

# They also cannot sterilize us.
They can, in certain circumstances.

# But it does guarantee our right to privacy as well as the right to have sex and procreate without interference from the government.
Again, Oliver, you misunderstand the process of those rights.

# If your depression in fact succeeded your "experience," I actually believe that is the better order.
This is an idiotic statement that makes no sense.

# While I obviously disagree with you about changing society (I believe we should change)
Autistics are unable to change, so there is no choice - society has to change.

# I can say that right now things are really looking up for me.
There is no proof of this.

The one hundred and seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# If that (South Korea's autism numbers) isn't even more reason why autism needs to be cured, I frankly don't know what is.
No it's not.

# I left a comment there expressing my opinion in direct relation to the subject. What subsequently ensued was sheer craziness.
Expressing your opinion, Oliver, at present will always lead to trouble for you.

# Amtrak Raildude is a guy with a bizarre fetish for trains, which makes me think of Darius McCollum
The majority of autistics have an interest of some sort in trains.

# To his immense credit, however, Amtrak Raildude spoke out in support of therapy and early intervention, which is very rare for an ND
No it's not, it's quite common amongst those who do not support a cure.

# They usually oppose helping autistic people at all whatsoever.
There is no proof of that.

# I have no idea why anyone would think I was trolling, but they did apparently.
It's because they know you are a liar and refuse to see that you are.

# They left one that said "SCAXliner" over and over, which I assume came from Amtrak Raildude as no one else in the world would have a clue what that even is.
It could have come from any autistics with an interest in trains.

# Those (emails), I believe, were from Catatab Tabimount, as that word is a favorite of hers.
There is no proof of this.

# Phil Gluyas: If you are reading this, that should be a huge clue that I never changed my email address. Where are the papers?
Again, Oliver, you have no right to another person's private medical information.

# Another email said, "Bam, I troll you," which was also from Catatab Tabimount.
There is no proof of this either.

# I believe so because he called himself a conductor, which I assume is that of a train and not of an orchestra.
Conductors also are used on buses and other public transport.

# I'm well aware that Amtrak Raildude left his comment on my Osama bin Laden post, although he did it under a pseudonym.
There is also no proof of this.

# I don't know anyone other than Catatab Tabimount who likes to say "DESU DESU DESU" over and over and over.
There could be a number of people, Oliver. You don't know for sure.

# It was obviously a false email address that sent it, but it was Catatab Tabimount nonetheless.
That is false reasoning without evidence.

# If you choose not to send me your diagnostic papers, I will take that as proof that you do not have Asperger's syndrome.
Oliver, you persistently demand respect for your word, and yet you refuse to give it to others.

# I can't check IP addresses for emails; only for this blog.
This is proof that Oliver can not possibly know who sent the emails

# Does 4Chan have anything to do with Christian Weston Chandler?
Yes. Chris-Chan is a known person in the porn viewing area, and 4Chan is a prominent part of the more lurid part of that.

# Andrew Ackner: What does porn have anything to do with this?
4Chan is porn as I just explained.

# Andrew Ackner: The Cyberman is not gay.
There is no proof of this either way.

# You need to send your paperwork to the one (email address) linked to via my profile.
No he doesn't because as I said, you have no right to that private information.

# I will not give you the Cyberman's IP address as that is his personal information.
And yet you demand Phil's. Wanton hypocrisy.

This assistance shall continue.

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