Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Assistance Package 86d

This is the conclusion of the previous entries concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# I've already been in therapy for 2 weeks. It hasn't worked and never will.
Then change therapists. Or you don't want it to work.

# All the websites I read about autism on are accurate and correct.
Judging by his attitude, Oliver relies on unreliable websites.

# My parents think that my autism should be cured just like I do.
There is no proof of this.

# My voice should be heard loud and clear, on behalf of all the autistic people who desire a cure.
It shouldn't.

# I try to keep a positive attitude, but also a realistic one at that.
These two attitudes contradict each other and both do not reflect Oliver's actual attitude as seen on his blog.

# The reality is that autism limits me in many ways of which the only way around is a cure.
Autism is not limiting Oliver. His poor attitude is limiting him.

# My statement about therapy was based on experience, not prejudice.
It's prejudice.

# I shouldn't sugarcoat the hardships of being autistic, because it is honesty that will make people realize the truth.
It clearly doesn't as Oliver doesn't speak the truth.

# I don't think we can ever cure him (Phil Gluyas) of being a severely deranged mental case, and the Australian government really should take some action to stop his bullshit.
They won't, because Phil is doing nothing wrong that I can see.

# No, Phil, you will lose to John Best, and you will lose badly.
Again - Phil won.

# You have no legitimate evidence at all, and when the judge sees your "evidence," he'll laugh you right out of the courtroom.
Obviously he never did.

# John and I are both human beings who find logic in what should be found logical, not a warped sense of reality like you do
There is no logic is this comment.

# Once you leave Phil's World and join the real world, maybe things will be better for you.
Given Oliver's lack of contact with the real world this is a hypocritical remark.

# She never at any time said that it was not my autism that holds me back, because right now it's nothing else.
It is something else as I have previously indicated.

# Now, I'm in the right mind and I realize that because I'm autistic I can never amount to anything, and that is a fact.
No that is fiction and an example of the bad attitude that holds you back.

# And yes, Phil, people who make a name for themselves via the Internet by definition are public figures.
No they are not.

# Where do you think Mark Zuckerberg got his fame?
Making lots of money and getting onto the richest person list. Not from the Internet.

# College is not for me either because autistic people cannot go to college. College is for normal people only.
This is not true.

# An idiot is someone with an IQ below 25 (someone who is profoundly mentally retarded), and I'm significantly smarter than that.
That is an out of date and irrelevant definition.

# I'm gonna be completely honest with you, Katie: my plan for tomorrow is to do absolutely nothing.
Bad plan and another demonstration of a bad attitude that holds him back.

# Because I have Asperger's syndrome, that is all that I can ever amount to.

# My next appointment is on Tuesday to see my male therapist, and even that doesn't help at all.
Change that attitude, Oliver, because you don't want to be helped.

# You're right, Jonathan. Meg Evans, aka "Bonnie Ventura" aka the "Autistic Bitch From Hell" is a disgusting woman who needs to be put down.
Upon investigation, Bonnie Ventura and Meg Evans are two different people.

# Saying that pro-cure autistics should be murdered and turned into cat food is purely despicable and should be punished severely.
No it's a rightful expression of frustration over the damage pro cure autistics are doing.

# She even conned you with one of her false identities and stole your fictitious story and twisted it to her liking.
There is no proof of that.

# As for the majority argument, I am certainly in the majority if you include nonverbal autistics such as Conor Doherty or Sam Best.
This is a baseless assumption.

This assistance shall continue.

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