Sunday, May 31, 2015

Assistance Package 113, 114, 115, 116 & 117

The one hundred and thirteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I knew I had a disease called Ass Burger's syndrome at the time, but I didn't realize I was a retard until after I saw that movie (I am Sam).
Having Asperger's Syndrome does not make you a retard.

# This was further confirmed when a black occupational therapist named Crystal Brown left a message on my machine saying that I was a retard.
This is no proof of this.

# After taking my rectal temperature, she performed a spinal tap, of which the results proved conclusively that I was a retard.
This is ridiculous enough to call a blatant lie.

# She recommended that I be sent to a residential home in San Pablo Bay, but my parents declined saying it would be too restrictive.
There is no proof that such a recommendation was made.

The one hundred and fourteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# I love you too Lili. <merge> Lili is you. Please come back to me. :'( <merge> It is you. <merge> I love you too Liliana Valladolid.
This is stalking behavior and reveals a severely disturbed mind.

# You contacted my mom via Facebook? How could you? <merge> I told you not to talk to my mom.
This is actually believable, in that Lili likely asked Oliver's mother to pull him off Facebook. She did the right thing. This is a social error of major proportions by Oliver.

# I just did it for the hell of it, cause I like memorizing things.
Memorization is one of the positives of being Autistic. A cure would destroy this positive.

The one hundred and fifteenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# Recently, Catatab Tabimount did a post on her blog that was so utterly absurd that it made me wonder if she'd even read the very article that she linked to.
The entry that Oliver put shows that he doesn't even understand selective mutism.

# Basically, Catatab Tabimount used her usual neurodiverse bullshit, but to an amazingly stupid degree.
As the entry referred to is no longer available it is impossible to tell if this is true or not, but it's likely that it's not.

# She completely ignores that the DSM considers selective mutism to be a mental disorder
There is no proof of this.

# She also makes two ridiculous speculations: one that the child experienced a trauma (way to blame the parents a la Bruno Bettelheim) and suggests that the child may be an "undiagnosed Aspie."
This is not ridiculous. It's truly a possibility.

# That is particularly absurd, as people with Asperger's syndrome never have a speech delay at all.
This demonstrates that Oliver does not understand what selective mutism is.

# She is confusing it with autism, as if the two diseases are one and the same.
Autism is not a disease. This is worth repeating.

# This is what neurodiversity wants you to think, as they have successfully lobbied the APA to change the DSM beginning in 2013.
There is no proof of any lobbying from outside the medical profession and insurance agencies.

# Of course that's bullshit (like everything they say), as two related diseases are not automatically the same.
They can be if they are related directly.

# The actual article seemed quite neurodiverse, but of course Catatab Tabimount didn't know that because she didn't even read it. If she had, maybe she could've seen that selective mutism is an actual disease.
Again, this shows that Oliver doesn't understand selective mutism. It is a psychological disorder, not a disease.

The one hundred and sixteenth entry is only the ninth entry to contain no lies or errors

The one hundred and seventeenth entry continued the lies and errors;

# If you are a person living with autism, you know perhaps better than I do what a living Hell that is
Your life is not a living hell because of autism, Oliver.

# Any true person would see through Neurodiversity's bullshit, and realize that not a single member of that organization has autism.
Neurodiversity is not an organization.

# Those people have been paid off by Big Pharma to spread "civil rights" propaganda to cover up the fact that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines.
It isn't. This has been firmly established as fact.

# They will spread lies that Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson all had autism, whereas in fact Jonathan Mitchell has singlehandedly refuted that notion.
There is no proof that he has refuted anything.

# The mainstream media is so liberal that it censors the truth about autism
It reveals lies if it tells the truth. Oliver's version of autism is a lie.

# I think we need to declare martial law in this country, throw all the NDs in jail, and waterboard them until they cough up the truth.
This is a reflection of a violent nature by Oliver. This is developing to a dangerous level.

This assistance shall continue.

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