Sunday, April 5, 2015

Assistance Package 86c

This is a continuation of the previous entry concerning the eighty-sixth entry that continued the lies and errors;

# Karen McCarron was a murderer, not a curebie, and she is in jail where she belongs.
She is a curebie.

# No true curebie would murder anyone, because it is not part of our philosophy.
Yes they would, because part of that philosophy is murder.

# You can't prove anything, and biomed cures autism only. Only drugs cure anxiety.
Drugs do not cure anxiety. Biomed can cure it. Nothing cures Autism.

# Nick Dubin has admitted to being a pedophile, and that is evidence enough for me.
He never actually made that specific admission.

# You do not understand civil lawsuits. There are no guilty or not guilty verdicts. Those are only in criminal trials.
This is a clear demonstration that Oliver has no clue.

# No right-thinking judge would ever rule in your favor.
A right thinking judge did indeed rule in his favor.

# The USA does not recognize Australian law as we are our own sovereign nation under nobody's rule.
But it does recognize a verdict if it rightly involves an American.

# Biomed is for autism only, not anxiety disorder. I know a lot about it from reading Age of Autism.
Age of Autism is not a reliable source.

# Biomed is not drugs, and only drugs can cure anxiety disorder.
As previously stated this is not true.

# I know very well how to run a Facebook account. Not one of my friends has reported me for anything.
But others can and probably have.

# The whole point of Facebook is to meet random people in order to have sex with them, not to connect with old friends.
That is proof that Oliver should in fact not be on Facebook as that is stalking behavior.

# Phil doesn't realize what it means to be a "public figure" and how it's all his fault anyway.
Upon investigation, Phil does not fulfill the definition of public figure under legal precedent.

# Whether or not you call autism a disease or disorder is purely a matter of semantics
No it's not. They are two totally different things.

# What neurodiversity does is they trivialize the very aspects of autism that make it a disease (or disorder) and act as if it's good to be autistic, whereas in fact it is a horrible thing.
It is only horrible if you let it be horrible. It can be good if you make it so (with apologies to Jean-Luc Picard).

# I do hate my autism because I feel it has done nothing but hold me back and the true me would come out if I didn't have autism.
The true you is autistic whether you like it or not, Oliver.

# Cures, treatments, and recoveries are all essentially the same thing.
No they are not.

# Jenny McCarthy avoids using the word "cure" for legal reasons, but states that she "recovered" her son Evan via biomed.
It is well known that Evan was not Autistic so this is not relevant.

# She compares it to a car accident. You cannot get cured of a car accident, but you can recover from one.
It's an appalling and uneducated analogy that should never have been made due to it's inherent inaccuracies.

# If you support helping autistic children, then by definition you support a cure.
No you don't. Helping autistic children does not mean a cure.

# I am also opposed to research into an abortion, because I am pro-life and oppose all forms of abortion.
A cure would lead to abortions.

# A cure is about helping a child and giving them a better life, while abortion is a form of murder and it takes away their life.
A cure is not about any such thing. It is not needed to help the child and give them a better life.

# Thanks for your input John. Your comments are invaluable here on this blog.
John Best's input carries no value whatsoever.

# Autism is most definitely a disease, and calling it anything less trivializes the true pain that it causes me.
The pain Oliver suffers from is not from Autism.

# You do not realize what it means to be a "public figure." It does not mean you are a famous person, it just means you've made a name for yourself, which you've done in a bad way.
That definition contradicts legal precedent.

# I have irrefutable proof that you brutalized someone at work, and that is your conviction from 1990.
There was no conviction in 1990. If there was one it was in 1999, but as Phil was able to run for public office there can't have been. Convicted people can not run for public office (assuming that our rules also apply in Australia).

# John Best will not go to jail for contempt of court as he can legally defame you under the 1st Amendment.
No he can't! As previously stated, proven defamation is not protected.

# You have no evidence to back yourself up, and you will lose.
He clearly did as he won.

# I will never lose my virginity without a cure.
You can, Oliver.

This assistance shall continue.

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