Monday, May 4, 2015

Assistance Package 96 & 97

The ninety-sixth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Well, this is the 100th post I've done here on AIB since I started last March.
I note that there must have been some postings deleted for some reason. This is nevertheless nothing to be proud of.

# My goal is to do at least 100 more posts (barring an absolute miracle, which right now I just don't see happening), before I close this blog down for good.
Given that the present number at the time of upload is 160 this goal is unrealistic.

# In the past, I'd seen visitors from UK on my StatCounter, so now I know what that was all about.
This is an assumption only.

# This proves that I am getting genuine and legitimate recognition, and that people take me seriously.
It proves no such thing.

# First, Long Beach State cites me in a paper
As already noted this never happened.

# Badly Drawn Boy walked off the stage simply because I was autistic.
This is an absolute lie.

# I'll only close down this blog if I get laid.
This has proven to be a lie due to future events between this remark and today.

# The fact that she (Bev Harp) contacted me at all means she is giving me equal weight.
No it doesn't mean that.

# I am not a traitor, and I'm not a killer of human difference.
By opposing neurodiversity you are trying to kill human difference.

# Autism is a disease, and I want it cured. It's no difference from cancer and AIDS.
It is not a disease and carries plenty of difference from cancer and AIDS.

# A disease and a disorder are the same thing.
They aren't, and that is medical fact.

The ninety-seventh entry continued the lies and errors;

# I was clearly written in his hand, and had his signature scribbled on the bottom along with some stamp that may very well have been fake.
Given that Oliver didn't identify the stamp it is not possible to say if it was fake or not.

# He complained about how I (legally) view his website, and tried to state that the US Constitution didn't apply to me.
I don't see how the two claims connect, so I would suggest that this is a misinterpretation.

# He even tried to say that I should stay off of his websites that aren't IP blocked, and that I shouldn't even mention his name at all.
This is a reasonable demand given the history that I have seen on this blog.

# Unfortunately for him, that violates my right to free speech, so he loses there as well.
There are legal restrictions to free speech although whether or not this is the case here is unknown.

# He also made his usual bizarre statements, such as that I am an "abuser of autistic civil rights" and that I "threaten him and his family," neither of which are true.
I don't know about the second, but the first is certainly true.

# Seeing the rantings of a lunatic about oneself is not stalking, and is not jeopardizing to anyone's mental health.
But attacking said statements in a damaging manner can jeopardize a person's mental health.

# He even cited some random statute, but it doesn't take a genius to know that his argument would never stand in court.
Without knowing what the statute was it is impossible to judge, but chances are it was accurate.

# He also threatened to press charges, but I am in another country and cannot be extradited.
Yes you can, if you violate that country's law.

# I will continue to view Phil's website (via a proxy) and there ain't a thing he can do about it.
Actually he can. There are software options available that block proxies.

# He also needs to know not to whine and cry when things don't go his way.
This is hypocritical as Oliver has whined and cried a lot on his blog.

# You are comparing apples to oranges. A website is not property. It is a piece of cyberspace and is in the public domain.
Cyberspace is property when it is paid for.

# Phil also needs to realize that what he says about me is not OK, even if I supposedly can't see it.
You are yet to prove this, Oliver.

# In fact, were I to sue him in court I could subpoena that information from him and make him reveal it.
Not unless you can show that the information is relevant to that case, and if you can't see it you have no way of knowing that.

# Basically, a website is not private property.
It can be.

# Intellectual property has nothing to do with who can view what.
It does when said viewing causes publication when not permitted.

# My mother is that kind of lawyer. Whether or not the server is American or Australian is irrelevant.
A server argument has nothing to do with copyright, but it has plenty to do with other factors mentioned.

# The Hague is in the Netherlands, dumbfuck. Each country has its own individual sovereign laws.
The Hague Convention is not a place or conference.

# No convention held there would have any bearing on the United States of America.
The Hague Convention does.

# The bottom line is, the only laws that apply to me are American laws.
And the laws of the country that you communicate with online.

# That big convention in the Netherlands was held shortly after World War II, and it's where they founded the UN.
"Convention" is also a treaty or supplement to such, or a generally accepted principle, method or behavior.

# Extraditions are only for when people flee their own country to avoid being prosecuted.
And for those who break the law in another country.

# I will not look it up because you are lying.
This is a childish attitude to take.

# I will not read it because you are wrong.
See what I just said.

# My self-test was very accurate, and my IQ is 146.
As previously stated, self tests are not accurate.

# I am not a danger to myself and I do not misrepresent autism.
There is no doubt you are a danger to yourself, Oliver. You do misrepresent autism.

# The Rothschilds control the entire global economy.
They don't, as previously noted.

# The mercury in vaccines is lethal enough to cause autism but not death.
Lethal equal death, so this is a messy statement. There is no mercury in vaccines anyway.

# Thimerosal in vaccines is mercury and is toxic.
It is ethyl mercury and is not toxic.

# The chelation on me would simply rid me of heavy metals and would not harm my kidneys whatsoever.
It would if you don't have excess heavy metals.

# I am referring to the original DSM published in 1952. If you are mildly mentally retarded, you are a moron.
The original DSM means nothing today.

# If mercury is poisonous, I don't see how it can be of any benefit to the kidneys
There are many heavy metals that exist naturally in the body and urinating via the kidneys is part of the disposal process.

# Phil was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder (not autism) during the court case in which he brutalized his boss.
There is no proof of this.

This assistance shall continue.

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